Linkin Park

A heretofore unheard of and amazingly exciting, wild new form of music called "rap metal," the likes of which have never before been imagined even by the world's finest minds

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*Hybrid Theory
*In The End: Live & Rare EP
*Live In Texas
*Minutes To Midnight
*Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes
*A Thousand Suns

I'm about to make a crazy-eyed, controversial statement that may offend you, but I'm feeling it deep (spelled backwards is "peed"!) inside and the force of my will is nearly splitting my body into two halves with discord. Here goes the statement: Rap-metal is not going to go down in history as a good idea.

No no, you don't have to call me a blind soothsayer or a fool on wings or any of those other epithets you monsters use when trying to drive a genius insane - I'm sticking to my buns on this one. So this week's entry in the rap-metal marathon is a bunch of humorless, stone-faced men who go by the misspelling "Linkin Park."

Reader Comments
Okay, fist off, the do not "mis-spell" Linkin Park. They would have named the group Lincoln Park if the website was'nt already taken. --At first they called themselves 'Hybrid Theory' after the addition of Bennington (the idea being that they were a hybrid of hard rock and rap), but due to a trademark issue with a band called Hybrid they were forced to change their name. Some discarded ideas were Clear, Probing Lagers, Ten PM Stocker and Platinum Lotus Foundation. Eventually, they settled on Lincoln Park, suggested by Bennington because after band practice he would have to drive past Lincoln Park in Santa Monica to get home. However the domain "" had already been taken, and to buy it from the owners cost more than the band could afford, so they changed the spelling to Linkin Park.-- If you want to really read into it, go to AND ANOTHER THING! plz post this on your online thing, plz and thanks.
That's the reason they picked this spelling? Because it got in the way of their marketing plans? Jeez I know the internet is a good way to get your band "out there", but that's absurd. What about!

So they're either stupid or some corporate jock's wet dream. Awesome. Listen...isn't that rapping so hip. Won't the kids just "dig it"?

Anyway I just wanted to say how glad I am that this style of music is dead. Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit. Nu-Metal was actually a worse genre than Rap-Metal (I know, you heard me right)

Screw 'Em. Especially Fred Durst.

Hybrid Theory - Warner Bros. 2000.
Rating = 5

When you shove the CD in your dick-go-pop, the first three songs will blow me away with their exciting mixture of neat electronic melodies, neat techno/industrial noises, rap beats and heavy metallic riffing. The vocals alternate between white fellow rapping and generic-voiced but note-hitting singing, and the choruses are REALLY anthemic, soaring and angst-ridden. They sound a lot like the best tunes from the last few Anthrax albums - YOU know the ones I'm talking about! (insert sound effect of crickets making cricket noises, to signify that nobody has heard the last few Anthrax albums and that, in fact, nobody has even THOUGHT of the word "anthrax" in years and years! Ha ha! Can you imagine having any reason to think of the word "anthrax"? Aww jeez. This is such a wonderful day, this September 10th, 2001).

But then after track three, the neat electronic melodies suddenly disappear, the riffs turn into mindless, forgettable thudding and the far-too-earnest rapping starts to sound really damn stupid. But those bombastic, pained choruses don't go away! You know "Crawling," right? "CRAW-LING IN-MY SKIIIIIIIIN!" Well, the entire rest of the album sounds pretty much identical to that song. The verses are unrememberable and the choruses are catchy as heck because they are really loud and follow pre-established "tortured" chord sequences. "Cure For The Itch" is cool though. I'm not knocking "Cure For The Itch.".... Especially with my gonorrhea acting up!!! HA HEHEHE!!! F AHDHHEHEHE!!!

Does gonorrhea even itch?

Reader Comments (Mike Burrus)
When i first this album, i thought it probably deserved a 6. Now, i listen to it, and i could never give it anything higher than a 4. Sure the electronic noises are cool, and the choruses are catchy, but this genre is so tired and overdone. If Limp Bizkit and bands like them didn't exist, i probably would have enjoyed this album more. Every time i hear this, i can't help thinking about how uninspired and one-dimensional it sounds, despite all the electronic beats and noises. so dull, and manufactured. Most of the melodies just aren't good at all. The first track, "Paper Cut" is decent, "One Step Closer" is bareable, but "With You" is just a song i cannot enjoy. the vocals for this band sound VERY flat and the lyrics are really, really awful. I'm definatly glad to hear that i'm not the only one who thinks most of these choruses are annoying. i'm sure there are many others, but NOT in my school. Damn preppies. anyway, the last two songs are decent though. They put two decent songs at the beginning and two decent songs at the end, and everything in between is shit. At least to my ears. I'll definatly agree with your statement about Rap-Metal music. Rap-metal music? there's an oxymoron for ya. ;) so, i think i would have to give it a 3. Poo.
Oh, where to begin... well, I guess this is as good of a place as any. Linkin Park fucking blows. Hybrid Theory is the only album my roommate listens to, and every time I hear Chester Bennington's 12-year-old-going-through-puberty voice cracking during those oh-so-anthemic choruses like Crawling, Runaway (hands down two of the worst rap-metal songs ever... right behind everything ever recorded by Limp Bizkit) and the rest of the piece of shit album I want to strangle somebody, and not necessarily my roommate. Just somebody. I see people walking around the camps where I go to school wearing Linkin Park clothing, and I wonder, are they oblivious to just how bad this music is? How could anyone think this is good?! Then again, take Blink-182 and Limp Bizkit. (Please. Now.) How they ever went multi-platinum is beyond me. I'm convinced there's some sort of subliminal shit going on in today's popular music, because 99.9% of it is embarrassingly bad.

I mean, Christ, my 14-year-old brother, who doesn't even listen to music, hates this crap. He wandered in one day while I was watching MTV2. The video for In The End was playing, and I was contemplating whether or not the CGI animators bothered listening to the song before doing their jobs. (Probably not.) After like 10 seconds, his exact words were: "This is fucking terrible. Turn this shit off."

Side note: I saw the funniest commercial ever the other day: Best Buy's best of rock ad, featuring none other than Linkin Park, P.O.D. and Staind. (I am ashamed to be from the same city in Massachusetts as those no-talent dipshits.)

The riffs represent why I stand firmly against any bands but Anthrax and Black Sabbath de-tuning their guitars- any fucking half-wit can play a one-fingered power chord, which is all Brad Delson does. Oh, wait, just like the dickhead from Papa Roach, he overuses octaves for "variety." And I love how all rap-metal guitarists use the same cop-out when asked politely by a guitar magazine about their total lack of instrumental ability: "When was the last time you heard a guitar solo in a rap-metal song?"

As a matter of fact, I believe the last time I heard a guitar solo in a rap-metal song was the last time I listened to Rage Against the Machine, who I don't like too much, but at least, unlike every other rap-metal band, or nu-metal band as well (Drowning Pool, Disturbed, etc.) THEY CAN ACTUALLY PLAY THEIR FUCKING INSTRUMENTS.

But back to Linkin Park, I am forced to ask: Am I the only one who cannot grasp the popularity of these bullshit bands like P.O.D., Drowning Pool, Alien Ant Farm, Static-X, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Adema, Primer 55, Staind, Spineshank, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit et al?! I can't be alone in this.

I bet all these bands were thinking the same thing, too: "Hmm, maybe I should tune my guitar down to C#, play the same boring chord progressions as every other band (just in a lower register), and write songs about running away from home, or about fighting with my parents. But it'll be different because I won't sing the lyrics, I'll RAP them. Yeah, that'll be so different."

Fuck de-tuned metal.

Wow, this may be longer than the review itself. In conclusion, I guess, I'd give the album 2 stars- one for each year until Chester Bennington's voice drops once he finishes puberty. (Adam McMahan)
I just have to say that I can't listen to too much more of your cynical bull shit without giving my opinion. When is the last time you guys listened to music to enjoy it and not to analyze every cord and criticize every style of music that doesn't compare to the two CDs you like? Well Wbinder007 if you don't like all these bands that have no talent but millions of people like why don't you stop listening to them. I've had voice training and Chester Bennington's voice is actually one of the better one's out there, but hey 99.9 percent of what most people like is embarassingly bad. Maybe everyone's under some spell and they should join your small little cult of people that agree with you. Hey and most those people are high school drop outs who wear all black and don't wash their hair. Actually not, but I was just trying to do some of those sweeping generalizations that you enjoy so much.

What's wrong with musicians following a popular trend? It's been done throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s too. But hey music is all about expression so they can't copy somebody else. Well if it's all about expression maybe their just expressing themselves in the same way as Limp Bizkit (I don't know how that bunch of talentless sell outs went multi platinum). HEY MAYBE PEOPLE LIKE THIS STYLE OF MUSIC. Oh yeah, fuck de-tuned metal except for the bands I like. Those are okay. (Pat D.)
Hoo boy. Another ripoff rapmetal band. Excuse me if i'm not thrilled.

By the way, Linkin Park is actually a meld of three things. Rap, metal, and boy bands. Man, what a combo. Can it possibly get any worse on pop radio? Whats next, rapmetal gospel music?

Eeek.....I hope no MTV execs read that suggestion. (Claire McPherson)
I couldn't agree more with the above comments. Although I don't like the idea of bashing bands that much (one man's meat is another man's poison, even if it does taste like shite), all these little pop-metal-rap-crap bands are absolute garbage. I haven't heard it, but I'm guessing giving this album a 3 would be a stretch. What I don't understand about this recent rush of rap-metal bands is why they keep pretending to be "hardcore" when they're just a buncch of whimps in khakis replaying the same old pop tunes (just heavier) over and over again. anyway, it's just another MTV fad that'll be gone by January. (Steve)
Owning this record in 2001 is the equivalence of having a Winger or Ratt album in your collection in '89. Where to begin? Hilarious lyrics, boring guitar, shitty vocals, a worthless dj, and an oh-so-marketable image. Can someone tell me exactly why all MTV bands at this point dress "punk", regardless of their genre? It reeks of clueless label executives coming to the conclusion that duplicating Blink 182's image will result in similar sales figures. I'd call Linkin Park the Ed Wood of rap-metal, but their unintentional hilarity factor isn't high enough. Someone please beat these guys to death in their sleep before I have to do it myself. (Robert Chaundy)
How could you? I really thought I was getting a comprehensive cheat guide for Air-Sea Battle there! I actually think these guys are nowhere near the worst of the nu/rap/whatever-metal crowd, but that's not really saying a whole lot. The problem is that record labels have sta


What's that?

Limp Bizkit on the wireless? .... Singing a cover of George Michael's 'Faith'? Really, really BADLY?? Wow!

Oh man this is some great stuff... Gotta have faith.. na na... ooh baby... THRASHTHRASH-THRA-THRASH... touch your body... HUUUUURGH... oh it'd be nice...

MY GOD! I take it all back!! Rap-metal is awesome!!! Delete and rewrite your misguided, stupid review of the epochally magnificent Hybrid Theory at ONCE! Call yourself a music critic...

I'm bored. I have the mother of all 500-page French creole historical novels to read by Wednesday and I'm sat here writing drivel. C'est la vie.
I was enjoying reading everyones comments on "lLinkin Parkr" and rap metal in general. But i have to agree with something another gentlemen said. If you guys don't like it, then why listen to it. I think that the people who run around saying, "rap metal blows, Fuck de-tuned metal" are just as bad as the people who actually think that rap metal is good. I Hear peole saying "oh my god , Linkin Park is the worste shit i ever heard in my life. i listend to the whole album 3 times and it sucked". Well, jackasses, i think thats the problem right there. I know for damned sure that if i don't like a particular style of music, it wouldn't take me three times of listening to an entire cd to realize that shit. I think that it is a popular trend these that people think that it somehow makes them cool to bash "pop" music. Well, only to the less enlightened,is this so. Real, intelligent individuals understnd that if we disslike anything , then the smart thing would be not to dwell on it. Unless somehow you "bashers " are secretly in the closet about your relationship with pop music. If thats the case, then it is disturbingly obvious. I personally think that de-tuning your guitars has nothing to do with the quality of music that is played. Look at bands like Black Sabbath and "old" metallica, and you will see what i mean. If you honestly think the key a song is in has anything to do with it's quality, then you really know nothing about music and should just keep your mousth shut from this day forward as not to embarras yourselves any further. So, to end my rant, do i like rap-metal? Hell no, but who fucking cares? (Pat D.)
Hey rooster, have you ever considered that some of us who you so pointlessly attacked here dislike rap metal for the same reasons you do? (Andrew McQuillan)
That paragraph about Anthrax was priceless.
You are so right about rap metal.I tell you something(people will think i'm nuts or paranoid)but i honestly believe groups like linkin park,blink 182,limp bizkit etc..are promoted by the US record industry and MTV mostly cos they are american.Ever since The Beatles and their contempories arrived on these shores the US music industry has promoted all sorts of shit to try and beat it.I'm american but i tell you one undeniable truth.The british have always produced better groups than us when it comes to rock music.Even now Radiohead,Travis,stereophonics etc...are so much better than the above.I listened to the best of Pink Floyd yesterday,i mean hell,we haven't produced a prog rock band that comes anywhere near them.Am i missing something here? (Randy Linco)
Hmm....Now if only they would play any OTHER cd besides this shit whenever I work out at GOLD's GYM at 200 am then maybe I would have better abdominal definition and chicks would lick blueberry syrup off my pecs. Curse thee prepubescent preppy Linkin bastards. (David Pascoe)
There are people in this world who only see what they are shown and only hear what they are told. They do not know that there is music other then Linkin Park, Korn, P.O.D., and what not. I say to you my ignorant friends is that MTV and your local radio is not the music center of the world!!!! If you dig a little deeper you will find great bands like the Melvins, Mudhoney, Seaweed, or any other band on Mr. Prindle's web site. I think everyone should stop listing to that crap on the MTV and storm the front door of your local radio station with a Melvins cd in your hand and show the world what real music is supposed to sound like. Music is not this polished crap that is easy to listen to, it is supposed to make you think. Linkin Park cant make you think! Its the same shit that we have been FORCED to listen to for years. Who wants to here a millionaire talk about how much his life sucks ( if hear another 29 year old talking about how he wants to run away from home, I am going to do something bad and violent and something not pretty.) I know I should stop talking now or I am going to 5000 little pissed boys at my door step all dressed in black and wanting to kill me (or feel sorry for them because their mom hates them or something)
I think Linkin Park is a great band... Chester can actually sing extremely well. I think many of you think they suck only because you are so caught up in your music that you have been listening to for years... well, sometimes you got to just open up to the different types of music. Quit being so fucking closed minded. Obviously you have willingly listened to there music of you know about all there choruses... your just trying to follow the trend of hating the new music.... you can't dwell in the past... you got to listen to a variety of different music. All in all, Linkin Park is a great band that should be appreciated because they actually have talent.
Well fellow readers, probably already absorbed into the world of crappy rap-metal and rockbands who write songs thinkin theyre punk, when only thing they can write about is well......suicide. i find linkin parks o so crappy overplayed "rap metal" songs about taking a step closer, whats gonna happen in the end, even tho they claim that they dont know why so diligently, and o ya crawling. well i wouldnt be surprised if chester bennington crawls, hes thirty or so years old and his voice is still that of a 6 year old child. if configured how we can use the simple math they proby dont even know to create what this odd blend of music. crap+rap+crappy metal= crap metal. the other day i heard something that mad me sick. "lincoln park" was in an interview and they were comparing themselves to the likes of the beatles, nirvana and nine inch nails saying that they were bringing something more to the table like those bands did. Ha HA HA HA thats a funny statement mr. bennington u should probably burn in hell now! theres no way that kurt cobain under 8-10 doses of lsd could write songs as bad as these children do. NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER COMPARE YOURSELVES WITH THE BEATLES CHESTER!!!!! i was informed the other day that lincoln park is not a real band. they were put together by some record exec who knew all the band mates but the band mates didnt know each other. that reminds me of ......let me think....... A BOY BAND!!!! i am so sick and tired of everybody thinking that linkin park is metal when i just heard it the other day on pop radio. u sellouts make me sick. by the way pat d is my god. rap metal should die rage was the only rapmetal band and will always be. all of this other shite sucks total wang. peace
I just want to say that in my opinion Linkin Park is one of the best bands that has come out in a long time. The reason for their success is not because of just mainly their music, but their huge fan base. They have been very well excepted before they hit the main stream. Music is not all about the technical crap that a lot of these people are saying like, oh the rapping is stupid, Chester's voice sounds like a little kid going to puberty, the music gets old as the cd goes on. For one thing, if you are basing your opinions only on the cd, then you practically being a hypocrite because you really don't know much about the band at all. Go to a concert and then see how you like them. I just went to their concert in Chicago a couple weeks ago for the Projekt Revolution Tour. It was the best concert I have ever been to. Not only did I hear all the songs that I really like and have been listening to for a long time, but I was able to really see how great these guys are live, musically and vocally. Chester really is a good singer. He has the perfect "ROCK" voice and he is very versatile in his singing. He was able to hit notes during auditions for the band that no other auditioner could hit. If u watch the dvd "Frat Party At The Pankake Festival"(Linkin Park's dvd) one of the guys even said that when one of the auditioners heard Chester try out, he got up and left before even trying. Well, all I can say is that we all have our own taste in music, every band has people who hates them and loves them. Now this David Pascoe guy says that Melvins, Mudhoney, and Seaweed are real bands because they are not being advertised by MTV. Now what if all of a sudden they got into the mainstream and were being played on MTV. Would you be thinking differently about them then? And he also said music is "Supposed" to make you think. Now show me where the law is that says that and I'll shut up. I just believe in listening to music that makes you feel good and you like to listen to. Music is not supposed to be bound by rules. If you think that music should be the way you think it should be, then you're just screwed up. All I am saying is that before you judge a band, first make sure you really know more about them than a cd or a music video.

Somebody who used an email account they were told not to use

All of you peoples that don't like Linkin Park need to back up. I mean, your all complaining about their style of music, but what do you like? Jazz, Country, Gospel??? Linkin Park is a great band. You can relate to their lyrics. You can get a different message out of their lyrics every time you listen to the cd, it just depends on what kind of mood your in. It's weird b/c I can listen to their cd over and over w/out getting tired of it. But even if you don't like it, you don't have to go complaining and having a fit about it! I mean, who says you have to listen to it! There aren't that many bands that I think are all that great, but Linkin Park really is great. I can't wait until their new cd comes out, but I think that hybrid theory will be the only greatest one. All you people that think linkin park sucks need to pull your head out of your ass!!! Linkin Park is the greatest and you know it. (Willie Simpson)
A social commentary on the state of our youth from an eyewitness.

I do not fucking get it, these guys go out and sell SEVEN million copies of this wretched CD! What has become of our youth????? And I am one of them, just turning 18. I am so ashamed of what has become of my generation. I see them at my high school. Little suburban white rich boys who think they are rebelling against society and their parents by dressing punk, and having one of those dumb ass haircuts! If I'm not mistaken, didn't punk happen in the late seventies? And also, aren't Blink 182 in their 30s or something, and that other guy said that the leader of Linkin Park is 30 as well! The damn Beatles broke up before they even turned 30, and these guys are just making it! If they were so great, what in the hell were they doing for the past ten years! (Back to the youth)

Christ, they all fucking look the same, I thought punk was about being different, but they are all exactly the same!!! It has to be a giant secret underground fascist revival of loud mouth ridalin eating teens who are all talentless musicians who can't sing for circus peanuts. Please, if you are one of these lost children, buy some real music, listen to the Beatles or the Stones, and if you want something newer get the Strokes (oldest member 22 or something) or Radiohead, almost anything is better than this mindless collection of insipid, soulless, and bombastic crap. You straight edge fucks, take some drugs and expand your damn minds, please!!!!!!

Colin T.
re: "wbindere007"

detuners: melvins. sonic youth. robert johnson. godheadsilo. charles mingus. (Roland Fratzl)
You know, initially I hated these guys with a passion, but after having been exposed to the 2 or 3 huge hits that they've had, they've grown a bit on me. Those particular songs are fine examples in the continuing tradition of angst filled teen hard rock anthems, started way back by Alice Cooper. Nothing really wrong with that, is there? So what if their sound is "trendy", as long as the music is decent. They still manage to do it better than most of the other bands they get lumped in with by you cynics, and before you crucify me, just remember that usually I'm the last guy who would nomally defend a band of this ilk. Some of you claim they're a manufactured band. I admit I don't know anything about them or their history, but I somehow doubt that some corporation assembled them like a lego set and writes their songs for them, unless someone can tell me otherwise. That having been said, while I don't mind the couple of songs by them I keep hearing, I have the distinct feeling that this is the type of band whose album on a whole probably doesn't offer much strong material apart from the singles.
Wow, some thirteen year old jocks really got pissed just because a few people had the balls to say the truth, being as follows:


The lyrics are truly some of the worst I've ever heard, and Mike Shinoda is the second worst MC around, right behind Fred Durst. Anyone who actually thinks either of the vocalists have talent must not listen to anything but TRL garbage. There's nothing even remotely punk about this God-awful band, either.

Since I don't feel like responding to each stupid argument for the band provided by each moron, I'm only going to pick a few.

Moronic argument #1.) "Chester really is a good singer. He has the perfect "ROCK" voice"

No, Bon Scott had the "perfect" rock voice and attitude, and did he sound like a twelve year old? Not even close. I'm also fairly sure that if someone would have asked him to sing the line "I had fall / To lose it all / But in the end, it doesn't even matter," he would have shanked them in the throat and pissed on the gaping wound.

Also, if I can't fucking stand a band's shitty CD, like Hybrid Theory, why the fuck would I want to see them live?!

Moronic argument #2.) "You can relate to their lyrics. You can get a different message out of their lyrics every time you listen to the cd, it just depends on what kind of mood your in."

If you can relate to shit like "crawling in my skin / these wounds they will not heal," then you must admire Blink-182 for their incredibly deep lyrics as well. Watching my 21-year old roommate sing along to their songs makes me want to shit blood.

To the girl who thinks we al listen to Britney, I say the following: fix that Caps lock key, and also, pay much better attention in your freshman English class next year, when you begin high school.

And Roland, "So what if their sound is "trendy", as long as the music is decent"?! Thing is, it's not "decent." It's boring. It's the same boring crap that bands before have played, and bands after will play. All they did was take a well-defined sound created by dozens of bands before them and add nothing to it.

It's almost like if a bunch of Rage Against The Machine fans said "Well, we want to be just like them... except I can't play guitar, he can't rap, the other guy can't write lyrics or rap so he sings in a very annoying voice, the drummer only knows one basic beat, we have a useless DJ, and the bassist just follows the incredibly basic guitar lines. But we still want to be just like them."

