New Bomb Turks

Perfect for those warm Hollywood Nights
*special introductory paragraph!
*Drunk On Cock EP
*Information Highway Revisited
*Pissing Out The Poison (Singles And Other Swill 1990-1994)
*Scared Straight
*At Rope's End
*Beruhren Meiner Affe EP
*The Big Combo (More Singles And Other Swill 1994-98)
*Nightmare Scenario
*The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still
*Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains

I want to tell the world about the New Bomb Turks. Thus, I hereby revieweth thine albums for thee. The New Bomb Turks are a wonderful, WONDERFUL garage rock band that often play so fast, they sound like the greatest punk rock band of all time. In fact, this is part of the problem that confuses certain people who should be huge fans, but aren't. These people wonder, "Why do they play so many midtempo songs when they're such a great punk rock band?" The answer is, again, they're essentially a GARAGE ROCK band that simply has too much energy to stick to basic garage rock tempo on a consistent basis. You might say, in fact, that they are the fastest, hardest garage rock band of all time. Fuzzy guitars, simplistic but catchy, rockin' chord sequences, incredibly energetic cool-guy vocals and manicdrum smashin' add up to one of the most exciting rock and roll experiences you're likely to find since Don Henley sold out and went corporate! (the day he was born, the miserable whore)

* Destroy-Oh-Boy!! - Crypt 1993. *
Rating = 10

It's always a problem when your first LP is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. How do you follow such a thing up? The rest of your career seems unnecessary! But let's get to that in un momento.

Oh! Did you bring me a delightful momento back from your trip to New Brunswick? Oh, thank you so much for the delightful momento!

Although this record is on Crypt alongside such questionable retro bands as Thee Headcoats, Thee Mighty Caesars and the Gories, it is definitely punk rock. Like, AWESOME punk rock. Raw, fuzzed out guitar tones, endlessly speedy rhythms and those cool '60s style twangy Ohio vocals of Mr. Eric Davidson! All fourteen songs are catchy beyond belief, both in high-speed Ramonesy riffage and vocal hooks galore! ("Long gone sistah, she's a long-ong-ong!," "jigga-jigga-dragstrip, jigga-jigga-dragstrip, jigga-jigga-dragstra-yip!," "takin' my time, takin' my time, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, ticka-ticka-ticka-taw-yalk!," and so on and so forth). Awesome guitar tone. Sounds like you're in the bastard's garage listening to him find the muddiest, grungiest, scuzziest tone he can find. And song titles? Stupidity meets cleverness! "Born Toulouse-Lautrec"! "Tattooed Apathetic Boys"! "We Give A Rat's Ass"! "Let's Dress Up The Naked Truth"! "I Want My Baby...Dead?!"

I've yet to meet a person who has heard this album more than once and not been blown away by it. It gets under your skin and slashes away like a razor of life energy, never slowing down except for a jokey quarter-speed cover of Wire's "Mr. Suit." The anger is fun, American anger! Anger to slam dance and smile to! Jesus, just look at the band photo on the back! The bass player is nearly falling over with laughter as the singer jerks and contorts all over the stage. And yes, I've seen them live and he IS just as charismatic on stage as on record. And he looks like Morrissey!

I had a weird dream last night. I hated it. I hate dreams that are so complicated and annoying that when you wake up, you don't even want to try to remember them. It sucked. Something to do with a house I wasn't supposed to be in, some crazy guy who was having me commit a crime with him, a mailman saying that my Dad was an asshole, my brother hiding my new Nazareth CD behind a garbage can in some restaurant and me not being able to find it, and even more than that. Just awful stuff - all very stressful and irritating. No wonder I slept til 3.

Reader Comments (D. Zarakov)
Yeah, well if thee Headcoats,Thee Mighty Caesars & the Gories are "questionable retro bands", I'm a ...uh, i don't know, but they're not. (Steve)
This is what the Stooges might have sounded like if their music had reflected Iggy's meth abuse. I've heard this record at least 100 times, and listening to it after having a few drinks still causes me to throw myself around the room like an idiot. If you don't like this album, you probably don't like rock n roll.
can i just agree with everything you said aboot destroy oh boy
fuggin incredible 10/10
Here's one of those very rare cases when a severely aggressive punk rawk band finds a producer who can actually bring out the reckless noise with a sense of immediate local bar clarity. It gave me the same goose-pimpily, dog tilt excitement as the unlikely Germs-Joan Jett venture.
Hm. Not bad. Not life-changing, either, but. . . not bad.

