(i.e. "diversity")
*special introductory paragraph!
*On Parole
*Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers EP
*What's Wordsworth?
*Ace Of Spades
*No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
*Iron Fist
*Best Of Motorhead Live
*Another Perfect Day
*BBC Live & In-Session
*Rock 'N' Roll
*No Sleep At All
*March Or Die
*Overnight Sensation
*King Biscuit Flower Hour
*Snake Bite Love
*No Remorse
*Everything Louder Than Everyone Else
*We Are Motorhead
*Live at Brixton Academy
*Stone Deaf Forever!
*Better Motorhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith
*Kiss Of Death
*The World Is Yours

Like their colleagues AC/DC and Ramones, Motorhead have been re-using the same three-chord riffs over and over for going on 35 years now. With their bluesy attitude but amphetamine-driven rhythms, the band was instrumental in the creation of speed metal (check out "Overkill," a classic high-speed thrasher recorded a good five years before Kill 'Em All came out!) and has churned out predictable but consistently pleasing hard rock/heavy metal since singer/bassist Lemmy Kilmister was fired from Hawkwind in 1975. It can take a while to get into them though. For one thing, Lemmy has a vocal range of about two notes. Secondly, unless you listen really really closely, every song pretty much DOES sound same. But damn you and hells to me, they totally rock and a lot of their tunes are killer. Plus their sound is hilariously confusing to any engineer who tries to work with them, because Lemmy plays his bass through a stack of Marshall guitar amps, usually utilizes chords instead of notes, and does so with all the bass levels turned DOWN! So it's a big distorted noisy mess of angry screaming thud with no bottom to it. As such, any rock fiend would be a fool not to buy all their albums! (Even Motorizer, which isn't very good.)

On Parole - United Artists 1979
Rating = 7

This CD features the earliest Motorhead material, as recorded in 1975 by Lemmy, drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" McGillicudy (his name isn't actually McGillicudy - I'll look it up and let you know what it is later) and Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis. The songs are good, but the mix is just hideous, as if it were recorded inside a big metal box. Also, there's something distinctly "Motorhead" missing from the presentation. The guitar is too traditionally bluesy, like Cream - not metal enough. And am I crazy or did someone put a "space alien tinny fuzzy annoying" distortion effect on ol' Lemmer's microphone? Regardless, the LP wasn't released until four years later, by which point more rockin' versions of most of the tunes had long been available on the official Motorhead debut, reviewed below!

Phil's last name is Taylor. Just like Mick, Elizabeth, John, Kiley, Rip, Andy and Phil "Philthy Animal" McGillicudy.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
I have a copy of this...and when I went to play it (years ago) it kept skipping on that part where he's saying "this is for all you record companies out there!" skip "this is for all you record companies out there!" skip "this is for all you record companies out there!" I took that CD player back and got a new one, but On Parole went into a box when I moved and I can't seem to ever dig it back out. Should I bother? From what I heard, it sounded mostly like an ill-produced Motorhead I. (Uncle Buzz Records)
Motorgeek note:
At least one cut on here is worth getting: funky apocalyptic sci fi spacerock epic "The Watcher". Its a cool tune. Not as trudgy as the original Hawkwind version on Doremifasolatido.

Motorgeekier note:
I read that they didn't have a proper guitar amp during session and had to overdrive the guitar signal using the mixing board input volumes. That's why it's all tinny sounding. True?

boomchikkalikkawyawyawyawaoooowwuhhhptchhh!!! (Lan Helli)
Lucas Fox played drums on the on parole album, not Phil Taylor. The sound quality of the whole album was bad due to lack of proper equipment and low quality, no-budget [united artists gave them like $7.98 to make the album with], b-studio production. The songs "motorhead" & "lost johnny" also each appear on Hawkwind albums. Lemmy writing "kings of speed" and having it turn out to be Hawkwinds biggest single is probably what caused him to leave them & start Motorhead.
On Parole was recorded in late 1975. And actually both Lucas Fox and Phil Taylor plays drums on it. Fox quit the band and Taylor over-dubbed Fox's drums except on Lost Johhny ( I think) and the bonus tracks that appear on some cd re-issue of album.
Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkwind after being busted for speed while on tour in North America - read his autobiography White Line Fever for all the details. No matter what you think of the production, On Parole is worth owning - and playing.
just got it after years and years of motorhead listening... to me, 'on parole' is to 'motorhead' what the original mix of 'raw power' is to the updated one. after so much listening to motorhead chugging the amazing riffs that have given me so many hours of joy and thus made me sick of them, to hear this version is such a novelty that it's almost more enjoyable. I can't say I prefer that amatuerish, punkier mix or larry wallis' bland singing or the lack of overdriven guitars or that awful song 'fools' or the added sound effects on several songs, but I definately find them more interesting
Very good album....Classic songs with other sound (Iron Horse, The Watcher, Leaving Here, City Kids, Motorhead....) I like this album because is it different. I want listen MOTORHEAD feat. Larry Wallis and Phil Taylor live....

Add your thoughts?

Motorhead - Ace 1977.
Rating = 8

Now THIS is Motorhead! New guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke brings with him an absolutely FILTHY grungey heavy guitar tone that meshes perfectly with Lemmy's hoarse roar and Phil "Philthy Animal" McGillicudy's crash and bash r'n'r style. Eight classic hard rock tunes (well... I suppose "White Line Fever" isn't a classic, and "Vibrator" is a little gross and offensive...)

(And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's things that are gross and offensive!)

(innocent whistling)

Motorhead is a wonderful hard rock/heavy metal band. They rock heavily but catchily, blues riffs meshing perfectly with Lemmy's natural sense of hard rock melody. Buy this, buy that, buy 'em all. Great early headbanging material. EXCELLENT kickass version of "The Train Kept A-Rollin'" too! Blows Aerosmith and The Yardbirds clear out of the water of life! Existential doodoohead!

Did I mention that Lemmy was a HUGE speed freak? As in amphetamines? Ha!

Did I mention that about a month ago, I got really wasted at a Mexican restaurant and signed my credit card slip "David Casserole"? I then proceeded to leave my credit card on the table so the stewardess had to chase after me to return it.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I not introduce myself? I'm "The Coolest."

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
I was going to ask to do Motorhead reviews, Mark, but you beat me to it!

I'm with you--great debut! Love Virbator and Iron Horse/Born to Lose. The bonus tracks on the remastered CD include an awesome version of Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers and On Parole. Funny stuff. Lost Johnny and Train Kept A Rollin' are top notch. Gritty record!

Colin T.
hoowee! rock and roll! The great thing about motorhead is that they emphasize the roll, yet they don't forget the rock. and by way, hawkwind was pretty good. The song "motorhead" was originally theirs and it kicks booty; the vocals are great
I just never understood why the band chose Motorhead as their name instead of, oh I dunno...WARTHOG! (Pig Millions)
Jesus H CHRIST! Hawkwind?? There is a band that changes with the times. Now i don't know that much about Hawkwind and i would honestly like to know more. of course, like many other bands, staying fresh is essential. a band from the late 60's who unfortunately are still together playing mostly benefit shows. not unlike many other bands of their era. ( Rolling Stones come mind, and i am convinced THEY are already dead) Hawkwind went from sounding like Pink Floyd to sounding like Pink Floyd TRYING sound like Nine Inch Nails. Not to mention they had more people revolve OUT of their line-up than say... Black Flag... Misfits... and uhhh.. even MOTORHEAD. that Warthog Lemmy happend to be one of them. lemmy's actually more ancient than most people think. The guy was actually a roadie for Jimmy Hendrix, i think he just might have out-lived Mick Jagger by 1,000 years.

Honestly, all bullshit aside, Hawkwind aren't that bad of a band. once Lemmy joined they're sound became more heavy metal-oriented and very before-their-time. (perhaps, even before Sabbath.) They're extremely underrated. and hey, that selfish scottish/english prick john Lydon adored their music prior to his days in Sex Pistols. you can't go wrong there. You also can't go wrong with their late 80's early 90's sci-fi-psychedelic-metal. well, it's amazing what you can learn over at CD Now anyway.

and it's amazing what obsession will do to a man. especially when you record a song ON to a cassette tape OFF of an irrisponsible college radio station called ALBUM 88. and that college radio prgram HAPPENS TO BE DEFUNCT AS OF PRESENT TIME. and come TWO YEARS later you HAPPEN to be lsisening to that VERY cassette and the Cannibus-soaked, prick-of-a-DJ doens't TELL you the name of band you heard, and you REALLY LIKE THE SONG YOU HEARD and the song sounds like shit because you recorded it off the radio but you really love the song but you can't figure out WHO the fuck the band is because you can't call the DJ becuase the Dj by now, is probably lying dead in some fecal-drenched restroom in some desert in Arizona. who knows?

IS the band HAWKWIND? HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSEWD TO KNOW??? it sounds too good to be Hawkwind anyways.

Add your thoughts?

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers EP - Big Beat 1980
Rating = 6

Lemmy Tree, very pretty
And the Lemmy flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor Lemmy
Is covered in warts and nose hair
- John Keats, 1814

Hi, I'm John Keats the 1814th. You know, when I sat down to compose a dedicated poem to the self-proclaimed "guy in Motorhead," I knew that I had my research cut out for me. One cannot - nae, must not - write a poem about Lemmy Kilmister without first diving head deeply into his back catalog. I began my intensive background studies with Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, a collection of outtakes released without the band's consent in 1979. Then I stopped my intensive background studies.

"Ian" Lemmy "Kilmister" enjoys playing bass chords through a distortion pedal. That cannot be denied.

This EP features two covers and two originals. However, the two originals are (1) a basic grungey instrumental and (2) a song written by Larry Wallis, who was only in the band for 30 seconds. So really there are no originals.

I will now briefly discuss each track, using the ancient Japanese art of Haiku:

Tepid cover of
"Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"
ZZ Top have beards

Hey! Chuck Berry's licks!
SIX MINUTES of "On Parole"!?
Larry Wallis = Fag.

Pre-grunge "Instro" roar
But it doesn't got no words
Write some, lazy ass.

"I'm Your Witchdoctor"
Who gave Eddie Clarke the mic!?
Somehow, song kicks ass!
- Masaoka Shiki

I think that I shall never see
a poem as lovely as Lemmy
I'm totally gonna rub up against him on the subway
- Robert Frots

Add your thoughts?

What's Wordsworth? - Big Beat 1983
Rating = 7

Hi, I'm Wordsworth.
- William Wordsworth

This live album was recorded on February 18, 1978 and features five songs from Motorhead, an additional three you couldn't find on that record but could find on On Parole, and one final song you couldn't find on either of those LPs but could find on the Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers EP. The sound is great, raw, rough, bassy and bluesy, but as usual Mr. Kilmister's heavy death machine completely drowns out the lighter-toned electric guitar. In addition to ripping out bass chords galore, he sings in a voice that is strangely calm -- almost sleepy in fact (though still ravaged, hoarse and phlegmy). Had he run low on amphetamine? Or was he just tired after a long night of taping swastikas to his wall? Either way, that's awesome.

What's Birdsworth? is a good live album, but I have to warn you: it starts very slowly. In fact, the first five tracks are almost all slow-to-midtempo, brooding, angry pounding blues rockers. Discover my rejoice then when the final three tracks whip up a festive whirlwind of high-speed hookiness! Granted, all three are covers, but fast? "Fuck yeth!" says Joey from the Dennis the Menace comic strip.

Actually, I just noticed that Lemmy only wrote or co-wrote three of these nine tracks -- and one is a Hawkwind song! But that's the life of a young band playing to young people. This was a new and unestablished Motorhead, 100% frightened and wary about their future. Would they last? Would they write "Ace of Spades"? Would they eventually replace two of the three members? Only time will tell, but my money's on 'Shit No!'

You know what today is? It's "New Year's Day," as made famous by Irish pub rockers You Two! So don't worry if last year you didn't get "What You Need," as made famous by British new wavers In Excess. This is a brand new year, so relax with a glass of "Red Red Wine," as made famous by Yorkshire death metallists You Be Forty. And don't get upset if you see "Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard," as made famous by Haitian voodoo priests Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark!

And now here's a guy on an audiophile message board discussing -- off the top of his head -- every copy of Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band that he owns:

"6 U.S. monos, 3 Capitol orange labels, black label re-issue, purple label, Canadian marble vinyl, 4 UK monos, UK stereo 1st press, 2 UK stereo one-box, UK two-box w/flipback sleeve, 2 UK two-box w/"This is a Mono Recording" error on back, UK two-box pressed in France, UK two-box "EMI Records" rim print, Russian pressing, Italian pressing w/"pink" back cover, German press w/striped inner sleeve, German Apple, French Apple, South African mono, Australian stereo 1st press, Australian orange label non-gatefold, Australian red vinyl (on its way), Taiwan "Golden Hits", South Korean censored version, Southeast Asian censored version, Japan Odeon red vinyl 1st pressing, Japan w/red obi, Japan w/"Beatles Forever" obi (2000 yen), Japan w/"Beatles Forever" obi (2200 yen), Japan w/flag obi, Japan mono red vinyl (1986 pressing I think).

That adds up to 41, I think I might have missed a couple. Oh yeah the CD, so that's 42."

As such, I no longer have OCD.

Add your thoughts?

Overkill - Bronze 1978.
Rating = 8

Oh sweet sweet Motorhead. More dirty smashing beerhall anthems, paced fast for fist punchin' and Irish kickin'. Features "I'll Be Your Sister," later to be covered by Superchunk! Also features "Overkill," later to be ripped off by Motorhead about fifteen thousand times! Look, I've no clue how I'm going to review every Motorhead album in an interesting manner. THEY ALL SOUND LIKE MOTORHEAD. And, although they all contain a duff track or two, you'd be a fool not to own every single one.

Except maybe Motorhead Sings The Phil Collins Catalog. That one's not that great.

Say, did any of you see Motorhead on that "Young Ones" episode? Weren't they awesome? Also, while I'm on the subject, am I remembering wrong or did The Damned perform a song on there called "Video Nasty"? Because I have all the Damned albums but I still haven't managed to run across that song. Anyone?

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
A wallop!

Classic album, and rightly so. Power from one end to other, and cool ass production. Favorites? Overkill, Stay Clean, No Class, Damage Case, Limb From Limb--oh, the list goes on. Play it loud. It cooks! A 9!

It's Phil "Philthy" Taylor, I believe Mark. (James)
Prindle. That son of a bitch does a Motorhead page before I buy all the albums and get to do one. Right now, I only possess maybe a third to one half of Motorhead catalog, depending on how many albums you believe they have.

Overkill is one bad-ass motherfucker of an album. Usually when I'm feeling depressed, which has been quite a bit lately, I put on "Loose Nut" by Black Flag, and I get angrier and more depressed. Now, when I put on Motorhead, especially this album, and especially "Stay Clean" it puts a huge smile on my face. I can't explain why this is so, but perhaps I should listen to more Motorhead and less Black Flag. But back to the album, I think the whole thing is great. Perhaps the most consistently enjoyable of all of the Eddie period, if not best, and definately more bluesy than punky. Hell, I even like "Metropolis!" But, shit, why does the CD reissue have TWO fuckin' versions of "Louie Louie?" Anyway, I'd give it a 9.

