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* special introductory paragraph!
* Millions Of Dead Cops
* Multi-Death Corporation EP
* Millions Of Dead Children EP
* Smoke Signals
* Millions Of Damn Christians (This Blood's For You)
* More Dead Cops 1981-1987
* Elvis In The Rheinland Live
* Metal Devil Cokes
* Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours...
* Shades Of Brown
* Magnus Dominus Corpus
To appreciate MDC, you really have to put yourself in the mindset that good intentions are more important than accurate execution. I'm not saying that they were a lousy band - but ummm... hmm. Well, they kind of WERE. Or at least, they just seemed a bit dopier than their political punk buddies (and mentors) Dead Kennedys. The singer had a goofy voice, the lyrics, as pointedly political as they were meant to be, were actually usually pretty dumb ("John Wayne Was A Nazi"?, "Corporate Deathburger"?), and most annoyingly, the band had a bad habit of falling behind the drummer so that the melodies got lost in the high-speed punkorama that ensued. But those are the only complaints I can make about the band, and I'm making them only very lightly. I like MDC a lot. Regardless of their minor shortcomings, they wrote a truckload of great melodies, and kept the speed alive! Alive!!! Rumor has it that they were gay too, which is interesting in and of itself if true, because they never ever talked about it in their songs.

But the music, by gum. That's the important thing. Like I said, they were politically-motivated (ooh! Dead Kennedys!), very leftist (like the Dead Kennedys!) and often used irony and sarcasm to get their point across (say! That sounds like the Dead Kennedys!). They also replaced band members a few times so their sound developed over the years from high-speed confusioncore to flavorful diverse punk'n'rock and back again. I don't know, dude. Everyone I know who's heard 'em thinks they suck, but something about them pleases me a lot. I like the personality in their music, for one thing. None of their work is faceless, emotionless racket - singer Dave Dictor is too colorful a character for that. Even when singing as fast as he can, he still sounds like a really concerned (though bitter) neighbor shouting over the fence to his best friend. And a lot of their music, especially on Millions Of Damn Christians - This Blood's For You (their most musical album), really deserves to be heard by you, by me, by everyone we see in this handy dandy land of candyass piss pop.

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Hey, I just read your review of MDC, and you said that they never talked about being gay - not quite true. It's true they didn't touch on it much, but in the middle of Dead Cops they go into America's So Straight for a minute or two, which is all about queer issues - "What makes them so straight, and me so bent?". So yeah, they did bring queer issues into the music too, and were one of the few bands that did at the time.