At least I'm with the fans on the points of it being REALLY pulse-raising and hellacious, its guitar tone being really. . . um, "tubular", and its lead singer not being half-bad. I am, however, NOT with the fans on the supposed "quality" of the songs here. What the hell, guys? Some people hear rock and roll "heaven". I hear a small handful of samey chords played at virtually the same tempo in the same way in every same song, same-like. Same same same. Drf. Look, I know the Moody Blues sang about the "lost chord" and all, but I don't think they meant this one.

Bah. Damn you punk rock and your legendary debuts. Why must you be so legendary. Devo's debut album, I sentence you to two thousand years in hell for giving me irrational hope for every other punk album ever recorded.

Well, at least I've still got the Damned's third album to check out. And maybe the Vibrators.

And for some reason the version I have has sixteen songs instead of fourteen. Perhaps that is affecting my judgement. From now on, I will pretend every odd song is an outtake and listen to it as an EP.

Add your thoughts?

Drunk On Cock EP - Engine 1993.
Rating = 8

Okay, back to Earth. Here they prove that they AREN'T perfect -- bum riffs will sneak through every once in a while, and that punk energy is not everlasting. HOWEVER, "This Place Sucks" is an instant hardcore anthem, the one about Elizabeth Taylor is catchy as hell and "Grounded Ex-Patriot" proves that the Turks can write slow songs that are just as incredible and evocative as their fast ones. Buy it and fuck it up the love gun!

Add your thoughts?

Information Highway Revisited - Crypt 1994.
Rating = 8

From this point on, here's what you have to do: listen to each New Bomb Turks as an individual song. If you try to listen to these albums as full-on album experiences, they will all sound like endless collections of interchangeable fuzztones. But they aren't! They're great songs! They're just all really similar, so you have to pay attention. That's my Dave Concepcion anyway.

So yeah, this album reveals that the guys are actually a highly energetic garage rock band. A good deal of the songs are still fast as hell punkish attacks, but there are more than a couple midtempo tunes that you can't really slamdance to unless you're an overexcited youth who'll slamdance to anything, like those "winners" at the Pixies concert I attended several years back. Because sir, when you want Nazi skinhead hardcore, what you want is "Here Comes Your Man." Oi!

Song titles? More of the same "play-on-word" thingies: "Bullish On Bullshit," "Straight-on Chaser," "I Got Your Bitter End," etc.

And another thing! Where did all the catchy vocal hooks go? There's none on here! They just sound like a normal verse-chorus band now! Why? WHY, YOU SONS OF GUNS???????????


Add your thoughts?

Pissing Out The Poison (Singles And Other Swill 1990-1994) - Crypt 1995.
Rating = 9

This is a compilation, as evidenced by the way it is entitlemented in such a way as to suggest that it is a compilation of material that you may or may not have already heard, in my case that would be six songs because six of these songs are different versions of songs from the albums and then nine of them are cover tunes of New York Dolls and that sort of thing and then two of them are different versions of the same song and then the rest are original songs that you've never heard and the thing that is good is that the songs have different producers so that the sound differs a bit on the different songs so that you don't get bored even though it's a full double album and there's a cover of a little-known Rolling Stones song from Emotional Rescue and some of the songs are slow but some are fast and you'll enjoy it a lot because it's so good and you should send some money to me so that I can buy a second copy and then dance around and enjoy life like a man should enjoy it with several wives and a big car filled with sex.

Reader Comments

Gerald Young
One of the ways I try to gauge whether or not someone who is NOT into punk has the proper disposition to get into punk is to have them play “Sharpen Up Time” 3 times. If they love it, I can move forward. If they don’t, there is no hope for them ever appreciating punk rock. To me, it truly is one of the greatest songs ever recorded: it’s fast, it’s sloppy, and it makes you wanna wig out. This is lumped in with “garage punk”, and deservedly so; unfortunately the term has been diluted by band after band (re: a large percentage of the Sympathy For The Music Industry and Crypt Records catalog) of incredibly BORING bands that hipsters always seem to hype to gain some kind of mystical garage rock cred which I will NEVER understand. Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, Sharpen Up Time and Pist are worth the double the price of this alone (and you don’t have to chase down the vinyl), everything else is gravy, very, very good gravy. Yum.
I found the double LP version of this about six months ago, and when you seperate them out into halves, it's my favorite album of the Turks (although, please don't kill for this, I haven't been able to get my hands on Destroy Oh Boy yet). I can't name any of the song titles on it but I'll be damned if within seconds of the song starting I don't recognize it and already have the chorus running through my head. They really need to tour again.