Also of note is Golden Years, which looks like one of those dumb rip-off compilations, but is a really cool collection of demos from 1976-1980 and while it is lo-fi as all hell, it fuckin' rules. it has versions of "Bomber" and "Stone Dead Forever" that kick the shit out of the versions on the Bomber album. Oh, and "Ace of Spades" has the same lyrics as the version of one we all know and love, but in a not unlike Fall-type fashion, the music is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! It's "Ace of Spades," but it isn't! Weird! I'll give it a 7. It's damn good, but definately only for fans. As far as rip-offs go, I'd definately skip "Over the Top," which is a "rarities" collection that, unlike the disc I just mentioned, features songs that have already been released as "bonus tracks" on the Castle reissue albums (which is kind of silly because Castle put this one out, too.). And I'm sure that if you like Motorhead enough to buy a rarities collection, you already have several studio albums form their "classic" period, and if you have the CDs, then they're more than likely Castle reissues, so you already have the songs. How redundant! Except Castle are pretty good scam artists. Anyone who has the Damned or Fall compilations by Castle can attest to that. (Simon Burgess)
I saw those two 'Young Ones' shows too. Motorhead did Ace Of Spades, and I remember seeing a punk nostalgia program, where Rat Scabies talked about The Damned's appearance on there. He said BBC requested some song or other, but they said 'No - We'll write a new one for you.' Still - why do you care? It was after the third album, and they sucked after the third album - just became some horrible eighties New Romantic nightmare. Still - Brian James. What a guy. 'You Know' is fucking ace.
Damn fine album, probably the best from the Clarke-era (yes, even better than Ace). It has some of catchiest songs you'll ever hear, plus the title track, which just may be greatest thrash metal song ever conceived.
this album rocks like all hell let loose. every song righteously kicks butts of pansy-ass mofos the world over on a regular basis. The only song on here that doesn't grab me by the balls and twist is 'capricorn' - not that it's a bad song, just that it's not as good as others. and I especially love lemmy's little comment at the beginning of (I think) 'I'll be your sister': "I'm so drunk". cracks me up every time. personally, I'd love to hear 'motorhead sings the phil collins catalogue'. can you imagine: "how can you just turn and walk away, when I'M ABOUT TO RUN YOU OVER ON MY IRON HORSE AND BOMB YOU TO OVERKILL HA HA MOTORHEAD ALL NIGHT ACE OF SPADES ACE OF SPADES AAAARRRGHHHH!!" (Grant Edmonds)
Just got out of my Motorhead phase, so I feel inclined to write...and if any of you want to know what albums to purchase from Motorhead...THIS IS ONE OF THEM! It gets better every time I hear it...I even like Capricorn now! In fact, Motorhead is the most consistently good band I think I have ever heard...except for their next album, ironically enough...
Here's a bit of trivia: the Young Ones episode that had Motorhead had them playing as a four-piece. That's the only time I've seen them play not as a trio. Also, Oscar-winner Emma Thompson was in the same Young Ones episode, although I don't think she was the 2nd guitar player. (Tom Bagley)
The Damned ditty 'Nasty" can be heard on the "Long Lost Weekend" comp, or on the first BBC Sessions CD (typical kick-ass drum-sound BBC version, naturally)...
I remember you mentioned the song The Damned played on the show The Young Ones (I think that's what it's called), and the name of the song is called Nasty and it's on the "thanks for the night" 7 inch. If you can find any compilation with that song on it your in luck, or you can buy the 7 inch as far as I know it's still in print, and I also hear there is a 12 inch version.
"metropolis" and "capricorn" are examples of the genius of that classic motorhead line-up. they sound positively otherworldly, and eddie's guitar tone and solos are probably divinely inspired, althogh i don't normally consider myself a believer in that sort of occurance!
Metropolis and No Class kick it.

I'll Be Your Sister is the low point for me although Overkill would rate as my favourite Motorhead record, above Ace Of Spades.

Add your thoughts?

Bomber - Legacy 1979.
Rating = 8

Whether it be slow blues metal or fast punk metal, Motorhead generally has a good grasp on what makes a song memorable and what doesn't. These early records also have a great 'raw, young, loose' feel that is absent from the (also great) later albums. The Wild West seems to loom large in this record's mythology, with song titles like "Dead Men Tell No Tales," "Lawman" and "Sharpshooter" (all EXCELLENT headbangin' tunes, btw.). I admit that it's not perfect - it has a couple of dull songs. But still, this was a precious time in our nation's history, and these early albums should be treasured. Plus, you get to hear 'Fast' Eddie Clarke sing lead on one track!

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
BOMBER rocks and the first few tracks are great. A step down but not by a whole lot.

Nice album cover! (James)
Bomber was a let down to my ears. A good portion of it sounds like generic 70's hard rock to me. Plus, I think they stopped doing speed while recording this album, and started smoking tons of pot, 'cos all the slower songs sound lethargic to me ("Lawman," and "Sweet Revenge," I'm looking at you. Who thought it was a good idea to put these two songs together?) I even think "Stone Dead Forever" is a great song, though it does use the same bass line as every Motorhead album. And yes, something does happen during the verse. Sheesh. This isn't a bad album, but it just doesn't kick as much ass as a Motorhead album should. And "Step Down?" Man. "Fast" Eddie's lucky he didn't get kicked out of the band for that one. I'll give this one a 6 and be glad that the next album they released was...

Colin T.
i don't know, man. this album is pretty freakin good. sure, some songs are not all out ass-kickin, but they still rock like no other. and stone dead forever rips, homey. and don't forget it. and yeah, eddie clarke can't sing for shit, but neither can lemmy, therefore making your criticism of the "bittersweet" (??) song, "step down" dumb. not quite motorhead, but that's no reason to dismiss it.
Following a great album, one that is terribly mediocre. What happened? No matter how many times I listen to them, most of these songs just don't have that "Motorhead-energy." Aside from the title track and "Stone Dead Forever," most of the tracks just kind of sit around and blur together. (D. Zarakov)
back when these guys only had 4 or 5 albums,this was universally regarded as their worst, but it's a real favourite o' mine for its not-quite-Motorhead-business-as-usual grungy sludginess. Yeah i think that guy who said they musta been smoking lotsa pot for this album had it right...Yeah well what's wrong with that? (as Paul McCartney once sang) (Grant Edmonds)
Surprisingly dissappointing, especially because it's highly lauded as one of their most popular. In fact, only Rock N' Roll and March Or Die are arguably worse. My theory: they didn't give themselves enough time to write this...they were too eager to continue riding the wave of Overkill. "Lawman" and "Bomber" are incredible, but anything else really doesn't match up to the previous album. In addition to "Stone Dead Forever" (which I still don't understand why it's a hit), other lowpoints include "Sweet Revenge", "Talking Head", and (AAACCCKK!!!) "Step Down" (a song for those who wondered what it'd be like for a different vocalist to front the band. But it's just a terrible song.) Oddly enough, still kicks the crap out of most "poor" albums by most bands.
i just have to speak out in defense of this apparently totally underrated album! i really think you all are missingthe point on this baby. i love the stoned guitar masterpieces (yes, that's right, MASTERPIECES!!) "sweet revenge", "step down", and "lawman". "sweet revenge" is so menacing, and eddie's guitar tone on this stuff is majestic. i actually have days when "step down" is my favorite track off this thing, and i think the vocals rock! this line-up really could do no wrong, in my opinion, with the exception of maybe a bit of "iron fist", but even that one's got it's classics. if you're considering whether or not to purchase "bomber", i highly recommend it.

Add your thoughts?

Ace Of Spades - Castle 1980
Rating = 9

See, now here's what I'm talking about! High-speed, blueezzzeey r'n'r from Moley and The Uglies. These riffs must have taken a good 45 seconds to throw together, but they WORK! This band knows rock and roll - they know how to chug away at an E, throw in a couple of generic blues progressions, and somehow turn the finished product into something you want to hear over and over again. It's the sound, the energy, the repetition, the LOUDNESS!

This record's title track is by far Motorhead's most famous song, as well as one of the most perfect hard rock songs ever recorded. As such, it would be difficult for the rest of the record to match up. Nevertheless, it does a pretty FUCKING good job at doing just FUCKING that. Most of it is high-speed, and even when it's not you still get sucked into their drug-addled stupor of distorted electric instruments and no ukuleles goddammit would you please get off the fucking ukulele issue for once in your g

To me, this is Motorhead at their purest and most recommendable. There's just not a single low point on the album. If you can deal with simple, stupid, predictable, high-energy punkish blues-hard-rock, you gotta get it and get it now. Was there ever another band that merged punk and blues like this? If so, tell me who they were! I want to be a fan!

Reader Comments (James)
Ace Of Spades! Fuckin' A! What do I say? What can I say? It's a perfect 10. But why doesn't anyone ever mention "The Chase Is Better Than Catch?" That's like, the best Motorhead song ever! (Sean Harris)
I have some mixed feelings here, but it hits more consistently than BOMBER. The good tracks? Ace of Spades, Love Me Live A Reptile, (We Are) The Road Crew, Shoot Ya in the Back, The Hammer, Jailbait...good stuff. The rest is so-so. Dance and Fire, Fire don't do a whole lot for me. Fast and Loose is a bit cheesy even for Lemmy.

Still, essential and fun!
The one everyone loves, and yeah, it does rock very hard. This is without a doubt one of the most influential metal albums of all time, up there with "Black Sabbath" and "Reign in Blood." The title track is an instant classic, and some of the other songs are damn good too (especially "Road Crew" and "Live to Win"). Still, I think "Overkill" is just a bit better... Be sure to pick up the re-issue, which features some cool Headgirl songs.
An album way far ahead of it's time. Lemmy Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Grant Edmonds)
If you don't LOVE this album, you should be shot dead by those three gun-totin' geniuses on the cover. If they don't do it, I will! If you like anything about rock, punk, or metal, anything at all, you will love this! It's the Stooges meets AC/DC on crack! "Ace Of Spades," "Love Me Like A Reptile," and "We Are Road Crew," are three of my all-time faves. Oh yah, and there's the second side too...BUY IT!!!
A FUCKING METAL MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ryan Maffei)
It's true, all of Motorhead's 'fallacies' are present here. But some albums are great simply because of how much ass they kick, and if so, then Ace of Spades just may be the pinnacle of them all. Great riffs, every song a winner, and it fucking rocks the entire way through. "That's way I like it, baby--I DON'T WANNA LIVE FOREVER!!" A solid 9! (Hail Horn)
Gotta agree, this is Lemmy's masterpiece and gotta agree that "Chase is Better Than Catch" is the song that gets lost in the shuffle (though they did include it on "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else", 1999's classic live record with the new lineup). IMO, second only to "Back in Black" among 1980's albums, period.
Right on the money. This album rules! We all know "Ace Of Spades", but what about "Shoot You In the Back", "Fast And Loose", "We Are the Road Crew", "The Chase Is Better Than Catch", and "The Hammer"? Holy shit, that's half the album! The only motorhead I currently own, but I certainly hope to get some more.

Oh, and that bit about ukeleles made me laugh uncontrollably for reasons that I cannot yet comprehend. (Miguel)

I really like Motorhead, but what about Supersuckers? I think they are a better merge of punk and blues (or country, at least).

Add your thoughts?

No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith - Roadrunner 1981
Rating = 9

Hello, I'm Dick Van Patten. And I've discovered a whole new way of making friends with Lemmy Kilmister. Some people think that the direct approach is way to go; others prefer the silent treatment. But having known Mr. Kilmister for many years, dating back to my founding of the band Hawkwind in 1968, I know the man like the back of my hand -- which believe me I know quite well since I'm always wackin' it! Here, let me share some of my knowledge with you.

The first thing to do when you see Lemmy Kilmister walking towards you in the library or discotheque is to shout (LOUDLY - he likes loud noises, like his music), "HEY LEMMY! WHERE'S SQUIGGY? HA HA HA!" This will alert him instantly to your wit and charm. The next step, now that you've 'broken his ice' so to speak, is to poke violently at his multiple facial warts while shouting, "HOLY 'MOLE'-Y! HA HA HA!" At this point, he may start playing hard-to-get, just to make sure that you really like him for who he is and are not just another celebrity hanger-on like Phil Campbell. If he mutters something to you like "C'mon, cut it out," that's your key to let loose with the greatest razzleberry of them all: "'MOTORHEAD'? WITH THE WAY YOU WON'T STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW, THEY SHOULD CALL YOU 'MOTORMOUTH! HA HA HA! Also, all your albums suck."

The next thing you know, Lemmy Kilmister will be buying you a drink and calling you his best buddy. Or "bloke," as they say in "Jolly Old Europe"! And I'm Dick Van Patten.

Hay! Who let Dick Van Patten onto my computer? And why are there shit stains all over keys now?

I can answer that! I'm Dick Van Patten! I shat all over the keyboard!

Director: Norman Lear
Written by: Don Knotts
Starring: John Houseman as "Dick Van Patten"
Special Guest Appearance by Secretary of State Colin Powell as "Mark Prindle"
1979 Norman Lear Productions

This is a live album recorded by Motorhead a long time ago, shortly after the recording of their (or "its") fourth album, Ace Of Base. It features two songs from Motorhead, one from Bomber, five from Overkill and three from Ace Of Spades, but all recorded LIVE!!! It includes all four title tracks, as well as several other fast asskickers and mean midtempo numbers like "Capricorn," "Metropolis" and "Stay Clean." You don't really need it if you already own the first four studio albums, but if you're a cheapo in Indonesia or some shit and you want one basic compilation of vintage early classic Motorhead, this is some awe.

Both fans, friends and new listeners alike will enjoy the way that Lemmy dedicates "The Hammer" to "Little Filbert" (a type of hazelnut), and who but Lemmy would have thought to allow a member of the road crew to introduce the song "We Are The Road Crew"? A half-retarded lab monkey, that's who! The only stencher to be found is "No Class," and only because it's a direct ripoff of ZZ Top's "Tush" (and you know gollarned well that Lemmy knew this because he'd led his band through a cover of "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" just several months prior or afterwards). "Iron Horse" is kinda slow and uneventful too, but elsewhere - YOUZA PAN! Gritty, mean thrash, blues and hard rock all churned together in a blender filled with rocks. Great tough sound too, though it all runs together into a grey mass of noise if you're not paying attention.

Even if music doesn't excite you because you're a stodgy old businessman in a three-piece suit concerned about your investments instead of a rebel Hell's Angel in a black leather jacket giving free mustache rides, nobody but a mundane impotent fool would deny the electrical excitement generated by the WWII airplane zoom and air ride siren wafting around the album as the crowd chants, "Motorhead! (clap clap) Motorhead! (clap clap) (repeat)" in anticipation of the inevitable ass-kicking encore.

Unfortunately the encore wasn't included on record. Albums were pretty short back in early 80s. But let me tell you -- as a guy who was sitting in the front row at that show, the encore was UNFUCKINGMAZING. Instead of Motorhead, who should come out but the four reunited Beatles! They all came out and played Abbey Road in its entirety before going into a four-hour set of greatest hits and requests. It's unfortunate that this wasn't recorded and everybody else in the theater was in bathroom and missed it, but man I was shakin' my fist and shoutin' "MOTHER NATURE'S SON!!!! MOTHER FUCKING NATURE'S SON!!!!!" and when they were finished, I pissed all over Paul McCartney and wrote "No More Lonely Nights" for him.

Well, that's my story. Remember kids, I'm Dick Van Patten! If anybody asks you who wrote that award-selling Motorhead review where The Beatles come out and he pisses on 'em, tell 'em it was John Houseman as "Dick Van Patten!" Because I'm Dick Van Patten! Hay! Hay everyone!

Anyway, that's my new book. Publish it or shove it up your ass, I don't care.

Eat shit,
Danielle Steel

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Iron Fist - Castle 1982.
Rating = 9

For some reason that has eluded me since time immemorial, many critics consider this a "step down" for Motorhead. What the!? This is a fanTAStic Motorhead album, full of awesome heavy fast killer riffs with almost no missteps (aside from "America," which may be worst song that Motorhead has ever written). Sure it's by-the-books Motorhead, but that book POUNDS YOUR BUTTFUCKING HEAD IN!!!!

Lemmy Kilmister, Angus Young and Dee Dee Ramone. Rock and roll begins and ends with these three Gods of the silver screen. Without them, there would never have been an Elvis Presley or Moses.

Reader Comments

Colin T.
hell yeah. this is the shit. buy it. (Sean Harris)
Well, the production and some of songs kick serious ass, but there's a distinct feeling of monotony here. I mean, most Motorhead sounds relatively the same, but this record sounds like one long song with big riff changes. Iron Fist is great. I'm Your Doctor and a few others are too, but...the rest.