* Millions Of Dead Cops - R Radical 1982. *
Rating = 10

Fast, bitter and mean as hello! Fifteen songs in twenty minutes, and more angry high-speed shouting than nearly every episode of All In The Family! Plus, this is the only full-length album they released that sounded like straight-up toughguy hardcore, without the goofy jollies they would bring in as early as Smoke Signals. Every tune on here is topspeed (very, very fast, especially for 1982!) but still catchy (once you've listened enough times to pull the riffs out of the noise), including such delightful rants as "Dick For Brains," "Greedy & Pathetic" and "Violent Rednecks." Honestly, a fantastic record. Even all those bastards who trash MDC better be willing to admit that this is one of the most direct, intense and yet somehow still catchy remnants of that old hardcore era. Or maybe they don't! Who cares? I like it, and I'm writing the damn review! Just be careful. It's really short, yet it still took me several years to find myself a copy for less than 15 bucks (I finally hunted down a slightly warped but still perfectly playable copy in Arizona for 4 dollars! Ha!). Buy and fry!
Reader Comments (Fred L. Sachen)
The millions of dead cops album is a very good album. i got it for 5 bucks. i suggest that you look around a decent store and you can get it for a lot less than 15 bucks. MDC may not have been the most talented band around, but they were not lousy at all.
M.D.C.'s first full length record is their best in my opinion. I like all their other records and I still have everything they ever put out, including comps. I still have fond memories of seeing M.D.C. at the rat house or the vats back in the 80's and will never forget the great times I had hanging out with the band. If you like the records, you would love to see them live!!!! (Uncle Buzz Records)
Did I ever tell you about the time I got pulled over by a cop, while wearing my Millions of Dead Cops T-Shirt ? Aw, man ....... (Philip)
i play dead cops quite often and enjoy the tightness of the fury.Kapai.
Yeah, I tried playing this for a friend a few years ago and he just laughed. I don't get it. This is really one of the most pissed off sounding hardcore records of all time. No whining or screaming on this one, just super lefty charged hollering by someone who actually sounds like an adult (which is certainly not a quality I look for or necessarily even value, but it seems noteworthy for being atypical). I'm inclined to say the vocals are hip hop articulate (sonically speaking), but that just crossed my mind right now and I'm not yet committed to that statement - sounds ridiculous I know. And while the guitars sound a bit anemic the songs are so damn fast and SO DAMN PISSED it doesn't matter. There's also a humor here that you don't find in hardcore a few years later when the straight-edge movement reared it's ugly jock lookin' buzzcut head. Love the appropriated artwork on this one too.
This is the only MDC album I really like, though I have a few others. Though I don't consider them among the great hardcore bands, this album is one of the greatest ever. I think the vocals are what really sets this apart. The lyrics are good, but not particularly special; however, the delivery is amazingly effective. On some albums, the vocalist sings the lyrics to a melody; on others, the vocalist shouts the lyrics as fast as he can over the music; but with this album, it really sounds like the vocalist is TALKING to you, albeit in a really loud voice expressing extreme anger - indeed, he is YELLING AT US, really making us pay attention. Every single word is delivered as if the world depended on it, like the yell of a person warning you to get out of the way of an approaching car. That's what puts this album over the top into the realm of the greats. And by the way, "Violent Redneck" is my favorite song in the 30-40 second range. ViolentredneckyouseeredViolentredneckyouseeredViolentredneckyouseeredVio lentREDNECK!

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Multi-Death Corporation EP - R Radical 1983.
Rating = 8

Okay, let's be honest. Let's not touch each other in a special place and then tell the cops we were hunting iguana. This dinkyass little record really doesn't deserve an 8. First of all, there are only four songs. But see, they're fast! They also have way too many changes, so they're hard to follow. So what? If they're fast, they deserve an 8! Ha! I just adore "Radioactive Chocolate," and the other three songs are cool and fast too. Okay, it's generic and it's only about four minutes long and it only deserves a 7. Stop being so damned negative! Four 8's and a huzzah!

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Millions Of Dead Children EP - R Radical 1984.
Rating = 8

This is even shorter and more deserving of a 7 than the last one, but I'm a hardcore junkie and I just love this crap. Understand, him, that this is REALLY just a single and not an EP at all, but they call it an EP on the record, so I figured what the hoo? "Chickensquawk" is a slammin' jammin' country punk vegetarian stomp and "Kleptomaniac" is super bonus, but you don't need to buy it. You can find both of these dinkyass lil' records on the More Dead Cops album if you'd just be patient and wait until 1988. I don't even know why I reviewed the damn things separately. God, am I ever a worthless piece of horseradish. Mmmm, horseradish..... Four more 8's and a whoop-de-doo!

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Smoke Signals - R Radical 1986.
Rating = 8

Well, with the addition of new guitarist Gordon Fraser, I get the feeling that the MDC boys were trying to branch out here. With lots of lovely colorful hippie hues on the front, it genuinely looks like a record from 1970, but, aside from some really awful beefed-up bassy production, the riffage is the sameage... aside from "South Africa Is Free," which has a dumbass white guy with a mustache take on the whole funky Sly Stone groove slidin' around. A few 'ironic' celebratory tunes -- "King Of Thrash," "Skateboards From Hell" and "Soup Kitchen Celebrity" -- aren't too effective either. The rest of the songs are great, though.

Again, you really have to let go of your pre-established concepts of what makes a song "good" or a vocal "not suck ass" or a lyric "not really darn stupid" to enjoy it, but it's good! I like it a lot! When Dave gets going, he can scream as maniacally as anyone in our gang, and, oh you know how I feel about hardcore. I like it! "The Big Picture" is a really really great pop punk tune, too, later covered by the Canadian Subhumans if I'm not remembering my history wrong. "Drink To Forget" is really great too, discussing the unbearably painful day-to-day existence of a war veteran. Good stuff! Crank it up! How's about that really loud bass?