On a semi-related note, you should check out The Phenoms, a Chicago band that bear a strong resemblance to the New Bomb Turks. The one time I've seen them so far (they have a habit of only doing 21+ shows, and I'm still below that threshold for another year) it was downright EXPLOSIVE. Plus, they mentioned you on their myspace page so that's what made me think of it. This isn't just spam, I really think you'll dig these guys.

Add your thoughts?

Scared Straight - Epitaph 1996.
Rating = 8

Epitaph???? Ahh cripes! Now they're gonna sound just like Bad Religion! Just like every OTHER darned band on that label!

Okay, they don't sound just like Bad Religion. But the guitar sound has been cleaned up to match the cleanish heavy distortion you're likely to hear most punk bands use. Very thick and full, but not trashy and garagey! Same songwriting goin' on though -- just with nice additions like tinkly '60sish keyboards, some backup vocals, some horns here or there. No major change to the sound - the punky ones feature chord sequences you've heard a million times before, but probably not utilized this well! More variety - less straight high-speed punk (though there's still lots of high speed fun to be found, especially if you play the record at 78 RPM and they sound like the Chipmunks! Ha hhe eeheehee ! HGeeE1! They soun dlike the Bhipcmhunks!

Interesting note: The slower songs sound like the Rolling Stones! Especially the last song, which totally has a Keith Richards vibe going on -- almost to the point where it's plagiarized and I'm going to sue them in the name of the Rolling Stones. Right after I patent the name Rolling Stones and begin releasing albums under that name, most of which will be me by myself singing "Heart Of Stone" over and over again, but with hilarious "Weird Al" Yankovic-like parody lyrics that make it about a penis boner, like "Hardon Stone" or "Heart of Bone" or "Heart Of Stone (Cock)" and then I'll make so much money, I can buy you and sell you, which I will then proceed to do, so you'd might as well start packing now.

Reader Comments
Someone spent some real time, effort and inventiveness to produce the drum sound with real punk prowess. It's typically very difficult, as the guitars often supercede and overlay the backbone that should punctuate the madness. On this record, you can hear the snare bleed through loud and clear, drum rolls are brought up in the mix and emphasized and it drives each song with bass drum bopping bombast. In addition, every bit of Eric's trademark set of pipes are heard with intense ferocity and emphasis. I'd put this one right behind Destroy in my all time Turks record book.

Add your thoughts?

At Rope's End - Epitaph 1998.
Rating = 8

The guitar seems messier again! Less bass, more white noise. Guess they felt that the last album was, as Soul Asylum might say, "A little too clean!" Ha ha! Then Soul Asylum might say something about "misery" and release a few more terrible albums.

As for this New Bomb Turks album, it's the same old shit. Great punky energy and garage rock kickin' it. A couple of attempts at variety kinda bug me because they're not really my types of music (especially the slow, ugly '50s type tune "Bolan's Crash"), but most of it is exactly what you want from the Nude Bombed Jerks, right down to the wordy-durdy song titles ("Minimum Wages Of Sin," "The Cure For The Common Cold Shoulder," "Aspirin Aspirations").

Can I say something here? I know that these guys are basically repeating themselves, doing the same thing over and over, but they come up with some KILLER punk riffs. And the ones that aren't punk speed are just straightahead fun rock and roll. Aggressive kickass rock and roll. Tons of distortion and snotty attitude. If you love high energy rock and roll and you haven't gotten into these guys yet, now is the time. They're too American to ignore any longer!

Reader Comments (James)
I can't believe you didn't mention "Defiled!" That's the best song Rocket From The Crypt never wrote!
I like the production on this album better than their others. It sounds like it was recorded in a garbage can and then put in an oven! And holy crap, those riffs are golden. An easy 9.

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Beruhren Meiner Affe EP - Overcoat 1999
Rating = 8

BEWARE: This entry was written in 2008, a half-decade after I last touched this page.