On top of this, I do believe in GOD, so (Don't Need) Religion is a bit offensive. Attacking religious nuts is one thing (like he does nicely on most other records) but condemning my maker is a bit sticky. Oh well. Still love him, warts and all. And I think the album cover rules, so....
Much better than everyone seems to think it is. The title track is great (though even better live) and there are some other good songs on here like "Sex and Outrage" and "Speedfreak." The major problem is the production, which is a little weak and detracts from the overall power of album. (Grant Edmonds)
I dig this more and's not as instantly appealing as Ace Of Spades, and a lot dirtier production-wise, but there's some good shit on here! "Bang To Rights" is the fuckin' shit! (Sorry, I swear a lot when I'm excited.) Again, like Bomber, not as much care was placed in this follow-up. But the new element of melody starts to peek it's (motor)head out of the ballsy punk attitude they've always had. A melodic quality that will come to fruition on Another Perfect Day... (Ernesto Catalan)
Again, I agree with Mark, in that I've also read many unfavorable reviews of this Motorhead album. Maybe I'm a bit biased (it was the 1st Motorhead album I ever heard and among the first "heavy metal" records in my collection), but I think "Iron Fist" is just sheer brilliance. From the production, to the songs themselves, to the lyrics (Sorry Mark, there are FAR worse Motorhead songs than "America"...Haven't you heard "March Or Die"???). Plus, the intensity of the music put them on par with bands like Venom, GBH and Discharge, all of them having admitted being "heavily" influenced by Motorhead. "Sex And Outrage" is just plain speed and power; "Iron Fist" , the opening track, is a merciless attack on your senses, "Heart Of Stone", "Don't Need Religion", "Speed Freak"...etc. It's an album with basically no filler material. Much better than the over-praised "Ace Of Spades". Sure, that album is pure magic, but there are 2 o 3 songs that could have been left off as B-Sides. Also remember that this is the last Motorhead album with the "classic" line up of Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Phlithy Phil. For anyone out there who hasn't heard a Motorhead album and would like to own one, start with "Iron Fist". Let's see how their other albums fare after you've listened to this!

Add your thoughts?

Best Of Motorhead Live - Carlton 1996.
Rating = 8

This is one of about seventy-eight billion live Motorhead ripoff products you're going to find at your local used record store. I don't know when or where this was recorded, but it contains a whole slew of Iron Fist songs (and nothing later), so I'm assuming it was recorded during "Fast" Eddie Clarke's final tour with band. I personally think the song selection is terrific - a nonstop high-energy riff factory - but the recording is only slightly above bootleg quality. Everything's really muffled sounding.

Like the desperate cries of Enrique Iglesias as you smother him with a pillow.

And they changed the riff to "Ace Of Spades"! Liar! Blasphemer!

Add your thoughts?

Another Perfect Day - Bronze 1983.
Rating = 8

WHY??? Why did "Fast" Eddie Clarke decide to leave band? To form the band Fastway!? That's hardly a forgivable reason. Either/or, they replaced him with a more "musical" guitarist named Brian Robertson. But he's not that much more musical, so don't fear that you'll encounter Lemmy's voice fronting a The Edge-style mid-80s melody of life and politics. Nope, this ex-Thin Lizzier just puts a little chorus on his guitar and throws in a pop hook every once in a while ("I Got Mine" and "Dancing On Your Grave"! Wow! Excellent!). But the songs are still all Lemmified chugga chugga chugga. Just with a touch more prettiness and a bit less sludge than you'll find on their other albums. I say buy it! Brian was gone by the time they did their next album anyway, so this is more an interesting diversion than a destruction of band philosophy.

Reader Comments (James)
Another Perfect Day? More like Another Perfect Record if you ask me! Sorry, I couldn't resist trying to be Mark for a minute. I would have hated seeing the band during this period, but this album is so fucking great and Brian Robertson is an amazing guitarist. The production is the best that it's ever been, and the songwriting is top drawer. I know I'll get blasted for this, because I, like many people consider the "Fast" Eddie Clark period to be Motorhead's "classic" period, but the songs on this album are much, much more memorable than on Bomber, more distinctive than on Overkill, and every bit as ass-kicking as Ace Of Spades and the more melodic approach to the songs make them kick ass even more! Perhaps this being their seventh studio album, they felt it was time to experiment a little, and it works. I couldn't give this a 10, because it's not the most easily reccomendable album to Motorhead neophytes, but (gulp!) I actually think this is a better record than Ace Of Spades! No shit! I give it a very very high 9. (Sean Harris)
A step up, WAY UP, as far as I'm concerned. Another Perfect Day may have lost Eddie and gained that wuss Brian, but the melodies are great on this album. All the songs kick ass to some degree. I love Back At The Funny Farm, Shine, Dancing On Your Grave, Rocket, and the title track. Big ruling riffs and sharp guitar punctuation, with a pretty solid vocal from the bullfrog.

Why did they have to cram (Don't Need) Religion on the remaster? Grrr....
The one album with Brian Robertson is certainly a major departure from the normal Motorhead material; most of the songs just don't have that "kick you in gut" power to them. This is by no means a bad album, but I wouldn't recommend it to casual Motorfans or as the first purchase of someone interested in the band. Despite the overall melodicism, however, "Back at the Funny Farm" is fast and raw, one of the meanest and best songs Motorhead has ever done. (Grant Edmonds)
Nothing weak, all strong, and a sense of melody to boot. Yah, I missed Eddie, but Brian Robertson chipped in quite admirably on this album. "Shine", "Dancing On Your Grave," "Marching Off To War," "I've Got Mine," "Die! You Bastard!"...all great stuff. Another must-buy for Motorhead fans!
Robertson (ex Thin Lizzy) is great. Lemmy and Phil really work to keep up. Ah yes, the bestest kick in the head on this album is Die You Bastards. A great fantastic mix of punk, speed, metal, hard rock and Motorhead. My favourite Motorhead of all so far.

Mind you the current line up of Zoom, Dee and Lemmy is the best, no prima donnas with them
I traded in the original cd another perfect day for the remastered with bonus tracks
-forget Die You Bastards - long live Turn You Round Again!!!!
get it, do your self a favour, before you turn on this track, take your cd player, scan to this tune but press pause before playing, turn the amp up to eleven then stand between 2 of your speakers - let it loose - this song is the bestest Motorheadest kick in head -just a glorious guitar rippin' bass poundin' drum slammin' rocker out there this is the tune of all head bustin' tunes fuckin' scared the shit out of the kids on the block, but they had to come back for more "Who and What is That!"

Need I say more?
I'd like to post, in response to

" (James)
Another Perfect Day ? More like Another Perfect Record if you ask me! Sorry, I couldn't resist trying to be Mark for a minute. I would have hated seeing the band during this period, but this album is so fucking great and Brian Robertson is an amazing guitarist. "

James, you wouldn't have hated it at all. I was lucky and PRIVILEGED enough to see this iteration of the band at the Metro in Chicago. The band had stacks of Marshall amps about 15 feet high all along the back of the entire place. Can you say FEEDBACK?!?! I ventured down from the balcony onto the main floor, about 20 feet out, when Lemmy announced "This is called Iron Horse." When Phil started slamming into the drums, I literally felt as though a horse were kicking me in the chest. It was SOOOO loud, the loudest thing I've ever heard (and by the way, I once measured Iron Maiden pegging my SPL meter with 126 decibel peaks from 50m away-but Motorhead was WAY louder. Wish I'd had the meter). My friend Mike Jamison stayed up in the balcony the whole time next to the mixing board, which he reported had "every single light all red." On the way home, he kept hitting his ears with his fist, since he stupidly refused to bring earplugs...

The show itself was quite good. (I was most familiar with the "Ace of Spades" album, which I had bought at a garage sale for ten cents. I looked at the cover and said "what's up with these guys?,"bought it, brought it home, cued it up. When the needle hit the groove, I jumped with fright at the caucophony issuing forth. And absolutely LOVED IT!). The show covered (not in order): Ace of Spades, We Are the Road Crew, Bomber, Overkill, I Got Mine, Die You Bastard, Iron Horse, and the rest I just couldn't swear to, it's been too long. It was one long blurry maelstrom of fury, with the eye of the storm occasionally being evinced by Brian Robertson. In the middle of all the heavy metal speedfreak thrash metal, he'd suddenly be whipping off some very high speed but very melodic bit of fretwork. It wasn't jarring at all, it fit well in an odd way, never to be seen again in any later incarnation of Motorhead. The several times afterward that I've seen them (and they are invariably intense and very entertaining) I've never heard any material from "Another Perfect Day."

P.S. The album is worth buying for the funny cartoon about the band that's in the liner notes.

I read about Brian Robertson before I heard this album, but nothing in print can prepare you for this exceptional auditory onslaught. Lemmy & the "art" rocker? What's that?! Just go for it - this classic stands on its own even among Motorhead classics. The excellent production was unprecedented for Motorhead as was the concerto performance of the band versus the solo instrument - to my ear not experienced before or since in rock music. It's Lemmy's chugging locomotive sound clashing with Brian's whining Gibson (?) sound and the mix is an incendiary battle of titans never to be imitated or equalled. That they managed to collaborate for even this one album is mindboggling in retrospect and it's difficult to imagine a followup. I'm glad they didn't bacause we would have missed the mighty mass of Motorhead music that has followed and to my great relief, continues unabated and undiluted to this day.

Add your thoughts?

Orgasmatron - GWR 1986.
Rating = 8

HAH??? Three years go by and Lemmy comes back with an entirely new four-piece band....called....Motorhead? Seriously, SHEESH! He's got two guitarists now and some drummer who very clearly is NOT Phil "Philthy Animal" McGillicudy. Are we in for a disappointment? A band change akin to that of Bloodrock after Jim Rutledge left?

No, of course not. I realize I set you up for disappointment there, but the truth is that Mr. Lemmy has always been the heart and soul of this band and as long as he doesn't drop dead or suddenly become a huge bluegrass fan, Motorhead will probably never fail to please its diehard fanaticalans. This album is awesome! Very HEAVY and guitar-filled in every nook and cranny. No silly melodies -- just one- and two-chord chuggidy-chuggles performed at all kinds of delightful speeds.

It's neat having two guitarists in this band! They create this huge wall of slickish heavy dirt covered in a weird shimmery sheen of Windex (must be a little chorus or somesuch goin' on?) with no breaks in it at all - a sound that is unlike both the motorcycle chug of the early stuff and the poppish guitar of that last dude. And most of songs are fantastic too. The title track goes on for like 6 minutes -- mostly on one chord -- and is just deafeningly joyously brilliant. "Deaf Forever" isn't the most creative song title they've come up with though. Don't they already have a song called "Stone Dead Forever"? And then there's a song on their next album called "Stone Deaf in the USA"!!! Why??? WHY ARE THEY CONSTANTLY NIBBLING AT MY PSYCHE???? MY PSYCHE HAST DONE NAUGHT TO HARM THESE FINE MINSTRELS!!!!!

Reader Comments (James)
Now, Orgasmatron! Man! The only real gripe I have with this record is that the production is nearly as thick as you'd expect from a hard rock band with two guitar players. Most of time, you can only really make out one guitar in the mix. And Lemmy's Rickenbacker is totally buried. Oh, and Pete Gill is definately no Philthy Phil. But the songs on this album are fuckin' bad-ass. "Deaf Forever" reminds me of Def Leppard for some reason, but it's still a great song. More metal and less blues than before, but that was then, and this is 1986. "Nothing Up My Sleeve" and "Claw" are both garsh dern classics, and there's something to be said for a band that's still writing classics six years after they've peaked commercially. And hell! They're still writing classics! That said I love how "Mean Machine" and "Riding With the Driver" hark back to the Brian Robertson era. And the "Chase Is Better Than Cathc" re-write "Built For Speed" isn't nearly as fast as you'd expect a song with that title to be, but still it's one hell of a rocker. I don't like "Doctor Rock" nearly as much as everyone else does. It just kind of sounds like a Motley Crue song to me. And I know Motley Crue have a handful of really really good songs, but the Motley Crue song this one sounds like isn't all that great. Shit, what can I say about the song "Orgasmatron" that Prindle didn't already say? Well, I thought that it was really funny that Orgasmatron turned out to be a song about organized religion and not an...Orgasmatron. The guitar solos in middle remind me a lot of "Kitty Empire" by Big Black. Not a bad thing.
A very powerful album (though the production could best be described as rather "strange," but not in a way that really detracts from it), this is where Wurzel and Phil Campbell joined, making music much heavier. This is really a transitional record, the bridging gap between the hard rock-style of the Clarke-era and the generally more metallic later years. Some of the songs here kick huge amounts of ass, such as "Ain't My Crime," "Mean Machine," and "Riding with the Driver." The only real loser is "Built for Speed," which doesn't do very much of anything. The title track is amazing, a protracted, very eloquent attack on religion featuring some of Lemmy's best lyrics (what other heavy metal singer even knows the meaning of the word "sycophant"?). (Grant Edmonds)
Good album, but by Motorhead standards, not exactly what Doctor Rock ordered. A couple of stinkers: "Doctor Rock" (possibly their worst song ever), "Claw", and "Built For Speed" isn't best either, but enough of the bad...this album has amazing tunes scattered throughout the rest of it: "Deaf Forever" and "Mean Machine" being my favorites. Liked the new direction, wish they could keep it going, minus the crap songs of course...without the above three, this is an A album.
Yes! It s all in the production! Let us thank the completely over-hyped, self important, hey I came up with a new effect on my bass head so let s record 6 ambient albums with it on Pro Tools with all my rich important artsy friends, Bill Laswell (although I m sure he s a great guy). Come on though, he IS a bass player. He should know what a Rickenbacker sounds like, right? Wrong? Jealous much Bill? There are some great songs on this album that would ve been much greater with a different producer. I saw them on that tour and the songs translated so much better live, thankfully.
Hey didn't sepultura cover Orgasmatron a while back ago?

Add your thoughts?

BBC Live & In-Session - Sanctuary 2005
Rating = 7

There are so many amazing and wondrous things that "BBC" could stand for if only the British weren't such tight-lipped sticks-in-the-dust. Why, what artist could decline an invite to appear on "Bubbles Bubbles Crud"? And which Prime Minister or head of state would fail to lactate if given the fortuitous opp to shine on "Big Bill's Cock-a-doodle-doo"? See, sometimes a dream is the only thing that keeps us truly alive.

That dream is today, and this album is Motorhead's BBC (Burnt Baby Casserole) Live & In-Session. On this crackerjack double-disc, you will experience four sessions conducted by Lemmy & Mates for London's BBC (Big Boob Cancer) o'er the course of eight crazy years. These include studio sessions from '78, '81 and '86, as well as a live outing from '79. Performances include this many songs from these many albums:

Motorhead - 2
Overkill - 7
Ace of Spades - 4
Orgasmatron - 3 (+ spoken word)
No Remorse (singles) - 4

"I'll Be Your Sister" and "White Line Fever" each appear twice.

The 1978 session showcases a cleaner and more polished Motorhead than expected (sounding more like On Parole than the rough and dirty '77 debut proper), and the 1979 live show finds the band slightly out of tune with itself (rendering "White Line Fever" a much more avant-garde and enjoyable song, hilariously enough!), but the '80s stuff sounds like Motorhead.

Two pieces of Lemmy stage patter during the live show struck a chord on my guitar. I intend to share them with you post-haste:

1. "We're trying to see if we can remember all the tracks on the last album. If you can, sing along with it. If you can't, make up your own words, I don't care."

2. "This one's the b-side of our last single, everybody. Oh yeah! I'm telling ya, it's an A!"

Here's what I got for Christmas:

American Hardcore (Second Edition)
Test Your Dog's IQ
American Horror Film: The Genre at the Turn of the Millennium
Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death
Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film
The Making of Pink Floyd The Wall

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

$50 Pizza Uno gift card
2011 Henry The Dog wall calendar

My back hurts in two different places. Was that your gift to me? Thanks for nothing, Santa "Complete Asshole" Claus.