Reader Comments (Catherine Phillips)
The Canadian Subhumans do not "cover" the Big Picture - it was theirs to begin with.
I had the awesome privilege of seeing these crusty old homeless people rock the fireside bowl in chicago a few years back, and even though they were all older than my dad they kicked ass like few bands i have seen before or since. 'Drink to Forget' is one my all time favorite songs- it makes my cry and bang my head! Chicken Squawk is irreplaceable, 'Henry Kissmyassinger' and 'mao tse tung' are two of the best short songs ever, and 'nazi's shouldn't drive' is one of the most hilarious punk songs in existence. Ooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

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Millions Of Damn Christians (This Blood's For You) - Boner 1987.
Rating = 9

Wow! It was kinda hard to tell on Smoke Signals, but this Gordon Fraser fellow can really PLAY! Seriously!!! Like solos and classical pieces and arpeggiated melodies and all sorts of thingos! He can keep up the breakneck speed of solid American hardcore too! As such, and because the guys' melodies are just totally top-gear and high-powered (even more so than usual!), this is by a wide margin the finest MDC album since the head-smashing debut.

The diversity hinted at on Smoke Signals comes to full fruition on this go-round, with classical guitar plankydank ("Chock Full Of Shit") bouncing around hypnotic funk ("Guns For Nicaragua"), ridiculous disco shit ("Sexy And Christian") and dark electric jazz rock ("Police Related Death"), while not backing down a bit in terms of speed and political content. Strong mix, too. Not nearly as muddled and amateurish as Smoke Signals. And what about "Henry Kissmyassinger"? It's like six seconds long!!!! Good good good. I mean, it's still MDC, so some of it's a tad obvious, but not in an REM-kinda way. It's witty and biting and every bit as sacreligious as nailing Jesus Christ to a cross and tossing mandarin oranges at his penis. "Your Death Wish Is Sick" sucks, though. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Reader Comments (Olivier le Ray)
Hi guys! Here's a thank from France(you know, that cheesy country that cannot speak english). Well I'm now 27 years old, but I have not forgotten the very first time I have listened to an MDC album. And it was titled This blood.... What a great moment. They had succeded in mixing uncompromised hardcore to gorgeous melodies. From this day I've got every MDC's LPs available in France but This blood... still sounds like their best one to my ears.

I've seen them on stage once, in Toulouse (a sunny city in the south of France): Dave Dictor was quite drunk, there were several bottles of red wine on the stage, i think they liked visiting the country...

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More Dead Cops 1981-1987 - Boner 1988.
Rating = 8

This is that record I mentioned earlier that contains both the Millions Of Dead Children and Multi-Death Corporation EPs. It also has the wonderful debut MDC single (the midtempo cruncher "John Wayne Was A Nazi" backed with the sizzlin' sweet HC "Born To Die"), a couple of late-sixties cover tunes of varying quality (the light-hearted bounce of "Born Under A Bad Sign" suits the Middysee clowns, but Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic" just doesn't quite make the transition), and two other songs that must have come from somewhere - one a bitter pissy attack on the Bad Brains and the other with a title dangerously similar to a Clash reggae tune. I dig this album. If you don't like the idea of a band growing artistically and trying out melodic new forms of delivery, then buy this album and just skip the last couple o' tunes. Thanks!
Reader Comments
Ok....first off, for those with limited vinyl options, you can get this album on a cd that ALSO has all of Millions Of Dead Cops.

This just plain ol' kicks ass.

Chicken Squawk....umm.....just a great song, no matter how you look at it.

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Elvis In The Rheinland Live - R Radical 1989.
Rating = 8

Live record - messy, but not too messy! A nice addition to any fine punk collection. Has about twenty tracks including a couple of Michelle Shocked tunes (apparently MDC played on one of her records, too, but I haven't heard it), but not enough good stage patter for my discerning ears. I mean, there's the bit where Dave cusses out a guy for getting mad at the slamdancers around him, but that's about it. I wish they talked more about what it's like to be in a punk band and what kind of dog they really like. Probably a Weimeraner or Yellow Lab. Those are cute. So are Dalmations, but they tend to get really fat, for some reason. Like homeless people. Bastard lazy pieces of duodenum brown!!!!
Reader Comments
Great album. I was surprised they sounded so good.
The Michelle Shocked album was Short Sharp Shocked and the song was Fogtown