Fucking wankers. (Adam Bruneau)
It's funny, last night I spent an evening with an old friend I haven't seen in months and months (and his college buddies), and the way we've changed is clearly shown in our music choices. I usually spend the weekend with my friends listening to The Pixies or Spiritualized or Boredoms (or countless other indie rock bands) and he and his friends busy themselves listening to safe kitsch like 80's hair metal and mainstream rock radio stuff like this and Train and Nickleback, which I can't stand of course but oh well...

Last night, we sat in a dorm room, waiting for several of his friends to arrive (standard 20-something upper-middle-class kids wearing Gap clothes and 'hip' black jackets) when they blasted Linkin Park from the nearby computer, and every time someone would enter the room they blew up about how good they were, and how original they sounded. "Nobody sounds like this band! How'd they get so big?" And well, while I kept my mouth shut about this absurd comment, it really just wanted to put on the latest by Bjork or Buffalo Daughter and cry for the death of good taste.... one of the above reviews it mentions...audtioners....if you have to audition in front of a panel to get into a band and the panel is not just the rest of the band playing with you...than it's not a real band. My biggest fear is ten years from now when bands start coming out that look at these guys as an INFLUENCE. The only thing music like this influences me to do is smash my guitar in frustration. Not because of how amazing it is, but because kids these days think this is rock and roll!!! How sick is that? Very sick.



OHHH YEAH AND CHESTER IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Robert Green)
the brilliance of A_Allday is there for all to see. That is a funnier post than anything that wanky post post modern critic bastard Mark Prindle will ever ever ever ever ever write. Or as A might say, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN MARK PRINDLE AND STUFF AND THEN WHICKED COOL SHIT WILL HAPPEN AN I THINK THAT CHESTER IS LIKE RAD AND I AM HUNGRY NOW etc. ad infinitum.

I remember the days as youth where I would remove people from their bad taste (or their good but limited taste e.g. all zeppelin or all stones etc.) with a good dose of The velvets, the stooges, The feelies (this was the 80s alright?) and so on, slowly building them up to The Sex Pistols, the Damned, Husker Du, the Replacements etc. Usually they ended up starting indie punk bands.

Do you think it is possible to do that with the kids today? I certainly hope so-some of the posters on this thread give me hope-as the man says in Galaxy Quest-"never give up, never surrender".
I don't own the record, but my friends and just about everyone I know think they're the coolest thing since sliced bread, so you know I've heard this album more times than any person should have to sit through. It's a shame that some of the good songs like "paper cuts" are never played on the radio and insted we're stuck with annoying crap like "one step closer" and "crawing" (In case you didn't know, the grammy's are one of the biggest jokes in the music business). Do you know how annoying it is to have to change the radio station every time I hear crap like this? Just yesterday I had to change the station after suffering through "my sacrifice" for 5 seconds while driving on the freeway. So this soccer mom cuts infront of me and thats not something you want to do to a person who's been driving for only a month while he's changing the station. I swerve out of the way and almost slam into a truck. Damn you Creed! Damn you.

Moving on, this stuff really isn't as good as everyone thinks it is. The moment radio and MTV stop overplaying it, people will forget who the f*ck Linkin Park are. Just like everyone has forgotten about Limp Bizkit.

By the way, "My December" might be one of the most boring songs played on the rock radio in years. (Justin Dottor)
My ex-girlfriend had this Cd and so I had the "pleasure" of hearing a bit of it-the music seemed like a collection of cliches and non-existant riffs that were stolen from equally bad rap/nu metal travesties. She saw them (there was no way I would've accompanied her and luckily for me she didn't ask me to) and said that they were pretty boring. Don't get me wrong, I like heavy music-like the Melvins, Acid King, Slayer, etc. This stuff isn't heavy. It might be loud, but it's just loud, bad dance music. Heaviness seems to me to be more about the atmosphere of a song, and this band's material that I've heard has nothing even coming close-the riffs are terrible, cliched stuff, and the lyrics are predictably juvenile and retarded. It's just idiocy produced for young morons who know nothing about good music. I know my own band isn't a godsend or anything, but at least we've progressed and try to play something worth listening to.
Interesing site ... Anyway, I have Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory CD too, so I know what it's worth of. And it's the record I got bored of for the shortest time.

The songs sond very much alike, indeed. Even with that, it could be a good album if the songs had some kind of originality and "deep" aspect. But what you hear is the oh-so-established nu-metal cliches by bands like Limp Bizkit and KoRn. There is a thin line between inspiration and imitation. Linkin Park fits in the second category, for sure. The screaming is so irritating 'coz it's so monotonous and by the end of the CD it's pretty sure that the singer doesn't show any emotion but just ... screaming. The rapping? Well, just when you thought Fred Durst thought he is the most tough rapper in rock, you've got this poser from Linkin Park - Mike ... whatever his last name is. Am I the only one that can't stand him? Since when did he decide to take up rapping? Guess just to fit the rap-rock trend. Can you say P-O-S-E-R? The rest of the group is just like what the ugly boys from N*Sync are. They are just ... there. So I guess I would give them a 3.

On another note, I'm sick of the teenyboppers who think they listen to "real" rock by listening to Linkin Park. No wonder the majority of their fan base is below 13 years old, which means that they haven't developed their own music taste. As far as I read the comments here I can say that my thoughts are right ... there wasn't any intellegent comment from a Linkin Park fan, so far. No wonder people are getting bored of Linkin Park. Here very few people like them and they are all N*sunc fans too. Oh, the irony :)
Duh, these people are retarded. They dont know good music anyways! Maybe becuz there life is so fuckin peachy keen that they can listen to Britney Spears and shit, but hey...this is REALITY and this isnt candy land. Cumon, Listen to the words of the songs....Its great music being that the words make alot of sence. If you can like Pop and whatever else you people listen to that all the punkers and rockers HATE then we can love our linkin park!! We dont trash Britney Spears on her nasty ass videos being a whore on the stage, or N'sync having gay little girlie voices with there "Bye bye bye" dont down our shit becuz its better than yours!!!!!!!!!! (Pat D.)
Just wondering...

1. Did ANYBODY here mention anything good about Britney Spears? 2. Did anybody say they were a fan of hers?

Since the answer to both one and two are NO....

3. Why do Linkin fans start with some tirade about us all being Britney Spears fans or NSync fans? 4. Can we please get a halfway intelligent Linkin fan here? Or is that an oxymoron?
linkin park rules. (Erik Petersen)
This album is a testament to everything wrong with America. As it was said, "LINKIN PARK IS A TERRIBLE BAND."
"Can we please get a halfway intelligent Linkin fan here? Or is that an oxymoron?"

I think the reason that we haven't gotten any intelligent people who don't have much of a problem with Linkin Park is because whereas the idiotic fan will become so shocked by the discovery of a negative opinion towards the band that they will deny its existance and react violently in a flippant attempt to cope with the shock, the person who actually DOES have some taste in music, who knows about the underground scene and the ire that underground music audiences show towards mainstream rock, yet enjoys some of the band's music for some strange reason will just become worn by all the declarations of inferiority and feel too confused and ashamed to even respond. I know this because that's how *I* feel, yet I'm going to try and respond anyway.

I guess the reason I don't hate Linkin Park so violently is because I actually haven't experienced any of their younger followers or mainstream media touting them as the new Jesus, nor have I heard any interviews with them proclaiming themselves as such, so I don't have the bias of those who aren't in a position to ignore such things. Take Creed, for example. I actually don't hate their music as much as the average non-sheep, and while I certainly wouldn't want to listen to Human Clay every day for the rest of my life, I do have to admit they have *some* modicum of instrumental prowess and melody. However, there's no getting around the fact that as people the band are a bunch of dicks, and visually they're so pretentious that they probably make Yngwie Malmsteen uncomfortable. Plus there's the annoying Christian overtones in their lyrics. That alone is enough to drive me to make cruel jokes about them and present opinions of their music that are often more negative than I normally feel.

I think what a lot of the people here on this board are lacking is PERSPECTIVE. It's easy to lump Linkin Park in with the likes of bands that ARE truly terrible like Drowning Pool and Papa Roach. But unlike the aformentioned neanderthal bands, their music does have melodies, some even decent. They may not be entirely original, but they're THERE, dammit! Where's the melody to "Down With the Sickness"? And the lyrics, though cliche'd and also often unorginal, sometimes show SOME semblance of intelligence, even if the subject matter often says otherwise. It's no Dylan, byt you can't deny there's a pretty big gap between "And the memory now is like the picture was then / When the picture's crumbled, it can't be perfect again" and "It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up / Everything is fucked / Everybody sucks".

Another reason I don't mind LP all that much is that I don't take them quite as seriously as most cynical listeners. Sure there's quite a bit of juvinility in the lyrics and music, but when you don't put any pretensions on yourself it sort of lends itself to a form of comic relief. It's exaggerated drama. Entertainment. Now if I read an interview with Chester Bennington claiming the line "Shut up when I'm talking to you" to be full of deep meaning and a powerful, mind-expanding poetic statement, I'll be sure to break every peice of electronic equipment containing that song in two. But as for now I can have FUN listening to the overt kitschiness of the lyrics. It's pretty much my main attraction to the music. So why do I still state heavy dislike for the millions of Korn clones who have similar comic value? Because behind said drama, songs like "Papercut", "Runaway" and "In the End" do have solid, catchy hooks and nice melodies making them somewhat listenable, wheras crap like "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" have absolutely ZIP to offer musically.

Why do teenagers buy Hybrid Theory, you ask? Same reason I find myself listening to it repeatedly despite the shame; 1) The songs are really catchy, and they bounce around in your head all day to the point where you get the urge to listen to them again even when you know better, and 2) Teenagers can relate to the lyrics. While I'm not about to write a 5 page essay detailing the theraputic factors of "In the End", nor claim "By Myself" as a poetic masterpiece worthy of being mentioned alongside the works of Roger Waters or Greg Graffin, they say more about what's on my mind than, say, anything that Paul McCartney has ever wrote. I mean, how exactly is the average teenager going to relate to the writings of John Anderson or Mark E. Smith? One of the main reasons I have no desire to listen to bubblegum dance pop is that all of it is celebrating boy/girl love relationships, and I'm not, have not been in, nor plan to be in a relationship anytime soon, so I just can't identify with it.

In summary, we all have our guilty pleasures. It just so happens that when a guilty pleasure is taken as something higher than such it, and the people who enjoy it, become the victims of critical people's emotinal retribution, which is why this page is filled to the brim with angry responses, yet the Madonna page is surprisingly stagnant in terms of society-focused negativity. Fuck, I'm started to feel ashamed for defending Linkin Park. Guess I better go listen to some Emperor to cleanse myself... (Kyle Coffey)
Well, my good sir,

I'd firstly have to say that Hybrid Theory is one awsome cd. It's the first cd I've bought where I actually like all of the songs.You go out and buy a cd and listen to it. Normally there are a few good songs. Otherwise, the rest are crap as. Not with Hybrid theory. All of you people critisizing them, go get stuffed. I'd like to see all you guys go out, create new music like them and hit it big and get crowds the sizes they get. Linkin Park are bloody awsome. Their next cd will be wicked as. As good as the first. Maybe even better. You never know. (Richard Burger)
Hm... I don't know if we're allowed to respond to a particular commentator anymore, but I really must say... Mr. Coffey, while I admire your civility, it occurs to me that perhaps, if most of the CDs you buy are filled with crap, the problem is your taste in picking CDs and not the general quality of the music available to the public? Because I have upwards of 200 CDs, and nearly all of them are consistently good.

As for my two cents on Linkin Park, I do agree that they're somewhat more melodic, interesting, and intelligent than most of the bands they get lumped with, and I don't mind them at all. But honestly... Who would spend money and time on this when there are so many bands out there that are actually great. And I'm curious... Of the devoted Linkin Park fans on this page, I wonder how many are actually familiar with the works of, say, Alice In Chains, Marillion, and Pink Floyd, three "angsty" bands I find myself turning to when I'm in a bad mood and need something to identify with.
Holy shit! It's Kyle Coffey!! You must be from Austrailia! I'm a nice guy and all, but I tend to have the strong feeling that anyone that likes Linkin Park is gay. And you sir, like Linkin Park. You give me one (just ONE) good example of how these guys have any sort of talent (or that they kick ass), and I'll stop calling you a fag. Nah, I'm just kiddin' man, you'll always be a fag in my book. (Jordan)
i must say, you're mentally fucken retarded, sorry but linkin park kicks ass
wbinder007, i salute you. every word of your post rings true. fuck linkin park and all other mispelled talentless disgruntled compressed teenager bands to endless hell. and fuck rush while you're at it.
This one is a lamb to the slaughter. I haven't actually bothered to listen to this CD, but for a time my brother played it constantly. I must say, "One Step Closer" is a halfway decent song, too bad the singer can't sing and it's obnoxious and grating. But under the layers of trendy scratches and "SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU", it's a decent little 3-minute rock 'n' roll song.

Too bad the rest of the album that I've heard only convinces me that the band should be murdered. Basically, WBinder007 hit the nail on the head. There is nothing remotely creative or interesting about this band, it's just more rap-metal exploitation crap that we'll hopefully all forget in a month.

To all the apparently braindead Linkin Park fan club members (they are a pop band, you know, just like NSync) who believe "you can relate to the lyrics!" - well, trust me, it ain't hard to write a line like "crawling in my skin/these wounds they will not heal". It takes some effort to write something NOT so hackneyed, so cliched, so predictable, so boring. Face it - this MTV slop that has been shoved down your throat HAS NO REAL DEPTH. It's infantile chest beating by petulant, angsty suburban white kids. (I'm a young, angsty, quasi-suburban white kid but you don't see me recording cheesy "rap-metal"). This is basically worthless. Sure, it looks cool to request on your TRL show and such, but if you look a little further than what's shoved down your throat you can find some real music. (Ryan Mulligan)
One time when I was four years old I threw up in my sleep. When I woke up the next morning there was all dried puke in my hair. All of a sudden, my mom wakes up yelling "Ryan, we've gotta go to the mall now, hurry up!" And I was all "But there's dried puke in my hair, I gotta shower!", but she wouldn't let me. I remember she had to drag me out of the house, kicking and screaming. I have no idea why we were in such a hurry, but I'll never forget that day. Do you know what it's like to have hundreds of people staring and pointing at your puke-ridden hair? I don't even know why I didn't wear a hat. This was probably the most embarrassed I've ever been and one of the worst days of my life. Oh well, at least I've never heard THIS album.
Why Linkin Park are fucking gay.

Ok this is um.. Rap Metal am I correct? Ok I have only heard two songs on the radio by this band and they are both mediocre and pretty much lame. First off this IS NOT METAL. It does not resemble metal in anyway. There is no thrashing, no blast beats, no deadly guitar work, no guttural vocals and no one is singing about fucking their dogs and raping their mothers. If anything it resembles ALTERNATIVE ROCK mixed with some rapping parts. It is easy to see why so man rich upper class kids would jump on something like this thinking they are REBELLING when all they are doing is bending over letting commercialism shove one more dick in their ass. Because in their sheltered lives where their only way reaching any kind of music is MTV this would seem really radical to a lame ass tard who doesn't know shit about shit.

Park have this thing where they fool dumbasses into thinking they are heavy by doing this thing where the singer will sing like a complete whiny faggot wuss then when the chorus comes he will scream out the lines. Sounds like a fucking little spoiled fag who should be slapped. Thing is it wouldn't be bad if were SCREAMING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SONG instead of backing down when Mr.Radio Safe waves his hand signifying if he screams one more second the song will not fall into the prewritten radio safe pattern of music. Another laughable thing is how shitty the songs are to begin with, the guitar work is lame and has been done 20 million times before and will be done again. De Tuned my fucking ass, hear some fucking Devourment if you want something de-tuned.

And the band themselves, they look like a GAP commercial and have been assembled by Record Execs looking for a quick buck before Rap Metal goes out next week. Anyways even in the world of radio safe manufactured Mcdonalds Core rock this is mediocre. Korn is a fucking shitty band but I'll be damned if Follow The Leader wasn't a well made piece of shit (btw I do not own any of these CDs, like Michael Jackson's Thriller, through other people you unwillingly are forced to listen to it at least once in your life) (amusingly enough Nu-Metal fans were all over that album when it came out, now it be considered WHACK to like it cause it be OLD YO, you can just see the longevity of the music can't you?)

jccable@comcast.netHURF (John Cable)
Everyone on this page saying that Linkin Park is a great band/underrated band/getting a bad rap from evil mean people who are all old and listen to stuff that is old like The Beatles or some other old band that is like old and they don't like: they are all commissioned from the record companies to do damage control for these negative reviews of their pre-manufactured, FAKE band. These aren't even real people, they're just mouthpieces for a megalomaniacal record company/propaganda machine.

Some people act like there's really no such thing as a "sell out." Oh but there is my music purchasing friends. A sell out is a band that makes its music according to marketing strategies and mass consumer desire, and in the end, for a big load of money that the band usually doesn't see anyway because a record company always finds a way to tax everything they can so they can keep their private jets and their multimillion dollar fine oak desks, while each band member pulls in about $20,000 a year after taxes. So they make as much money as a fucking secretary. And these people are supposedly the great musical deity that kids think is the BEST NEW BAND BECAUSE A BEST BUY COMMERCIAL TOLD ME IT'S ON THE "BEST OF NEW ROCK" COLLECTION.

I used to post reviews here mainly to rant about Metallica selling out. I was a bit harsh, mostly bored, and shocked, SHOCKED!!!!!!! that a band that was pre-established would "change its sound" that coincidentally was softer and more marketing friendly. But I think I was a bit harsh. The enemy really isn't individual bands like this (especially since they can put out a catchy song or two, make a single, and then disappear). The real enemy is the record companies that tie everyone down with a huge dollar sign. I don't blame them for wanting to make money. I blame them for wanting to make all the money they possibly can, they're getting too greedy, and it's biting them right in the fucking face.

So when we target a specific band, like this one, or a few others I won't mention (their names start with KISS STYX METALLICA), we may get too touchy, because we aren't thinking of the band itself. We're thinking about something more important than the band, we're thinking of the PRINCIPLE of a company brainwashing us into believing that their marketing division's fabrication is really art made by people with free will and an artistic statement or ideal.

This is not a rant.

PS: Linkin Park sucks anyway. (Uncle Buzz Records)
Why waste your time on this crybaby stuff? Gay prison rape rap is the wave of the future.

Kern & Denise Kragenbring
Hey guess what??

ALL you guys need to get a life! What Is your idea of fun sittin here and dissin linkin park!?!?! I'm pretty sure there makin a LOT more money than you, and are prolly WAY more talented than all of ya put together!~ so why don't u just shut the fuck up! Thanx
It's sad to see that a band's image is more important than their sound. It's also depressing to see what listening to this band and others like it has caused: poor grammar, bad spelling, excessive use of capital letters, and impotence. I'm 18 now, but I remember back in '96 being introduced to Rage Against The Machine, I thought they were great, and seem to be the only band mention on this page worthy of the title rap-metal. I also remember the Korn hype. I listened to them and hated their music and still do, but "atleast they were different," I thought to myself. Now everyone and their obese uncle tries to copy the sound. That's the thing about pop music, once a sound is accepted, it's exploited for all it's worth. This album pretty bland. I'm glad I don't own it. I was forced to listen as many were, and I just couldn't stand it. The slighy passable stuff is rendered worthless by the many inconsistencies on album. Just because they're big and make money doesn't mean they're good, Microsoft backs this theory up even further. To the person who likes Lincoln Park and says people who don't like them aren't open minded to music is one hell of a dumb ass. I've got a music collection that spans many genres: rap, reggae, punk, metal, surf, jazz, whatever. You're not open minded musically if you only listen to what's force fed to you through MTV and pop radio. Many of the people here who've said Lincoln Pork suck have diverse musical tastes. I can't say much for the people who love Lenkin Park, seeing how most of them go "LINK N PARK RULEZ ANY1 WHO HATEZ DEM CAN EET POUP FUKAHS!!" PS: England's only good rock is pop rock. American's have proven to much harder rockin', ass kickin', beer drinkin', shit eatin', rebels than our rather tame Limey cousins. (Rita Campbell)
ok...where to satrt....hmmm.o yea...u notice the paople who like linkin park think theyre hip rockers...with all those chill tunes with their phat beats...ok, its funny to see how half of you linkin park fans say image isnt everything and the other half say chestnut flemmington is sooooo hott. ok. queers*cough*. ok we dont like their imgae is the fuckin stupidest thing ive ever heard...we dont care about image, thats a lame excuse cuz you know were right. i mean look who we listen if we cared about image we shoudl all be shot...great bands are meant to meet up and get a message across thru music. not to be as mainstream as we can fucking get. i mean, bob dylan didnt write catchy tunes or sing good, or paly the guitar...BUT GOD DAMN IT HES A FUCKING GOD TO MUSIC!!!! people in my school think im "uncool" cuz i listen to "old people music " like led zeppelin and thin lizzy and van halen. and u know what i say??? at least i dont listen to music to be cool. im independent and i enjoy GOOD music... all linkin pak is is a bunch of catchy choruses surrounded by 3 minutes of shitty music and chinese rap. yea thats the wave of the future! john lennon would be rolling in his grave! what happened to ballads? and more importantly....GUITAR SOLOS!!! it seems like these guyz picked up an instrument and learned a chord...cuz thats all they can play...and then they try to make upo for it by buying les pauls...they made the name les paul bad. i am asshamed to pick up a les paul and play. and what do these songs mean? they have no point..."one thing and i dont know why it doesnt even matter how hard you try" has got to be up there with "rollin rollin rollin" as the shittiest songline ever! and what i hate is how they think theyre underground. and these kids think theyre so cool and punk cuz they listen to linkin park and buy all the shirts! all theyre doing is advertising.