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Rock 'N' Roll - Castle 1987.
Rating = 8

Hey! Phil "Philthy Animal" McGillicudy is back in the band! And all their album covers look exactly alike! Okay. This album starts weak. The title track is just okay, and "Eat the Rich" is absolutely stupid. Bad music, dumb lyrics. The rest of the album kicks though! And really, what more can you say about a Motorhead album? Punkishness, thrashiness, bluesiness - And "All For You" has a pop chorus that even your mother will love! (once she's done sucken my pud)

Btw, I love that "Traitor" song - it makes my ballsac pop out of my trou and dance around the room until an unbearable sharp pain develops in my stomach area and I pass out! And "Dogs"? Hell, I'm adopting a puppy in a couple of weeks! It's as if Lemmy Kilmister read my mind!

Reader Comments (James)
Rock N' Roll was another let down for me. The production is better, and Philthy's back, but Lemmy's voice is mixed way way way too high. I love the guy's voice, but it can be a bit annoying when it drowns everything out. Also, as Prindle noted, the first two songs are a bit weak. I'm actually not that fond of "Blackheart" either, but the "No Class" re-write "Stone Deaf In the USA" in all sincerity rocks my ass. Actually, "The Wolf" is really good too, and "Traitor" sounds like it could be on "Overkill." "Boogeyman" isn't too bad either. And both of "Eat Rich" B-sides on reissue are way etter than "Eat Rich" in first place. think I'll give it a low 7 and put on Bastards instead.
A step down from last one. Only three songs are really good - title track, "The Wolf" and "Traitor" - and while the rest aren't bad, they're not too memorable. Except for "Eat the Rich," which just sucks. (Grant Edmonds)
Azmodi read my mind. Those are the only three songs worth purchasing the album for...You ever notice how Motorhead cannot pull off cheesy commercial-oriented songs whatsoever? No big surprise, since that is NOT WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! Aside from humor, everything they stand for (balls, energy, attitude) is tossed out the window on songs like "Killed By Death," "Doctor Rock," and on this album "Eat the Rich." What the hell is that piece of crap? In fact, all of side 1 sounds like a Motorhead tribute band. The second half picks up with "The Wolf," "Traitor" and "Boogeyman" but jeez, even those are more experiments and leftovers than anything. A decent album overall, but one that weakens with each successive listen. Still love "Traitor" though, Motorhead's first preview of their 90's style.
sorry, I don't mean to write in so often but screw the rest of ya!!! Rock n Roll is an awesome album! Every song rocks, especially "All for You" plus "Blackheart", "The Wolf", and "Traitor". Also, watch Eat the Rich, the movie that song is based on. It's funny! (only in that dry Brittish kinda way though) Lemmy plays Spider, a soviet double agent and it makes fun of uppity yuppity rich like no other!

Screw you too Mark! every Motorhead album sounds different and Lemmy never claimed to have started speed metal. He never even claimed that Motorhead played metal. He wanted to sound like MC5 meets oldschool rock n roll! He did it! "Ace of Spades" "On Parole" and "Remember Me, I'm Gone" all have a rockabilly twang. So maybe he just plays hard rockabilly!

Add your thoughts?

No Sleep At All - GWR 1988.
Rating = 8

Pointless live album featuring mostly tunes from the last two albums. Sound is a little thin, I think, considering there are two guitarists in the band. Only sounds like one. Bass and guitar are too separate. I don't know. Shit my ass! Or rather, "u".

But one nice thing about this live album is that it includes "Just 'Cos You Got the Power," and "Killed By Death," a cool couple of bloozers previously available only on singles! Still, not much of an incentive to buy an album full of songs you already own. How can I give it less than an 8 though? "Ace of Spades"? "Traitor"? Even "Built For Speed" pounds on this one!!!

And OH that hilarious Lemmy and his wacky stage banter. (He really does sound like a nice guy - no joke. Good personality in that guy).

Let's talk about rock and roll for a moment. Because Motorhead, to me, IS rock and roll. No frills. Extremely predictable - but ALWAYS catchy, loud, brash, funny, chunky, bluesy, energetic - just ROCK AND ROLL. There are a lot of people in the world who insist that the "ultimate" rock and roll album is Who's Next or Blonde On Blonde or Born To Run or so on. But, as much I DO like those albums as extremely enjoyable examples of music in the rock genre, when you compare them side-by-side to REAL rock and roll like Motorhead, AC/DC and the Ramones, they're pussy music. Okay? Try listening to Who's Next right after Ace Of Spades and not feeling like a little girl named David Fricke. It's bullshit. "Goin' Mobile"? "Song Is Over"? Whatever. Let's not get back on the topic of The Who. I'm just thinking about rock and roll is all. And how different people have different outlooks on the topic. Me, I like my rock and roll to inspire me to bang my head and jump around. I guess SOME of Who's Next does that. "Bargain" is sure an awesome song, for example. Okay, I really do like Who's Next - I just think it's way too bombastic and slow to be considered one of the best rock and roll albums of all time. But then again, most of Motorhead's albums are hampered by a few weak tunes too. But at least they're KICKASS weak tunes!!!!! YEAH!!! Let's hear it for KICKASS WEAK TUNES!!!!

Reader Comments (Dave LaMountain)
Wif'out a doubt, the greatest version of "Overkill" ever, anywhere (though I haven't heard Ted Koppel's).

Add your thoughts?

1916 - Sony 1991.
Rating = 7

Hmm. Well, they changed, see. Trying to branch out. Slower tempos. Two of the songs highlight keyboards and voice instead of guitar, and another two are depressingly generic blues-scale r'n'r tunes.

But that's okay! There's still enough kickass tuneage on here to recommend it - "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care" is a G--D--- M-----F------ S---D------- C---S------ P----L------ A--K------ classic, and tracks 8-10 are a nonstop kickass garbage tree, culminating with a tribute to the Ramones! And look, I don't mean to come across as a sissified gentrification proponent, but I love the title track, a rumination on war driven by a slow plaintive keyboard line and Lemmy singing way above his range. If you're in the wrong mood, it's really easy to laugh it off as an experiment gone awry, but it's such a sad song, with Lemmy's voice quivering just like the 16-year-old soldier he is portraying in the song.

This is not a good place to start your Motorhead collection because it's not representative of how good they are at what they do best. I mean, "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care" is a goddamn motherfucking shitdouching cuntsucking pricklicking asskicking classic, and 8-10 are Fish to Poop, but others? Some are good, some aren't, but it's just not MOTORHEAD! With all this slowness and diversity, you might feel like you're listening to Born to Run or some other album for little girls named Jon Landau.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
Yep, definitely less accessible then your average Motorhead record, but nonetheless cool enough if you let it be. "I'm So Bad Baby I don't Care" makes it worth buying in one shot. The rest are either good or okay, but the title track is sad and beautiful. It's an interesting mid-piece for the band, and not un-listenable to even die-hard fans.
Their most mainstream record. Good or bad? former, I think, though it could be heavier and faster. Like Mark says, "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care" is great, and so is the title track, though in a very different way. "Nightmare/Dreamtime" is also unique, even featuring backwards vocals. Sort of like "Another Perfect Day" in that it's a departure from the normal aural carnage, and is not the best place to start one's Motorcollection. (James)
If I had just not gotten into Motorhead in the last two or three years, and were old enough to follow them throughout their entire career, I'd seriously be concerned about Motorhead after the disappointing Rock N' Roll, and now 1916? In all honesty, 1916 isn't all that bad, but at that point, they reall had done much better. Starts strong with totally kick ass "One To Sing the Blues," and "I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)," I hated the pop-metal riffery of "No Voices In Sky" at first, but it's been growing on me. I loved the version of "Going To Brazil" on "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" album, but this one, is just kinda...flat. They're playing it waaaay too slow. "Going To Brazil" is really a kick-ass rock tune when they play it at "Everything Louder" speed. Really! "Nightmare/Dreamtime," starts out with a classic Lemmy bassline, but doesn't really do anything. It just sits there and is annoying, and I hate it. "Love Me Forever" sounds like Dokken, which is funny, because Mikkey Dee wasn't even in the band at this point. "Angel City" sounds too much like L.A. Guns not to suck. Next. Like Mark mentions, thankfully, when "Make My Day" starts, it's back to classic ass-kicking, I like this song, they shoulda written more songs like these to help them prosper during bad times. I thought I'd hate the song "1916," but it reminds of the Pogues. I love the Pogues. Another low 7. (Grant Edmonds)
Can you beat the first three songs? I think not...dang good album, best since Another Perfect Day. This is as commercial as Motorhead should ever get. Good first Motorhead album. Some weak tracks, but has a nice loose feel to it...Philthy's swan song, thank God for Mikkey...
I thought this was one of their best albums. It showed a range of style from balls to wall classic Motorhead ("One to Sing the Blues") to Another Perfect Day type stuff ("No Voices in the Sky"). Didn't mention the Grammy nomination for this album (that makes me lose all credibilty, right?). All of the songs kick ass in their own way ("1916", "Shut You Down", "RAMONES", ect.). Another Perfect Day aside, the best album from post Clark days... until Sacrifice. (Randy Rosca)
It's got R.A.M.O.N.E.S. on it, right? There are hundreds of bands who haven't written anything as catchy in their entire career.
yeah, i heard this before i ever heard Overkill, Bomber or Ace of Spades. Beavis and Butthead loved the video for "No Voices in the Sky." and that song does rule, as does "One to Sing the Blues." Also, "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care" rules too, so right out the gate you have 3 Motorhead classics. Lemmy does some different stuff here and "Nightmare Dreamtime" is another fav. It's a pretty awesome place to start if you're a teen in the 90s, but since it's 2009 you should check out Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades and Iron Fist first. still at least 8/10.

and "I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care" is an awesome song title as well. Hooray for song title awesomeness.

Add your thoughts?

March Or Die - Sony 1992.
Rating = 7

Phil "Philty Animal" McGillicudy quit again! Now a guy named Mikkey Dee is playing drums. Look, I'll tell ya what. This album sounds like Lemmy is trying to create hit singles for metal kids. But he's like 3 or 4 years late, isn't he? It's got Slash and Ozzy on it, as well as a cover of a not-that-great Ozzy song, and it's WAY overproduced for Motorhead. No more buzz or mess or crazy rock action - this is too slick, too rigid, too perfect. Some of the songs are still good, but Ozzy good, not Lemmy good. Good like "commercially viable" and "accessible," not good raucous rock and roll action. It even had a hit single! Remember "I Ain't No Nice Guy After All"? With Ozzy singing on it?

And another complaint - the band is no longer giving us a creative mixture of punk, metal and blues. They've separated the components, leaving us with shit like "You Better Run," which is "Bad To the Bone" with different lyrics. And a cover of "Cat Scratch Fever"??? What, is Lemmy suddenly 11 years old again? I mean come on. Nugent had some great songs but... "Cat Scratch Fever"????

Sorry to bitch. In conclusion, it's not nearly as disjointed and experimental as the last album, but it's also not a Motorhead that would make me a fan. Some great radio-ready tunes here and there, but nothing wild and exciting.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
Well, I like this. In a different sort of way than I like Overkill or Bastards, see, but I still like it. The mainstream metal sound is here, which is unusual for Motorhead but this mostly doesn't succeed in ruining anything (except Hell Raiser--which sounds big and dorky) Stand is great. Bad Religion is great. Jack Ripper is great. I Ain't No Nice Guy After All is fine for what it is (and I love Ozzy's voice).

Side 2 gets my vote though. "Asylum Choir" kicks ass, and the somehow heartfelt "Too Good To Be True" is all at once sad and funny with Lemmy singing the women woes. "You Better Run" is a rip off of Bad to the Bone, yes, but still kinda cool. March Or Die rules planets, a scary, evil sounding end of world apocalypse.

"Cat Scratch Fever" makes me laugh. Lemmy covering Ted Nugent is indeed a funny prospect.
Mikkey Dee, formerly of King Diamond's band, joins up. Probably song for song better than "1916," as the band seems to be in more of a head-smashing mood. "Stand" is good, though it's followed by a truly terrible cover of a Ted Nugent classic. "I Ain't No Nice Guy" may seem lame to some, but the lyrics redeem it. Certainly the best of the lot are "Asylum Choir," featuring an awesome bassline, and the title track, which may even be a better depiction of desolation of war than 1916. (James)
I knew I was in trouble the first time I popped in March Or Die. 11 songs in 46 minutes, which means the average song is over 4 minutes. "Stand" is fairly average Motormaterial of the time. It could have easily been on Rock N' Roll. The cover of "Cat Scratch Fever" coulda worked if they'd just played it faster. Man. I just don't understand Motorhead's aversion to playing fast in the early 90's. "Bad Religion" is actually a pretty decent song, saved from total crappiness by a catchy riff, and some head-bobbing drums. How about "Paradise City?" Whoops. I meant "Jack the Ripper." "I Ain't No Nice Guy" sucks. "Hellraiser" is funky in a bad way. Sucks. Makes me nostalgic for "Rock N' Roll," even. "Asylum Choir" is okay. Not great. And they put it on the album twice. Wait. That's "Too Good To Be True," never mind. "You Better Run" DOES sound just like "Bad To the Bone!" hey! More unessential Motorhead stuff. Unless you're as big a fan as I. Thank god that Motorhead abandoned this "not-very-good" thing after this album. I'll give it a 6 on Prindleometer. (Grant Edmonds) At first, I thought it was kind of cool, until I bought the rest of Motorhead's albums. Now it's hard to listen to the whole thing. Word to sum up the album....CONFUSION. I don't think the band knew whether to go commercial, do covers, take a new direction, or go back to their roots. So they did it all, and rarely well. It's hard enough to focus on one thing sometimes, but three or four? Nope. Bad idea... but can't blame them for trying. One stinker of an album over the course of a whole career is not too damn shabby! Why "Cat Scratch Fever?" Good for the Nuge, not for Motorhead. Much rather listen to "Louie, Louie" 10 times in a row...On "Bad Religion" and "Jack the Ripper" you see some signs of what's to come, but not totally fleshed out songs. "I Ain't No Nice Guy" is good, but it has no place on a Motorhead album. "Hellraiser" is okay, but Ozzy's is better. And the last four tunes make me hurl! Did they write these in their sleep!?!? Really, other than "Bad Religion" (maybe) and "Asylum Choir", why bother? It's a "made-for-money" album, which is too bad since at best those types of albums have little quality music, and at worst flop in the charts as well. This did both. But again, just a one-off, so all is forgiven. (Michael Grefski)
I highly encourage a re-think of the identical ratings for MARCH OR DIE and 1916. Wheras 1916 is a tight, together album that features at least a bunch of classic, unforgettable cuts ("I'm So Bad," "No Voices In Sky," "Shut YOu Down,") MARCH OR DIE is the one and only Motorhead record I was completley disapointed in. I fail to find one redeeming factor in the album, and a guest shot by Ozzy does nothing to influence that opinion. Even now, a grand total of one (1) song from this album features in the live set ("You Better Run"). 1916 had plenty of sonic grit plastered to it's sonic presence. MARCH OR DIE is perhaps the only tangable instance of the band mellowing out their fury for (potential) mass consumption. Which is wierd when one remembers that the following (and infinatley better and harder) release BASTARDS was the more succesful release both commercially and artistically. All hail Prindle for the forum for my rant. Also when listening to Motorhead it's is compulsory that only English beer should be consumed...Newcastle Brown is okay, but Old Perculiar or Bishop's Finger are preferable. (Luc from Canada)
Hey !

Just to let you know...

I had read in an interview with Mikkey Dee that he did NOT play drums on this album. Tommy Aldridge ( http://www.Tommy ) did all the drum tracks for the album on a short notice. Lemmy knew Mikkey Dee was going to join the band but he needed a drummer asap to go into studio production.

Mikkey Dee got his picture taken on it but never played one drum note on the recording !

MS: When you joined the band, it was the "March or Die" album that was the new album. There was lots of speculation as to who actually played on that album.

MD: Tommy Aldridge. Yeah, yeah, it was finished when I joined the band. They wanted me to re-do the whole album, but Peter, he was the producer, they didn't have the budget to start doing the drums again. It was almost finished.

MS: So Phil "Animal" is not playing on the album?

