If somebody has you in one, drive your foot sharply into his ankle, bust his nose upwards with the palm of your hand, and quickly jerk your own body downwards out of his grasp. Then when you're free, punch him as hard as you can in the throat.

And that's how you get out of a lousy punk band.

Crash And Burn - Taang! 1984
Rating = 3


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Click here to buy your own copy of this terrible pop-punk CD recorded in 1983-84 by Boston's terrible Stranglehold that I purchased because an old V/A hardcore compilation called Empty Skulls Vol. 2 that I bought in 1990 features an amazing, wonderful, cheerful-as-hell song by them called "She's Not Leaving"; I was hoping that Crash And Burn would have many more tracks as simple and predictable yet exuberant and monstrously catchy as this one, but unfortunately the other 14 forego the 'monstrously catchy' for the 'so fucking cliched that the Beatles would have rejected them in 1962'

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