not to mention the NO ORIGINALITY PART OF THIS SHIT!!!! THEY SOUND JUST LIKE POD AND PAPA ROACH AND ADEMA, WHIUCH I MIGHT MINTION SUCK need a very wise man once told me..."its better to be an original band but be shitty than it is to be good at ripping other bands off...theyre all ripping off mid 90s good music like nirvana and rhcp. i mean, my band "three geeks and a red head" have our own original kind of music which we feel may not be the best music but we can do what we believe in. all mtv does is advertise for pop! backstreet boys were more original than linkin park as much as i hate to say it! all kids do is get sucked into mainstream bullshit liek lp and abercrombie! bring back the good music...will some band step up to the plate and do a favor for music and SAVE IT!!!!! i mean, even fucking ozzy osbourne sold his soul to the devil known as mtv.....he lied when he said he sold hios soul for rock n' roll...hes just as bad now as linkin park...ozzfest is just a scham to get a few goths to kill themselves...thanks a lot ozzy!!!! NOT!!!! U RUINED URESLF OZZ, U COULDA BEEN SOOO MUCH BETTER!!BUT I GUESS U LOST CONTROL MAN!!! E-MAIL YOUR OPINION TO ME AT or RYAN CHARTIER at

well, Karn and Denise, you're wrong! I am MUCH more talented than Linkin Park and I very rarely brag, but they suck so much that I don't hestitate saying it. I'm sick of all the same old that "if you don't like Linkin Park, don't listen to it" (I'll get to that point in a minute)...and how it is trendy to bash pop bands to look arty and intelligent. Let's touch on the latter first. That statement is true. It has always been a sub-culture trend to bash popular music because it is not underground, or too poppy.......BUT - - - there is a difference here. This music is CRAP!!!! There were some good elements in disco (as well as some classic songs scattered among many artists) and there were some good elements in new wave and synth pop (as well as some classic etc.) and the same for grunge. But anyone who thinks there is anywhere near the same amount of musical quality in rap-metal as any other form of pop is BLIND TO CORPORATE CONTROL. This is PURE corporate marketing. Sure, some of these bands may have wanted to do the music on their own at first, but if the industry had any judgment like it used to, most of them would not have made it past their local college radio stations. And sure, it's natural for teens to identify with angry music (whether they're the ones who are really always angry, or the ones trying to fit in), but let me tell you that is the ONLY thing this music has going for it! Would it be ok they just started listening to tapes of Hitler's speeches? I bet it would be if the radio told us it was. And I'm not just some old fogey not understanding the new rock-n-roll. I'm only in my early 20's and I've been listening to the radio ever since I was old enough to swing cows around by their tails and through them through brick walls (4). And I listened to everything! Which brings me to my first point: If I don't want to listen to Linkin Park or other corporate crap don't listen to it, right? Ok.....already taken you're advice. BUT I MISS LISTENING TO THE RADIO!!!! I used to listen to everything on the radio (barring country), and now I can't listen to nothing, 'cause corporate putrid pulsating purple crap rap snot-bubblegum music that gives you an ass-migrane is THE ONLY THING ON!!!!! Clear Channel owns everything, so we have the choice 1.) Listen to Linkin Park. 2.) Listen to our old CD's and dig endlessly and almost fruitlessly in the maze-like mine-fields of underground to find 2 bands for every skinned knee we get tripping over trip-wire. This is why we're angry. I can assure you there would be less hostility if there were more choices. But that's the way Randy Michaels want it. Less choices and more hostility. I miss the radio. (Jon)
I am 18, and so are many I know. Those of us who dislike Linkin Park are a lot quiter and do not use capital letters with gleeful abandon. We do not wear black shirts or paper clips, we do not listen to and make heroes of commercial-stamp music icons like this band, we only listen to what we like. I will tell you that no one older than 16 really likes Linkin Park, but if a band is made ubiquitous by MTV, the kind of culture identification young teenagers are literally(or televisionly) programmed to have will kick in and touting the band will be a knee-jerk reaction. Notice how young the fans of Linkin Park are(they sound that way), and realize that Pat Boone was liked by a similar age group. There really is no difference in the market value of sugary pop of today than yesterday. The only difference is it has new genres to enter into other than just the early blues and rock or motown of the 60s. We really don't have anything revolutionary yet in music, but we're waiting for it. I'm a bit depressed for my generation still, because many music afficionados I know define themselves into corners of obscure indie punk or difficult noise bands. We've just got nothing else to go to, it's those two genres or old stuff. Even noise and indie punk are really repetitions of rebelliousness that is decades old. Sometimes nearly half a century old. So what to do? We'll just wait. I'm also sorry to hear the Strokes mentioned, because I find it difficult to separate them from some very old music, and something new is needed. Maybe one of us will make something new, worth listening to, or maybe we have to work harder to expose our younger siblings to better music to force a change to the record industry. MTV(in its progressively worse incarnations) has killed almost any chance for a good band to survive.

As for the album, I've heard two songs off of it. They were both pretty unassuming. Songs that can float by without making me perk up on some level often tell me to stay away from the band. I usually take this advice. To Linkin Park fans: like them all you want, but realize you will outgrow them, because they can never do more for you than they can right now at 14-16, and that makes them very pathetic. Also realize they are very old(30 years old!) to be playing such silly music. (James) England's only good rock is pop rock. American's have proven to much harder rockin', ass kickin', beer drinkin', shit eatin', rebels than our rather tame Limey cousins.

I got some Motorhead records with your name on them, dude.
I like Linkin Park a lot. I first bought there cd for With You which I heard on the radio. As I listened through the cd, I realized that this was my favorite album I have ever gotten!

1. I haven't seen the band ever before, meaning I'm not gay and not a teenie bopper.
2. Trying to be part of the "in crowd" because it was about the 2nd week the cd came out and no one has really heard of them yet at that time.
3. I HATE N'Sync, Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys! Although, at any award shows, I wish they would win instead of Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B because those three genres are utterly repetitive!

I am a huge rock fan though... Mainly mainstream, but to prove that I REALLY like them and not trying to be cool is that I live in Jersey City, New Jersey meaning that 95% of the people hate rock and listen to the three genres I listed before... I only have two friends who listen to rock. I had a third, but he decided to be part of the "in crowd" and drop rock and make believe he likes rap/hip-hop.

Back to Linkin Park... I say some people who liked Linkin Park, and don't like them now, say they don't like them because of the teenie bopper factor. Teenie boppers started to buy the cd and you rockers don't want be associated with those boppers so you HAVE to leave Linkin Park and bash them... which is sad, I'm ashamed of ya'll who did that! (Linkin Chick)
I think Linkin Park is a really good band, but people who don't like them are entitled to their own opinions. It's REALLY annoying when people won't shut up about how hot Chester and Mike are, it's just sad. And they aren't that old, Chester's the oldest and he's 26 (Toni Batten)
*i'm a linkin park fan.
*i'm in no way a teeny-bopper.
*i do not try to be in the "in" crowd because they are all sheep, conformists, aber-crombie/american eagle wearing clones.
*i hate MTV, they have made a masacre of music (or lack thereof).
You are all entitled to your own opinion, and i to mine, all of you who don't like LP have your reasons and i respect that, but don't try to thrash LP and get no retaliation. LP makes great music, and yes i do listen to music that doesn't get shoved down my throat. If you who don't like LP, don't listen to LP, rock, pop, rap, hip-hop,country, and any others you trashed, what do you listen to? I'd really like to know. I suspect all of you have every sheep-album ever created hidden in your rooms. Also, i might as well asume that most of you have perfect lives if you can't relate to anything that LP records. Sometimes you have to go deeper than what the meaning might seem like on the surface. Like the song "runaway," no, obviously he isn't running away from home, he's 26, he wants to run away from all the troubles life throws his way. If anyone hasn't felt this way before, i envy you. Also LP makes music you can listen to without being bombarded with profanity. Some of you I can tell do not understand this concept. Any band that uses excessive profanity obviously cannot convey their emotions in any other way. And to those of you who claim that Chester has a 12-year-olds voice, you're jealous, admit it. You have clearly not heard any other music besides the 40+ year olds you listen to. And Mike is very talented, he is an apple, most others are oranges, you can't compare the two. And no, a halfway intelligent LP fan isn't an oxymoron. And to the rich white jocks who think you are being "rebellious" because you listen to LP, please, go back to your precious britney spears and every other sheep-person/band (if you can call a group of sheep a band) you usually listen to, you're giving the rest of the real fans a bad rep. Stick with the herd, ok? Now that you are all a bit more intelligent, I bid you farewell. And remember.........
Live,Love,Skate (Sandra Terry)
So I'm in the car on a nice sunny day. I was too lazy to bring all the doodads necessary to operate the plug-in CD player and the only tape I have is a compilation that was recently played about 900 times during numerous drives between here and San Francisco. So I try the radio...gaaaaah! Korn. Jane's Addiction. Styx. That bloody fucking "Green Eyed Lady" song on the oldies station. Creed. Van Hagar. Then Korn is over and I hear something and think, "Huh? Is that DEPECHE MODE? On the Lock & Loll station!?". Then the voice I assumed was an oogly limey starts SCREAMING and the neato little synth turns into a crunchy guitar. "WTF?", I think as my doggie ears prick up and my head tilts charmingly to the side (it was really, really adorable - I looked in the mirror). I liked it. Of course, it had been so very very long since I'd heard any new music on mainstream radio that didn't sound like the singer was trying to take a dry, painful dump that I was pretty open to things that I might otherwise have dismissed. But I liked it. Even when someone, obviously a Caucasoid, started quasi-RAPPING. "Hey...this is that there RAP METAL! And I don't cotton to that shit!". But I liked it. And I still like some of their songs; they sound great at full blast in the car. Don't axe me what any of the songs are called or who is in the band, since I burned the CD from the one my 12 year old niece had bought. That's how much I like them - enough to blast the copied CD in the car, but not enough to look them up online or go see them play. Besides the square peg/round hole combinations of musical styles they employ, the things I like best about them are: My friend's 3 year old daughter likes them. My 12 year old niece and 17 year old nephew like them. My 39 year old arse likes them. My 46 year old brother likes them. When I go visit my 63 year old mom this week, I fully expect her to be humming, "Shut up when I'm talkin' to you! Shut up!". The other thing is, the fact that I like their CD, which is entirely unlike any of the other music I listen to, proves that I do not have a Closed Mind and that I am Open To New Things. And all the moderne hipsters, by whose proclamations I live and die, claim that those are very good things indeed. (Rob DelMedico)
To the absolute lunatic who said this dumb piece of crap:

" I've had voice training and Chester Bennington's voice is actually one of the better one's out there, "

Hey...guess what. I've had voice training too. 10+ years of it. And he sucks. End of story. He could be in a boy band with a voice like that, except he's probably too "tuff" for them. Whatever that means.
Whats with the language people? Why can't anybody be nice anymore? Maybe it's that rap crap destroying in your brains. I'm not dissing anyone, but what the hell is wrong with you lunatics? I personally think Linkin Park is great. Hey, I like the old bands to. If you guys hate LP so passionately why dont you all go on MTV, kick ass, and prove that they are so terrible. Yeah but that would mean getting off your lazy ass and doing something. I'm so tied of all the hip-hop bull on the TV, but if you people want to listen to it go ahead. whats it to you? Why do you care that LP is liked? How can you hate someone if you dont even know them? I dont got all of you. leave the LP fan alone and we'll leave you alone. Speak your mind LP lovers, I'm listening.
I was searching through google for a review on Meteora and found this.

Very interesting. I'll just put my two cents in, diss LP but not everyone who likes them because you are including me in the disscussion.

I like Linkin Park, its the only "alternative" music I actually bought besides various club/dance music and rap (majority I didn't even buy). I don't own cable, I'm too broke to own merchandise, and the few friends who like LP also happen to be in the same situation.

So why do I like it? I can relate. (ex. wth>you) Then again, "mindless" music comments have been aimed countlessly to the listeners of rap and techno/trance/house/happy hardcore/break-beat type music. Obviously the people who made the comments hate those genres.

I really don't care about the strings or w/e bs some of you are arguing. I pretty much get the same satisfaction as I would on the other genre and moreso. Email me sometime. (Neb Fixico)
Generic...awful...brainwashing noise for the virgin youth. How many more cookie cutter bands can we endure? Branch out! Discover the many fine bands waiting for your hungry ears. It's up to you to stop this industry machine that cranks out one dimensional bands. Rise above!!! Support good taste.
"Owning this record in 2001 is the equivalence of having a Winger or Ratt album in your collection in '89."

wow, odd you should say that! I notice its becoming incresingly ok to have some Crue et al stuffed in the back of your cd rack these days isnt it if you are doing it with a hint of irony....

And theres your answer folks, in the midst of the "Hey, lets all sound like Korn" slew of post grunge nonsense Linkin Park, though about as likely to leave a long imprint on my record collection as GG Allin was to sing delicate Jazz in a white tux are in fact the Whitesnake of the numetal crop - you hate em, theyre pretty boys and they have big silly glossy albums that kids and girlies like.... but damn try getting those chorouses out of your head!!!!

In he current climate, give me these guys over Eminems new stuff, Britney and any boy/girl group you can name anyday... at least its a bit of rock n roll entertainments and Chesty Barraclough or whatever the bald dudes name is can sing as opposed to grunt!

not that its any good of course!
i think its really damn funny that a bunch of you fucking retards who hate linkin park would actually spend time and write this shit about you want a fucking medal for not liking them? Heres a fucking idea: go shove a fork up your fucking ass and go listen to what you think is real dont have the fucking right to go & say that shit about the members of linkin park & theyre fans.

and yeah, so what if there are teeny boppers? boo fucking hoo-its not linkin parks fault, its MTVs fault..theres always ganna be a group of people who just fuck everything up for the real fans...

another thing that fuckin pissed me off is how u retards say how linkin park's chester bennington & mike shinoda have "no talent" who the fuck are you to go and say that? like you fucking retards have any talent yourselves? oh yeah sorry, your too fucking lazy to get off the computer chair because ur too fuckin busy whining & complaining about how famous millionaires have "no talent"-hey, if they sell, it obviously MEANS something doesnt it?

get a fucking life
aye, linkin park r shit, most people only tend 2 like it coz its probebly the only popular type of "metal" around, and hearin these shit bands take influence from metallica and stuff, i can only assume its shitty post 1988 metallica rather than the heavy amazing music they made from 1983-1988....Rap metal aint really too bad when the band doing it, are infact metal, like Anthrax, who would show these shitty bands up without trying, oh aye, dont diss Anthrax (Bryan)
Now, I like Linkin Park a lot, but I understand everyone has differen't views on their type of music so your review really didn't bother me. Because for one: If you attempted to make a band you would never be as good as Linkin Park, nor would you ever sell the amount of records.

Anyway, your comment about them being "humorless, stone-faced men" is what actually bothered me. What are you looking at? The picture on the back of the album where they're standing there? Well no fucking duh, usually bands don't have promo pictures of them busting up laughing and rolling on the ground. I reccomend you check out Linkin Park's DVD, Frat Party At The Pancake Festival to see how they really are. If you don't feel like spending money, then I recomend you check out some episodes of LPTV.

Next time you make an assumtion about a band, at least make sure it's right.

Please respond, although I dought you will because that's how people like you are
The fuck LP fans? u thing linkin park themselfs sware and talk shit!. ur a discrase and lp is 2. Im not serprised they arnt doing a song with hilary duff! cuase of them being so goodie goodie and dont sware in there gay ass music! there pussys. THEY ARE in a ALBUM deal With gay ass warrner(wb) for fuck sakes!

There albums ARE Fuckung shit and would be better being used for toilet paper!. All there gay ass albums have ben only like 15 20 minutes that bullshit!

Most band make albums every year but the assholes from warner make a gay ass cd they dont give it time the little fucks

dont complane about the speling

stay (sic) maggots and children of corn
First of all, Let me start this out, Linkin Park was on eof the first bands of its kind, Limp Bizkit and likin Park are 2 totally diffrent Styles of Music, Second of all, Chester's Voice is one of the top rated voices in the business and people actually train to have their voices be like his, im sorry that they are not black sabith or Iron Maiden, those bands had their times, have you ever considered to listening to something new? and why do people listen to this 'shit'.. because they can fucking relate to it, and dont say they dont swear opn their fucking cds, go download high voltage, the version off of the remix album, and it seems that you people that are dissin them are just a bunch of fucking anarchy dumbass's that have no sense and will never understand life, listen to the lyrics for a little bit, they have meaning unlike slipknot and other bands that posed KoRn.. they put no thought into their lyrics, and thats bullshit.. Linkin Park came at a time when everone was listening to Nsync and Britney Spears, how the hell do you think they got big, nobody wants to listen to that shit, Linkin Parks Lyrics, if you have had some shit go wrong in your life, you will understand them, otherwise you have never hard a hard time doing anything, or you are jus to much of a faggot ass homo to realize the world around you. Yes, life is real beleive it or not...And WBinder007, you are the biggest dumbass to ever rate music, you put no thought into what you are fucking saying, you're the typer of person that would jump off a ledge before looking how far down it was, you compared Blink-182 to linkin Park, that is REALLY sad, thats sick, and you know what i hate most of all, critics, you know why? cuz they diss shit without being able to back it up.. can you play your instrument better than mike? can you sing better than chester, of course not, you can just shut the hell up then, when linkin Park first came out, i was depressed as fuck, my father basically left my family and my brother died in a car accedent, Linkin Parks lyrics help people get through shit, all Disturbed does is try to get people to kill themselves, now \what the fuck, have you people like dropepd outa school or some shit, read some history, music has always been created to help people, find their ways, learn shit, you people know absolutley nothing, linkin Park was the perfect music at the perfect time, KoRn was at its last edge, metallica disapeared (I disapear, what a quincidence)when someone can create music and not sing about killing themselves and still have the beats of a metal band..its good, linkin park has 2 new cds out now, both of them are very good, you should listen to them, and its not toneddown-metal, its called alternative, before you become a critic you gotta learn what to call the fucking music you are rating, talk about dumbasses!.. and on a leaving note, im not even the biggest fan of linkin park..i listend to it for about 4 days, have some respect for someone that can do better than you.. Respect is the key to this work, without it we would be nothing..
how did u come up with such a bullshit website! wut u said dosen't make any sense than if a fuckin' monkey was saying it. personally i think lp ROCKS!! all the ppl that don't like them can kiss my ass!! YEAH!! chesters voice is one of the few great voices of rock. EXCUSE ME MR I LISTEN TO "REAL ROCK" that's it i'm done fucking taking in ur let me repeat it ur BULLSHIT WEBSITE

(a half hour later)

well i have to add more to wut i just wrote u or whatever u are. well i don't think black sabbath or all those other shitty heavy metal bands rock at all at least with linkin park u can HEAR and UNDERSATND what chester and mike are saying. they don't sound like blah blah blah blahviwanna die!! right cause listening to that kind of fucking music can probably make u retarded well what do u know no wonder u guys that are all lp,limp bizkit and all RAP ROCK SUUUUCKS!!! are all stupid and dropping out of high school cause the crappymusic that u listen is telling u UR TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!! well isn't that funny. WELL ALL U WANNABE HARD CORE I LISTEN TO REAL ROCK WANNABE I LOVE OZZY,IRON MAIDEN,BLACK SABBATH LISTENERS DON'T HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN. JUST WAIT AND SEE WHEN UR DEPRESSED I KNOW UR GONNA POP IN A LINKIN PARK CD AND ENJOY IT. i respect all linkin park and rap metal/punk rock listeners whether i know u or not and all u HATERS DON'T KNOW WUT REALL MUSIC IS! (Becca Cool)
yo, Linkn Park has to be one of the greatest bands out there! Not only are all the guys good looking, but their music is sky-rocketing up the charts! Numb and Faint are so cool, but all 3 cds are great! Chester's voice is not like a 12 year olds...listen to the songs again, and you'll notice, a 12 year old cant scream that high! besides, Chester is not the only one in the band, you guys are all ripping on him, like hes a singled out dork, like Michael Jackson. Also, the other guys in the band play their instruments, they make it look so easy, and you have to add in the killer lyrics and the sweet turn-table mixes! Linkin Park kicks, and all you losers who oppose...dont quit your day job!

Keep It Real!!!
Becca, LiL LP Chick
LINKIN PARK is # 1 so back oFF . (ozzie)
i'd just like to say that there are real Linkin Park fans out there -- not fans who think "ohh chesters so hot" and that crap, but fans that care about the music. Yeah, i'm 13 years old, and i like linkin park because of their music, not because of their looks or whatever, and i wanna say that just because a band may be photogenic doesn't mean thats the only reason that they have fans.

I dont listen to heavy metal music, cuz i just dont like that kind of music, but yeah, linkin park has helped me through so much when i was feeling like shit. Don't say that linkin park sucks because there are people out there who respect the music just as much as you respect your Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and other heavy metal bands, etc. so watch what you fucking say.

you can email me @ if you wanna say something about what i just said (sabrina)
frankly i think linkin park is one of the greats bands of all time.they helled me when i feallike killing my sealf .so if you diss linkin park you diss me and i dont like to be fuking dissed asshole so i seuggest you shut the fuck up. cuz if it whert fore them i wholed be dead now and i bet people els whare feal the same way so eny one that disses LP shooled burn in hell SO SHUT YOUR NASTY FACE NOW BEFOR I BASH IT IN.BURN IN HELL BITCH
To any one who said linkin park sucks: FUCK YOU ALL! I don't like most rap-metal bands but this is the first one i've ever liked because they have talent and CAN play their instruments, probably way better than you ever could, because YOU suck. Maybe they are overplayed but their music helps people and does have a meaning to it, not that you'd listen to it long enough to actually figure it out. If I ever met you i'd kick your fucking ass! and i'd like to hear you try and sing. Chester's voice is awsome.
It doesn't matter what any of you say, cause regardless, LP will continue to sell millions of records, cause the people with GOOD TASTE in music will KEEP buying their albums, and the radio will KEEP playing their songs, and MTV will KEEP supporting them cause they know what people like. So, in knowing that, you guys might as well find something else to complain about. (Christopher Garcia)
All you brain-dead fucks need to go get a life. You've got nothing better than to bash a awsome band? And to all the people that say LP is a rock/boy band.....Listen to One Step Closer.........oh yeah thats a boy band ...........Dumb ass. And just because some little girls are starting to say that they love Chester you get all pissy. When have you saw Lp on TRL or some shit like that...NEVER. They are Loyal to their street fans, and the LP Underground. And you little dumb pricks that posted here, are probably jelous/garage bands that could get your dog to listen to your demo. because of all the screeching. And if you dont like Lp dont listen.

WOW!!! ive never heard nor read so much anger about the stupidist shit in my life. OK this is how i think of linkin park, i first heard of them back when they first came out, i loved thier album, i thought it was just plain good music. im not all for rap-metal. i wasnt at the time. but it was just good music. Hey i know they arnt the best musicians but linkin park knows how to make everything work together and it sounds fuckin amazing. Then Meteora was released, their second album. Dont get me started!!!! lol that album is fucking amazing. everything about that album is spetcaular. But heres the point. if u dont like it. quit wasting your time writing about how bad rap-metal is and how much u hate it. if u dont like it, thats alright. its not your style of music. But if u do, thats awesome. Behind the fact is Linkin park isnt a ground breaking band. they r just making music that they love and expressing it in their own way. I for one am i huge fan of theirs. remember if u dont like, quit bitching about it.
OKay first of all you people that are here saying all this ignorant shit about a band they don't even need to get a fucking life, why waste your time saying shit about a band that you don't even like...but you did and the wosrt part is you didn't even bother doing a little research about the band before you start bashing on them.