MD: No, no, no, no, it's Tommy Aldridge

Here is the link of the interview with Mikkey :

I love Motorhead and it`s my pleasure sharing a bit of my knowledge with you Mark :-)

Thanks for posting this !!
I have heard a rumor that the seemingly inexplicable inclusion of a piss-poor cover of "Cat Scratch Fever" on 'Head's worst album actually is explicable. Lemmy had expropriated the riff of the aforementioned Nuge tune on "Don't Need Religion" way back on "Bomber." Either out of remorse or a threat of legal sanction by the Michigan Meat Murderer, Lemmy kicked him back some royalties by doing the cover. Or so I've heard. This is the only 'Head CD I've ever parted with after a handful of listens. That said, Motorhead are up there with the Beatles, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the Faces, Judas Priest, Wire and Joy Division/New Order as the only good rock 'n roll to come out of the much-overrated UK, a land incapable of producing a decent rhythm section and in thrall to stoopid fashion cults, those 10 bands excepted.

Add your thoughts?

Bastards - ZYX 1993.
Rating = 8

Finally they've stopped trying to appeal to teenyboppers and normal people! This is a solid mix of uncommercial kickass thrash-type tunes, good ol' boogie-woogie rock and roll, and midtempo chugalug double-guitar assaults. This last group of tracks groove along for possibly far too long, leaving you to either get into them for the nice chord sequences and wash of heavy guitars (especially during the second half of "Devils" - gorgeous!) or get bored and cry out for "Ace of Spades II: Even Spadier." Myself, I think it's a nice way for a bunch of older guys to go. Cool chunky and VERY heavy sounds.

If you're a fan of modern metal, this is a good one to pick up. May not be nonstop action, but Bastards is a really good record with no pretensions or attempt to have a hit single. No nonsense. No bullshit. Just play good songs and go home. Don't worry about FM radio or MTV airplay. Play music for music's sake. Or, in the case of disturbing child abuse song "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me," for social conscience's sake.

I seem to be running off at the mouth now. One final thing: GREAT production and/or mix! Very heavy and full! Like my bowels after


Reader Comments (James)
Now, I have not a copy of 1916 or March Or Die, but Bastards, ("which you could only get in Germany, actually. The rest of world, you couldn't fuckin' buy it. You couldn't even steal it!") could very well be Motorhead's best album since Another Perfect Day. Serious! This one even kicks ass over Orgasmatron, which was pretty damn good. There's a whole bunch of fuckin' rockin' rick ass songs on here. "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees" is another one of my fave Motorhead songs, spoiled only by it's brevity. And "Born To Raise Hell!" Man, I'm shaking my head at Prindle for not liking this song. Not only is it a bad-ass rock song, it's also damn fun, and is a welcome change after the more-serious tone of first four songs. I don't dislike "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me," but it always feels out of place right in the middle of 11 other kick-ass rock songs. Oh, and I don't care what anyone says "Lost In Ozone" kicks way too much ass to be considered a ballad. This is a 9 all way. (Sean Harris)
Crunch crunch and crunch! This is a great record, fast and furious as hell and on par with the early efforts. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees kicks! Burner and I Am Sword drive pins into your skullcap!

Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me is beautifully eerie and sad, Lost in the Ozone and We Bring the Shake are both worth serious butt kicking note. My favorite here is Devils, though, because the hypnotic guitar line and vocal arrangements rule.

I'm with Mark on "Born To Raise Hell"--it is the weak effort. Oh well. Nod and orc-rock it through this track and go right to the next. Doesn't fuck anything up.
The best Motorhead album ever? Quite possibly. The last of the 4-piece band's albums is unquestionably the strongest, though the production could be a tad heavier. The first two songs are ferociously fast and the third features some incredible drumming by Mikkey Dee, who proves himself a more than adequate replacement for Taylor. The only real loser is "I'm the Man," actually. "Bastards" is also probably the most lyrically solid of all the albums, like with "Liar" - who knew an anti-religious song could be so catchy?

Add your thoughts?

Sacrifice - CMC 1995.
Rating = 9

One of the guitarists quit, it's back to a trio and All Aboard Train to Ass-Kickin'!!! Completely abandoning that long-song thong that dominated the lax album, this is the Motorfreds back doing what fans love 'em best fer -- hard fast punk blues thrash kickaxin' with catchy riffage! A few songs even have some drop-D Helmet swoopiness going on, which is a cool as hell break from the catchy as fuck sweat thrashin' on the rest of the record, which sounds JUST LIKE classic Motorhead. Fast-paced, heavy, in, out, BAMM!!! The most headbangin' album they've put since Iron Fist Fuck -- jeeps, even the SLOW songs make you want to bang your head! BANG YOUR HEAD! METAL HEALTH WILL DRIVE YOUR DAD! TO THE GROCERY STORE TO PICK UP SOME GUM AND A WIFFLE BALL!

That song "Order/Fade To Black" just doesn't work though. It's icky.

Oooh! But dig "Dog Faced Boy"! It sounds like the God Bullies!!!!

Mmm. Sweet sweet Mike Hard.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
Cripes! Old men playing this fast and angry scares me on some primitive level. This album is arguably the best--as good as anything in the old days and far better than the last few records (even Bastards) Great songs--fast as fuck, dirty as Hell, and Lemmy's voice is a burned out, sabertooth growl. Love it. You can look at the album cover and just know it's going to kick you up the backside.

Favorites? Gott'em! Sacrafice, Sex and Death, Over Your Shoulder, Dog Face Boy (which my friend and I sing as "Cunt Face Boy" because we read Red Dragon at the same time) and one helluva smacker on the end called "Out of the Sun". Perfect. I even love Order/Fade to Black (and can forgive Mark for not liking it because he hates anything that stops and goes) Perfect. Buy it. Be it.
A very slight step down in quality from last one, though the production is improved. The liner notes indicate these songs were written with Wurzel, so perhaps some of them would have sounded even better with extra guitar... I used to dislike this album, though now it's growing on me. The second half seems to all blend together and the songs seemed rather indistinct, but it's still a good, solid album. The title track and "Over Your Shoulder" are classics, actually. (James)
I haven't spent much time with Sacrifice, but so far, it's a motherfucker. A bit more one-dimensional than Bastards, but it's a motherfuckin' motherfucker. I like it. Kind of like a better Rock N' Roll with some heavier thrash and chug thrown in. Imagine how dumb I'd feel for owning fourteen Motorhead albums if they didn't stop sucking. Easy eight. (Grant Edmonds)
Don't have Bastards. If it's anywhere near this good, don't tell me, or I'm going to be a wreck until I pick it up...Sacrifice rules! Buy it! "Dog Faced Boy" is my all-time favorite, and the rest kicks ass too! Heavy, heavy, heavy...the new heavier Motorhead style shoots ahead all guns blazin'! Wurzel, you left too soon...
Actually, Lemmy says that Wurzel did play on this album, but that CMC for some reason chose to delete his picture from the cover. If you read the liner notes, you'll see that he is credited for solos on "Dog-Face Boy" and "Out Of the Sun".

And did anyone else notice that the back of Snaggletooth's mouth looks like a cunt on the front cover? Then I go out and get the tour shirt and his tounge looks like a dick! Maybe that's why I like this album so much!
no no no, I have the German release of Sacrifice on SPV records. Wurzel did play on it and quit after they were done making it. His photo is on the back of the German version. The photo with the four members standing in front of the iron boar has Wurzel airbrushed out in the U.S. version. The cover was also censored for the U.S. version. On the German cover, the tongue is a penis.

Mark, you obviously don't love Motorhead enough since you don't give 9's to Another Perfect Day - 1916. The way you review these albums, you make it seem as if they all sound alike! The nerve!
Well I'm glad this totaly obscure issue has been resolved - Looks like my copy's an original, I was wondering why my version seemed to have Wurzel on the back when you were saying they were down to a three piece.

As far as Motorhead albums go I'm not so sure about this one, doesn't really grab me. 'Bastards' though - holy shit that is one awesome album! I love the sound they've got with two guitarists on that one, but they don't seem to maintain it for this one. Weaker production and less interesting tunes I'd say.

If 'Snake Bite Love' and 'Overnight Sensation' are the norm as far as all following albums go, then I think they should get another guitarist in - For the sake of BEEF! ye know?

(and 'Another Perfect Day' is never a 9)

Add your thoughts?

Overnight Sensation - CMC 1996.
Rating = 8

I'm no fool. I realize I'm handing out 8s like no other numbers exist in this world. These albums aren't perfect. But I like Motorhead a lot and for the most part they've stuck with a really likeable style for a whole lotta years. This album is no exception. The first half is a lot like the previous album - fast and kickass ("Eat the Gun"? More like "This Is A Really Good Song," if you ask me!). Then the second half tries some other type things - midtempo dark blues rockers, a nice little acoustic pop tune, stuff like that. But they do what they do. Heavy. Excellent blues/punk combination in a lot of these tunes, just like in "Ace Of Spades" from days of yore. Nice mix. Nice hoarse yelling. Annoying back cover that reminds me of all those Ozzy reissues. First front cover ever that doesn't look exactly like all their others. If I were named Josie, would you say bad things about me? That doesn't seem fair to me, or to anybody named Josie.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
It really is amazing to see a band consistently shift out more of the same old thing with such grace. Look at these three wrinkly men on the album'd never know. Fast and kick ass like the last few records, there's lots more of the great M package here. Eat the Gun is fabulous, ain't it Mark? Murder Show, Overnight Sensation, Civil War, Listen to Your Heart...wam wam wam! And that terribly infectious "Crazy Like a Fox"--which I find lyrically absurd but can't help liking anyway!

Easy 8. Have a beer on Lemmy and play it loud.
A great album, one of their best. "Civil War" is a monster of a track, followed by "Crazy Like a Fox," which somehow manages to fit in a harmonica sensibly. "I Don't Believe a Word" is one of Lemmy's best world-weary ballads. The title track is an attack on the music industry, while "Them Not Me" is a very fast song dealing with our attempt to deny responsibility for our fascination with violence in the world. You'd be best advised to skip the last track, though... It's called "Listen to Your Heart." The title alone should make any Motorheadbanger wary. (Grant Edmonds)
Better variety and more polish than the last album. Not quite as good. Title track, "Civil War," "Love Don't Buy You Money," and "Them Not Me" carry this album. Still must buy if you liked Sacrifice. (Jeremy Callahan)
This is some rockin' Motorhead like it is supposed to be done - the song structures and riffs really stand out - I think this to be one of their best, and one of their unsung greats. Crazy like a fox? I don't believe a word? Civil War? If you don't like that, I don't like you.

Add your thoughts?

King Biscuit Flower Hour - King Biscuit 1997.
Rating = 6

It certainly SOUNDS interesting -- a live document from the short-lived Brian Robertson era -- but the execution and recording render it nearly worthless. First of all, Brian refused to play the big hits, so six of these seven songs are from Another Perfect Day. And they're muddily-recorded so you can't really hear what Brian is playing anyway. Plus, Lemmy's voice is even more disgustingly hoarse than usual. The real lure here is an awesome 21-minute interview with Lemmy from 1997, during which he trashes Robertson, talks about the horrible last days with Phil "Philthy Animal" Donohue, and basically lets you in on the sort of person he really is -- a sarcastic guy with firm beliefs about what is and ISN'T rock and roll. He even defends Metallica against the cries of "sell out"! Excellent interview, which is good because the live stuff is a real letdown. Depressingly limited set list, and several great songs ruined by shoddy sound.

Add your thoughts?

Snake Bite Love - CMC 1998.
Rating = 8

On "Dead And Gone," against a gentle arpeggiated guitar line, a double-tracked Lemmy sings in harmony with himself.

No, I'm not playing a baker's joke or archer's dozen! He really does! And it's gorgeous... in its own special phlegmy way. Aside from that, this is more of the same great material from late-period Motorhead. I'm not going to repeat all those words again. You know exactly what it goddamned well sounds like so stop playing coy. Only other digressions from tried (tired? UP YOU!) and true: "Assassin" has a weird rhythm but Lemmy ruins it with shitty vocals anyway. And "Don't Lie To Me" is southern rock Motorhead style. Maybe you'll like it; I don't.

I made a hilarious joke tonight. I told my fiancee that when we adopt a puppy in a few weeks, whenever a woman walks up to me on the street and asks its name, I'm going to reply "Snatchmagnet!" just to see what the response will be. Ha indeed, eh?

Reader Comments
Not the best, to be sure. Only a few real good tracks. "Love for Sale" is about viagra, while "Dead and Gone" is another jaded ballad. "Take the Blame" is a speedy attack on politicians, and "Nightside" is also pretty good. If I hadn't bought this album used, I think I might've felt a bit cheated. (Grant Edmonds)
At first, I wasn't as big on Snake Bite Love as the previous two records. I think it's the lull on the second half of the album that did that to me. But at least the "lesser" Motorhead tracks are not the cheesy crap that they spewed out in 80's, (ie. "Doctor Rock"). Upon further review though, I like it just as much as Overnight Sensation. First seven tracks make the album seem destined for higher aspirations than Sacrifice, but the album becomes a little too complacent after "Nightside" for my tastes. Still love the album though, esp. "Assassin" and "Snake Bite Love."
Well, no not quite as good as Ace of Spades ( How the hell do you live up to that!) its riffs are about just as damn good as any AC/DC album. Dead And Gone, a great ballad (is there such a thing?) kicks you in the balls as soon as the chorus chimes in. I love the way Lemmy slides his hand down the neck of his Rickenbacker before it starts too. Better Off Dead is a pretty good song as well. This album should be proud to hold the Motorhead name up to it. Damn, they have cool album covers too.

Add your thoughts?

No Remorse - Castle 1999.
Rating = 8

This is a 22-track (24 if you own the double-album!) compilation of greatest hits and hard-to-find non-LP tracks. It's true that Motorhead has a delightfully aggravating habit of re-using the same riffs over and over and over (especially in the case of their theme song -- they have used that high-speed one-chord thing so many times, it's unfathomably good!). But on their regular studio albums, it's not quite so obvious because the albums DO feature a slight bit of diversity in and among themselves. If you lay all their albums end to end, you're certainly going to hear the same types of songs over and over, but on any one particular album, you'll be able to enjoy some different chord sequences, surely.

Unfortunately, that does not come through on this compilation. By picking only the most popular tracks, they've made it sound like Motorhead only has two songs, which they just keep re-recording with different titles. With the exception of dancey, fun "Please Don't Touch" and melodic "Dancing On Your Grave," every single song on here is either a high-speed one-chord wonder or a slow trudging "blues" type number. Though, as you know, I have no problem at all with a bunch of high-speed songs that sound exactly same (hey, I love hardcore punk!), by slamming them all together like this, it becomes way too clear which songs just DON'T belong on a "greatest hits" compilation, even one that features lots of rare tracks. "Killed By Death"? "Like A Nightmare"? These are interminably bland slow songs that don't say or do ANYTHING. Then there's "No Class" and "Stone Dead Forever," which I've already complained about earlier on this page. So it's not even a perfectly FLOWING collection of two different songs repeated over and over. I mean, there are oodles of classic early thrash songs on here, but I totally don't think it's anybody's best bet for getting into Motorhead because, though it highlights their energy level wonderfully, it also makes them look REALLY uncreative. Even more so than they actually are! I give it a low 8 and suggest buying all the studio albums instead.

Reader Comments (Beau Mihalek)

As Mark says somewhere in here, it's hard to say anything creative about Motorhead. Why? Ever heard AC/DC? Know how even though they HAVE changed it's hard to describe because it doesn't change much? I mean all the elements are there in everything they do! Same thing with these guys. Get the point?

Well, this is the only Motorhead album I own (I bought Ace Of Spades but the fucking thing had a scratch and I couldn't listen to Please Don't Touch! AND I LOVE PLEASE DON'T TOUCH! But I got Heaven Tonight, so everything worked out.) so I can't say much about the track selection. But everything here kicks! There are a couple of slower ones that don't completley stick a pitchfork in my ass, but maybe the production is just kinda weak.