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Metal Devil Cokes - Boner 1989.
Rating = 7

All right. Perchance you're wondering why this one would get a 7 when all the others got an 8. Weeeeell, it's like this. The melody writing just isn't up to the usual MDC level. I don't mind that they completely abandon punk rock halfway through the record, but I'm a bit bothered that they choose to replace it with silly little kid singalong music like "I'm A Knucklehead," "Ain't It Funny How It All Works Out," "Hole In my Soul," and "Love Potion No. 9". The rest of the album almost makes up for it, though. "Mongoloid" and "I Was A Dupe For The RCP" in particular book along pretty fluffin' elton, and "Something For Everyone" is an incredibly uplifting little happy fart. There's also a musical recipe for Tofu Spaghetti, a jazzy pessimistic Christmas carol, and umm.....

Well, there's "Dirty Harry For President." Now see, I'm not knockin' liberals because in a lot of ways, I am a liberal. But I am a firm believer in revenge. And as far as I've seen in the two Dirty Harry movies that I've rented in the past month (Dirty Harry and Sudden Impact - both very entertaining!), that's all that Harry is really concerned with. He finds heartless bastard criminals and punishes them. I'm all for that! What's the problem??? I'd love to live in a world where assholes, both criminal AND cop, get what they deserve. That's just me talking though, and I'm not exactly "Mr. Political Science," although I went by that name for a couple of years in elementary school, so maybe I should avoid the social issues and stick to talking about bouncy rhythms.

Reader Comments (Rado)
yeah i know it's really hard to argue here about what's good and what is not, and i do agree many songs here are not in the classical mdc style, but to me mdc is that kind of band that they can do whatever, i will probably like it ... well, kidding of course, but i love that poppy songs like "ain't it funny .." or "hole in my soul" the same way as old raw stuff. i love mdc too much to like more or less each specific record. fucking inspirative band to me!

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Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours... - RR Radical 1991.
Rating = 7

It looks like Dave and Al had to replace the guitar section, because this CD is credited to "Millions of Dead Cops II." And, although it goes for a harder, tougher sound than the last record, it's still pretty damn spotty for an MDC album. The new guitarist wrote most of the music and, although he can churn out a kickass hardcore melody when he tries hard enough ("Cockrocker" is my favorite on here), he also too often lets himself get bogged down in metallic cliches (predictable riffs, too many slow "mosh" parts). And Dave isn't helping matters, giving us the worst vocal performance of his career, yelling and growling completely off-key and WAAAAAAY too loud for the music (though that's likely the engineer's fault for mixing him so damn high). It's not a bad album, please understand my American language words. It's just, again, spotty. Like, whenever there's a really good song, it's likely to be followed by a weaker one. And whenever you run across a supercool riff, it's likely to be quickly replaced by a duller, slower one during the course of the same song. But what the hell - it's MDC. Learn it and love it!
Reader Comments (Agent Macabre)
I love that "Crime of Rape" song. I think it's their best song.

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Shades Of Brown - We Bite 1994.
Rating = 8

Total comeback! This album (which is by "MDC" with no "II" in site) is really solid! It's a nice mix of '90s sounds, from the hardcore to the poppy to the metal to the rockabilly to (gulp) RAP, mostly with pretty entertaining results. It's entertainment and should be taken as such. It's a fun record! Like all other MDC albums, there are a heck of a lot of numbers here that will get stuck in your head at least until the song is over, and at times even lengthier a period in the fourth dimension! If you like the old stuff, hunt this one down. It follows through on the promise made by Smoke Signals and Millions Of Damn Christians, with a wide variety of musical flavors, textures, and wallpaper swatches. And they cover "Last Train To Clarksville"!!! Finally a punk band is smart enough to realize that "Stepping Stone" isn't the only great song that The Monkees had written for them!!!!

I just put this record on the turntable, and let me tell you something - I love this fucking band. They never abandoned the disgustingly high-speed hardcore noise that was their initial forte; they just expanded on it and added in some other influences. Fifteen songs are on here, and aside from "Someone's Behind You Again" (which is and will remain one of the most appallingly irritating numbers I've ever had the displeasure of shoving up my canal) and a couple other songs that don't quite reach the top rung on the ladder of listenability, this album is a total thumbs-upper. Good luck finding it, though.