Linkin Park is not a boy band, and the rumors you heard about them being put together by their label...thats a bunch of bull shit. It actually makes me laugh, OKay I will gladly give you the history of them...

Delson and emcee/vocalist Mike Shinoda attended the same high school together, where Delson also met the bandƒ?Ts drummer, Rob Bourdon. Shinoda then hooked up with DJ Joseph Hahn while studying painting at the Pasadena Art Center. The final piece in the puzzle was singer Chester Bennington, a transplanted Arizona native who started making records when he was sixteen.

Linkin Park's origin began in 1996 when rapper guitarist Brad Delson and the infamouis Mike Shinoda started a band called Xero. Other members of the band were Mark Wakefield the vocalist, Joseph Hahn the DJ, Rob Bourdon the drummer, and "Phoenix" Farrell the bassist. Xero made a four track demo tape including: Fuse, Stick N' Move, Rhinestone, and Reading My Eyes.

When Mark Wakefield left the band, they changed their name to Hybrid Theory. Later "Phoenix" chose to leave the band to tour with another band, called"The Snax". The rest of the gang continued to play together primarily for fun. They later, signed with Zomba Music an occasion that came about when they played at The Whiskey Club in Los Angeles. The final addition to the band came in the form of Chester Bennington. (Chester while in high school was in a band for years called Grey Daze they actually have an EP out) They then changed their name to Hybrid Theory but due to some legal wrangling made it necessary to change the band's name. True to their "hybrid' spirit Linkin Park was chosen. Members drove by Lincoln Park regularly so why not use a similar sounding, unique name. Chester has been recorded to say he wanted a name which was unique, "where the music could define the name rather than the name define the music". Phoneix pulled a mythical rebirth and rejoined the band fulfilling his destiny. New demos were made and the chase for a record label was on. Warner Records were lucky to hear the music, like it and sign up Linkin Park. A massive page in their history was written.

By the way to the people that are throwing a fit about their ages when they first came out with Hybrid Theory, well since your so interested in knowing okay, Chester isn't 30 something...when Hybrid Theory came out he was about 24/25...mike is exactly one year younger, brad is the same age as mike, joe and Phoenix are around the same age as mike and brad, and Rob is the baby of the band.

OKay well I hope you enjoyed learning something about a band that you obviously knew nothing about......and that one guy even spelled their name wrong...its not lincoln its Linkin...

Also Their songwriting has helped me and about millions of other people about things in our personal lives....and I think them every day for that... (Mystress Belladonna)
I'm fucking thrilled that there is someone reviewing this shit that is actually up front, honest and has a good enough ear to sift out the horrid and the rapturous! When I first came across Hybrid Theory in my Nu-metal head/neo-goth phase, I was...horrified. I've never liked rap, and growing up in a society that celebrated pop to its extreme, hip-hop and rap included, I was going through hell. And when I wanted to hear some fucking metal...I get rap! Fate has a sense of irony. In any case, I despised the album and burned, really, I did. And from what I've heard during my brief radio recessions I can say that they haven't improved much. Bands like Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, Jack off Jill, Scarling, Lacuna Coil, bands that play their instruments and apply an exceeding-the-expectations amount of talent are the ones that should be getting the mass media coverage. But thank you, Limp Bizkit and P.O.D. for turning an already fucked industry into something so....asinine.

Now, someone commented here that most of the people who don't like Linkin Park are high school drop outs that wear all black and don't wash their hair. Actually, even though I like wearing black (it's a slimming color), I have an exceptional level of hygiene and I'm rather intelligent and I don't plan on dropping out of high school. Just because a large amount of people in one area adore a band, doesn't mean everyone does. Most people that are punk (for lack of a better term-I hate labels) and metal heads dislike such bands as well; everyone is diverse so don't get pissed because people have their opinion. This just happens to be mind. I'm not saying that Linkin Park sucks...I'm just saying that I can play bass better, I can sing better, and don't confuse rap with metal, it ain't a good combination. If you fans want to get pissed off, go ahead. I don't really care, because it just shows your level of immaturity to not accept someone else's uniqueness.

Oh, album rating! I give it a two, cos there are two songs I can tolerate. The rest is shat at its finest.
I think Linkin Park is an awesome band mainly because I like rap rock in particular. But some people on this board were stereotyping. Severely.

1. I know other good music too, such as Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and listen to them sometimes.
2. I'm 16, but I am FAR from a rebel against society who wants to be punk. I simply like the music and the way they put it together. PLEASE don't stereotype all Linkin Park fans like being fake rebels or punks b/c of the industry. I am a member of Linkin Park's fan club, and the fact that their fan base is drastically changing is their labels fault, not Linkin Parks. There are also many people in the fan club, people who are in their 30's, that I never thought would be members of such a fan base, which is a good thing.
3. Some people on here even though they have a right to their opinion, are a bit closed minded and really haven't done their research. Some popular bands are obvious that they suck, but Linkin Park is not one of them..because they were underground at one point and have simply evolved their sound a bit over time. If certain things are the way they sound or the band's image look a certain way, PLEASE do not blame Linkin Park for it. Blame their record label, because Linkin Park to me is a very credible band, its mainly just their A&R, Don Gilmore, they have to get rid of.\
4. Believe it or not, yes, they do play their own instruments. Some people here think they don't, or were sarcastic about it. Either way its good bullshitting.

Now if one more teenybopper fan on here tries to tell people Linkin Park is a good band by saying: YEEAHHHH LINKIN PARK ROCKS DON'T DIS THEM WOOOO.
Don't do that. I will hunt YOU down because its people like you who are giving our fan base a bad reputation. Other people I have talked to in the fan club agree.

That is all.
I only read the Hybrid Theory part, but you didn't have me comvinced...completely. Yes, I do agree, Hybrid Theory has some bad songs and some great ones, and now that I've gotten a little bit wiser, I've started noticing that yes, I may not know music very well (I can play a violin and a cello...whoop-dee-doo...) but their music, as in their guitar parts, aren't really...good.

What I mean by that is that they have only a couple of chords, and the play them over and over throughtout that chorus or verse. Have you ever heard Brad or Mike break into a badass guitar solo? Nope. Compare the songs of Linkin Park to some of Sublime. Different genre, yes, but the guitar sounds are WAY different, as in Sublime actually has guitar solos in their music, but Linkin Park strums on one main chord throughout the song.

I kind of fell bad, dissing my own favorite band...but I've realized that they're not what I thought they were before. Either way, I'll always love them above any other band, because they've saved me...saved me from myself. With that being said, you have your opinions, and I have mine.
I remember when this album came out. It kept selling and selling until today. It's been like four years and Hybrid Theory has sold like 7 or 8 million copies. That 's pretty impressive. Is without a doubt an excellent album for the masses BUT... since Nirvana, the masses have bad taste. To me, this album is boring. First of all, I usually don't pay attention to lyrics too much but here, I gotta say they are stupid. It is ridiculous the fact that a big part of their success is because of the lyrics. Sorry but the lyrics of this album is the reason why teenagers are considered stupid. Also, there are almost no riffs. I like guitar solos (The guitar player here can't handle that either), but I love good riffs even more. I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm not a fat ugly looking girl that loves dressing in black. Neither I'm a plastic bitch that needs expensive clothe and a ton of make up to hide her true ugliness. So my taste is not common with the girls like me. I like Slayer and Metallica's riffs (The old one, kind of like Ride the Lighting). And there is nothing like that here. Besides, I don't like rap. I think that the old rap like The Beastie Boys is entertaining and that it sounds good. But modern thanks. However, the rapping in this band is even more pathetic and stupid than 50 Cent. Rap in Metal began with Anthrax, not with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, so calling this original is wrong. About the DJ thing, well, in some songs he gives some cool electronic sounds but I prefer instruments.

Now, in 2004, I don't know if Linkin Park will keep on selling. Maybe the will sell more, maybe they won't. But what I wanna say, is that mainstream music is getting worse with the time. I'm not the person that thinks that is "cool" to criticize anything that sells more than some copies, but c'mon. Many people don't know how to listen to good music nowadays. I've heard some songs but I don't have Hybrid Theory. I just think that people that love this band, are not the most smart people in the world. Trust me, I know that. I know how they are and reading the emails of those that defend them, is easy to notice how immature and/or ignorant that they are. (Brendan S. McCalmont)
I actually thought by far the best song on the album was Forgotten. It has a terrific melody, especially in the chorus, and the lyrics paint an amazing lyrical picture 'A little piece of paper with a picture drawn floats on down the street till the wind is gone and the memory now is like the picture was then ...' But it's really terrific imagery. Another melodic song is the album closer, Pushing me away. I like most of the songs, because Linkin Park play with energy without sounding like they're having a fit like 'Korn' or 'Limp Bizkit'. In fact, they have their own fusion style and their only drawbacks for me was the fact they try too hard to sound like Korn or Limp Bizkit at times. For example 'SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU' from the first single taken from the album, and then 'NOW I'VE GOT YOU CAUGHT IN THE ACT...' from A place for my head. Another cool song is In The End, I wouldn't equate it so much with boy bands but maybe an Elton John kind ! of song. I particularly like how they experiment with microphone effects and dub them in with they lead vocals, 'watch the time fly right out the window', one of a few lines where they try that. The album has an interetsing mystique, though all the negativity and misery gets a bit repetitious after a while. How about a Linkin park song called 'I'm happy today'?. I do think Linkin Park are miles ahead of Limb Bizkit, the only saving grace for Limp Bizkit being Sour, a song that sounds like something from the Beatles' Magical Mytery Tour.
thank you my lovely tatianagutierez2004 as far as I know I love metallica riffs but let me ask you does the riff in the song thorn within sound like stone temple pilots' sex type thing???????? it is just so damn famiiliar! thank you rob for that wonderful if crude comment on lp say how about a band you never heard? fu manchu they are stoner rock band they play the songs and instruments they are cool! yes I do spell cool not kewl! ugh! next up thank you neb for the comment on how stupid the industry is hey I just wrote a song it's called the music industry are a bunch of pussys! hahahahahahahahahahaha! next up sts good comment on how gay hip hop is and you do know why I am a yes freak! yes yes yes! someday everybody will be nice like a pretty girl with a sunflower and less bitchy like an asshole! thank you rebeljukebox and hey motorhead rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lemmy is an ageless rocker! I love you ritacambell on your comment on how you love dylan,floyd andsuch, hey, how about yes??? oh hell yeah I need a solo every now and then! god I hate the decade! kiss me babe! mystress belladonna thank you for a goth like you you need maralyn manson! is he sexy???! yes! okay! sorry for the gay comment but I do know why you are horrified anyway this concludes the broadcast (Tyler E)
In response to

First off, the only intelligent thing you said was you liked Black Sabbath. Linkin Park is not, "Rap Metal," and there most certainly not, "New Metal," but the things you were describing seemed to be characteristics of emo, or bubble gum punk. Linkin Park is there own bread called Hybrid (i.e. Hybrid Theory). In all the other bands you insulted and compared to Linkin Park you can tell were the rock verse is and were the rap verse is and were the Electro Bridge is; Linkin Park is a pure mix, a, "HYBRID." You can't tell when there doing rock, or rap, or electro, each on is going on all the time, that's why there popular because know one has bin able to do that before.

And you dissted Blink 182; A nether one of my favorite bands, It's called PUNK, have you ever heard of it?????? I bet if you listened to the Sex Pistols, or the Ramones, or the Clash, or The Offspring, you would say they blow too. It makes me sick that you can't identify talent when you hear it, but spit on it because you try to keep a death metal image to be cool. I bet you own a pair of Chucks too. The only reason you don't like LP is because you're too, "Metal," to accept rap and electro in metal music.

"Cure for the itch." The last time I can remember a song done by a band that was written to showcase a members talent was by a little band called, "Led Zeppelin," and that song was Moby Dick, and it showcased John Bonhams drumming skills.

To end - LP Rules - Fuck you - And I don't know what your 15yo brother was on, but I'm 15 and I know more about music than the both of you.

And tell your room mate he fucking rules
In response to

"i think its really damn funny that a bunch of you fucking retards who hate linkin park would actually spend time and write this shit about you want a fucking medal for not liking them? Heres a fucking idea: go shove a fork up your fucking ass and go listen to what you think is real dont have the fucking right to go & say that shit about the members of linkin park & theyre fans."

What is your point? This is a comments section. Is it not for giving both positive and negative reviews of the album?

Let's face it, this is the site of MARK PRINDLE. You know, the guy who listens to real music like Metallica, The Melvins, The Meatmen, and so on? This guy is getting an audience with tastes quite reminiscent of his own, and many of these people have sought out freedom from the corporate-dominated, cookie-cutter mind-frying crotch-rot music humping gear on the TV screen where you're likely to see a bunch of sports clothes toting gimps shoving gestures back and forth while shouting "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HE SAID SHE SAID BULLSHIT".

Also, I wouldn't hold my breath on the rest of us refraining from saying 'shit about the members of linkin park & theyre fans', especially when... Oh wait, I'm about to get bitter, aren't I? Ah, yes, I guess I'll say it... Especially when we get fans like you who pump up angst-driven banter in between writing the word 'fuck' 12 times while suddenly turning around to kiss the ass of a band that makes so-called 'music' that repeats the same old distorted detuned chords over and over in the midst of uninspired 2-beat drums while rappers and/or whiney-voiced singers chip in on crummy teenage angst. Admitted, the lyrics can be related to and they DO have some abstract thought and creative metaphor that illustrate their point... But the way it's presented is simply horrible.

"And yeah, so what if there are teeny boppers? boo fucking hoo-its not linkin parks fault, its MTVs fault..theres always ganna be a group of people who just fuck everything up for the real fans..."

Oh, but it IS Linkin Park's fault. I'm not accussing them of being teenyboppers, but if there's anything or anyone to blame for them joining MTV, it certainly has to be them, correct?

I'm not sure if any further comment is necessary.

"another thing that fuckin pissed me off is how u retards say how linkin park's chester bennington & mike shinoda have "no talent" who the fuck are you to go and say that? like you fucking retards have any talent yourselves? oh yeah sorry, your too fucking lazy to get off the computer chair because ur too fuckin busy whining & complaining about how famous millionaires have "no talent"-hey, if they sell, it obviously MEANS something doesnt it? get a fucking life"

Do you honestly think that if people give a detailed and reasoning criticism on why they think the band's music sucks that they are simply jealous and have absolutely no talent themselves? I may not be these sorts of people, but I kind of doubt that they'd accuse a band of not being talented without at least feeling remotely credible. Personally, I think that Chester Bennington is crisp with his vocals, but nonetheless abuses them the wrong way, either breaking down into an annoying flow of ape-like screaming or whining his way to the point in which you can just picture him just twisting his face and wailing like one of those little toddlers in the 50's style pro-paintings you find in one of those Christmas postcards.

At any rate, of course these sorts of albums are going to sell: Because they're masked, cut-corner, cookie-cutter, angsty, mostly thoughtless and easy to digest. People from all over the world are going to dig this because grasp on real music is being degraded to the point in which most people just let their minds decay on this music that can be gulped down like a seltzer.

There's a REASON I'd rather listen to Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast or Testament's Souls of Black as opposed to this shitting cop-out, and it's not just because it's 'old', or because it's some type of minority trend to hate bands like this. It's because it's REAL metal. There's THOUGHT put into the work. There's TALENT in the instrumental use. Hell, there's even more of an actual background to these sorts of bands rather than a history of being fantasizing outlets by infatuated 14-year-old girl chumps.

Jeez Mark, where do they get these people?
I have sat through and read the comments. I find it hilarious that these idiots have the time and paitence to sit and read other peoples comments and then write some themselves about a band that they don't even like. If you don't like them, why are you reading about them. You had to get on the site somehow?? You are a bunch of closet fans. I'm going to go and write some negative shit so no one knows. Who fucking cares. Personally, I like Linkin Park, if you don't, jam up. But if you don't, shut the fuck up, go listen to anthrax, or to a boy band since you all seem to be an expert on what they sound like and get a fucking life. Just my opinion and I don't give a fuck about yours.
Ok, where to begin..

Hybrid Theory::
Alright, definately the best Nu-Metal album ever released and i have the Majority of the population to back me on this one. The view on Chester's apparent "12 year old going through puberty voice" ... man if you can sing/scream better than Chester then why are you commenting on his voice and not putting yours too good use and not talking through your ass. Does that mean there's someone with a "12 year old going through puberty voice" with a more powerful voice than you have... that would leave you a 3 year old who talks shit wouldnt it?.
Back on track,

Papercut 01 - This clearly has a catchy verse aswel as chorus "Why does it feel like night today?Something in here's not right today.
Why am I so uptight today?
Paranoia's all I got left",
Whats not catchy about that?...The way i see it.. this is a perfect choice as the opener for Hyrbrid Theory with the intro to the song and then busts into rap..
Now for the chorus
"It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin "
Yes.. there is alot of anger going through Chesters voice in this song along with a ton of others LP have wrote.. you should do some background research on Chester.

Crawling 05 - Seriously.. the only reason a fan of Metal/Rock music could not like this song is jealousy they didnt come up with it theirselves.. you really should listen to the lyrics on this one, you'll understand a hell of alot more of LP's lyrics if you listen to them, and the crackly voice? if you could do that any better then where the hell is your name in the music industry.

In The End 08 - Any fan of music loves this song, if you dont then you seriously need to listen to more music than Screamo and Emo shit, do you not like it because Shinoda doesnt mention slitting your wrists or death? this song was written as a resemblance to someone's failure in something, maybe u should listen to it more if u fail to realise this is one of the best songs ever, and has quite possibly the most catchy lyrics of the whole album and back when this was first released in 2001 as a single it was sang everywhere by everyone... because they didnt like it? that would make sense...O.o, and now for the part you dont know, In the end was first wrote as a poem then made into a song for Hybrid Theory... now if that isnt impressive to make a small poem into a Number 1 hit.. you seriously need some help.

Cure For The Itch 11 - Ok, i take it alot of you find this one good due to the beats which makes me think you dislike lyrics all together... This is definately one cool ass song, but if beats is all you want to hear i suggest you try listenning to ReAnimation you might prefer that.

Additional Comments::
Incase you all forgot Hybrid Theory was rated a 5 star album, and reached 10 times Platinum.
Platinum = 1,000,000 albums sold and have sold 24,000,000 as of October 2006 and is considered the most successful album of the Nu-Metal genre.. that speaks for itself.

Add your thoughts?

In The End: Live & Rare EP - Warner Brothers Machine Shop Recordings 2002
Rating = 2

I saw a newspaper headline today that read "Michael Jackson: His Tragic Death." And two thoughts simultaneously popped into my head:

1) Is the word "Tragic" really necessary there?

2) Wouldn't "His Hilarious Death" be funnier?

For this reason, I'm not employed as a typesetter for any major news daily.

This Linkin Park EP features the popular Hybrid Theory hit "IN THE END," as well as three LIVE versions of Hybrid Theory songs and three RARE songs from Japanese pressings and such. Say, here's a fun hobby you might enjoy: if a bee ever attacks a friend of yours and makes him run away flailing his arms in the air, laugh heartily and say, "Boy, you really gave that bee a run for its honey!" This hobby will provide you with hours of fun.

Surely nobody would argue that "Linkin Park" isn't a great name for a band, but a more appropriate choice might've been "Melodrama Botanical Garden" or "Crybaby Tennis Court." Make no mistake: this is one whiny and self-pitying band. Luckily, they also have a rapper in the band who is apparently incapable of displaying any emotion at all (let alone "range," "energy" or "more than one note"). I'll give him this though: he certainly thinks he's good. In fact, a full TWO of the three "Rare" songs on here revolve around his monologues on the merging of rock and rap. Sample lyrics include "Rapping to a beat doesn't make you an MC" and "Rapping over rock doesn't make you a pioneer." As far as I can tell, he sees no irony in his bone-dull delivery of these words.

I've lost all patience for music this stupid.

Reader Comments
If you love Mike Shinoda so much, you should check out his solo project Fort Minor. It's exactly like Linkin Park filler material but possibly even more boring than that.

Supposedly, one of the A&R reps before LP got popular told Mikey to quit rapping and just play keyboards for the band. Were you an A&R rep in the past? :-)

Add your thoughts?

Reanimation - Warner Brothers 2002
Rating = 2

This album features remixes of songs from Hybrid Theory by such timeless artists as Chali 2na, Chairman Hahn and some asshole from Korn. Essentially what these people have done is take all the anthemic power out of Linkin Park and released a horrifically dull hip-hop album. This rapper guy in Linkin Park has SUCh a BORING voice! I hope he's cute, because he sure is dull. It's okay to be dull if you're cute because girls are shallow, but can you imagine if he's ugly? Talk about a double-whammy in life - to be completely untalented AND ugly! Like Bryan Adams! The mood is dark and they've replaced the loud guitar action with electronic noises that impress nobody. I do not hate rap music. I hate BAD rap music. This is BEYOND bad rap music. This is absolute shit. Boring, worthless garbage, and I hope Linkin Park fans agree with me. If not, oh well they're all like 8 years old anyway.

Forgetting that the album I'm discussing is just a bunch of bland hip-hop with no catharsis (they even dulled the edges in "Crawling," which is like the only Linkin Park song I actually honestly LIKE), I finally figured out what Stinkin Park is: They're a dumbed down version of Faith No More. I urge, MAJORLY urge all Linkin Park fans to visit the Faith No More page on my web site ( to read about a rap-metal band with BRAINS. Linkin Park rewrite the same fucking song over and over and over again, with a boring rap verse and anthemic sung chorus. Faith No More did that too at times, but the results were stunning. Check out the song "Midlife Crisis" if you can. That's Linkin Park done RIGHT. So is "Crawling," you understand. I love the chorus in "Crawling." But most of their songs are just full of poor chord sequence choices. But this is all off-topic. ON-TOPIC, this is a boring attempt at remixing rap-metal tracks into rap-electronica tracks. The guitars are nearly all obliterated. But - hey, the chorus to "In The End" is good too! "In the end it doesn't even matter." That's good stuff!