If you're gonnna get a Motorhead best of, get this one or the new one (getting it soon hopefully). I got it for 15 bucks at a Best Buy! And there's some stuff only on here. Killed By Death, Snaggletooth, Steal Your Face, Locomotive, Masterplan, and Stand By Your Man. Please Don't touch is on here too. And so's Ace Jailbait Emergency Overkill. After a while they all tend to run together if you don't devote a life span to hear the differences. I mean it's all loud crappy devil worshiping goat head chopping blood drinking mindless music for depressed people and bikers. Right? (Olof Oberg)
This one gets 10 from me - probably because it was the album that got me a) into Motorhead and b) on to the first step out of my narrow minded musical universe where "heavy metal", among other things, was Taboo. (I was pretty young by then.) Only this isn t "heavy metal", of course. Remember when Motorhead was considered "the most extreme music ever"?! Today, it s classic rock n roll, still sounding the same. However, at least in Sweden it was OK among punk fans to like Motorhead, so I first bought No Remorse on a cheap cassette in 1984 or something and later on vinyl (with leather cover!!). Good selection, interesting comments on each track by Lemmy and the super cool package add together to 10.

This collection should be placed before Orgasmatron, though. There were four brand new tracks that were the first ones released by the two-guitarists line-up; that s also the reason why they are on here, as they probably aren t among classics from this era. According to "White line fever", Lemmy had to fight a bit to get those tracks onto the album, making it something more than just a best-of.

I also think "No sleep til Hammersmith" is really missing here, since it s one of the really classic albums - although not my favourite. It went straight to No. 1 in Britain and I don t think this has happened to this group neither before nor since...

Add your thoughts?

Everything Louder Than Everyone Else - CMC 1999.
Rating = 8

Live double-CD recorded in Hamburg, Germany. Awesome loot of smooch, but who thought it would be a good idea to include "Born To Raise Hell," "No Class," "Killed by Death" and "Going To Brazil"? Those songs should never have been written, let alone put on a live album!

Still, awesome loot of smooch with classics jugulating their whole career - from your "Overkill" through your "Iron Fist" up on through to your "Burner" and your "Love For Sale". And OH! How I love "Orgasmatron"!

Being a live recording, it of course isn't as heavy as a studio recording, but it's plenty energetic with lots of crowd screaming and adorable stage patter from our hero of the day. 25 songs, most of them great! They all kinda run together after a while if you don't know them all by heart, but then if you don't know them all by heart, what the hell are you doing all goddamned day? Listening to Modest Mouse? If so, murder yourself.

Also, when you're done murdering yourself, please note: if you have a puppy dog and you love him, turn this CD off a bit early because the end of "Overkill" features about a minute and a half of really high-pitched guitar feedback.

Reader Comments (James)
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else is a great fucking live album. There isn't a single bad song here. Not even "Going To Brazil" or "Born To Raise Hell." Both great songs. And the version of "Capricorn" is's bad ass. This is the one that got me into Motorhead, so, it's got a special lil' place in my heart.
An excellent live album, bursting with raw power and energy. Lemmy's bass lets loose a wall of sound so loud and blistering that it drowns out Campbell's guitar half the time; it sounds like he's playing a jet-engine. The song selection is pretty good, covering most of their career, with early songs like "No Class" up to "Take the Blame" and "Love for Sale" off their then most recent album. Some of the songs are better than the album versions ("Iron Fist," "Orgasmatron" - which just drips with evil malice - and possibly even "Burner"), some are about the same (the two off Snakebite), and some just aren't ("Civil War," "On Your Feet or On Your Knees"). Some of this has to do with production, which is a bit indistinct, and most of it has to do with Phil Campbell's playing. I'm not a guitar player, but it seems clear (and I've heard actual players say much the same) that this guy isn't Jimi Hendrix; half the time he doesn't seem to know what the Hell he's doing. For some, this will surely take this album down a notch (especially due to his mishandling of many of the Fast Eddie songs), but I still think it's a great live album, just a shade less wondrous than "Hammersmith."

Add your thoughts?

We Are Motorhead - CMC 2000
Rating = 8

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST!!! It's the year 2000, for fuck's out loud. WILL THESE GUYS EVER STOP ROCKING SO FUCKING HARD???? Lemmy's gotta be like a million years old (actual age: around 55), but he's still leading the charge of this great great wonderful great terrific rock and roll band as they crash and bash into the New Millenium, of which New York City is the capital of the world according to what that voice said in my taxi cab the other day. But what does that have to do with Phillip "Zoom" Campbell? I'll tell you what: Shiddlybee!

This album has, in my opinion, two weak tracks: "Heart On Your Sleeve" and "Wake the Dead" - they're slow and awkward. The other eight, however, are WONDERFUL KICKASS MOTORHEAD CLASSICS!!!

Oh okay, "God Save the Queen" is a Sex Pistols classic, but the other seven in all honesty rank up there with ANYTHING Motorhead has ever done. "One More Fucking Time" is DEFINITELY the greatest ballad they've ever done. Slow, easy and bitter as all hell (hence the profane name!). And songs like "See Me Burning," "Out To Lunch," the title track and "Stagefright/Crash And Burn" are WAY too fast to be played by guys this age. WHEE!!! Lemmy is the all-time greatest. His melodies may be simple, but they'll stick in your head forever. Because they're AWESOME!


Please everybody go buy a Motorhead album or two or three tonight, because they're not rich and they should be. Aside from a couple of minor asides, they've stuck to their louder, faster principles nonstop for 25 years. And warts and all, Lemmy deserves a loving kiss on cheek from you for that. Just for ruling so damn much.

By the way, I'm 13 years old.

Reader Comments (Sean Harris)
Man, it's like friggin' clockwork. New Motorhead record, great album cover, kick ass fast tunes, and Lemmy's trademark phlegm-Jagermeister-Jim Bean ruined gullet. See Me Burning is a nice opening, Stay Out of Jail rules, and yes, One More Fucking Time is a knockout. God Save the Queen is hard to fuck up, and the boys do no such disservice. We Are Motorhead is a nice little personal anthem for an ending, too.

Still kicking ass! Take that, Metallica! (Amanda Kenyon)
I heard from a friend of mine that some guy from Motorhead is credited with saying, "We want to be the band that when we move next door to you, your lawn dies." I thought that was one of the greatest things I'd ever heard.
Damn, most bands get slower and softer as they get older... Not Motorhead! The album opens with "See Me Burning," which is incredibly fast, and later it has "Stagefright," which is easily the heaviest song the band has ever done. The title track opens with a riff reminescent of "Ace of Spades," then tears off and becomes an instant classic. Some of the songs, though, seem awfully similar... I'd be hard pressed to tell "Stay Out of Jail," "Out to Lunch," and "Slow Dance" apart without a lyrics sheet; maybe it's just me, but they all sound the same. The Sex Pistols cover is a lot better than the Ted Nugent cover, though it seems unnecessary. I do like "Wake the Dead," though, with an interesting instrumental break at about the three minute mark. And, of course, "One More Fucking Time" is another great ballad that will never, ever be heard on the radio. Motorhead is still alive in the 21st century, and as swift and powerful as ever. (Grant Edmonds)
They could go on indefinitely like this, couldn't they? WELL, I FOR ONE WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!! Buy this! Better than the last two, combines the styles of the last three, plus earlier classic Motorhead ("We Are Motorhead", "Out To Lunch") "See Me Burning" and "Wake the Dead" kick ass!! And in-between, there's more asses kicked!!! This and Sacrifice are only topped by Ace Of Spades and possibly Overkill in my book.

Add your thoughts?

Live at Brixton Academy - Steamhammer 2003
Rating = 7

I am in so much pain right now that you'd might as well start calling me "Mark Paindle." My lower back has me in excruciating physical torture the likes of which make Auschwitz look like a genocide in comparison. I can't stand upright, I can barely walk, and I can't even bend down to give a proper BJ to the gas station attendant. Have you ever experienced pain like this? Why won't it go away? And most importantly, ow!

Due to the searing pain jetting up and down my spine like a tapeworm eating all my discs, I won't be able to discuss this double-live-CD with the scintillating commentary you've been enjoying thus far on this page (ex: "Look, I've no clue how I'm going to review every Motorhead album in an interesting manner. THEY ALL SOUND LIKE MOTORHEAD."). But I'll do my utmost best to sort of vaguely describe it for you.

As usual, the guitar riffs are totally drowned out by Lemmy's distorted bass. The mix is heavy but mono-sounding, and they played this many songs off of these many albums:

Motorhead - 0
Overkill - 4
Bomber - 2
Ace of Spades - 2
Iron Fist - 1
Another Perfect Day - 0
No Remorse (single) - 1
Orgasmatron - 1
Rock n' Roll - 0
1916 - 2
March or Die - 1
Bastards - 1
Sacrifice - 2
Overnight Sensation - 3
Snake Bite Love - 0
We Are Motorhead - 3

As this concert marked the band's 25th anniversary, they stockpiled it with lots of special musical guests, including:

- Former Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie "Slowhand" Clarke, who kicks some major ass on "The Chase is Better Than the Catch" and "Overkill"
- Ugly Kid Joe vocalist Whitfield Crane and Warlock vocalist Doro Pesch, whose ugly warlock vocals make the awful "Born to Raise Hell" even awfuller
- Queen guitarist Brian May and Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace, who join "Weird" Eddie Clarke on "Overkill." Interestingly, Brian May had released his own Live at Brixton Academy LP six years earlier. Could it be that he never left the venue!?
- Lemmy's son Paul and Phil Campbell's son Todd, who engage in a guitar showcase showdown at the end of "Killed by Death." Yeah, more like "Killed by DEARTH (of Anything Interesting Going On), if you ask me!"

"Yeah, more like 'Killed by DARTH,' if you ask me!" - Obi Wan Kenobi, Film for Losers

Also of note is that Phil Campbell chit-chats into the mic almost as much as Lemmy. He's not funny though, unlike our gravelly old friend who entertains with such whimsical gems as:

- "In case you're in the wrong show, we are Motorhead. And we are gonna clean your clock."
- "If you're not deaf now, 25 years of us should've made you fucking deaf! You ain't seen us enough, that's what it is!"
- "Is everybody having a good time? (*crowd cheers*) They're having a nice time further away, aren't they.."
- "This is a new song, everybody! Isn't that exciting?"
- "This song's called 'Dead Men Smell Toe Nails.'"
- "This one's quite a fast song. You don't wanna dance to this one. You'll fuck both your legs up."
- "Funny thing, you know. Between songs, you all go silent, right? I used to think it was 'cause you didn't like us, but then you were still there at the end, so it wasn't that. So I figure it must mean like you're waiting for me to say something fucking clever or something. You're gonna still be standing there next month when we're in fucking Poland! I'm just doing the best I can up here, you know - with the limited intellect the Lord gave me."
- "You like rock 'n roll, don't you? In spite of all this other shit that's on the radio?"
- (*before the guitar solo in "Ace of Spades"*) "That's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever. And apparently I am!"

They could've used a stronger set list - preferably one without "No Class," "God Save the Queen," "Born to Raise Hell," "Killed by Death," "Damage Case," "You Better Run" or a nine-hour drum solo in the middle of "Sacrifice" - but then No Sleep At All hardly ruled and I gave that one an 8. The real problem is that my back is killing me. If my back felt like a hundred dollars, I'd give this CD a 50 bajillion. That's a promise and a guarantee. Unfortunately, it feels like a dwarf man is banging on my lower spine with a croquet mallet, so a 7 it is.

God this sucks. I hope I don't have Back AIDS.

Add your thoughts?

Hammered - Sanctuary 2002.
Rating = 8

In my Spinal Tap Companion book, it mentions that Les Claypool of Primus has a tattoo on his shoulder that could be either Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister or Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls. And it's likely not a coincidence that the bands have similar logos and umlauts over their names. Motorhead can be somewhat laughable if you're not a real HARD ROCK fan. They still dress in leather like Hell's Angels from 1975, the guitarist ALWAYS wears a baseball cap (which is rock music's way of saying "I'm emotionally incapable of dealing with my male pattern baldness") and they have not changed a THING since album one so many years ago. The songs are still about war ("Voices From War"), sex ("Mine All Mine" and "Dr. Love," in which he uses the interesting euphemism "Get her in her in between"), the negative influence of religion ("No Remorse," "Brave New World") and violence ("Red Raw" and "Serial Killer"). And the music is all heavy simple throbbing, thumping, mid-to-fast-tempo mean distorted fun hard metal ("Walk A Crooked Mile," "Down the Line," "Brave New World," "Voices From the War," "Mine All Mine," "Shut Your Mouth," "Kill the World," "Dr. Love," "No Remorse" and "Red Raw.")

(Notice I didn't say "Serial Killer"! That's a POEM! With just NOISE in background! It's really really bad!)

They seem, on the whole, more midtempo on this one than they've been before, but hell they're old and at least the midtempo stuff really KICKS! (Simplistically, of course). Nobody but AC/DC and the Ramones have been able to create so many amazing songs while displaying no diversity at all for over two decades. Hell - "Mine All Mine" has ONE chord in its verse -- and that chord KICKS ASS!!!! Don't bother comparing them to bands with artistic aspirations - Motorhead just want to rock, and they do it very well.

So look for it by name! It's the one with the evil fanged guy with big horns on the cover!

(That was a little joke for all the Motorhead fans out there -- nearly EVERY Motorhead album has that evil fanged guy with the big horns on the cover).

Which reminds me of a little joke I'm going to make up right now: Why do Motorhead make almost all of their album covers look exactly the same?

Because 98% of their fan base CAN'T READ!!!! HA AHAHH1!! A AHHAHHEAHEH!!!!!

And now, because this album is called Hammered, here are all the Hammer horror films I've seen:

Abominable Snowman, The
Blood from the Mummy s Tomb
Brides of Dracula, The
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Cash on Demand
Countess Dracula
Curse of Frankenstein, The
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The
Curse of the Werewolf, The
Demons of the Mind
Devil Rides Out, The
Die! Die! My Darling!
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
Dracula A.D. 1972
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave
Dracula, Prince of Darkness
Evil of Frankenstein, The
Fear in the Night
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
Frankenstein Created Woman
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Gorgon, The
Hands of the Ripper
Horror of Dracula
Kiss of the Vampire, The
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
Let Me In
Lust for a Vampire
Man Who Could Cheat Death, The
Mummy, The
Mummy's Shroud, The
Nanny, The
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger
Phantom of the Opera, The
Plague of the Zombies, The
Quatermass and the Pit
Quatermass Experiment, The
Reptile, The
Revenge of Frankenstein, The
Satanic Rites of Dracula, The
Scream of Fear
Shadow of the Cat, The
Stop Me Before I Kill!
Stranglers of Bombay, The
Taste the Blood of Dracula
To the Devil A Daughter
Twins of Evil
Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, The
Vampire Circus
Vampire Lovers,The
Wake Wood
Woman in Black,The
X-The Unknown

Reader Comments (Vignesh Menon)
With the passage of time 1 band is just not gonna give up. Mot rhead is still the same old uncompromising speed machine it has always been, and that's wat keeps them so bloody special. Hammered the latest from gods of metal.I ll tell ya wat ;the lawn next door has already died.!!!The band shows no signs of slowing down @ all.Hammered is full of soon -to be motorhead classics.Right from the 1st track walk a crooked mile the album is full of pure unadulterated rock n roll tracks.

The album starts of with walk a crooked mile .The perfect beginner.Its got a very interesting chorus.something very very different from what mr.kilmister usually down the line .wow!fantastic.sounds a lot like Sabbath.

other great songs are,shut your mouth,no remorse;kill the world all have very interesting tunes.Then there is red raw ,a very fast track just to ensure that motorhead can still play fast n loud.The only unwanted track is serial killer . This album just proves that they are not a rusted old outfit but a well oiled machine which can take on the challenge of any of today s metal bands. Take that metallica!!!.A sure 10 for this.A must for any self respecting metalhead.
While this album is indeed more midtempo than We Are Motorhead, it is still superior, because most of the songs are much more distinct and have their own identity (plus, nearly all of them are very good). And it still amazes me that guys this old can play a song as fast and blistering as "Red Raw"... It's no illusion, either - I saw Motorhead in concert a few weeks ago and they're amazing, still. Lemmy's probably going to keep this up 'til he's dead, and I have no complaints about that. Btw, the name of Motorhead's ubiquitous mascot/logo is Snaggletooth B. Motorhead. The "B" is for "Bastard."
Have read your site for years but never checked out the Mot rhead section 'til tonight. You shoot from the hip (reviews that tell it like it is - whutta concept!), and the site kicks ass - EZ navigation, fast simple information w/o a bunch of useless fucking graphics. U kin evin spell & punk'choo'8! =) So I wanna say Thank You for making this info available to everyone.