My God, this band was fantastic. I thought I'd throw on Pissing Out The Poison the other day just for ships and grips, and within moments I found myself lining up every other one of their albums for a listen. Then the next thing you know I'm online ordering myself a CD copy of Drunk On Cock and illegally downloading the Beruhren Meiner Affe EP! Interestingly, if you just read that sentence for the first time, it was indeed 'the next thing you (knew).' See, I don't take cliche's lightly. Hey! Get that goddamned early bird away from my worm!

Sorry about that. Every day this damn early bird shows up and tries to gnaw on my penis. And I've HAD IT!

(up the bird ass)

This EP presents a wider variety of influences and approaches than possibly any other release in the band's catalog, expressed through two alternate (WAAAAAY alternate) versions of At Rope's End songs, two otherwise unreleased originals, and a Cheater Slicks cover. The alternate version of "Defiled" plays up the guitars, dumps the horns, and suddenly turns into a woodblock/feedback/synth Spacemen 3-style wigout psych jam in the middle. Remember how lots of shitty garage bands in the 60s tried to go PsYcHeDeLic in the drug-fueled summer of 1967? Well, here's the New Bong Turks comin' at ya! Not in 3-D though, or as a western.

Moving on, the alternate version of "Scapegoat Soup" is a novelty robot/electronics rendition filled with pippity fake beats, goofy noises, computer vocals and silly samples interacting with each other to witty effect ("A police officer is always there to lend a helping hand"/ "That is incorrect!"/*gun shots*). It's also ridiculous and sounds nothing at all like the New Bomb Turks. Who's responsible for this? Somebody read the liner notes.

But come on don't freak out and be all like, "Come on, what are they doing? The New Bomb Turks aren't a hippy peace jam band or Kraftwerky devolution experiment: where's the rocking roll?" There are plenty of rocks to be rolled herein. For example, original uptempo boogie rocker "Double Marlon" shows us yet another unexpected side of this band, positioning them as a punkier Foghat or less rednecky Molly Hatchet. It boogies, it's cheery, it's speedy and it's a gasser! For a second example, the Cheater Slicks cover is a WONDERFULLY catchy melodic pop-punk singalong. Finally, the Chuck Berry-style "Slung Jury" isn't terribly innovative but it has a strong chorus so we'll let it slide.

Overall, it seems like the bass guitar is lower in the mix than usual, but that might just be the quality of the illegal download. For the record, "Beruhren Meiner Affe" translates to "Touch My Monkey" (a Saturday Night Live reference), and Beruhren Meiner Affe EP translates to another fantastic high-energy garage rock/punk record by Columbus, Ohio's late and lamented New Bomb Turks. Man, what a band.

And they were all members of NAMBLA! Can you believe that? Not just great songwriters, but geniuses with high IQ's too! Keep up the good work, band that broke up five years ago!

Add your thoughts?

The Big Combo (More Singles And Other Swill 1994-98) - Dropkick 1999
Rating = 8

Kind of a ripoff, featuring a few tracks taken directly from the last couple of albums, along with some relatively unnecessary live stuff. If you like the band, you'd might as well buy it though. Some hilarious covers and hard punkers you haven't heard ("Stick It Out," "Feel It," "Fuck It" -- a triad of tunes about sticking out your penis, feeling your penis and fucking your penis up the butt).

Say, interesting to note: If you listen to a whole bunch of New Bomb Turks albums in a row, you get really fucking sick of them. Their style grows tiresome. One album at a time though? Hooeee! Great stuff! Two albums? Good stuff! Three albums? Fair stuff! Four albums? Heavens to betsy no! Five albums? Stuff it up your ass! Six albums? Murder you! Seven albums? Get out of the city! Eight albums? GODDAMN you! I've loved you for so many years and never once have you stroked my neck and told me the story of Ricky Ticky Timbo Nosarimbo Terry Berry Ruchi Pip Berry Pimbo!!!!!


Reader Comments
tell me you do know the story of Ricky Ticky Timbo?

this is something i have been in search of for years

you are the only other person i have run accross that even knows of it

Add your thoughts?

Nightmare Scenario - Epitaph 2000.
Rating = 8

New drummer, no new ideas. Honestly as long as you have the first album, you don't really NEED any of these others. They're all full of delightful interchangeable distorto-punk-grunge blasts of happiness though. Like The Ramones and AC/DC, the Turks keep on keepin' on, probably winning no new fans in the process. Not to say this isn't great stuff! It is! But so were the last several albums, in the exact same way. Your call!

Still your call.

My call now!

Your call again!