Here's the deal with Linkin Park in general: BOMBASTIC ANGST. I was a teenager once and holy SHIT did I feel angst. Being a teenager sucks because your hormones are running wild, you're interested in girls, you're lonely, your parents don't understand you and Linkin Park's loud obvious choruses like "I wanna run away! I wanna know the truth! I wanna know the answers! I wanna shut the door and open up my mind!" totally say exactly what you're thinking. Even though they're all in their mid-20s and fucking morons. But hey - they're fucking morons making a lot more money than I am! Presumably, anyway. I shouldn't make assumptions. As Samuel L. Jackson once said, "If you make an assumption, you're making an ass out of 'u' and 'umption.'" Hilarious piece of dialogue. I don't remember a single other bit of that movie, including the title, but what a great line!

Loud guitars are a powerful tool, but this album deletes them in the name of "remixes." Fuck you, the hip-hop culture. You're boring.

Reader Comments
ok, my friend and i made this bet. i let him listen to the reanimation cd, and he thinks that thats the only My December song that Linkin Park ever made. and i told him that there's an o.g one out there somewhere. we bet a dollar on it that i would find it, but i cant. ive tried everything. every website i could possibly think of. i need some help. and its not cuz of the money, its b/c i know that there's another one out there. plz help me!
I remixed a Linkin X-ray Ida tune for their album, but it didn't make the final pressing.

"My cock's so hard, it shot so far
Butt in the end, it didn't even splatter!

I put my fist in you. Pushed as far as it could go.... etc." (yes they actually had to sing the words et and cetera because Latin music is big these days)

And the verses were just "Birdie/Birdie in the sky/Why'd you doody/in my eye?" repeated over and over again. That's some serious rapping you know.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I luff your reviews. That's Hybrid for Love and laugh. Do I owe Linkin Parka royalties now?
Wow, I know this was probably written a while ago but you’re right, there is an original version of my december. Can’t help you on where to find it though, sorry, but you are right, I have it.

Add your thoughts?

Meteora - Warner Brothers 2003
Rating = 4

Craaaaaaaaawwling on my diiiiiiiiiick! These craaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs, they will not heeeeeeeeeal! No but come on - If I could love these guys, I would. Listen at this to me of what they do. I'm smarter now than I was when I reviewed Hybrid Moments by the Misfits. The Linnkin Park aesthetic merges four distinct types of music into one incredibly unlikable whole: (a) heavy Helmet-style grunge nu-metal chords, (b) dull "tough guy" rapping, (c) electronica and (d) boy-band r'n'b sissyass vocals. How come nobody in today's media ever mentions that Chester The Molester has a pussy boy-band 'N Sync singing voice? He totally does! And half the time, the backing music is light and tinkly enough to sound EXACTLY like a Backstreet Boys ballad until the loud guitars come in during the chorus. It's so clearly fucking boy-band music! I guess that's why girls like them. Then there's the rapper MC Mike Shinoda, who recites every single word in the exact same tone of voice on the same note at the same volume. Chester at least sounds good when he's screaming - Mike is boring morning noon and night. Let's discuss this particular album now, since we're all here and seated.

Too much of the production relies on the "empty, tinny rap verse merges into heavy nu-metal chorus" cliche, and it gets really goddamned samey after a while (especially after you realize that both "From The Inside" and "Numb" are complete rewrites of "Crawling," down to using the exact same chord changes in the chorus). Plus there are a lot more truly atrocious songs on here than on Hybrid Theory.

However, having said that, I absolutely LOVE "Don't Stay," "Somewhere I Belong" and "Breaking The Habit," so let me dwell on those to explain why I would love Linkin Park if they weren't such lousy songwriters. "Don't Stay" sticks a MONSTROUS Helmet/Nirvana unresolved chord sequence atop the drumbeat from "She Drives Me Crazy"! Stick Mr. Sissy Vocal Man on top of the pounding sludge and the overall effect is along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?" Great song. Next is the hit single "Somewhere I Belong," which I always thought was Eminem because it sounds exactly like Eminem. The melancholy, frightened, sorrowful piano/violin chords backing up One-Note Shinoda as Chester sings high and prissy to mark the changes. It's a GREAT goddamned radio song! Probably as good as "My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard" and definitely a damn sight better than that godawful Outkast song that sounds just like Smashmouth. And track three of my three favorites is "Breaking The Habit," a bizarre mixture of violins, electronics, cutesy boy singing and a punk rock-speed beat -- with NO loud distorted heavy guitars! I'm listening to it right now and thinking to myself that I honestly have never in my life heard a song quite like it. It books along really really fast, but it sounds like a ballad! Like an electronica ballad played at 45 RPMs. With no loud heavy catharsis at all -- just lots of very soft, pretty tones being pushed along by the fastest 4/4 beat on either of the band's studio albums. Weird!?!?!?! Great stuff.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album is as formulaic, bland and unmemorable as the worst tracks on the first album. It's a cool style they have here, but their apparent inability to come up with more than a few honestly great songs per record is kinda gonna kill their chances of ever becoming a legend like Captain Cody and the Corduroy Cowboy Band.

I don't think that was actually the name of the band. Either way, Meteora is a bunch of boy-band ballads with loud distorted choruses, and anybody who rages about how much it "kicks ass" really should take a moment to realize what a fucking pansy they sound like when trying to make that argument. Maybe check out some Slayer or Napalm Death or something?

Reader Comments
you know what's worse? linkin fart going for selloutica at the sanitarium tour! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! fred turd! linkin fart are FART SMELLING ASSLICKING FUCKS! (runs away before any teenybop fuckwad kills me) (Hossein Nayebagha)
I don't know anyone who likes Linkin' Park, so I don't know if the boy band stuff is something that really needs to be said, or if it's just something obvious.

Anyway, there aren't many reasons behind my decision to write this reader comment. I don't have this album and I haven't even heard it, but "Somewhere I Belong" is NOT a good song.

To prove my point, I'm gonna make an embarrassing confession, that my close friends actually know about already, but here it goes; I LIKE "Crawling"!

I'm pretty sure I have other reasons for enjoying it than the members of the band, they seem to take their work very seriously, and I don't. I loathed it at first, then the electronic sounds of the verse stuck to my head, and as for the chorus... I just like how the drama is so over the top, that's what makes me like it. If you're gonna turn it sentimental, just go all the way. But whatever the reason, I actually like the song and I don't skip the channel when the video comes on.

But this first single of their recent studio album is probably THE most annoying HIT SONG that was played in 2003. And it may sound like Eminem does these days for all I care, I fuckin' HATE EMINEM! It's just pointless... As I said I started to like "Crawling", and "In The End" isn't all that bad, so when Linkin' Park's was coming out with a new album, I was actually interested to see if these guys really have something...Because it just felt that they were somewhat above the average...Well, post-grunge rap metal bands. But, it turned out...Well it's just one song, but if they really had something, I doubt they'd be doing such a horrendous song as the first single of their awaited somophore album. Plus, I heard the other singles and I didn't care for them much, although they were both clearly better.

Also, the Outkast song is really good and does NOT sound like Smash Mouth!
I wasn't surpised how many bad things people had to say about the band. When I first started hearing them on the radio, I hated them. All I thought of them was that they were just another annoying band trying to make music, but not succeeding very well. However, I actually started to listen to the music, and I started to enjoy it. Listening to them, actually made me sit down and listen to other bands that have inspired them; such as Metallica... which I am pretty sure that not as many people would have as many bad things to say about them... as they do Linkin Park.

I started to listen to the CD more and more, and then my friend bought me a copy of Hybrid Theory. I fell in love with it. Then in December of 02' I bought Meteora. I watched the features on it, and I began to not only like their music, but develop a respect for them. They put so much effort into their music, and the art of the album. They see their whole process as an art, and to me, that deserves so much respect. They probably will not last as long as some of their infunces such as the aboved mentioned band Metallica, but I think that for now.. they are a great band, and I will respect them until I see a reason not to.
Lisa: It may be bleak, but this music's really getting to the crowd. Bart: Aw, making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel.
I am so sorry for you guys.linkin park is one of the best bands ever and even if you don't like hybrid theory (i don't like it myself so much) then you should try and listen to's far better
Despite what entheend37 says, I actually think that the fact that they put so much effort into their music is the saddest thing about linkin park. Listening to them is kind of like watching the L.A. Clippers play: you know they're trying their hardest, and yet they still suck.

Now, before people like billyjoesluvslave start berating me for even daring to make such an allegation, hear me out. First of all, every Linkin park song is in the same key: B minor. Coincidentally, they use a guitar tuning that makes it very easy to play in B minor. Most of meteora uses only four different chords (G, A, B, and D; and they're power chords of course. Anything like majors, minors, or sevenths would be too much to ask), and they often reuse the same pattern in several different songs. There are no solos, every one of their songs has the same structure, the drummer sounds like he could be replaced by an electronic drum machine and it would be an improvement, and not once do they ever make it interesting by straying from the standard 4/4 time signiture. The effect that this produces, is that-- with a few exceptions like "Breaking the habit"-- almost the entire album sounds like the same song played over and over again at different speeds.

Secondly, I really feel sorry for them if they're trying to sound like Metallica, because they don't even come close. Metallica is actually heavy. Linkin Park is softer than the stuff my dad listens to. And did I mention that "MC Mike" sounds like he's reading lyrics off of cue cards at four in the morning?
Bennington’s voice is too thin for boy-band music. Also, most of those Backstreet dudes can actually carry a tune (even if you hate the stuff you’ve gotta grant that, but I digress…)

I think entirely too much ink has been wasted on what is fundamentally average (and basically harmless music). I mean, I don’t love it, but like any pop band they do have their hooky moments, and I’ll take Linkin Park over any Nickelback sack of shit any damn day of the week. Truth be told, though, mainstream rock in general is pretty dire right now..I’d suggest either looking to the margins (Rilo Kiley, Spoon, Grandaddy [R.I.P.], Libertines a few of my favorites over the last couple years, none particularly obscure but certainly not pushing platinum stateside either), looking to the past, or just fucking looking beyond rock for a change. Audiences are so fragmented these days, and usually when people say there’s no good music it’s because they haven’t ventured beyond their own small comfort zones. I’m often guilty of this same sin myself, but dammit, any true music fan ought to be constantly exploring, and if we want to grow we need to look outside of our respective niches. As for me, I’ll keep listening.
"listen to some Slayer or something?.. SLAYER!?!" somebody get this guy a hearing aid. NOW!.Boyband ballads?... clearly havent llistenned to Faint anytime recently.. and on the "One Note Shinoda" comment... you clearly havent heard No Roads Left, and what the hell needs to be changed... He's rapping.. not singing.. and Chester sounds good screaming? correction.. Chester sounds the best screaming..
and Figure.09 clearly sounds like something Boyzone would sing... if they did, you'd love it clearly specially if they were ramming Slayer guitars up their rectum...
I have no need to comment on these songs due to the album having sold 11,000,000 copies worldwide and hit #1 in 3 charts?.. that also speaks for itself... ooooo now your clearly pissed

Add your thoughts?

Live In Texas - Warner Brothers 2003
Rating = 5

I'd like to be able to recommend this as a "greatest hits" alternative to the other two albums - especially since the production is as strong, heavy and loud as on the studio releases - but Chester ruins "Crawling" by failing to reach the high note in the chorus every single time it comes around. Just wait a few more years; at the rate, they're going (album, remix album, album, live album), they're due for a greatest hits compilation about six months after their next studio release hits the streets. For now, I can't imagine a reason why anyone, even a huge Linkin Park fan, would feel the need to purchase this album. There are no rarities (7 Hybrid songs, 5 Meteora), it doesn't include all of their great songs nor avoid all their worst ("Points Of Authority" is a HORRIBLE song!!!), you can only hear the crowd very quietly between tracks, on-stage chatter is kept to a minimum and as I said, the only obvious difference between these performances and the studio versions is that Chester has trouble hitting the high screaming notes.

Last night I dreamt that I ate dinner at my aunt's house and the food was all full of fingernail clippings. I had to keep collecting them in my mouth and spitting them out. I realize that this dream isn't as eloquent as that of Martin Luther King Jr., but times change and with each historic victory we accomplish for civil rights, we owe it to our children and our children's chldren to move on to a new battle, such as that of my aunt making food with fingernail clippings in it. We shall overcome! (*is shot dead by the CIA, Secret Fingernail Clipping Warfare Division*)

Reader Comments (Maksim berahzho)
Why are you wasting your time on linkin park Mr. Prindle. I want you to review tool. Now...(or now)
Maybe it isn't the best time to comment one of the bands I hate the most (I have to take a Commercial Law examination in two days and i don't know NOFUCKTHING 'bout Commercial Law) but.... Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus.

All of these Nu Metal bands sound the same, same voice, same production, you can't even tell what kind of guitar they're playing - no Gibson sound, no Fender sound, no Ibanez sound... it's all so overprocessed... probably the members of the band don't even know each other, the record company picked up four or five guys who looked cool by the standards they set up with Mtv and all the magazines and BAM!!! Here you've got a new fucking band!!!

Can they play? Fuck NO!

Can they write? Sure... NOT.

Will somebody remember one of their song in a 10 years time? Of course, when Mtv will set up a revival (like the 80's revival of the last three years...), so the stupid kids who like them now can remember how "cool" they were...

Even Justin Timberlake is better than these guys... at least the guy's trying to fuck as many chicks he can...
linkin park roks, son! wut tha fuk! you dissin my fave band, and i jess wanna say youse a muthafuckin' peice o' shit! they r phat and their beats r hot. its refreshing to hear people way older than me singing about running from their parents, you just don't understand tha hormone driven angsty anthems of my generation (phat song by my homiez limp bizkit, btw).

Why wake up, and listen to music that makes people actually THINK when you can sleep in ignorance and give your parents' money to these corporate tools that have nothing to do with creativity or the dynamic human spirit, and the entire spectrum of human emotion that transcends angst and frustration coming from a fucking MILLIONAIRE!!!!???


If you like your music laden with cool modern effects, and kick ass drum machines, and you don't have patience for "old" music like the beatles or sabbath or zeppelin, fine! Try Ministry's Psalms 69 or Killing Joke (2003) or Tool's Aenima for starters, and you might LIKE it and you might learn something from it because those bands are musically talented and unique thinkers who have something to say besides "waaahh!!". I can completely relate to the comment from the person who said they miss listening to the radio because now many "rock" stations are filled with this kind of prescribed corporate no-talent bullshit! And I do agree that there ARE good aspects of grunge and classic rock and disco and 80's synth pop. Now on the radio I can't even what band i'm listening to cause they all sound EXACTLY the same! in fact, since many of them don't write their own songs, many of their tunes are written by the same program! I miss good popular music! some people might say i'm wasting my energy on this matter, but it is a rather vital subject. I'm 18 and I don't want to grow up with a generation that's never heard good music before in their lives!! (Matt)
Well, obviously this page has already generated enough comments already, but I am going to put in my two cents anyway......

First of all, to all you people bashing Linkin Park, don't even bother. Not that they don't suck, because they do, a whole hell of a lot, actually. But this is the direction of the future, ladies and gentlemen. Losers like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, etc. will be around for a long time. Bashing them will be totally unproductive, because as long as MTV continues playing bullshit like this, it will be giving us headaches. And not "all youth" is consumed by this crap. I am 17 years old and I can't stand it, so there.

And now to you morons saying that Linkin Park is "great" and "original." If you are looking for a laugh, look no further than Linkin Park's lyrics. Horrible would not even come close to describing them. And why does every song have to be about how much life sucks? If I was making as much money as them, I would be writing songs about how much life rules. As far as the originality is concerned, it is totally nonexistent in any form of nu metal and yes, that includes your beloved half-wits known as Linkin Park. Of course, since you are all ignorant fools you probably don't know anything about most other bands. Well, here's a band that nobody else mentioned, and they lie at the source of all your rap-rock-metal-whatever the hell it is: Faith No More.

Faith No More were doing rap-rock back in the late 1980's, a time during which bandwagon jumping bands like Warrant ruled the universe. The only difference between FNM and nu metal bands of today is that FNM were actually good. Virtuostic guitar solos from Jim Martin, harmonic keyboards featuring Roddy Bottum, rapping with lyrics that ACTUALLY MADE SENSE, and great singing courtesy of Mike Patton.

So all you ignoramuses out there who say that "Linkin Park rules because they are so talented and original," (in the words of Judas Priest) you've got another thing coming.

It really is sad that (c)rap, pop, and nu metal now pollute the airwaves and control the cerebral cortex's of so many young people today. Rap metal/nu metal can rule the charts all it wants. As far as I am concerned, I don't care.

When Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in twenty years or so, I, for one, will not be watching. (Thomas Hensley)
i think all of you people need to just get a fuckin life!linkin park rocks and if you can't deal with that well to bad for you.i love linkin park i have seen them 3 times.they just keep getting better so get the fuck over it you bunch of losers. (Matt)
Thomas Hensley......

All I have to say to you is......if you want people like me to get a life, then LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC.
I am a hardcore Linkin Park fan,

I hate and so dislike all those anti-lpfans.

All those anti-lpfans who critisize Linkin Park, well, your words are EFFETE , ELUDED, INGENIUS, INJUDICIOUS AND INVALID to Lpfans.

To all the critics, you are all irrelevant, irrepressible, brainless, useless, senseless human beings!

Never critisize or dissed Linkin Park, because you haters sucks to the toilet bowl......if you want to critisize them flush yourself down the toilet bowl first.....!

Go to the belong there!

Fuck out of here !

(the next day)

LINKIN PARK ROCKS AND there's nothing you can do about it.....STOP CRITISIZING THEM!


You are all wasting your time....YOU SHOULD GET LOST!



Don't you dare try to CRITISIZE Linkin Park ever again.

I mean it, I'll start world war 3 If you all keep critisizing em'.

You anti-lpfans are actually COWARDS ....if you think LP sucks.....go out there...on STAGE and perform right in front of LP and the other LPFANS in the world and try to critisize us ..then you'll see what will happen!

You can only critisize them in the computer but if you dare try to critisize them on the outside! .....I hope someone (LPFAN) would strip you NAKED and tie you up the BIG BEN and everyone can see you and critisize the way your naked body looks...and you'll be laughed at.....that's what you're doing to LP! You deserve being NAKED!

The Shame you'll get! stop CRITISIZING LP if you don't want people to hope such wicked things for you to happen....It's bad I know...but I really got piss.

Think About IT!

Don't start with LP ....not even any other bands who worked so hard to publish an album and what you people do...terrorize them like terrorists?

Well, don't do this...AS FOR THE LPFANS who critisize Hardcore LPFANS who love their looks...what the nut is wrong with that? Can't we have FREEDOM to like what we want? What's your problem? I'm afraid that maybe you critisize their looks...perhaps becoz you look even worse than LP? Maybe you look like shit? Stop trying to be a DICK!

IF you ARE sick GO and SEE A DOCTOR!

Why do we have to fight among each other?

Can't we not critisize things? Can't we be satisfied with nature? Can's we just behave in a manner where ppl won't get piss? We can keep quiet can't we?

If we like something ...yes we like something....if many ppl like or love a band .....Why do we have to be critisized?

Ask yourself...have you been a good person before critisizing great bands like LP?......take out your mask called,"conflict".

Show yourself...look in the mirror and ask yourself...have you ever been critisized? how does it feel? have you been good?

Does your parents love you? Are you happy with life?

Did LP did anything to you or you did something to yourself that made you become a monster? Look at're not can you be happy if you can critisize things like that? Are you satisfied with the food that are layed on the table? Have you ever felt like dying? Have you ever smoke and take drugs and was admitted to the hospital?

Have you had a bestfriend or goodfriend who backstabs you?

Have you had a boyfriend or girlfriend that jilted you?

Have you ever needed something so much that you can't get it? Do you know how to love and care for people around you?

Have you been respected or not?

Has your mom and dad scolded you until the year ends?

Have you ever been raped or beaten up?

Are you in danger right now?

Do you have enemies that are lurking around you now?

If your answers are yes..or lies like no...or dishonest with yourself...well, let me tell you're combating yourself..

I know some of you may go through these things...that's why you have come into this place to critisize things that have already been done....things that can't change...problems that can't be that is so far away from your dying heart....soul that went missing even before you started life....

faith and trust has all been flushed down the toilet bowl....

Parental love and happiness has been taken away from you..

OR you somehow fell face flat on the ground and no one there to help you get one to cure your broken hearts and find back your missing are a hostage of darkness forever dwelling in this lonely world....the nightmares that eats you up at night......the monsters that poisons your everyday life...the ugly slimy coldness you feel at night and your eyes see nothing but hate in you....that's why you get to say nasty things like that on INTERNET.

Coz, I have been like that..I had tried to commit suicide long time ago..I had critisized things that are really good , I had critisize many things (non-stop)......even hurt myself....I have felt the pain of a knife cutting through me..(spiritually) I had felt before my blood run dry and my soul froze inside of me and my voice was not the voice I used to heart felt like thorns had pierce into it like nails...somebody hammering the nails into arms so one to hug and feel the safe and the warmness of one to protect me from my ever screaming fears...

no one to free me from being a prisoner of the loners...I trapped in this world ...lonely and fading ......I stuck in this world surrounded by darkness...shadow lurks to come and hurt and condemn me....before I knew what was happening to me...I was FORSAKEN....I am nothing but a feather that is useless in this world...all I can do is follow the wind....

I felt like I'm already life shattered like a broken taughts only haunts me like something was inside me taking over me....I felt endangered and alarmed...

But when LINKIN PARK I was happy as ever...all these things now are the you critics better not try to critisize things that had been loved alot and cared for..or else you'll be like me...A PRISONER FOR LIFE.


Adam Hammack
A Poetic Rebuttal to the Great "Hewu"
(and Fans of Rap-Metal in General)

I'm a hardcore "Linkin Park-Hater"
I "so dislike" them there Linkin Park fans
Who can't seem to grasp the meanings of words
But try to use them like they can

I'm "Effete and Eluded" apparently
"Ingenious" and "Irrepressible"
"Injudicious" and "Invalid"
(If you read past the dangling participles)

"Eluded" does not mean "Deluded"
"Ingenious" means that I've got a good brain
"Invalid" has nothing to do with it
Go back to high school and learn English again

But "I sucks to the toilet bowl", just ask "Hewu"
I'm wasting my time and should just go away
My parents taught me to behave like a monkey
(And I don't like Linkin Park, and therefore am gay)

"I trapped in this world ...lonely and fading"
I wish you could hear just how stupid that seems
"I stuck in this world, surrounded by darkness"
Ignorant, angst-ridden swill for the teens

"But when LINKIN PARK I was happy as ever"
Happy is easy; much tougher is clever
"I had tried to commit suicide long time ago"
Obviously didn't try hard enough though

"Why do we have to fight with each other?"
It must be because YOU'RE A FUCKING RETARD
But being an idiot's not an excuse -
Writing in English just isn't that hard!