Add your thoughts?

* Stone Deaf Forever! - Sanctuary 2003 *
Rating = 10

Can you imagine a human being not wanting to listen to 6 1/2 hours of Motorhead in a row? That very fiend currently occupies our nation's White House. "I can't sit here and listen to three or four tracks from every single studio album along with several BBC Sessions and rarities," he said to me on the phone last Tuesday. "And I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask that fifth disc of all live material to 'bring it off' at the moment. Otherwise, we'll help in any way we can."

Don't blame me! I didn't vote! But in today's ramshackle state of global unrest, at least there's one thing you can count on: Eggs being tasty.

But in addition, there's a second thing you can count on and that's the unapproachable steam train pummelling galloping death horse attack of "Meadowlark" Lemmy and his Motorhead band. One of the three greatest rock and roll bands of all time, Motorhead has come quite a ways from its earliest incarnation as a motorcycle gang of speed freaks that merged blues-metal and punk into a high-speed thrash attack years ahead of its time. Indeed, 28 years, four guitarists and three drummers is quite a ways. Luckily, their musical progression has felt more like six months, 1 guitarist and the drummer buying a new cymbal. In F.A.Q., aside from improved production, their music hasn't changed much at all! Unspoiled by a few early '90s attempts at mainstream hair metal radio success and a slightly advanced sense of diversity over years (at some point in the early 80s, one of the band members must have realized that 3/4s of their material sounded like "Ace Of Spades"), Motorhome can still be counted on to provide instantly gratifying kickass heavy mean rhythmic metallic hardcore rock and roll.

But do you need to be instantly gratified for 6 1/2 hours? As any woman who has ever made love to that fat guy on the "Time to make donuts" commercial will tell you, the answer is yes. Sometimes it takes 99 extremely similar songs for one to fully appreciate the tiny differences that make each one special. I have reached that point with Motorhead, and once you reach it, it's very hard to write off any song they do, no matter how few chords it might use. A line-ending blues guitar trill here, a grunted/whispered chorus there, a perfectly timed octave jump everywhere -- add one of these singular identifiers to Lemmy's perpetually raspy shriek/sing and doomy distorted bass thumping, (whoever's) double-speed guitar accompaniment and (whoever's) reliable doop-chick-doodoo-chick drums, and whammo - you've got 90+ fucking amazing songs by a Power Trio with the "Power" to write better songs than "Trio" (of "Da Da Da" fame), whether you like to doodoo on your chick or not Christ take this sentence out.

Everybody is going to take issue with a few song choices here and there -- I personally would've thrown in a sewage treatment facility of my choosing the sludgy forgettable "Like A Nightmare" and "Dogs," the cliched blues-rocker "You Better Run" and 50s-rocker "Angel City," the near-parody bad metal riffer "Over Your Shoulder," the entirely riffless one-noters "Nadine" and "Steal Your Face," and the bland unworthy set-closer "Born To Raise Hell," but that's it. And that's only eight songs out of 99. NINETY-NINE. Imagine each of those songs as a red balloon, floating in the summer sky. Now imagine war machines springing to life, getting the message that something's out there. Oh no! Everyone's a superhero! Everyone's a Captain Kirk! Worry worry, superscurry! Take the disc out in a hurry!

Okay, I've taken 45 valia (plural of "valium") and can continue. There. I'm done.

No wait, there's more! I have more to say. There's a Twisted Sister cover on here. And three different versions of the greatest one-chord song of all time, "Orgasmatron." Otherwise, no song is repeated aside from "Motorhead," and that's only repeated because its first appearance is by Hawkwind (Lemmy's former band)! And how about this - Motorhead doing a cover of Hawkwind(Lemmy's formal wear)'s "Silver Machine"? One thing pisses my piss off though - the great-as-shit book that's included in the package mentions a song they recorded with famous black thespian Ice-T. Why isn't the song on any of the discs???? Don't MENTION something to me and then not include it! (Except the cover of "God Save the Queen," of course, which was issued as a single but thankGODfully left off of this box set).

It's hard to think in a straight line when you're blowing your ears out with this relentless glob of energetic growly wheezy noise, but then I guess that's to be expected from a band called "Motorhead." It'd be one thing if they were called "Clearhead" or "Thinking Cap," but they're NOT. And I apologize for insisting at gunpoint that they were. I'll just conclude by saying that nobody - NOBODY - is qualified to say "I own all the Motorhead I need" if they don't have this box set. This is the DEFINING Motorhead package. Five discs, 99 songs and one appearance by television actor Ozzy Osbourne. Without it, you'd might as well refuse to hand over important documents to an independent commission investigating the September 11th terrorist attacks. WAIT A MINUTE! I THINK I JUST PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER!

No, never mind - the first one just looked like a 2. Do you have any idea how to stop this giant millipede from dropping turds all over my math paper?

Reader Comments
Motorhead Owns ..... Lemmy kilmister is a metal god from hell
Hi Mark. Discovered your site a couple of months ago and love it.

Thought I'd let you know about the Motorhead/ Ice-T song.

I believe the song you're referring to is 'Born to Raise Hell' credited to Motorhead with Ice-T and Whitfield Crane (who's Whitfield Crane? well, I believe he was the singer for Ugly Kid Joe). It's the first song on the 'Airheads' soundtrack, which I own because I picked it up for 99 cents. It's probably not included on the Motorhead box set BECAUSE IT'S A REALLY AWFUL SONG. And I'm a HUGE fan of Motorhead. I once drove three hours to see them in St. Louis with W.A.S.P. only to find they had dropped out of the tour (only later did I find out it was because Blackie Lawless was such a fuckbag) anyway, that's a story for another day. If you must hear this song I'm sure the soundtracks not hard to find cheap. The movie sucks as well, although it does have a Lemmy Cameo.
Okay, correction time: the song with Ice-T is just another version of "Born to Raise Hell" which also features Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe. It's from Airheads and I thought you didn't like the song anyway. And why would you not want them to include the cover of "God Save the Queen"? Why?! FYI Lemmy actually tried to get Johnny to play the queen in the "God Save the Queen" video but it never came to be.

Add your thoughts?

Inferno - Sanctuary 2004
Rating = 8

When I woke up this morning to find a nude George H.W. Bush parachuting out of an airplane in the arms of a buxom young man, I gasped in agitation, "He's goddamned 80 years old!!! How damned God can he DO that?!? Shouldn't he be having an old person heart attack about now!?" Just moments later, I put in the new Motorhead CD and my eyes nearly burst out of my chest -- "Lemmy's goddamned FIFTY-EIGHT years old!!! How the hell can he still kick so much ass without keeling over dead?" And then the truth suddenly hit me like a pair of pants -- great men, like George H.W. Bush and Lemmy, NEVER AGE. You saw Ronald Reagan at age 80, right? He was an impotent old pile of genital warts who thought his wife was a rocking horse. But not George "H.W. stands for Hell! Whatagreatpresident!" Bush. He's still out there showin' 'em 'ow it's don'! It's just unfortunate that the apple fell so far from the tree. George H.W. Bush is an American hero who protected our little friend Kuwait from the evil clutches of Saddam Hussein; George W. Bush is borderline retarded and masturbates into a jar. But Lemmy is still TAKING ASS and KICKING NAMES LATER!

And I'm no apologist. I'm not the guy who says, "Dude, The Pretty Things are back - and TOUGHER than ever!" or "Dude, The Standells did a reunion show - and DIDN'T completely suck balls like a bunch of old bags!" When I say Motorhead sounds every single bit as mean, fast, heavy and ALIVE on Inferno as they did on their debut 27 years ago, well I suppose you could respond that 2/3rds of the band has been replaced since that time. Nevertheless, Inferno is a KILLER Motorhead album. Everything you've loved about their last several albums (once they stopped trying to have hit singles) is back for another visit -- out-of-control locomotive chugga-chugga-chugga rhythms, heavy-as-mud guitar and bass tones, simple yet entirely original variations on the same old chords -- and Lemmy still sounds like an evil drunken pirate ahoying your mateys. They even present an acoustic blues number for your enjoyment!

The more time flies, the less Motorhead gets lousy. The album cover looks just like all the others, the band photos look just like all the others, even the song titles ("Life's A Bitch," "Fight," "In the Year Of the Wolf") are just like all others. But the thing is -- it's not like Bad Religion where they just keep reusing the same goddamned chord sequences over and over. The Motorheads honestly DO work to develop new variations on their basic style. Time and time again while listening to this latest chunk of wonder, I've thought to myself, "Oh, come on; you can't write a riff that simple in 2004. Why, this sounds just like..... umm.... hmm.... uhh...." and then I'm stuck there trying to figure out where I've heard it before, like Phillip Spaulding trying to figure out where Reva is when she's out balling Lujack, when the truth is that I've never heard it ANYWHERE! (except for "Killers" and one or two others maybe, but for the most part I've never worn my UNDERWEAR!)

So there you go. If you like Motorhead, you'll love Inferno. If you don't like Motorhead, you've lived your life incorrectly. Go back and start again.

With Jesus.

Reader Comments (Joe)
Please: you should've mentioned there's a VERY DAMN FINE COOL single version of "born to raise hell" feat. the notorious Ice-T ... and it is not at all cheesy...when you listen to it you feel they had a very good time recording this one!!! It bangs your head ball sac and all other good thingies!

It does! fucking! rock! the! fuck! out! of! every! listener!!!!!!!!! Indeed.

Please, mention this & that everyone gets a copy by browsing Egay !!! It is such a cool song and worth listening to it once...then you will magically be drawn to re-listening agagin&again :-) [if you dont like smilies i apologize...because i'm a fucking german from damned Ol'Europe so forgive me if you can, will ya please?]

Add your thoughts?

Better Motorhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith - Steamhammer 2007
Rating = 7

This was their 30th anniversary show. Apparently nobody gave a crap's ass though. There's maybe one special guest, Lemmy can't hit any of his high notes anymore and, although the bass tone is gritty and fabulous, it makes it impossible to hear any of Phil's guitar work except when he's wanken his schwanken. It's all gray, no color. (British translation: "'Tis all grey, nay colour.") But on the bright side, my back is killing me.

They play that many songs off of those many albums:

Motorhead - 0
Overkill - 4
Bomber - 1
Ace of Spades - 4
Iron Fist - 1
Another Perfect Day - 2
Orgasmatron - 1
Rock 'n Roll - 0
1916 - 2
March or Die - 0
Bastards - 0
Sacrifice - 1
Overnight Sensation - 0
Snake Bite Love - 1
We Are Motorhead - 0
Hammered - 0
Inferno - 3
Singles - 3 (one on No Remorse, two not)

Here are some can't-miss pieces of chestnut sprouting from Lemmon's scratchy throat:

- "In 1983, we released an album that you all fucking hated. But lately, apparently, it's been rehabilitated or some fuckin' thing. It was called 'Another Perfect Day,' right?" (*crowd cheers*) "Ah yes! NOW, yes! Not then, though."
- "Okay, this is our last song now. But then we go off, and you make a noise, and we come back! You know how it works, right?"
- "This is what we used to sound like before fucking rap music."

But again with the iffy set list! "Whorehouse Blues," "Killed by Death," "Going to Brazil," "No Class," "Just 'Cos You Got the Power," a drum solo, some lousy funky piece of shit, a version of "Bomber" where you can't even make out the guitar chords, ohhhhh why must my back hurt so? "It's Obama! It's Obama!" That's what it sounds like Lemmy is saying in "Bomber" these days. Why doesn't The President of the Free World hire him to play some Inaugurations? Lord knows I would if I could stand up without screaming.

Maybe some hilarious Motorhead jokes would cheer us all up.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Lemmy who?
Lemmy borrow your aspirin. My entire spinal column is crinkled up into a ball.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Mikkey Dee
Mikkey Dee who?
Mikkey, dee pain! Dee pain! Oh, did I say "Mikkey"? I of course meant "Ricardo Montalban."

Knock knock
Who's there?
Phil who?
Phil me up with aspirin. Somebody glued a live tarantula to my spine.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Pete Gill, who drummed on 'Orgasmatron'
Pete Gill, who drummed on 'Orgasmatron' who?
Pete Gill, who drummed on 'Orgasma' -- Tron is not a movie I'll be seeing this week, because my lower back feels like I slept on a mayonnaise bottle.

Knock knock
Who's there?
"Fast" Eddie
"Fast" Eddie who?
"Fast," Eddie! Give me some ibuprofen! I feel like I'm being raped a few inches too high.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Wurzel who?
Wurzel nice girl like you doing in a painful back like this?

Knock knock
Who's there?
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor who?
I don't know, but I hope he's still a heroin addict because my lower back hurts like absolute hell and I could use some heroin.

Add your thoughts?

Kiss Of Death - Sanctuary 2006
Rating = 8

JESUS! CHRIST! HOW? DO? THEY? DO! IT!?!?!? This is Motorhead's eighteenth studio album, its twelfth with Welshman Philip Campbell on guitar, and its ninth as a trio comprised of Lemmy, Mikkey and Phily. Mikkey is now 42 years old, Philip just turned 45, and Mr. Kilmister is a staggering SIXTY YEARS OLD, yet they are still the greatest goddamned Motorhead the world could ever ask for. As Aerosmith plays music for little kids, AC/DC records one album every 75 years, and the Ramones float around playing harps, the 'head (Motor) continues to churn out CD after CD after CD after CD -- and they haven't made a bad one yet.

What's so astonishing about this consistency isn't just that these three men are intelligent songwriters -- after all, there are plenty of clever songsters out there in Musicland. What makes Motorhead so impressive is that they've now released eighteen strong, mean, hooky albums without venturing even one stop outside the most stylistically limited formula in the universe. Seriously -- if you've ever heard a single Motorhead song in your life, you know exactly what they sound like. However, against all expectations, they do NOT simply write the same song over and over again. Sure, they had a few different songs that sounded like "Ace Of Spades" in their early years, but not since Philip joined -- and that was two decades ago. Most of their career has simply been one great mean heavy metal/hard rock album after another, with surprisingly little riff repetition. So I ask you again -- HOW DO THEY DO IT!?!?! This is a REALLY fucking good Motorhead album! And so was their last one! And the previous six! And then you're back in the 'let's try to have hits' days, but even those records were more good than bad. My point is that if you're a Motorhead fan, good news! Here's another solid addition to your record collection.

Having said that, Kiss Of Death is a surprisingly diverse record considering that it still all sounds exactly like Motorhead. Touched-upon subgenres include: (a) classic Motorthrashin' "Sucker" and "Going Down"; (b) MotorBobSeger Chooglerockin' "One Night Stand"; (c) NY Dollsy Motorglammin' "Christine"; (d) silly 'evil' MotorPriest "The Devil I Know"; (e) acoustic'n'organ Motormelodrama "God Was Never On Your Side"; (f) swingin' funk/hard rock MotorDanzig "Living In the Past"; (g) angry-as-shit grinding pounding Motordeathmetal "Kingdom Of the Worm"; (h) slow bluesy Motortrudger "Under the Gun" and (i) three other rockers and a re-recording of "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." The lyrics are about sex, war and common sense.

That's your album. BUY IT TODAY. And pray that Lemmy, Mikkey and Philip liv 4eva, so gr8 cla-SIC mtl'l nevR Di.

That last bit was for all you text message fans out there. IMHO, UR KEWL! L8R!



ASPCA!!! BBQ!!!! BYOB!!!!!

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In all the excitement, I seem to have eaten my own ass off.