Say, did I mention that there's a song where a bunch of little kids keep singing, "Satan loves me, yes I know?" I love this fucking band. I fucking love this band. I love fucking this band.

Ha! Just pullin' your crank there! I'm not homosexual at all!

I'm not literally pullin' your crank. As I said, I'm not homosexual at all. I enjoy a good vagina.

Look, I'm not saying I go around enjoying a variety of vaginas. That's not my bag. I'm a one-woman man. I'm simply trying to point out that I'm not homosexual.

Look, there's nothing WRONG with being homosexual, and if I was homosexual, I hope I'd have the courage to admit it to myself and those around me (although I'm not sure I'd be terribly interested in adopting that cliched lisp as an integral part of my identity), but I'm simply not a homosexual. That's all I'm saying.

And anybody who IS a homosexual should be taken out and shot.

I'm just pullin' your crank!!!! Ha!!!!

I'm not literally pulling your crank. Although, if you're offering like ten dollars or something, I can certainly be persuaded....

I'm just pullin' your crank!!! Ha!

Not literally, though. If anything, I'd be pullin' your vagina.

Not that I go around pulling on women's vaginas or anything. I'm a one-woman man, not to mention that I find it particularly rude when a man pulls on women's vaginas without first querying said females regarding the subject at hand (i.e. whether or not he may pull on their vaginas).

Hey, speaking of vaginas, John Cougar Mellencamp's Big Daddy album is pretty lame.

Reader Comments
This was the first MDC album i had ever heard, and it kicked ass. I think it should get a nine. It also has the only decent rap song ive ever heard (Agent Macabre)
Shades of Brown Should get a damn 10, what's wrong with you? It is also has best sound quality of them all.
mdc is one of my alltime favorite bands. p.s. uh you should come around more often? atleast the LA area. yeah its me the foothill steve zepeda oh come on! (Stuart Willis)
Who cares about your sexual preference?! Your review seems more concerned with bad jokes than reviewing music - and has no continuity (are you an alcoholic/ druggie?!?!)

Yeah, good album here. Though you're incorrect in stating they were the first punk band to cover 'Last Train To Clarksville'. Ludichrist did a (superior) version on their 'Immaculate Deception' debut in the 80s - an instant hardcore classic. (Al Batross)
Hey -

Very amusing that someone pointed out that Ludichrist had covered "Last Train to Clarksville" before MDC did "Last Train to Castro."

Ludichrist was my very first band, a band I named and started while forced to attend a Catholic School in my teens. I always thought it was a very odd, and somehow cosmically correct, that all these years later I would be playing for a band I worshipped when I started Ludichrist (MDC) all those years ago - and who had chosen to cover the exact same, and very unlikely, song we had covered. I never even knew about it as I had never heard "Shades of Brown" until I joined the band!

I guess I was destined to be a part of MDC.

Mark, back in 1982 the dead kennedys played here in Belgium and brought along MDC as warming up band. At the time all we had was what we though was the toughest meanest thang: Discharge, but this MDC band blew away all our illusions, man! that was some concert these 2 bands redefined punk in europe, and yes European Hardcore sort of started from 1982. I like to think it was similar like UK 70's punk bands speeding up rythms after seeing the Ramones.

Add your thoughts?

Magnus Dominus Corpus - Sudden Death 2004
Rating = 6

I had a dream last night. There were no more riffs. No reason to fight, 'cuz there were no more riffs. Why record an album when you've got no more riffs? Your whole band looks like a cow bum (Brit. slang for "posterior"; rhymes with "album") when you've got no more riffs.

Yes, it's true. MDC is back, apparently with three original members -- singer Dave Dictor, guitarist Ron Posner and bassist Mikey Offender. As such, here comes a zinger: if only their new CD had three original MELODIES!

All mean-spirited insultery aside, half of these songs are damn fine monuments to speed, fun, catchiness and sarcasm, even displaying the occasional creative riff. Unfortunately, if "half of these songs are damn fine," it stands to reason that the other half are "famn dine." And you know what happens to those who try to "dine" during a "famn" (famine): they come away empty, irritable and dissatisfied, eventually succumbing to starvation, rotgut and slow death. This is precisely what doctors warn will happen to you if you listen to this album.