Whose call is it now? I lost my place.

Reader Comments (James)
It should be said that the drummer here is Sammie Brown from Gaunt, who are one of the greatest rock bands of the 90's. I think Mr. Prindle would do well to pick up a copy of "Sob Story." Jim Weber used to be in Gaunt too. Incest is best! Put your sister to the test! (Andy Knox)
Your review of the Turks career to date is pretty excellent. I always heard a big MC5 and Radio Birdman influence in a lot of their songs. And "Dragstrip Riot's" chorus is "da-da-da-da-dragstrip." Pretty impressive when you take account of the speed it's done.

Add your thoughts?

The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still - Gearhead 2002.
Rating = 8

The New Bomb Turks are familiar with my reviews and as a direct result said to themselves, "If we want to impress global Chess champion Fuck Pickle, we'd better try some other types of music and stop repetitioning ourselves in the punk rock scene." The result is OK Computer, recorded under the pseudonym Radiohead (think about it -- "New Bomb Turks" = "Radiohead" -- look very closely at the band names. Once you see it, it's so obvious!). But when OK Computer died a quick death in the marketplace, the New Bomb Turks recorded an album called this one, and it is the most diverse CD of theirs yet! I'm torn though, because some of the songs are pretty shitty. This is the result of a few too many midtempo Stones/Johnny Thunders attitude rockers with chunky guitars but VERY weak hooks. "Pretty Lightning"? More like "Shitty Frightening," if I were the lyrics sheet guy!

But I wasn't. Which is too bad because the lyrics are really quite good! It's beginning to look a lot like "Christmas" Eric Davidson has had a falling out with his loved one, unless I'm overreacting to the six songs on here (out of 12) that are about relationships gone sour. But are they just figments of his Imagynasium CD-ROM by SouthPeak Interactive? Or is there some basis in truth to lines like "They say oil and water don't mix -- try 13 shots down the throat of that bitch," "You can take your sunny moods - Watch 'em drift when she breezes in," "Ripped my heart from my back pocket; We made like Bonnie and Clyde -- loving and lying," "Bus parks - the girl gets off/A cockroach crawls 'cross the dead boy's frown," "We're like ghosts grabbing at the wind now - Try holding hands, but we keep missing now" and "You can dig a ditch, bitch. Toss dirt, talk shit, but it's ditch time"? That's six different songs! And a seventh is about child-molesting priests so that one could very well be another "relationship gone sour" song too. This is good stuff! Up to snuff, Duff! (McKagan)

So let me make just some very generalized, non-specific comments about the album's musical diversity. The title track is New Orleans-style swing music with a funny slide guitar and Horns of Fun! The next two songs sound IDENTICAL to The Rolling Stones! "Rat Feelings" rides along on wickedass CLEAN HIGH-PITCHED hardcore guitar riff! "Grifted" is high-speed punk with avant-garde saxophone hooting! "Don't Bug Me, I'm Nutty" is MOD! Like The Whom or The Ja! Number 11 will CKIll you! It sounds like TOM PETTY!!!!! Seriously! Really nice departure - sounds like they put a heck of a lot of time into making it sound the way it does. Acoustic and electric chords merge together, a weirdo voice reverb hops from speaker to speaker and a keyboard even comes in later, as well as a harpsichord, but the harpsichord just stands in the corner silently and waits until the band finishes to see if they want to go to Denny's.

But there's still this nagging doubt -- a kind of irksome feeling that we're losing one of the most reliable punk rock bands in America. At MOST, this album has five punk songs. And they're not exactly straight punk either. Which is fine when they do neat things with the slow songs, which (thank Goodness) is most of the time. But if they carry on with this bland Heartbreakers (not the Tom Petty one) macho guitar-as-dick rock, and we end up with entire albums of garbage like "Statue of Liberty" and "Sick Sermon," that's when I reach for my revolver.

Because you can always count on that fine Beatles album to cheer you up when you're feeling down. "Got To Get You Into My Life" indeed!