Reader Comments
Aren't you being a little bit leniant on this album? I'm also a huge Motorhead fan and own each album. I think that both Hammered and Inferno are good albums but this on this one, it seems the band has isolated two or three slow, boring bar band songs from the previous albums and used them for this one. "Christine" sounds like "Christine Sixteen". The lyrics are the weakest Lemmy's written in years and why did they re-record "Ramones"? They couldn't have written a new catchy, minute and a half long punk tune?
In asnwer to the above post, I'm guessing the 'Head closed out this disc with a re-recording of Ramones because in the interval since the band first cut the song, the entire Ramones organization up and died (minus three drummers -- a strange inversion of the Spinal Tap theorem of band mortality), so Lemmy figured a tribute was in order. Plus, the new version sounds way better than the one on 1916, which suffered from their early '90's attempt at radio-friendly production. BTW, Motorhead's 700th album kicks ass, just like every other release of theirs, barring March or Die and the prototype '75 version Dave Edmunds produced with the drummer who wasn't Philthy, the guy from Saxon or Mikey D.
Great album, all Motorhead albums are, so not a big shock there. you've been pretty much spot on with most of them, although I think i'd give 1916 a 9 and Bastards a 10.

Add your thoughts?

Motorizer - Steamhammer/SPV 2008
Rating = 6

I became a huge Motorhead fan in 1999, right at the beginning of their career. Ever since then, with each new release I've wondered, "Will this be the one? Will this be the year that Motorhead finally runs out of riffs? Will this be the tragic release upon which Motorhead's well of ass-kicking variations on a single formula finally runs dry?" And each time, my fears have proven unfounded - We Are Motorhead, Hammered, Inferno and Kiss Of Death are as strong as anything they've ever released, serving as undeniable proof that rockers need not retire at 40, 50 or even 60!

Unfortunately, the worst day in American History is finally upon us. Motorizer isn't a bad record, but it's definitely the least inspiring of Motorhead's 19 studio releases. It has a couple of simple-but-great high-speed thrashers ("Rock Out," "Buried Alive") and one enjoyable goodtime boogie rocker reminiscent of early AC/DC ("English Rose"), but that old reliable Motorhead sense of riff-writing craft is evident in only one song -- the brooding, atmospheric album-closer "The Thousand Names of God."

The rest of the songs, though generally featuring at least one awesomely dark and mean passage, are repeatedly waylaid by stale chord changes and blues-rock cliches. I suppose it was inevitable that this would finally happen - all of their albums have at least one or two generic throwaways, after all - but that doesn't make it any less disappointing for those of us in The Motorhead Business Of Listening To Motorhead. Still, if you're going to put out your worst album ever, you'd might as well do it when the collective age of your trio is 153!

Please let me stress this again: Motorizer isn't a bad album. They haven't released a soul-crushing Ballbreakerizer or St. Angerhead here, nor have they softened their sound or gone commercial. This disc in fact sounds exactly like Motorhead -- just with a few more 'hmm, I've certainly heard that riff before' moments than usual. The fact that it feels like a letdown is really just testament to the astonishingly high level of quality that Lemmy and his friends have maintained, without fail, for the past three decades.

So I urge you to buy it anyway. We need to encourage Motorhead to keep going for at least another 20 years. And besides, their next album will probably kick the intestines out of your ass and stomp on them!

Also, just so you're not too upset at the new Motorhead CD, here's a bunch of slasher movies I've seen:

10 To Midnight
Abominable Dr. Phibes, The
Alice, Sweet Alice
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
Alone in the Dark (1982)
American Nightmare (1983)
April Fool's Day
Arousers, The
Behind the Mask: The Rise and Fall of Leslie Vernon
Black Christmas (original and remake)
Blood Feast (1 & 2)
Blood Harvest
Blood Hook
Blood Link
Blood Sisters
Blood Song
Blood Tracks
Bloody Birthday
Bloody Reunion
Body Double
Bone Collector, The
Boogey Man, The
Bucket of Blood, A
Burning, The
Candy Land
Candyman (1, 2 and remake)
Cannibal Man
Carpenter, The
Centerfold Girls, The
Cheerleader Camp
Cherry Falls
Child's Play (entire series and remake)
Chopping Mall
Christmas Evil
Clown at Midnight, The
Club Dread
Cold Prey (1 & 2)
Confessional, The
Cottage, The
Dark Harvest
Dark Night of the Scarecrow
Dark Ride, The
Dark Ride
Dead Body
Dead of Night (aka Lighthouse)
Deadly Blessing
Deadly Games
Deadly Intruder, The
Death Trap
Death Valley
Deep in the Woods
Dementia 13
Demon, The
Dentist, The
Depraved, The
Devil Times Five
Devil's Rejects, The
Don't Answer the Phone
Don't Go in the House
Don't Go into the Woods...Alone!
Don't Open the Door
Don't Open Till Christmas
Dorm That Dripped Blood, The
Double Exposure
Dr. Giggles
Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Dressed To Kill
Driller Killer
Drive-In Massacre
Dude Bro Party Massacre III
Edge of the Axe
Evictors, The
Evil Judgment
Evil Laugh
Eyes of a Stranger
Eyes of Laura Mars
Fade to Black
Fan, The
Fantasist, The
Fatal Pulse
Fear Street (full trilogy)
Final Destination (entire series)
Final Exam
Final Girls, The
Final Terror, The
Forest, The
Friday the 13th (entire series and remake)
Frightmare (1974)
Frightmare (1983)
Full Impact
Funeral Home
Funhouse Massacre, The
Ghastly Ones, The
Ghost Dance
Girl House
Girls Nite Out
Girls School Screamers
God's Bloody Acre
Gore Gore Girls, The
Graduation Day
Grave Robbers
Gruesome Twosome, The
Halloween (all of them)
Hands of the Ripper
Happy Birthday to Me
Hard to Die
Hatchet (entire series)
Haute Tension
Hazing, The
He Knows You're Alone
Headless Eyes, The
Hell Night
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Hide and Go Shriek
High Lane
Hills Have Eyes, The (1 & 2 -- originals and remakes)
Hillside Strangler, The
Hitcher, The (1986)
Home for the Holidays
Home Sweet Home
Honeymoon Horror
Horror House on Highway Five
Hospital Massacre (aka "X-Ray")
House of 1,000 Corpses
House of Death
House of Wax
House on Sorority Row, The
House That Vanished, The
Hunter's Blood
I, Madman
I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Ice Cream Truck, The
Impulse (1974)
Incredible Melting Man, The
Incubus, The
Inhuman Resources
Initiation, The
Innocent Prey
Just Before Dawn
Killer Workout
Killing Gene, The
Killing Spree
Kiss of the Tarantula
Laid to Rest (and sequel)
Last Dance (1992)
Last Horror Film, The
Last Matinee, The
Legacy of Blood
Love Butcher, The
Luther the Geek
Madhouse (1974)
Majorettes, The
Man Bites Dog
Maniac (1980 version and its remake)
Maniac Cop (1 & 2)
Mardi Gras Massacre
Massacre at Central High
Memorial Valley Massacre
Midnight Movie
Motel Hell
Mother's Day
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Murder Loves Killers Too
Mutilator, The
My Bloody Valentine (original and 3D remake)
My Little Eye
Nail Gun Massacre
Naked Massacre
National Lampoon's Class Reunion
Never Hike Alone (Ghost Cut)
New Year's Evil
Next of Kin
Night of the Skull
Night of the Strangler, The
Night School
Night Warning
Nightmare at Shadow Woods
Nightmare on Elm Street, A (entire series and remake)
Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
No Man's Land: Rise of Reeker
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight
Open House
Out of the Dark
Peeping Tom
Penny Dreadful
Playbirds, The
Pool, The
Poor White Trash II
Prey, The
Prom Night
Prowler, The
Psycho (1-3)
Psycho Cop and Psycho Cop Returns
Psychopath, The
Puppet Master and Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Redeemer, The
Return to Horror High
Rocktober Blood
Rooms for Tourists
Rush Week
Satan's Blade
Satan's Little Helper
Savage Weekend
Scary Movie
School Killer
Scream (1981)
Scream (full series)
Scream Bloody Murder (1973)
Shadows Run Black
Shallow Grave (1987)
Shattered Silence
Silent Madness
Silent Night
Silent Night, Bloody Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night (1 & 2)
Silent Scream
Sisters of Death
Slaughter High
Slayer, The
Sleepaway Camp (1-3)
Slumber Party Massacre (original and remake)
Some Guy Who Kills People
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Sorority House Massacre (1 & 2)
Sound of Violence
Southern Comfort
Splatter University
Stay Alive
Stepfather, The (1 & 2)
Strange Behavior
Stripped to Kill
Student Bodies
Sweet Sixteen
Swingers Massacre
Terrifier (1 & 2)
Terror Firmer
Terror on Tour
Terror Train
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (all of them)
Theater Of Blood
They Don't Cut Grass Anymore
They're Playing with Fire
To All a Goodnight
Too Scared To Scream
Toolbox Murders, The (original and remake)
Totally Killer
Tourist Trap
Tower of Evil
Town That Dreaded Sundown, The (both versions)
Trick Or Treats
Tripper, The
Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness
Two Thousand Maniacs (original and "2001" remake)
Uncle Sam
Unmasked Part 25
Urban Legend
Violent Midnight
Visiting Hours
When A Stranger Calls (1979)
Wizard of Gore, The (original and remake)
Wolf Creek (1 & 2)
Wrong Turn (1 & 2)
Zero Boys, The

If you're all like "Hay where are Italian ones?," then visit

Which reminds me! Lemmy is IN one of those slashers! Namely, Troma's "Terror Firmer."

Which reminds me! Here are all the Troma films I've seen:

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
Class of Nuke 'Em High
Combat Shock
Father's Day
Lust for Freedom
Mother's Day
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1
Squeeze Play!
Stuck on You!
Terror Firmer
The First Turn-On!
The Toxic Avenger
Troma's War
Tromeo and Juliet

I've also seen several movies they distribute, including:

Blood Hook
Bloodsucking Freaks
Cannibal! The Musical
Christmas Evil
Cry Uncle!
Dead Dudes in the House
Def By Temptation
East End Hustle
Escape from Hell
Girls School Screamers
Graduation Day
Hot Summer in Barefoot County
I Spit On Your Corpse
Invisible Ghost
Killer Condom
Luther the Geek
Mutant Blast
New Gladiators
Satan's Sadists
Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.
Splatter University
Story of a Junkie
Sugar Cookies
The Ape
The Centerfold Girls
The Children
The Corpse Vanishes
The Devil Bat
The Hitch-Hiker
The Last Horror Film
There's Nothing Out There
Video Vixens
White Zombie

Reader Comments
I could care less about Motorhead's latest album but Lemmy cracked me up a few years ago. I'm a free magazine junkie. One of the worst I ever got was Jane Magazine, which was for teenage girls. I couldn't figure out how to cancel so they kept coming. One day I opened it up and there is a dating advice column by f'ing Lemmy Kilmister himself. I'm sure the target announce was going "Who the F is the greasy looking old guy and what the hell is he doing in my magazine?"
...a black day indeed if Motorhead is faltering; but is it truly worse than "March or Die," which I have always found completely devoid of inspiration? (and remember how fast they snapped right back from that debacle...)

You had me going with the absence of Italian movies on your slasher pic list...i was going, "what the...where's House By the Cemetary," "the Beyond," "Cannibal Holocaust..."
Really... there's no way this one is worse than March or Die - it has more than one song I would ever consider listening to again (for the record, the good song on March or Die is March or Die). It's not an Excellent Italian Greyhound like Bastards, Overkill or Orgasmatron, but it's certainly head and shoulders above March or Die, and not half finished like Iron Fist. It's very difficult to say which album is next worst to March or Die, since there's such a huge gap in quality between that and... well, any other Motorhead album.

Comparing it to recent-ish Motorhead albums: More memorable than Inferno or Hammered, not as good as Sacrifice and or with nearly as many pleasant surprises as Snake Bite Love. Probably about Overnight Sensation-y.

Additional Motorhead Fact: Wurzel quit shortly before the release of Sacrifice, and initial copies can be found with him in the band photo. He's on the record, but for some reason uncredited on most copies.

Yeah, that Rob Zombie remake of "Halloween" isn't going to have a terribly long shelf life, is it? What a fucking worthless movie! He had me convinced he was a good director because of 'The Devil's Rejects"! Did you see that? How could he go from the hilarious dialogue in that movie to having Malcolm McDowell give the most pathetic lead performance ever given by an actor of serious note? "Oh, Michael, PLEASE, won't you stop!" Seriously, it's time to bury this franchise entirely for at least 45 years.
hmm, you're right, too bad huh, starts off very promising with "Runaround Man" and the thrash songs are great and even "One Short Life" is good in its in own odd way - "and if you hear someone dissing you/ go over and kick his ass", tee hee, - but the rest is just kind of dull. I mean, "Back on the Chain", "The Thousand Names of God", "When the Eagle Screams"; what's that all about?

also you were right about 'Kiss of Death', my bad. it really is awesome. Except I still can't stand when Motorhead do slow metal songs like "Under the Gun" and "Living in the Past".
An interesting old horror movie from the early 80's is called "Terror On Tour". It's almost like what I imagine a snuff movie to be, with lots of hot, naked girls getting killed by a band of clown-faced heavy metallers. The interesting part, though, is that it stars the guy who later became the "soup nazi" on Seinfeld. I KNOW!!!

Add your thoughts?

The World Is Yours - EMI 2010
Rating = 7

First of all, what's with the Faith No More bullshorts? First they release a carbon copy of top-selling FNM album Live at Brixton Academy and now they're naming a CD after world-famous FNM b-side "The World Is Yours"?! What's next, Lemmy changing his name to "Lemmy Bottoms"? Come on, nobody wants a lemon-flavored bottom.

This is Motorhead's 20th studio album, and they have yet to make a bad one. Can you say that about any other band? Sure you can. The Fall. But anybody else? Even Motorhead's closest competitors AC/DC and The Ramones stunk up the joint with Ballbreaker and Acid Eaters respectively. But Motorhead keeps cranking up the volume and churning out the mean. And sure, The World Is Yours isn't one of their better albums, but it's still a surprisingly solid listen for a group of men aged one million each.

I have to warn you though: the first half kinda blows. Blues-rock speedball "I Know How To Die" is the kind of Motorhead you crave, but it's surrounded by goodtime rock'n'roll and big dumb Tuff Rock. Plus, this half features some of the most clich d and corny guitar work Phil Campbell's ever laid to tape, reaching its ralph-worthy nadir with the cheeseball pinch harmonics of stinkfest "Devils in My Head." In the most depressing twist of all, they picked the album's worst song as its first single: "Get Back in Line" brings absolutely nothing new to the world. No energy, no surprises, no reason to exist.

So thank Dog for the second half, every moment of which kicks the ass out of my dreams and into your car. They may not reinvent the Motorwheel, but mean addiction lament "Waiting for the Snake," driving angry pounder "Brotherhood of Man," pissed-off single-chorder "Outlaw," fast fun "I Know What You Need" and Real Kidsy rock'n'punker "Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye" offer exactly what the band's name promises and its fans desire.

The album could definitely use a few more fast songs but, as The Beatles once sang, "Every one of them knew that as time went by, they'd get a little bit older and a litter slower." Is it really fair to expect a bunch of senior citizens to get us out of our seats and dancing, as The Beatles would have it, "the Watusi, the Twist"? And sure, it's always nice when your sibling builds you a robot maid and says, as The Beatles remind us, "Take this brother, may it serve you well" but t

For The David Letterman Show
By Mark Prindle

10. Quack the Herald Angels Quack
9. Jingle Bills
8. Grandma Got Run Over By a Duck
6. The Twelve Ducks of Duckmas
5. I Saw a Duck Kissing Another Duck
4. We Wish You a Ducky Dickmas
3. All I Want for Dickmas is My Two Front Dicks
2. Fuck a Duck with My Dick at Christmas
1. Dicks

Reader Comments

Simon Burgess
I love this record, but I'm new to Motorhead so all their stock moves sound fresh to me. Still, working backwards through their last decade this seems one of the best they've done for ages, ace production too. Old bands can often still do aggression but you don't expect them to produce honestly classic TUNES like "I Know How to Die". The only turd is Rock n Roll Music

Add your thoughts?

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