Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn

Weeoo! Weeoo! Weeoo! (Crazy Ambulance Comes Driving To The Studio)

The Human Horn - Bootleg 1983.
Rating = 8

Of course, a Judy Garland HAW! BAW! SCHLAW! SLAWDOOBY! RAW! SCHLAW! SCHLAW! greatest-hits compilation should have SLAY DOEBY SLIBBADOOBA DOBBADA! the song "Over the Rainbow," SLAY DOEBY SLIBBADOOBA DOBBADA! But it seems like too many compilations also share that title. This collection has some POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! POPPY! great but less famous songs, including the Harry Warren/Johnny TWEEDY OOV DAH! Mercer composition "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe" from the RAH! RUU-AH! RUU-HA! HA! HA! HA! film Harvey Girls, SWELAYDOBEYDOOODLYDOOBADUBBAH! "Zing! Went the Strings of My SWELAYDOBEYDOOODLYDOOBADUBBAH! Heart," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "The Trolley Song," and "Me and My Gal." TWEE DAW SHAW HEEEEEEEEEEEE! This import truly contains some of Garland's best recordings. Because this has the most common title of all Garland releases, check DA SAW! LA! RAW! the track listing before you buy. This inexpensive collection is a great value and will AND WILL RAAAAAAAH! definitely have some great, unexpected surprises for the fan who is not as RAAAAAAAHHHHH! familiar with Garland's deep early catalog. - JT Griffith

You're listening to Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn. WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA REALIZE THAT? Oh ho ho! Ha ha aahah Greg, uh... How was that?

Reader Comments (Mike Harras)
10/10 for Shooby!!! Poppy poppy poppy Dree shah! Since he's finally been found, there'll be a new CD coming out soon & it will feature Poopy Loopy Da Da, Poopy Loop, and get this... De Ta De ta...he does have a stuttering problem and used to talk that talk. But for real, every person I've played Shooby for instantly becomes a new fan! WWEEEEEEE HHAAAAAAA!!!! Flehgdoblee,
Christ! you mean he really does exist? I thought the human horn was just a legend! where o where can I get a copy of his tape? If you haven't already done so, listen to his interview on the wfmu website. they got it archived somewhere. (Robin Kempson)
shoobys the fuckin man!!!!!! be doo bop be bap bip a boppoj[jfeaoijn. WHY did you review rush by the way!? (Mike Noto)
How the hell did you get a copy of Shooby Taylor? That guy's ultra, ultra-rare. It's the dumbest and greatest shit ever. I don't know how you managed to find that.

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