"Does your parents love you? Are you happy with life?"
Does you know how to conjugate verbs, YOU DUMB FUCK?
"Are you satisfied with food that are layed on the table?"
Are you satisfied knowing your language skills suck?

And I've got a serious problem
If having opinions can make someone sick
(And in my opinion, "Hewu",
It's you who's "trying to be the dick")

But Linkin Park rocks irrespective of me
And my pitiful grasp of the language we speak
(By the way, "critisize" is spelled with a "c"
Not an "s" you retarded rap-rock S.O.B.)

And if we keep on hatin', "Hewu"s gonna get us
So don't you dare have an opinion again
"You're a coward if you think that Linkin Park sucks"
"You perform for their fans and let's see what'd happen"

Well if I had to guess what'd happen, "Hewu"
I'd expect that they'd stare at me blankly and blink
Cause if they think that "Hit The Floor" means anything
Then they clearly lack any capacity to think

They probably flunked second third and fourth grades
And think that rap-metal will help get them laid
And think that they're smart and perceptive and deep
And English class be's the best time for some sleep

This may be harsh or defamatory, but
He's screaming about how his life is so hard
While you dumb-shits are making him happy and rich

And you're almost as stupid as Mr. Molester
But Chester at least can match tenses of verbs
The next time you're looking for challenging fare
Go check out that monkey who sings for Disturbed



Someone who (rather obviously) loathes you rap-rock ass-holes



He is so cool.

He is so sweet.

All the girls are crazy over him.

He is the sexiest guy in the universe.

Adam Hammack has millions of fans.

Adam has a big house, a beautiful wife.

Adam Hammack is the president of the world.

Adam Hammack is the richest guy in the world.

Adam Hammack our only Idol.

Adam Hammack is the best celebrity in the planet.

Fuck you Adam Hammack...guess what?

I have no DICK and I am a is that the way you treat a innocent girl.....why? You can't treat a girl like that.

That's not good...I know I have been insulting you ANTI-LPFANS alot..well, sorry...guess you ppl are the best in the whole wide world...and there's no space for the rest....The LPfans are going to hell and LP is going to fall...You guys win..I guess you guys are the gods of this world...ppl should bow down and worship you...people should all love you...ppl must respect you...ppl must do things for you..and ppl can't never say what they want to say...this world is weird..I think there's nothing to live space for LP and no space for the LPFANS....WE'RE not humans...thank much..I guess you're right Adam...You're right all the should be god.....You should be a president or someone really successful..maybe even the world's best celebrity that wins so many awards...yeah, well and the rest of us are dicks....I guess you have many fans and friends and no problems in your life...Adam Hammack and the other all are gods okay...let us bow down now and worship you...pray to you or even be your servants..since we are nothing but dicks ....sorry, you anti-lpfans are the world's genius and the LPFANS are dicks...thank're the best ppl I have ever known.....No wonder, I finally realize that this world belongs to you and there's no space for us...the dicks are freaks...and the anti-lpfans are the gods...Your majesty....we should all go to our temples and worship you...

Yeah, everyone ..let's give up...there's nothing for us LPDICKS..since anti-lpfans are the smartest ones and they will forever be successful and will have enough to eat...not like us...dead and not in IRAQ...the anti-lpfans has taken over us....I am sorry to all the LPFANS ....we're dead...we're not meant to survive...because great anti-lpfans has come and we all died....HITLER has come back...we all have no more to do...Adam Hammack and his soldiers are too powerful and they are merciless and will never give ppl a chance to like what we want and avoid it...nosy and busybody freaks has come and rule the world...though I don't know how many fans they are getting....and I think they are better than celebrities...I think they are trillionaire..even better than any political ppl...they are superbly cool..and the Lpfans are superbly dump...that's why....LPFANS are not meant to live...we actually don't exist...coz since we all have no taste in music and need to go back to school...let's commit suicide and let the anti-lpfans rule the world..and see how they rock.

Adam Hammack , he is the best guy in the world...let him be..we know we are useless...ADAM HAMMACK has no feelings for the weak...he does not know how to say better things....that's why he's a god...let's all leave this place and let Adam Hammack have what he wants.

(the next day)

I can't stand it no Adam Hammack and to all the suckers who say Fucking things about LP...Here you go fuckers!

You make me sick,
Because you are a dick,
I can't stand you,
I am so pissed with you,
But what can I do to make you stop,
I wish you could drop,
I wish you could fall,
Till your bones break and you die,
You to me are rather small,
LPfans are better than you,
The bed filled with blood there you lie,
That's it, I feel like killing you,
You are so damn useless,
You are so darn worthless,
You people are so damn fucked up,
Maybe you should all wake up,

Yeah, wake up,
Yeah, wake up,
This is reality and you got to sit up,
I'm gonna make you get sick of me,
Because you can't stop me,
I can't stop you and you can't stop me,
You sick and evil freaks,
You all are actually weak,
I am stronger than you Adam Hammack,
You better shut the fuck up,
Before I come to you with a smack,
The things you say are so fucking useless,
Because you're all fucked up.

(the next day)

LPFANS, fight me fight back!

Don't you agree with my poem and support LP?

This poem or song is completely dedicated to all the anti-lpfans.....You anti-lpfans dare to fight back?

Lpfans must fight for our rights!
We rock the world..LP IS THE BEST!

(the next day)

Hey to all the LPFANS.....if you like the way I write my angry poem..(BECAUSE I AM PISS) Please send your comments to

I mean this poem to all the anti-lpfans who insults LP..I am too protective over LP...because I am a Hardcore LPFAN....I know i SHOULD respect everyone's opinions..but I just got so angry that I couldn't stand it anymore..sorry LPFANS but I hate Anti-lpfans who are really disgusting...but email me if you think my piss poem is a genius or needs more ideas in it..LPFANS please send your comments.....and don't hesitate if you like this piss poem...if you are really piss with anti-lpfans you can use it...for anybody can get piss at email me if you have ideas or you like it. (Amber)
Hey. first off I would like to say that I respect everyones opinion here. But I do think that is unnecessary to bash them for them doing their own thing. Personally I am a very big Linkin Park fan. They have really helped me get through a lot of shit. And if Im hated for liking them its really sad, but so be it. I just think that you shouldn't judge people buy what music they listen to. Music is made for people to hat. It supposed to unite. And that goes with every kind of music out there. Thanks. AIM anytime-mydecember412.

Adam Hammack
Why Not Can All Us Just Gets A Long?
(The Case for Better Primary Education)

Ignorance is as Ignorance says
But it's hard to make out just what that is
When Ignorance opens his mouth to speak
And can only spew unintelligible shit

Ignorance hasn't a clue in his head
But Ignorance has a point to make
So listening to Ignorance go on and on
And say nothing can quickly get too much to take

True, you don't need to read to flip burgers
True, you don't need to take S.A.T.'s
True, you don't need informed opinions
To ask the customer if he wants cheese

But you need a little intelligence
To make a point with the written word
Someone please teach Ignorance to read
So the rest of us can stop dodging turds
Get a life and grow up. How about you people stop wasting your time complaining like babies about things you don't like. I could go on for years about this I don't like, but what's the point. If everybody in the world were like you guys, everything would crumble. Try concentrating on positive things instead of negative.

Adam Hammack
To straighten things out for the record here:


You guys may not realize it, but the reason Mark has this site is so he can give his opinion of albums and invite feedback. That, and to have something to do when he gets really drunk. Anyway, it's perfectly alright for Mrs. Hewu to write in extolling the (undeniable) virtue of Linkin Park, and I wouldn't dream of stopping her from doing so just because I don't agree with her. I take music very seriously, and I enjoy discussing its merits with like-minded individuals. That's why I started posting to this site. Lately, I've also discovered the joy of refuting one-sided or simplistic arguments. Especially if they're riddled with grammatical errors. (Little did I know Hewu is Malaysian. Let's see how well I do speaking Malaysian, huh...) Anyway, I guess that's why I was so, um, personal and vicious. Sorry about that.

She sure did seem awfully pissed off and sure of herself to have no better argument than "ANTI-LP FANS SUCKS!", though.

Anyway, I'll agree that making fun of the language skills of someone who claims to be a young girl from Malaysia might seem petty. Okay, it is petty. But it's not exactly like I could have put together a logical argument that might have convinced her or any of these other rabid nu-metal fans that there are other groups and types of music that might be more deserving of their adoration. I don't feel the need to explain to you in great detail why I dislike Linkin Park, because Mark already did a great job of outlining their relative lack of merit in his reviews. I guess what I'm getting at is simply that the reason I "complain like a baby about things I don't like" and "concentrate on negative things instead of positive" is because the negative things I'm complaining about have a strangle-hold on the airtime of commercial radio, and it is discouraging to me that music such as this is the biggest thing going at the moment. At the same time, I know that no matter how much detail I go into, no matter how well I state my opinions, I might never convince someone like Hewu that there might be better thought out and more artistically valid bands that deserve her ear and her respect more than Linkin Park. That can be very frustrating.

So yeah, I made fun of her when I perhaps should have held my tongue and let her continue to think that she was making a good point about Linkin Park being the greatest group in the history of the universe. So sue me. I seriously doubt Hewu's gonna jump off a bridge just cause I'm a hater. I'm sure she knows her English isn't perfect as well, and I'll tell you one thing: now that I know she's learning it as a second language I certainly don't think she's completely stupid or anything anymore. Even though she really likes a band I hate. I really admire someone from an Asian country that can speak English even as well as she does.

My final statement on these matters is this -- that guy who said "Owning this record in 2001 is the equivalence [sic] of having a Winger or Ratt album in your collection in '89." had it about right. I really think this is disposable plastic music. And you people who can't stand it when people point out the flaws in a band you happen to enjoy either need to not frequent MUSIC CRITICISM WEBSITES or open yourself to the idea that other people's opinions can have validity even if they disagree with yours. Unless, of course, those opinions are mis-spelled and riddled with grammatical errors, in which case said opinions and their owners deserve a poetic spanking.

Just kidding.

LOVERBOY 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






So, be nice and be sweet...but GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! (Inger Rosell)
Even if i'm a big fan of LinkinPark, reading all asskicking dissings on them are entertaining. I'm actually sitting here smiling, because discussing music is so interesting. Though I feel a need to defend my, yes that's right, favorite band!
For the first, Lp is not a manufactered band, put togheter by some rich labeldude. They've been friends for years, met in college and so on.
Secondly, Lp write ALL there music and lyrics by themselves, and in these times that's hard to find if it's also going to be good. I've read a lot of articles and intervjues about and with them, and believe me, they are SO not about image, selling as many records as possible, or being the coolest band with the heaviest sound. And what's this crap about them being gay, would that make them less worth as a rockband, if they where?? What do you have against gay people anyway? And no, no, no, boybands are=backstreet boys, N*sync, Blue and so on. Have you ever heard a Lp song about love, bumping and grinding, and "baby, take me back"? Send a note when you do. Also, Chester Bennington's voice blows me away. I mean, honestly, give me antoher rocksinger that can sing, scream his brains out, hit the notes, and jump around at the same time like he can!?
Adam Hammack........this message is written for you..I'm sorry if my english isn't so good...but hope you'll read it.

Let's say, Adam have a very nice and pleasant girlfriend....She's so beautiful and her skin is damn smooth....she has a shaped perfect body....and you love her so much....When you look into her'll feel like you're in paradise.....she's everything you've ever wanted...her voice is gentle and sweet......her lips are pinkish red.....when you go closer to can hear her breathing and her heart she loves you so.....

You boast to everyone...including your enemies..trying to make them jealous that you have such a fabulous looking girl....You are not shy to tell the world about your girlfriend...because she's really an angel in your life...she always makes you feel good.

You had always felt the love inside of you.......LOVE is in the air.......Your mind is repeating the same words all the, these words are common...these words are," I love her"........everytime your mind repeats these gives you a sort of ," Breathless" reaction......

But one day, 30 guys came and critisize your girlfriend...

Calling her a WHINY BITCH and a HORNY BITCH....everywhere you go...your girlfriend will be matter what....they don't even care whether you are hurt or not...then when you get piss and shout back at them.....(Unfortunately that didn't work) the people won't stop..instead they laugh at you...send letters to your house....about how ridiculous you are.....How do you feel?

What will you do?

So think about it.

I love Chester so damn much...I love everything about him..I even love his family...I like Samantha as the most beautiful woman, Draven...because he is incredibly cute and lovable,

Chester because he's everything I've ever wanted in life...but then you guys came along and critisize them...and you make me feel like killing you guys...but there's nothing I can do....just like you Adam Hammack...picture yourself in my position...try and walk in my shoe.....and you'll know the feeling.

I love Linkin Park....Linkin Park rocks!

Thank you


(the next day)

This message I wrote is also not only for Adam's for the rest of you anti-lpfans.

I hope you understand.

Linkin Park ROCKS! (Josh Newman)
A few words to describe them:

Devil blowing corporate whores
To Josh Newman.
From : Chazfreak.
Who's the devil blowing corporate whores?

The anti-lpfans or the lpfans?

Thank you.
Chazfreak (Matt)

Wow, you have to be the stupidest, most hypocritical person I have ever had the displeasure of even knowing about........

Your "comebacks" don't support LP in any way. I'm sure they would be ashamed to know that such scumbags of the earth listen to their music.

Stupid girl........ (Tan Emily)
Hey Matt,

What's the matter with you?

I taught the war had least sweet Adam Hammack knows how to stop,
Adam Hammack does have a heart....thanks Adam!!!!

What the heck is wrong with you Matt?
You don't have a brain and a heart!!!!

Why don't we all have peace?
I don't want to fight with any of you...but please don't say things that would make me say things I don't mean.

Matt, I know I am stupid, but at least I know who I love and who I want to protect.

I want to love and protect Linkin it so wrong to love a band?
This band had helped me from commiting suicide!!!!

Linkin Park is the best band in the world to me......they may not be to you.....I'm sorry if I am stupid....Matt please ....I don't want to fight with you or insult you...because I am sure you're a nice boy....and often intend to insult stupid girls like me......thank you Matt.

I think even a blind man is just as stupid as me...don't you think?

Matt, instead of calling someone stupid...don't you think you should help them not offend them?

Linkin Park Rocks!

Thank you.

Please don't call Chazfreak stupid.....please be a nice boy...I am sure you're a good boy.

Adam and Matt...forgive me if I insulted you.....I am really sorry and I'll try to say better things instead of insulting you guys.

Let's all not fight.......let's all be friends...and I respect your opinions.

Please don't be like this...Let's all cooperate and be friends...enemies (NEVER!).

Matt, you're a strong and smart chap.
Adam, you are cool and hot!
Everyone is hot and cool!

I'm not joking, let's just all not fight and be friends...shall we?

Thank you.
Chazfreak. (Matt)
"Hey Matt, What's the matter with you?"

Better yet, let's all ask ourselves this: What is wrong with the world?

I've got the answer for you......look in the mirror......

"Matt, I know I am stupid, but at least I know who I love and who I want to protect."

Okay, first of all, you're not protecting anybody. You're just trying to impose your hypocritical views on everyone else here. And second of all, it's a good thing that you at least recognize your lack of brain cells.

"I think even a blind man is just as stupid as me...don't you think?"

Take half of any blind man's brain away and he would still be light years smarter than you......

"Matt, instead of calling someone stupid...don't you think you should help them not offend them?"

It depends on who that "someone" is....

"because I'm sure you're a nice boy...."


hewu writes,

"Let's all not fight.......let's all be friends...and I respect your opinions."

*making obscene gesture*

And that's about it.....
oh linkin park is a terrible band for all you "rockers"???

and why I can like Linkin Park, and also like something like Mr. Bungle ah?? (pascal seikaly)
with a word linkin park are the best mike and chester ar gr8!!
they makes u rock!! (Mike K.)
I would just like to say that, thanks to the efforts of chazfan, this comment section is quickly rivaling that of AC/DC's Ballbreaker in the "hillarious and yet scary examples of people taking their favorite bands way too seriously" department. I hereby declare Adam Hammack the official poet laureate of the internet. And so chazfan doesn't feel left out, I officially nominate her to write Linkin Park's lyrics from now on, as I honestly thought her contribution to the poetry battle actually was from a Linkin Park song until she got to the line mentioning "LPFans". In conclusion, I think we all deserve being naked.

HALL AND OATES 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i'm a big fan of linkin park but i won't strip people of their right to an opinion but honestly though, if you're gonna give an opinion, how about backing it up with some justification? saying things like "they're sum gay ass band promoted by wb!!" just lowers your intelligence (this isn't directed at anyone in particular, just all the reader comments in general). anyway, if you all want good music, i suggest you try opeth and dream theater. OPETH = BEST BAND ON EARTH. they will be fucking legend! (Julie Kocher)
linkin park kicks ass, so u know what? shut up!!! they put more heart and soul into their music and their fans then any other bands!!! SO SHUT UP!! linkin parks songs relate to real life... so yea.. .LINKIN PARK IS AWESOME!!!!! (Michael Pierce)
Chester whatever his name is a whining fucking faggot. Band blows. Period. (Heather Beck)
Allrighty first I have to get this out of the way. I know it has nothing to do with the review but hey you all seem to believe in free speach lol THE CHAT SPEAK! She BURNS! *cough* well moving on.

Im not going to give you some bull shit about "Oh yall suck shit because I love Linkin Park and you dont! Eat turd right out of my shitter!" Im going to try and go about this calmly *smiles*

Linkin Park, is my absolute favourite band. They have saved my life and made me a more postive, outgoing and an all around better person. I admit that the first time I heard "one step closer" My thoughts were *What the fuck is this screaming shit?* But you have to listen to the lyrics, go in depth and find your own meaning to the song.

I have NEVER found a C.D where I like every song. Not saying I buy C.D's full of crap and only a few good songs. What Im saying is groups like Evanesence, I like most of the songs but there were a few (My Immortal) that annoy the hell out of! me.

But When I bought Hybrid Theory I fell in love with all the songs and could relate to them all aswell. I dont live a peachy life. Actually as of now, my life has been shit for quite some time. I got diabetes in September (Im now giving myself 3 needles a day in my stomach, thats 21 needles a week not to mention the 3 blood tests I have to do aswell each day) My parents seperated last summer, got back together and are seperating again this summer and I think its for good.

My dad got his lisence taken away for a year for DUI and hes a straight up jackass. My mom favours my brother and she, of course denies it. My school is infested with the "slutty homie" crowd. Not that I hate their music its the "booty rap" I hate (Rapping about drugs, sex, women, booty, alcohol etc) But rap and hip-hop with a meaning, I can stand and I guess you could say I like. Now I had been acting like everyone wanted me to so I could make friends, I was doing what they wanted, saying what ! they wanted to hear and dressing how they dressed. I hated it, not alo ng come a time where Im sent to the ER and Im diagnosed with Diabetes and I have to stay home for a week because I am really really sick. I spent a lot of time on the couch watching teh music channel. I FINALLY found music I enjoy and I relate to. Anyways I change slowly so Im not prep one day and "punkish" the next. That would be a shock. The fake friends left me and my real friends shone through. That made me more positive and out going. But things kept going downhill, I started thinking more and more about eneding all my pain. But I held on because I had "old" metallica, rancid and others. One day I stood in my kitchen, knife held to my throught, with the TV on the music station really loud so no one would hear me. But as I was about to cut Linkin Park "One step closer" came on and I found something I can relate to. Im forver grateful for their music. It inspires me and keeps me going. This is all coming from a 14 year old girl without mu! ch left to hold on to but Linkin Parks music and her few friends that actually care about her. (I was 13 at the time this started happening, I just turned 4 a few weeks ago)

But anyways. I accept that you guys are too "hardcore" for Linkin Park. And you know what, if I was an ACDC fan or anything of that nature, Id probobly be posting how shitty LP is and they only pretend to be harcore. But really, have they ever claimed to be hardcore? And one thing that puzzles me, where did the whole image thing come in. I mean there not trying to set a trend. Mike is usually wearing his Khakis, T shirt and hat. Chester chages his style a lot same with the rest. Trend setters are the "homie" crowd. Pants down past your fat ass, shirts above your navel and skimpy skirts. Oh and having sex when you 12 and 13 to be cool! I'm saying that from what I hear from my peers. One girl who Ill call Gertrude, gave a guy "head" in grade 2! GRADE 2! And to top it off it was her best friend's b! oyfriend! Way to backstab at a young age! And the girls talk about how much they love to french their boyfriends and...lots of other things I dont want to go into. Seriously I just want to yarf in their eyes.

Im not going to bash your opinions or anything but I cannot understand why people waste good webspace on this. And Im not saying that just because its Bashing LP I even say it for bashin 50 or Lloyd Banks, Jay Z and whatnot. Try writing like you were writing a debate, even it out with good an bad points. Even if you hate it try finsing some good in it.

Oh and heres some things I just want to clear up...

Chester Bennington
Age- 28 (Birthday March 20th)
He has definitly gone through puberty *rolls eyes* hes got a child named Draven for gods sake.

The goup formed about 10 years ago for whoever it was that said something like "The beatles split up when they were 30 and these guys are just getting famous, what have they been doing for the past 10 years?" They were just starting out, Chester was in a mildly popular band called Grey Daze back in arizona when he was a teen (I think they had 2 albums released, maybe just one) Then later joining LP after doing a demo for Mike. They were first called Xero, then Hybrid Theory then finally Linkin Park.

Also if this is some fad that will end in a month then why have they been around for roughly 4 years (correct me if Im wrong though lol) and their first album went EIGHT times Platinum! I dont even know how many times platinum Meteora has gone but I want ! to find out now lmao.

Anyways you asked for an LP fan that said something other than "EAT TARD LP FUHKIN RAWKS MY HARDCORE SOCKS DAWGS AND GOTA HELL IF YOU DISAGREE IM GOING TO HUNTYOU DOWN AND GUT YA LIKE A FISH!" Well is what I say err acceptable?
Chester is 28 and still singing about adolescence? His son must be ashamed.

Heather - the only thing your long winded speech has proven is that the kids love Linkin Park. If you can give a full interpretation of a Linkin Park song, uncovering every double entendre and hidden meaning, not forgetting to round off with a thought-provoking message delivered via Speedy Express to the audience, then the angsty speech above may be proven wrong. It'd have to be a pretty darned good disection though.