Whether rolling your eyeballses at the "used 400 billion times before" hardcore riffs of "Poseur Punk," "Life But How To Live It" and "Nazis Shouldn't Drive," squeezing your colon out into the toilet at the gross trudge-metal of "Walking On Thin Ice," throwing a plaster cast of Jesus's knockers at the Robert Cray-style blues rocker "Prick Faced Bastard" or wondering why on earth Dave would write a parody of The Beverly Hillbillies theme if he's never heard the original (just LISTEN to him emotionlessly recite his observations about George Bush - "DUI, that is. Criminal record, cover up," he reads from his lyric sheet with not even an ounce of humor.), chances are good that you'll be so bored with the musical surroundings that you won't even notice Dave's always solid lyricism, again rooted in left-wing politics, sarcastic wit and the occasional optimistic hope for a better tomorrow.

And lyrics - why, lyrics are what MDC is all about! Here, enjoy some samples:

From the awesome, melodic-sense-defying "Destroying The Planet": "Fuck you and God bless America!"

From the Crucifucksingly offensive "Let's Kill All The Cops": "Let's kill all the cops and throw 'em in bags/Set it on fire on a pile of rags!"

From the drumless, sorrowful arpeggiation "Timmy Yo": "NOFX for years made their way/Laughing at what the political punks had to say/Taking the piss out of everyone's anger and passion/While being a shill for the Warped sneaker tour fashion."

From the mother-son conversation "Founding Fathers": "Andrew Jackson the Indian killer - A movie of his life could be a nightmare thriller!"

From the otherwise dismally generic "Poseur Punk": "All that talk of inner pain - Just another reason for you to complain!"

Regardless of the music's questionable quality, the mix is fantastic. The instruments sound crisp, tight and pissed-off -- more like the band's mean stripped-down debut album than anything they've released since, and a perfect fit for the overload of fast hardcore songs they pile on your ears throughout. Plus, Dave's "loud neighbor" voice hasn't changed even a teeny iota, so you'll be rudely reciting his screeds to those you come into contact with probably all day almost.

So the lyrics, mix and SOME of the riffs are pretty great. Still, what does it say about your new album when its most musically compelling track is the re-recording of a song you wrote 18 years ago?

I'll tell you what it says: "Don't re-record songs you wrote 18 years ago!!!"

(It also says, "Mark Prindle rules! Whoo!")

("Give him some money! Whoo!")

("Or a BJ!")

Hey, I'm just telling you what it says about the album. If you can't deal with the observations of an objective third party, then you know what you can do??!?! You can just take your pants off and sit right down on my DICK!!!!

Alternately, if you're a man, come back in like 15 minutes.

Reader Comments

Ron Posner of MDC Fame
I'm the guitar player in MDC and after 25 years of hard hitting hardcore and still doing it . . . easy for you to sit back and shit on me and the "no more riffs" I wrote. This is what Pig Champion has to say for those of you who ARE NOT in a band -

"This is a dedication of love to Jerry A. and Poison Idea. It is with great pride that we have delivered this LP. That we have completed it is almost a miracle. We were always obsessed with trying to top the past. I feel this new record stands up to the standards of rip-snortin’ punk rock we delivered on earlier recordings. If you disagree, write your opinion on a Darby Crash wig and send it to somebody who cares! To the gossips, “writers”, liars, internet impersonators and record labels who hide behind p.o. boxes, secretaries, computers and strippers: spare us anymore of your hip, angry poo poo. This is shit on your mother’s asshole! With this record we are back and, through legal means or direct action, will level your Karma! A message to record labels who continue to sell our records and provide no accounts: watch out! I hope this makes the fans happy. It’s a tribute to 25 years of tortured loving self-abuse. PI comes back again. It’s like Elvis ’68 comeback special in a ’77 Easter basket. Remember that punks are the old farts of today and old farts stink the worst. Hey Kids. Do it yourself – it’s better."
Aw, Ron Posner, don't be a pussy. If you're pissed of with Mark, don't send an stupid quote about how internet critics suck, he wrote what he wanted on his website. If you're so obssesed with matching the past standards, then don't whine when Prindle says the best song on the record is a rewrite of an earlier song.

Oh, MDC. I've never listened to them.

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