The No WTO Combo

Don't ask me to explain what the hell the WTO is - but whatever they are, fuck 'em the bastards!!!!

Live From The Battle In Seattle - Alternative Tentacles 2000.
Rating = 8

Read somewhere else about the WTO (or better yet, buy Jello Biafra's godlike triple-CD spoken word CD Be The Media); I'm a record reviewer, not a political analyst.

Except when it comes to OJ. Damn that OJ!

This CD was recorded by a quickly-thrown-together supergroup during the world-famous WTO Seattle riots/protests from a while back. The supergroup, which included Boz Burrell from King Crimson, Mick Ralphs from Mott The Hopple and Paul Rodgers & Simon Kirke from Free, here put forth four songs of rage, distribution, anger, oh shit hang on

The supergroup is comprised of former Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, former Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil and current nobody drummer Gina Mainwal. Jello runs off at the mouth (as he is wont to do) for twenty minutes as the band does a groovy late-60s-style blues jam in the background, then they hurl into the DK classic "Let's Lynch The Landlord" (which is REALLY amazing, by the way - Jello has been avoiding playing old material for quite some time, I'm led to understand), the old fifteen-minute Jello/DOA "Full Metal Jackoff" and two killer new Jello surf-hardcore-political-punk tunes that would fit in perfectly on a reunited DKs album if they didn't hate Jello's fucking guts now and vice-versa (Jello's fucking guts aren't too fond of the ex-DKs either - you should hear what his duodenum told me the other day about Klaus Flouride's hairy ass - hoo!).

It's not the most indispensable document of all time, seeing as how most of Jello's speech is rerun on that triple-CD I mentioned earlier, but it's neat to hear these guys playing together - you'll be ASTONISHED at how closely Kim Thayil is able to accurately recreate East Bay Ray's old echoey surftone guitar sound. "Full Metal Jackoff" is no longer a dual-guitar punch in the teeth, but it's still a cool tune - Kim plays some nice breaks and solos and things that weren't in the original. And "Let's Lynch The Landlord"? STILL A KILLER DILLER AND LITTLE AMOS GIRLY WITH THE ANUS CURLY WHIRLY AND ASKED ME IF I NEEDED A RIDE!!!!

Reader Comments
I love this album even though Kim's guitar sounds like complete shit on "Full Metal." (Pig Millions)
I spoke to Klaus Fluoride during the "Lets Put 'Holiday In Cambodia' In A Levi's Commercial" Trial and boy was he ready to insert his writhing cock in the anus of Jello Biafra's dead sister. He also informed me that he and Jello hadn't seen much of each other, except through lawyers. I also received cutting edge information regarding one of Mr. Fluoride's visits to Atlanta's William B. Hartsfield International Airport. He was very frightened by the "Welcome to Atlanta, the next stop is Concourse B" voice on the intra-airport mass transit system. He refused to acknowledge that the nice people at AT&T had his phone number and maintained the only place his number was available was through the popular Dead Kennedys website Headaches and Jello Shots. It's not like the man ever toured with Zeke, honestly folks.

The No WTO Combo's record is a neatun. A neaTUN. The originals are lyrically based on Jello's spoken word material (especially "New Feudalism") this is probably because Jello wrote them himself without the help of East Bay Ray and his surviving sister, Courtney Cox Arquette. Gina's drumming on the album is superb, like Fastpack without the 6/8 time signatures and moody ride cymbal patterns. This is Gina Mainwal we're talking about, Gina Mainwal of Sweet 75 fame. Whatever became of Sweet 75? Don't tell me Krist is STILL trying to milk the same bass line for ANOTHER twelve years, please. The last I heard, he was spinning at a JAMPAC event in Seattle in early June of 2001. Did anyone see the "Electronic Plantation" video where the camera did that neat pan of the front of a Starbucks? Anyone? We're talking Camcorder Truth Jihad here.
Fun live recording. Its really awesome hearing some of my favorite guys in a band together (Krist, Jello, Kim). The speeches by Jello are interesting, although can get pretty tedious after awhile, admittedly, and the overall songs are really fun. I definatly recommend this to any fan of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Dead Kennedys and/or Jello's Spoken Word albums, or any person interested in the WTO protests in general. 8/10.
Kim Thayil is a fucking god and should be revered as such. Any record he plays on is considered sacred and holy. Anyone who bad-mouths Lord Thayil should be turned into a vampire, and then when they get all psyched up because they're a vampire and get to have eternal life and youth they will be tied up to a chair, fed blood for sustenance, and forced to watch C-Span for all eternity. Or worse yet, the dreaded C-Span 2.

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