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Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains - Gearhead 2003
Rating = 8

After months of enduring hullabaloo and braggadoccio about this hard-rockin' punk fiend band from out of town called The Hives, I finally up and bought a bootleg copy of Veni, Vedi, Vicious in Chinatown for $5.00, took it home and discovered that the Hives (and apparently the rest of the world) JUST discovered the appeal of what the New Bomb Turks were doing a decade ago. I don't need copycats in my collection, so I ate a bunch of Claritin and made the Hives go to HELL. With that minor irritant out of the way, it's time for a new CD by the world's greatest sweaty reverbed garage punk rock band - Ohio's New Bomb Turks! (cheers all around, especially from that old bedroom wall of mine in Carrboro, NC that used to host a New Bomb Turks poster - probably some girl lives there now and has a poster of a shirtless Ed Koch up there or some other teen idol)

Wait, slow down the phone holds. This isn't a new studio recording et al! It's a compilation of unreleased and rare material. The highlight is four AMAZING outtakes from the last LP - which is just ridiculous, because these four songs are as good as or better than ANYTHING on that album -- "Buckeye Donuts" sounds more like a Destroy-Oh-Boy!!! track than anything they've done in ages, "Bad For Me" is a terrific dark midtempoer with a surprisingly competent jazz combo breakdown at the end, "Law of the Long Arm" might be the catchiest Stones-style number the Turks have done, in addition to owning another classic "play-on-words" title -- and "Sammer'd"! Please Louise! How could they have left this awesome SPY THEME instrumental off of a full-fledged album? What - because it's instrumental? Yeah, I'll say it's instrumental! Instrumental in KICKING MY ASS CLEAR OFF THE BALCONY INTO THE SWIMMING POOL WHERE JETS OF DIARRHEA SHOOT OUT FROM BOTH ENDS ALL OVER THE GROUP OF CHILDREN PLAYING THERE!

The CD also includes tracks from an unreleased Rocket Widget EP, songs recorded for a Devil Dogs tribute record, two from a European-only Blind Run 10-inch, a b-side to a single, etc and so forth. BOTTOM LINE, as I like to quickly get to the point and not waste a lot of words on setup: Only six of these tracks are previously unavailable (or hard to find) original New Bomb Turks compositions. All six of these are top-of-the-line well-written energetic wonders of punk rock nature. A seventh track is an early version of "Statue of Liberty," never one of the band's better songs. And the other nine are cover tunes. That's MORE than 50% of the CD devoted to songs originally performed by other artists. Devil Dogs, Gaunt, The Knots (?!? some local band maybe?), Joy Division, Painted Ship, Aerosmith (Richie Supa actually, but most people know it by Aerosmith and I'm sure Richie wouldn't argue with that fact), X -- BUT THE AUSTRALIAN X!!!! and country/western artist Faron Young. Some of these covers are fantastic, others not quite so interesting -- it really depends more on the quality of the original song. Myself, I think "Death Of Mighty Joe," "The Drawback" and "And She Said Yes" are absolutely horrible songs, but I certainly can't blame Weber, Reber, Davidseber and Breber for that. I can't blame them for anything, actually! Even if they came over and tracked mud all over my rug, I couldn't blame them because it would be my fault for letting them in without making them wipe their feet on the "Wipe Your Paws" welcome mat outside the front door. Goddammit, WHY DIDN'T I MAKE THEM WIPE THEIR FEET???? AND WHY IS THIS JOY DIVISION COVER SO SAD???? (*kills self*)

Reader Comments
I haven't bought this compilation yet, but I think your 'review' of the Hives Veni Vedi Vicious CD was somewhat unfair, because it came out 3 years ago, and they've been doing this for about as long as the NBT has ... 1993 I believe ... so they didn't "JUST discover" the sound.
GODDAMN I love the New Bomb Turks; your reviews got me all sweaty and I'm realizing I don't even have every one of their releases. This situation is unacceptable. They have also been my personal litmus test as to whether someone loves the rock, or is actually an closeted emo-loving-pussy-fagtard. Their music trancends punk, because it's basically rocknroll at warp speed, but leaves most "punk" music looking like the limpwristed poseurs that they are.

If memory serves, I think you also forgot to mention how they blow the doors off most other live acts as well.
yea man, i havn't heard much of the new bomb tiurks. i just bought their cd switchblade tongues, butterknife brains and i love it. i've just gotten into these guys, and they kick so much ass. although i know i havnt known about these guys long, i just want to show my support and send a word of thanks. NBT you kick ass
i just wanted to tell you that you are so damn right with everything you write about the NBT. youre by the way the most enthusiastic rewiever i know, i think i love you.
i will explain the "new." go watch the movie hollywood knights. that's where they got the name from, no doubt. fabulous movie as well.

Add your thoughts?

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