"I was 13 at the time this started happening, I just turned 4 a few weeks ago"

Such is the effect Linkin Park has on growing children. Don't do it, parents!
To me and to any REAL Metal Music fan, Linkin Park is nothing but a stupid joke. I don't give a crap if they sell millions. People that like them in 99.9999% of the cases don't know anything about Metal and what can you expect if the labels and MTV show them and give them publicity the entire day. Is the option that they see and they go for it. The sounds are a joke for someone that likes Metal. The stupid rap shows how pathetic Linkin Park is. The percussion can't be more simple. The Nu-Metal riffs we all know what they are.

Lyrics? Don't make a big deal about something that is not important. Besides of the fact that the lyrics of Likn Park are bad, for what do you want something that is not important?. If you expect "deep" lyrics from a band, and them have them as a guide, that means that you are expecting someone else to speak for you and means you have no voice. I like good lyrics but I don' t care if they are not a work of art and I never expect them to represent my ideas. I care about the music and and in that, Linkin Park sucks. I 'm a real Metalhead. And the kind of Metalhead that recieves different types of Metal not only from the States but I love the good Metal from Europe. Power Metal, Power-Melodic,Power-speed, Melodic, Symphonic Metal (Have you ever thought about putting Power-speed Metal and Classic Music? Well that's Symphonic Metal and guess what, is the most crazy shit you can imagine), Heavy Metal, Trash Metal, Death Metal, Death-Grind Metal (The most Brutal of all), Progressive Metal (You have to be real musician to play and write this one), etc. I'm also a big fan of guitar solo. The Solo is the most important part of a Metal Song. It is not everything but is an important part (That's what I like but I'm not too much into Gothic Metal...Not Evanescence by the way, I mean Real Gothic Metal). Do you get that with Linkin Park? No you don't.!!!. Yngwie Malmsteen, the most gifted and skilled guitar player in the world ( He certainly is the most gifted and skilled.) said that this kind of music was "really scraping the bottom of the barrel". So if you don't take the opinions of those that in forums or in web pages say that Linkin Park suck, take it from Malmsteen, a man that could play easily all the Deep Purple material when he was a 10 year old.

There are TONS of good Metal bands out there. Unknown for the mayority. Real Metal is not only Iron Maiden, Metallica (That doesn't come out with something great since "Master of Puppets" and that was almost 20 years ago, although "And Justice for All" was ok), Slayer and Megadeth. There are different styles and different countries that have really good bands. Germany, Finland, Italy and even Brazil. If you want recommendations, send me an email.

Linkin Park is a disgrace to Metal. They sell a lot? Even William Hung sells a lot in the American music industry so it doesn't really matter if they are popular. There are still bands that are popular and they are good. But is also true that there is some really bad stuff out there selling millions and Linkin Park is some of that.

i think linkin park is great what is wrong with you baboons
This Linkin Park piece of shit is only crap. They sing about crap. They don't stop complaining. They are almost 30 and and the lyrics are for 15 year old kids that are victims of the football players at the school. I used to beat the shit out of the football players when I was at the school. Stop complaining and get real Metal. I don't fell sorry for the Linkin Park guys. They have money. I do feel sorry for their fans. Just a bounch of morons









They care for us not like only like to criticize and insult things which are good......CHESTER ROCKS MY WORLD!


Well, It seems that somebody got really mad. Well emm keehong or whatever your name is, I think that Linkin Park sucks. First of all, that" ......CHESTER ROCKS MY WORLD!" thing shows that you are either a girl or a gay guy. Nothing wrong with that but I just want to say that I'm trying to find out more or less what kind of person I'm gonna tell this to.
1. So "ANYONE THAT HATES LINKIN PARK IS A FOOL! "? emm I don't think so. That is some really stupid comment you know.
Then you wrote "IF YOU HATE THEM THEN KEEP QUIET! " Well I have some news for you girl. I live in The United States of America. A FREE country. I have the right to express my opinion whenever the hell I want. Just like you have the right to tell everyone that you love Linkin Park, I have the right to say that the pop-rap-wannabe metal band Linkin Park sucks ass.
You say that Linkin Park is..."THE BEST BAND EVER! ". Call a band the best band ever is something really stupid. There are, and there have been many bands in different parts of the world that are and were way better than Linkin Park. Now, the "BEST BAND EVER!" DOESN'T EXIST. Maybe there is a most important band ever (The Beatles) but calling Linkin Park the best band ever is something extremely stupid.
Other stupid comment by you was that you don't need my compassion. That clearly demonstrate that my points were right on the target. Look, if you have problems (Just like EVERY single person in the world) and Linkin Park represents everything that you stand for, then you are PATHETIC and you have NO VOICE. A person that sees bands and singers as idols and that changes his conduct and ideas because of them, is a person that doesn't believe in him/herself. I'm not saying that all the people that like Linkin Park are like that but it seems that Chester is seen by you as some kind of god and the other members as superior holy entities. Admit it, this is for the MTV and the radio lovers. Soon you will be listening to some other crap that MTV and the labels will bring.
You can answer this with pathetic sentences such as "u suck and Linkin Park rocks" or "get a life". The fact that I express my opinions, doesn't mean that I don't have a life. The people that dislike or that hate Linkin Park and give their opinions also have lives.
This is a good site. There are reviews of many good bands (Iron Maiden missing here).
Check them out but don't go there saying that Linkin Park is the best band ever because then even more people are gonna know how ignorant and pathetic you are. (Scarlet, 13 years old, drummer for Lost Without Hope)
Ah, like Linkin Park I'm going to keep this comment clean unlike most of you. We're all acting so un-civilized here. It's music, not the presidental elections in america!

I like to listen to these artist: Blink-182, Boxcar Racer, Evanescence, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Muse, MXPX, P.O.D. and Trapt. So what if these people Ilisten too are supposedly "gay" or "manufactured". I don't care if you people think they suck.

I mean, come on I respect listeners of Slipknot and Backstreet Boys. You guys who hat LP-fans should respect us as well.

Lp-haters: Do you even know the meanings of any of the songs you claim have no... uh oh a wave of memory loss just occurred. Excuse my stereotyped dumb-blondeness.

One Step Closer is a song written because of the frusteration created by finding decent lyrics for 'Runaway.'

Have any of you heard the Demo for Crawling? In the beginning Chester yells in (a manly voice... if you people think he's a 12-yr old going through puberty, which I think is sad...) 'Oh, I hate you so much right now!' That song is about somebody who abuses his girlfriend... or somewhat like that. If you payed attention to the old music video you'd know that. The demo aslo has a rap solo excluded from the album version... this makes the song meaning clearer.

I just want to know why... I mean WHYYY you people hate these guys. There has to be a reason, I mean after reading this monstrosity on my browser, I didn't find many reasons of hating them. I barely found any reasons of liking them either.

--The Good--

"Lyrics you can relate to"

"They've got talent"

"Making money: they're doing something right"

--The Bad--

"They aren't real metal music"

"Manufactured band"

What you call reasons to love or hate LP are pretty sad. By watching Live in Texas, I can tell that they are good with crowds. Many artists do think highly of them, but a few (Slipknot?) say they're crap. See for yourself . If many artists think highly of them, how can somebody lower than that have so much hate for Linkin Park? Maybe Slipknot's attitude has rubbed onto you guys... lol sry.

Oh well...

Anyways, all I really wanted to bring up/ask is why you guys hate them so much. That site, also has information about the band's history (so that you will KNOW that they aren't manufactured.) I'm a Linkin Park fan, but I'm always open for new artists... like not too long ago somebody got me into Muse and Hoobastank.

Yes, your point is made that you HATE Linkin Park, but you haven't EXPLAINED why you do. What is the year, 2004? And you started this discussion in 2001 or something?

Ah, See ya later.
i don't know what has got into you, people.
so what if you think Linkin Park sucks? you don't have to broadcast it all around the world, man! you could have thought and at least consider the feelings of all LP fans who will be reading this. i know it may sound bullshit, but admit or not, when you hear people saying bunch of negative stuffs about your favorite band(artist), you get affected directly(get hurt is what i want to say!)
yes, i LOVE linkin park. so what? lots of people here in my country may think that LP fans are bunch of posers! i hear people say that to me. but i don't care. i stand for what i think is good! and i think LP is good.
i've watched Live in Texas and i can say that people really love them. and i know why! because Linkin Park cares for their fans.(unlike other bands who ignore fans)
and i think that it is wrong to say that they are nothing but a boy band. yes, they don't sound rock that much, or not at all. but i heard during their press conference here in our country, the press asked them what genre would their music be categorized... i think it was joe who answered, "our music doesn't belong to any genre. we don't want to be recognized to any genre like any other bands, we want our music to be recognized as LINKIN PARK music"
what i'm trying to say is that, stop saying they don't sound rock or they're nu-metal wanna be's!
and another thing, about their live performance, i heard it also from the press con when someone asked what was the greates compliment and worst critic that they ever had. chester said "it was when concert reviewers say that we lip sync. it was the greatest compliment because to say that we lip sync must mean we play our music perfectly and at the same time it's the worst insult because we do our best everytime we perform and give our 100% energy to keep the crowd jumping."
yeah, i've seen them perform live when they went here in our country last june 15. they fuckin' rocked the house! everyone was singing along and everyone was jumping! and it was proven that they were not lip synching when they asked someone to come up on stage to sing with chester at the "go away" part in Place for My Head.
they are talented, they know how to make songs that their fans could relate with.
i just want to know, what do you get from telling these things about them? why hate them? i mean, you could just leave them alone and go on with your "peaceful" lives!
oh, well! bye!
Hey Linkin Park fans:

Are you people on crack? Either that or you are just a bunch of sissies that get anally raped with a 7 meter long cactus every fucking day!! Linkin Park fucking sucks!! Why? Because of those fucking "riffs" that any 8 year old can play and the stupid Rap!!

"Duhh, it has lyrics that I can relate to DUUUUHHH, DUUUUHHH"

When are you all gonna shut the fuck up? It seems that some fat guys with fat pockets that are sitting and looking at all their 100 dollar bills in their big offices discovered that the stupid "Nobody understands me and the world hurts me" message can create a lot of money!. Just look at the number of this piece of shit. "Hybrid Theory" has sold like 8 million copies. So much for a piece of shit with a dumb motherfucker called Brad that can't even play a fucking guitar Solo!!! Guess what else, this shit is a BOY BAND!!!!

If you are a Linkin Park hater, then enjoy this "thought" but if you are a Linkin Park fan, then Fuck yourself you fucking faggot and go and read Prindle"s review of Slayer. The only thing worse than this gay piece of shit is Avril Lavigne ( If you like this crap you are probably thinking "Duhhhh I luv Avril she is so punk and rebel and she is da best guitar playa eva DUUHHHHH"). You little cunts need to stop sucking dicks for a minute and take those cucumbers out of your ass and start listening to some good music instead of this Gay boy band!!!.
hey, you guys!
i've read so much critizisms already... both against LPfans and anti-LPfans...
just pause for a while, shall we...
this site was created by Mr.Prindle to give his opinion and comments about LP's albums and to gather feedbacks from those who either support his ideas or not.
it was not created for people to start fights!
i am a linkin park fan, yes! and reading all the critizisms make me sick... but guess what? reading more disgusting stuffs from LP fans make me want to kill myself!
hey! you're trying to protect LP and all LPfans, right? then why act so childish?
everybody has the right to speak their minds! i mean, not fight... anyway!
just think about this... you're saying that Linin park is great, yes they are. so i believe that being the best band(at least for me and all the other people who think they are), they would have the best fans! it's right to protect or defend someone you like but not to the extend that you'll diss other people.
this thing is so childish! everyone is just overreacting!
let's not forget that the site was created to gather feedbacks... and whatever we read, may it be positive or not, can't we just respect it?
to all LPfans:
i love and respect Linkin Park...
i think they are the best, especially after seeing them live.
and i've met a lot of other LP fans from different countries, and i think they really are cool!
i think all LPfans are great! we are all great!
let's not put ourselves lower...
if we want LP to be proud for having such great fans, then just go on with ourlives...
i'm sure you feel bad about other bands, too.
LP was not meant for everyone, only for those who can appreciate their hard works and talents, only for those who can understand them and see them from the inside and not by the way they act.
if we will be fighting and saying stuffs against those who can't appreciate them, do you think LP would still be proud to have us?
think about it... just think!
to all anti-LP and anti-LPfans
I very much respect your opinions...
these things happen to me, too...
i say bad things about other bands or artist, especially those who don't write their own music...
i realize that you just hate LP because they sound not-so-rocky!
i respect that...
you say they sing bullshit...
fine with me...
you say all their lyrics suck ass...
i know we can't all have the same opinion on things so i respect everything you want to say about LP...
just make sure you won't make other LPfans go crazy again, alright?
To all rap metal fans:

You know, music can be good. It doesn't have to be shitty and tasteless. But thanks to you, now the music industry is ruined. For good. Because you losers actually buy this crap, these idiots will be all over the radio and MTV for God knows how long. I'd like to make a reference to John Cable, who claimed in his comment on Metallica's Load that the music industry is fake, and because of this there is virtually no talent in the music industry. These fake "rebellion" products will continue to take over the minds of millions of unsuspecting youths as long as they are around. And you morons actually buy this shit? Unbelievable. What's even worse is that you think it's real, and that Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and co. are really the best bands out there, and that they really do "express" what you are feeling. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Not only have you ruined the music industry, but now you are trying to ruin the world and bring all of us down with you. Thanks a lot, you fucking worthless, humorless, faceless, pig fucking cock suckers. I hate every single one of you more than you will ever know.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not visiting the Linkin Park page anymore, so none of your lame comebacks will have any effect. Bye bye asswipes. Ha ha! *runs for cover*
omg, i see you dont like these bands (obviously) but if you dont like them so much, why make a site about them? you're just wasting your time. make a site about some bands you DO like.
All I got to say is all you people and I'm referring you guys to people cause you mean nuttin to me that Linkin Park is one of the great bands around. I dont fuckin care about your negative remarks or nuttin. As far as I know you can all go to hell. People who talk negative get no where in life anyways. Remember that when you are older and have no one. No body cares about your stupid ass bands you like. You stupid fuckin dikes. If you are listening to the TV and it's telling you something stupid like Linkin Park sucks and you listen to it then you are nuttin but a follower. Linkin Park isn't a bad bad nor does it sux. People like you guys out there that hate them dont know what music is. Just because they dont say fuck in there songs or talk about rape or beating somebody to death doesn't mean they sux. So all I have to say is YOU ALL SUCK!! Linkin Park haters. (Chris Perrone)
this is directed to all you f*ckers that are sayin crap about linkin park. I listen to classic rock and stuff like ac/dc and zeppelin. i loved linkin park when i heard them. i dunno what crap music ur listenin to in order to not like linkin park. they're awesome (Abdul Muflahi)
u guys dissin linkin park need 2 realise tht u dont av the right 2 call them 'crap' or w/e...yer u av an opinion thts it!! u cud jus sy u dont like their stuff dude instead of actin like a bunch of 7 year olds n arguin bout it!!

personally i like linkin parks stuff but if i didnt i wudnt diss em cus they r jus guys livin their dream n doin wut they do best in life uv got 2 respect all the hard work theyv put into this man.

they r humans aswel they deserve respect as much as the nxt person n personaly i think its disgusting the way u guys make a site bout em jus 2 diss em!

like someone as already sed ... make a site bout bands u do like instead of wastin ur time dissin another

rock on honerable childs!!

peace out! xxx
A few words to those of you who seem to be offended by the many negative comments and points and counterpoints made against todays rock music scene. Many of you all say one common thing in your arguments: That if we are so smart and too good for these bands, then simply dont listen and leave you happily ignorant bastards alone. Well in part youre right, you deserve to live how you wish, but ever shall the Wise be troubled by the ways of the hunter gatherers. If the bible werent alot of bullshit, people like us, or atleast me, probably could have written it. Maybe then you basic and contentive participants and compliant drones of society and American pop culture, maybe then you would have a source of knowledge tailor made for your simple mental processes. Nay, do not ask that we pardon the world from our occasional judgement, and nor should you ever seek to escape it. For it is you who should not stumble into larger doors than your class deems you access. Some of you found your lost way into the halls of the wise, but you werent meant to be there. If you are not wise, seek counsel with the flies. Amen. And adonai eluheny abruch mehsif whatever your fucking WRONG creed is.
I don't know what people are thinkin, but Linkin Park rocks. Every song rocks! From the way Chester sings to the way they have their own unique style is just down right amazing! Everyone in the band is good at what they do. I love the way you can't exactly define them either because they are everything. If they are going to get any rating, it needs to be off the scale bc it is so high!!!!!
Linkin Park is da greatest band in da whole fuckin' world. If other people don't like it, then tell them not to listen to this WONDERFUL music. They don't know shit about music if they don't even like Linkin Park. (ha-ha) People that dn't like Linkin Park are gay and they suck DICK!!!
You know, it was a few years ago when I first heard Linkin Park on the radio. "One Step Closer" was a catchy tune, but it was way over played. Then, "crawling" came out, it it to was way over played. Then the second CD was made, it had the same melodies as Hybrid Theory. It was like I was listening to the same song with different titles. Now, all music is subjective... but here is where I go off.

When I talk to someone about "what music do you like" they might say rap or country, and I say I like rock/metal. I ask do you like any rock/metal bands? they respond.. ohh ahhhh...Linkin Park. They are so MAINSTREAM!. What is comes down to is that Linkin Park is a guys "boy band" favorite. If your wanting to listen to rock, dont listen to linkin park, dive deeped into other bands that use real instuments, and yay to the absence of turn tables and someone rapping in the background drowning out the sounds of both the guitars and the other vocals! You want Rock? listen to Taproot, Adema, Shinedown, Crossfade, Audiovent, or Rage... there are so many others as you know. Hell, even the christian band scene is gaining speed, and they are better than Linkin Park. Im sick of eveyone being one sided, go out and see what real rock is. Radio will play what's new, and what the "majority" likes. But who is the majority? little kids who like the name of the band? or the miss-spelling of Linkin (Lincoln). Or is it the little asian kids out there who like the Re-animation art! ooooo! lookout. ahh, all of this baby talk on linkin park is making me mad.... i'm throwing on some Deadlights....and then maybe some Deftones... later


MATT I AGREE MUSIC DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SHITTY OR GAY, I LOVE CLASSIC ROCK AND PROG ROCK! I AM STILL ADDICTED TO YES! SIBERAN KHATRU! anyway I do sound like george carlin sometimes! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! man I miss rick james, christopher reeve, and ray charles,. god bless you all ! I do not turn into a wimp I just miss my favorites! I thought we were all going to hell but I just stayed with peace and a daughter by my side.
Yea, u guys are right who would hate this band i love all there music im like a big fan i went to xfest and they fukin rock i mean i love those not in a gay way tho. I mean i havnt signed up yet but im gona to i all ways sing linkin park when they come on are my favorite band and i can sing like chester bennington but i hope they never break up cause over some stupid and i hope they dont change there name or change people. Cause like i said this band fukin is my favorite even there new song that just came out not to long ago. I thought i might put my thing in here to show respect to them cause they been make a bunch of good tracks. And who ever has got a problem with them then they are fuking jealous of them and if they are gona do then they better think again cause this band is FUKIN AWESOME!!!!! I CANT HOLD ONNNNNNNNNN LOL and if anyone as got a problem my screen name is jamesalvin2
Lets see you LP-haters asswipes play something better. so stop criticizing music and shut the fucking hell up. you fucking asshol bitches. fuck you.

hello, to tell the honest truth i don;t think anoyone on this site knows what the fuck tehy are talking about. I mean linkin park is the top 5 best rock bands in the USA. And half you people on this page are just gay faggots anyways. Give me ONE good reason Y you don;t like them and no it cna't be gay becasue there not and i have proof email me and i will HELP u the best i can to get better taste in music i...i mean i can't blame ya half ya guys need tweezers to jack off
Why is almost everyone posting here mentally challenged? I don't mean to insult the mentally retarded, but come on. Both the pro and anti linkin park emailers act as if they've never seen a comma in their life before and don't know that the 'caps lock' button can also be used to REMOVE caps lock. But anyway.

As for the band, they're terrible. The lyrics are all the same old 'omg my lief is teh shit' crap that clogs the airwaves nowadays. Chester Bennington is not a good singer. He almost never shows any kind of range apart from 'ooh this is a quiet verse part, listen to how sensitive and not at all whiny I sound' to 'I AM AN ANGRY MOTHERFUCKER, RAR.' As for others that can scream loudly and jump around like he supposedly can - Robert Plant, the late Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillian, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, and Serj Tankan all do it much better than poor Chester could ever hope to.
Linkin Park sucks. they are not nu-metal they are just pop music
For all of yall that said Linkin Park sucks I just want to say that if I could I would kill all of yall. I am A true Linkin park fan and I HATE ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT THEY SUCK BECAUSE THEY RULE!!!!!! I would like to see yall try to sing like that. I bet that none of you would get a single fan. I like everyone of their songs and to all of you that do not like them FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Paul)
I thing it is funny how every album and band has somebody that loathes and loves it. Also, when someone like you puts out an opinionated web page that everybody takes your word as the word of God. (I am very much guilty of this. I use to only look for albums that were already considered classics, or hyped up by the media.)

Anyway, my point is that if you right a bad review of an album or hate a band, then you get tons of flame mail. If you praise an album or a band, you still get flame mail. If people on your message boards disagree, then they call each other a fucking asshole.

This brings me to my second point. There are bands upon bands that I absolutely loathe. I can't stand these bands, don't understand why people will cough up $15 for their CD's, and think these bands should be forgotten by everyone. Among them are EMINEM and Linkin Park. The point is that I don't insult people for liking those bands. I can't believe that people will insult others with hate mail. There is nothing wrong with discussing things you hate about bands, but why does that have to result in hate mail between people.

For the record (if anyone wants to argue), my favorite Artists/bands are Miles Davis, Derek and the Dominos, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Band.

Thanks for reading me rant and rave.
linkin park is the freakin shits and i say wat ever it is they do that jus got me hooked on their music i say keep doin wat the fuck they are doin cause they freakin rock hardcore.
well, this one goes out for all retarded products of an incestuous union:

rap is crap (and i want to exclude public enemy and others who fought for their ideals and were fucking creative!!!).

early rappers used to rap around burning trash cans, nowadays they wave their dicks in the sun around a pool!!!

and every little white guy, who thinks this is great, should stop fucking his sister and take mental-therapy! that's my opinion on you, stinkin junk, limb biscuit, jay pee and your funny follower-cult. stop boring us and fucking with the kids minds!

VIVA LA passion! viva la fugazi, minor threat, melvins, butthole surfers, nirvana, fearless iranians from hell, black flag and many more who deserve to be asskissed by today's crap-metal heads!

thanks for your patience!!!

This is not a good band. Yep, and that's coming from me, Senor Mucho- Sellout Commercial Brainwashee Crap Man who likes Come On Over by Shania Twain (not so much Up!, though. Too damn long.)

Too few singles, too much filler. That's the problem with popular music nowadays--not any of these excuses about it being "mass-oriented pablum" or any of that riff-raff. These albums were obviously constructed so that their three or four singles would get massive airplay and so that most of their fans would buy the CD and JUST LISTEN TO THOSE THREE OR FOUR SONGS. Now, granted, there ARE people out there who love each and every single song on here, but they are few and far between, in my experience, and most of them seem to do so by listening to the CD over and over again for weeks.

That said, I DO like one of the songs on Meteora--I think it's called "Somewhere I Belong" or somesuch catchy chorusy phrase. "It Doesn't Even Matter" is mad annoying, though. Even the chorus blows on that. And it. . . topped the singles charts. Wow.

See, if bands would try and fill their albums up with consistent material once in a while, we'd have something. I'm going to get flamed for this from both sides, I know. I'll shut up now.
Hi there!

Right, hopefully I can help to conclude and silence this 'debate' once and for all with the aid of a flash animation I stumbled across:-

This guy sounds spookily like my younger cousin.. Anyway, enjoy! (John Castiglia)
Thank you a thousand times for giving an honest opinion about this band. I think they are horrible. First off, I hate keyboards and over-processed guitars. Heavy metal should be real drums, guitars, bass, and vocals. That's it. No keyboards, no weird ass Tito Puente percussion, (Sepultura?) no guitar processors that you need to take to NASA every time they malfunction, no DJs, and more importantly, no rapping. It sucked when Aerosmith did it with Run DMC. It sucked when The Beasties did it. It sucked REAL bad when Anthrax did it. It was God Awful when Cypress Hill did it. And guess what? It's the worst when white boys like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit do it. I happen to like rap and metal, just not combined. I like DJs too, but only when they're at a sweet sixteen party. Maybe I just like the sixteen year old girls, but you get the point.

It really pains me to see the recent developments in the metal scene. I am old school, I guess. I am 30 and grew up with the real metal. Bands like Slayer, Motorhead, Metallica, etc. Linkin Park represents everything I hate about corporate America. They are a pre-packaged sham marketed to suburban upper middle class white kids who think they have problems. I don't know who coined the phrase "mallcore", but that's what this music is. I for one, think these guys are talent less hacks that rely too much on their cheesy keyboards and samples and even more cheesy tattoos. And I can't stand the vocals. Awful. Thanks for letting me vent.
I think Linkin Park is good...I mean I'm a hardcore maggot (slipknot fan) now but still Linkin Park is good man.I absolutley despise rap its fucking GAY! but linkin park bring rap to a little different perspective to me meaning its not gay because they put some guitars drums and some sceaming into it.Anyways Linkin Park is good alright atleast give them that shit...I'd still kill to meet these guys but yeah say this shit about slipknot and they'll kill you or somethin lol
I think linkin park is not that bad of music. I lisen to it all the time.I think no eight year old should lisen to it. so no eight year old should GO to a consert. (Marcus)
Heheh…its so funny…you mindless morons degrading a really good band cause you problary suck or you favorite bands getting poor cuz linkin parks stealin all their fans let me get one thing straight.

Linkin park has more talent then you ever will have.

Secondly Chester owns dude he’s been bullied enough at school give the guy a break just cuz ur a bum criacizing everything staying in your moms addict

Thirdly they sometimes don’t play for money they mostly play for charity such as the tsunami relief funds so shut up I don’t see slipknot doing that. Instead they talk about if u don’t like their music they are going to kill you witch is kinda sad.

Stop picking on one band…why don’t you pick on metallica they are like 80 years old adleast the oldest member in lp is 26 that’s not old but when we are talking 80 omg…that’s old.

If you don’t like lp fine go listen to music that’s makes you depressed and kill yourself…and words that have no clarity adleast linkin park is just one out of very Little that talk sense and none of this bull shit about killing people.

If you got nothing to say about good talent please do all fans a favour and stfu.

. heh I hope you feel so stupid and btw just cause linkin park sells more cds then your bands there’s no reason to talk absolute shit about them.,

OK, lets get this straight.

My name is Michael Gordon.

I have a PhD in Music and a Diploma in Jazz Studies from Canterbury University and CPIT Respectively.

I have been a Professor of Music at Canterbury University for 7 years.

I have played with some of the greatest musicians of all time - Including James Brown, Maceo Parker, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Elton John.

"Linkin Park" are the third worst rock band I have ever heard and I think anyone who has studied music at a tertiary level will concur.

But as I know nothing about music I will just keep "Sucking to the toilet bowl" and I will go "Flush myself down" like Hewu said in his perfectly grammatical comment.

That's all I have to say.

P.S. Go and mince a cow you bored teenagers.
Fucking band. No wait; FUCKING RAP METAL!!! Who the hell thought this was a good idea in the first place? I could understand that some heavy bands go out of their ways and probably include a rap- metal song maybe on side b of ONE or perhaps two of their albums (like Ministry in “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste”) But shit, wave after wave of these stupid “rap metal” or “new metal” bands just keep coming out, releasing record after record and song after song of this loud and obnoxious form of music that all of a sudden has become the standard of heaviness. Nowadays it’s either that or some piece of shit “buddy rock” band like Good Charlotte or something. God where is Kurt Cobain when you need him? It’s really simple, just wear a red baseball hat backwards and try to sound mean and pissed off, oh and don’t forget to write some really crappy songs while you’re at it.


I would have to say that spending the last 1/2 hour should have been spent doing something more productive but, hell I'm bored out my wasso so go figure. Anyhow I just thought I would add my 2 or 3 cents to this conversation but before I start if you don't like what I have to say oh well, deal if you do good for you. I'm not writing this for anyone but, myself cause I feel the need to.

With that said, I absolutely love LP. I listen to all forms of music from Country to Hip hop, Screamo, blue grass to New Age stuff like Enigma. LP is the only band I can listen to and get a fix of all the different genre of music I like without skipping through half the cd to find that 1 song. Not to mention that there lyrics not only fit for someone in there teen age years, struggling to find who there are...but also someone like me who is 27 years old, married and successful.... The beauty of there lyrics is that they are sometimes deeply enrooted yet simple enough for them to fit into anyone's life or situation....which gives a sense of understanding.

I sometimes think that you must be an emotional nut case (which I have been in my past) or someone who is deeply and emotionally linked to themselves to understand or even "feel" music. Question: ever notice how some guitarists play and make funny faces or stick there tongues out and act all weird when they play? It's because they can "feel" what they are playing.... music brings something out of people... and to generally "hate" a form of the art is only because you cannot attach yourself deeply enough to the art to understand it. The greatest music is the kind you can attach yourself to emotionally... I think anyone can agree to that. To some people LP is just what they need it's a type of therapy and to others it's not as easy to grasp replace LP in the last sentence with your favorite group and read it again common sense isn't it? It is all preference and understanding that makes each person decide who they like and don't like. But, only some can say they like it all.

Almost every song has a meaning, why it was written, what it meant to the artist at that time....the fun of it is making them fit into your life...that's why we enjoy music....besides the fact some just have great beats to dance to....which gives us another emotion....relaxation and freedom to move about how we want and act sometimes in sexual natures which can lead to relationships or just fond memories....but that is whole other topic..... I guess the point I am trying to make is music is what you make it to be and you make it what it is because you can either "feel" it or you can't. I just ask that you open your mind to all of it and try not to just dismiss someone else's hard work and emotions as nothing more then a waste of time....would you really like it if your therapist dismissed yours?
ok. this is fucking shit. Linkin Park is one of the best bands ever. before they added bennington they were NOT called Hybrid theory. they were Called Xero! FIND OUT YOUR FACTS! I do honor your opinions, just all of it is flipping shit! LP is liked by many people. all of you are probably people that listen to 50 cent, Mike Jones, and the faggot Usher! DON'T give your opinion unless you actually like the type of music. yes Linkin Park has rap in it, but ALL songs do. even Bluegrass and Country music have Rap in it! God damn people. ITS MUSIC, your supposed to listen to it, not memorize every single tune and chord just so you can say shit about it. some people like it, some people don't. get over it. and with that, I'll end this

Fuck you.
now its my turn u fucks that down like LP or havnt liked it or never have listened to it , its basically a story if u listen to all three albums in a row , then move along to live in texas and what ever else belongs to em, now for starters , Hybrid was high selling but aside a album inver really got into until, i heard Reanmation, now theres a high sellin album fro 2002, ne one who disagrees has problams in there hea, lets start with the ones i program into my disc man, FRGT/10 Alchemist n Chali 2na, X-ecutioner style featuring blck thought, high voltage(hybrids ver. was better) wht you, ppr kutt, bymyself, 1 step closer, now if u only listen to the ones that are tight ud actually have ur fuckin moneys worth instead of complainin about remixes, Chester and Mike did it all , i knew it all when i first heard , 2ndly : Album Meteora 1 : Dont stay, 3 : some where i belong, 4 : lying from you, 5 : hit the floor, 7: Faint, 11 : nobodys listening, and last but least # 12 SESSION , they did and awesoem job i think , Lp and its affiliates Lpc fan site are running hella credibility , and there donations to for recovering ppl from Hurrican Katrina , and for the ppl dressing like Linkin parker keep it up wouldnt be here if it wasnt for ur dedication" (Shinoda and Chester for Docklands concert) and u know I agree wit what the soldiers are out there doin , im in my town listenin to thoses guys best cds like its my damn bible, well its true every one agrees when i play it or spit a verse from em , its fuckin tight , my music beats bar rushs LP all da way . kk gotta Jet those are my black thoughts peace .
I live in a small insignifican't country, Australia. Often people refer to this place as "Down Under" (which no body really finds all that amusing here, or anywhere else i imagine, and we resent you highlighting the fact that we are "lower" than the rest of you. Fuck You. We have kangaroos). Our fine ,if grossly misunderstood, country has a problem. That problem is most Austalian artists feel the only way they can compete with american "artists" (e.g: Christina, Britany, KoRn, Blink, and any number of other shit/high selling artists)is by completly aping them. Now because of this cultural invasion I CANT WALK DOWN MY FUCKING STREET TO BUY SOME BREAD OR HIGH QUALITY AMPHETAMINES, WITHOUT SOME FRED DURST/CHESTER BEERYFUCK/SNOOP DOGG/NELLY CUNT WANNABE WADDLING UP TO ME LIKE SOME FUCKED-UP PENGUINE WHOSE LOST TOTAL CONTROL HIS JOINTS SAYING SOME SHIT IN A QUASI-AFRO-AMERICAN ACCENT. THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF. FUCK YOU RAP/ROCK FUCKING FUCKS. WHY IS IT BUDDY HOLLY IS DEAD, AND WE CAN'T GET FUCK DURST INTO A DECREPID 50'S AEROPLANE!

Lets put this Linkin Park argument into perspective. In 40 years time I don't think ayone will be all that interested in the musical exploits of the rap/pop-metal generation. It will be looked upon as an unfortunate blip in american rock history.

As for whether or not "the Park" are good is a moot point, they are just not that interesting, let's be serious, they are rather boring. You can't seriously argue the "One Step Closer" is going to be remembered in the same breath as "Eleanor Rigby" or "Gimme Shelter" or "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again".There an many more interesting artists both past & present.

And to all those who think Corporate radio & MTV/MTV2 are the only ways to hear "good music", I'm sorry that the local scene in your home town/district have failed so deliberately to be as shallow and polished as you so expect them to be.
What a waste of time...

I am an "intelligent" Linkin Park fan. So here goes...

I own every Linkin Park CD that has been released to date (including the Fort Minor side project started by Mike Shinoda).

I am 17 years old and I HAVE got a musical taste of my own.

I'm not going to do something stupid like come on here and say "OMG LINKIN PARK IS T3H BESTT BAND EVAR ZOMG ORGAZM LAWL J00 SUCK CUZ J00 LIZTEN TO BRITNAY SPERZ"...okay...if you did are ignorant and Linkin Park doesn't want you representing them...

gtakid...Linkin Park WAS at one time called Xero...before Chester was added to the that point, they WERE called Hybrid get YOUR facts straight...

Detuning guitars?! What is this nonsense? All the guitars that LP uses are perfectly tuned to Eb...*cricket* for those who don't know, that is a half step down from standard tuning which is EADGBE...

If Linkin Park's songwriting sucks so bad, why don't you write something better? Because you can't!

If Chester Bennington's singing sucks so bad, why don't you sing something better? Because you can't!

If Mike Shinoda is such a "P-O-S-E-R", why don't you become an MC that has crossover success in two different projects? Because you can't!

Linkin Park's music does not "suck" because Chester Bennington is a better vocalist than most.

Linkin Park's songwriting does not "suck" because it relates to real people with real emotions.

Linkin Park's songwriting does not "suck" because the listener isn't subjected to hearing the F word every two lines because the writer's vocabulary isn't big enough.

Mike Shinoda is not a "poser" because of the fact that he is Japanese, and that his lyrics are some of the most elegantly-written rap lyrics out there.

In other words, GET A CLUE. Give Linkin Park and Fort Minor a chance, and if you don't like their music, nobody else cares. Do you think that a band whose debut album outsold some of the biggest artists ever (and still sells thousands of copies monthly, six years later...I'd like to see your inexistent musical talents do that) really cares that you don't like them? Because for every one of you "bashers" who think they suck, there's a hundred fans who like their music. And in case their "crappy songwriting" didn't clue you in, they don't care if you don't like their music. I think I'll reference "High Road":

"These people are running off at the mouth
Trying to convince me that I'm running on empty
Trying to convince themselves that the record with Jay was a fluke
That the record that I'm making is a mistake/And I can't take this...

Let me tell you where I'm at with this
The trash that you talk's really gonna have to quit
I'm not plastic and fake
When I make tracks, I take facts and lay em out for the masses
You have to just see it so you know that I'm not playing
And start asking me the names that I'm not saying/But I'm trying to be bigger than the bickering*

It's also nice to note that only one song about their position on the "haters" has been written. They probably feel it unnecessary to restate their position more than once, because losers like that aren't buying the records anyways. So in other words, have fun hating Linkin Park, "but Nobody's Listening"
Who knew Linkin Park fans could read?
Please, please GOD, all of you Linkin Park fans, defenders of crappy music alike:

Please stop defending your favorite music by urging all the "haters" to create music that's better. You know what? The "haters" were simply expressing their opinion, not saying how big their dicks are. You damn well know most people here can't write a pop song, rap-metal song, or whatever the fuck kids listen to now. It's a null argument, completely empty of any meaning or substance.

If Linkin Park is as excellent as you claim it is, please present a legitimate argument.

And if when you put "Hybrid Theory" into your CD player, and your first few thoughts are "Wow, this is incredibly original and creative... perhaps the best music I've ever heard!" Reconsider what you've fucking heard. Listen to Miles Davis, Thomas Newman...or some metal with crazy time signitures (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, for example). Dip into the more creative electronica artists.. Boards of Canada, Underworld, Orbital, Hybrid (whose name was the reason Hybrid Theory had to be scrapped!). Listen to the band Cursive or Against Me! or Minus the Bear to get a feeling for punk influences.. Sufjan Stevens or Nick Drake or Iron & Wine or the Red House Painters to hear what beautifully written (mainstream) acoustic music sounds like. If you're actually into rap, try on Dr. Dre's The Chronic, or the original Wu Tang Clan albums...

And while you're at it, try on Owen, Sigur Ros, The Mars Volta, Fear Before the March of Flames, Andy McKee or Don Ross....

And after listening to all of that, you crawl back and tell me that Linkin Park is original... that Linkin Park is creative. Expand your tastes, PLEASE, and then reconsider your feelings about generic crap like this.

PS - No one has to agree with my taste, in fact, I'm sure there are plenty of people that hate everything I just listed... I've presented it merely as an example of how someone can dip into many different genres. Thanks.
Well, I know his post was a while ago, and I don't feel like reading everything after, so someone may have already said this, but i'd have to agree with Why don't you dipshits actually pay attention to the music. Music is supposed to be about enjoyment and entertainment. Stop anylizing every single song you hear. You can't honestly say "DUHH!!! I DON'T LIKE THAT BAND, BECAUSE THE GUITARS ARE DOWNTUNED, AND THEY AIN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT, AND THE ELECTRONIc BEATS ARE NOT ELECTRONICY ENOUGH, AND ONE OF DA GUITAR CORDS IS DA SAME AS ANOTHER BANDS SONG" up your goddoamn mind, and just listen.
Ok. Live in texas gets a 5. Everything else gets a 5, accept for that fucking stupid remix cd. That doesn't even deserve a score. I hope the new cd gets reviewed soon. The lyrics do get worse. How you ask? They learned how to say the fuckword. Oops, I mean the f-word. Who ever said that linkin park is getting better needs to buy this new cd. Then they should listen to it. Then they should snap it. Then they should write a song about how bad life is because there favorite band that use to be good sucks. They try to call that new shit thrash! Fucking thrash! And some of the new songs have a fucking stupid clapping noise. If any of you kids want thrash, listen to slayer, and early metallica.

This man's comment is the greatest thing ever posted on this website.


Stipend Steve
yo wassup mofos! ya’ll need to respect lp i mean yeah it’s not perfect copy like cds and podcasts and shit duude but like the sound is fucking incredible and organic and all ya’ll’s favorite tunes would be nuthin but shit in some guys head if they couldnt get it all recorded and distributed and shit

if you don’t like it, then wy not talk about other formnats and not bitch about thhem, bastard? o yah, because u sucj and u’ve got nothin better to do than trash the greatst thinh to happen to music since bethovenn cuz ur jealous pansy motherfuckers

i luv lp. i luv edouard-leon scott’s genius lead guitar, i luv emile berliner’s awesome drums and wack poetic skillz, most of all i luv thommy edison’s sweet, sweet voice (mary me thommy!) how dare you insult these geniuses? what gives you pricks thu right??? how would you like it if I called all yor favorite inventors whorz and bitches and retards?

i bet you listen to 8-track and that pussy analog tape crap, friggin mtv poser freeks!!!

if this fuckin “prindlee” thinks hes so great lets see him com up with a better tool for disseminating music to the masses!!! yea thats wut i thought fuck you sucka

edison’s inventions saved my best friends life when he was going to commit suicide those lights pulled him back from the brink, the edge! how dare you gfuckers trash my friends savior i will hunt u down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

respect the O.F., muthas! lp fans 4ever! vinyl will never die!

Add your thoughts?

Minutes To Midnight - Warner Brothers 2007
Rating = 3

Like many of today's young people, my son Henry The Dog has friends. And I don't mean smelly old dog friends or those assholes on MySpace, but real flesh-n-bones people friends -- people who are so friendly and loving to him that he excitedly wags when he sees or smells them in the vicinity. Two of these many friends are his "friends at the drug store," a pair of 20-something African-American twin women who work at the local King's Pharmacy 'round these parts. Two or three times a week during Henry's morning stroll, I'll say to him, "Do you wanna go see your friends at the drug store?" and he'll smile his winning smile and trot on over to the King's Pharmacy - incidentally, one of the very few drug stores that will still let dogs in because CVS and Duane Reade are RUN BY PRICKS WHO COLLECT PIECES OF BROKEN GLASS AND SELL THEM AS ASPIRIN BECAUSE THEY'D JUST AS SOON SEE YOU ROT IN HELL AS GET RELIEF FROM A HEADACHE THE PRICKS.

So's I'm taking Henry to see his friends at the drug store the other day when one of the twins' (Latisha, I think? Sp?) cell phones suddenly comes to life with a loud, shitty modern rock song. Thinking that I could "Name That Tune," I asked, "Who was that? Linkin Park?" Her response, with my intermittent "mm-hmms" and "why?"s omitted for space, appears below: "No, Papa Roach. I'm mad at Linkin Park. Because their new album! It's HORRIBLE! I mean, HORRIBLE! As in there's only one or two good songs on there! And I'm a big Linkin Park fan, so that's saying something that I think it's horrible. It's the same kind of music as before - their first album was rock, then the next was more of a dance thing, then their third one was rock, and this one is rock too, but the songs are just bad! I waited four years for THIS? I'm thinking about sending them a letter, I'm so mad. My friend warned me, 'Listen to it at the listening station before you buy it,' but I didn't. I just bought it, put it on and thought, 'I paid 17 dollars for THIS?' I can't believe they would do this to their fans. It's so BAD!"

See, it's amazing how much I have in common with 20-something African-American twin women.

Let's stop being polite, take the proverbial gloves off, and tell the metaphorical truth: Linkin Park is a shitty, shitty band. They are very unintelligent songwriters, every single thing they write follows the same "quiet electronic verse/loud guitar chorus" formula and has the same angst-ridden mood, their chord sequences are straight out of Obvious Teenage Emotion-Plucking 101, their singer is whiny, their rapper is boring, their electronics are outdated and their lyrics are self-pitying garbage. But having said that, some of their bombastic loud guitar/screaming crybaby choruses are so monumentally corny that they're absolutely great-fucking-tastic. You already know "Crawling" - now it's time to hear these butt-obvious anthemic classics:





Hey, don't blame me when these stupid lyrics get stuck in your head.

Say! Did somebody say "stupid lyrics"? Here's just one phrase each from tracks 2, 3 and 4 on the disc:

TRACK 2 - "And no one cares."
TRACK 3 - "Cause no one else cared."
TRACK 4 - "And no one cares."

You said it, Chester and Mike: NO ONE CARES!!!

Say! Did somebody say "stupid political lyrics"? How do these two songs grab you? By the SHIT collar, I'd bet!?

"It's ironic. At times like this you pray,
But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday.
There's bombs in the buses, bikes, roads,
inside your markets, your shops, your clothes,
My dad, he's got a lot of fear I know
but enough pride inside not to let that show."

Incidentally, those lyrics are from "Hands Held High," a strongly-felt but hilariously boneheaded 'gospel/rap' song that goes way WAY beyond normal "Linkin Park cheesiness" to achieve something like "a guy on MySpace singing an original song in honor of our 9/11 heroes" cheesiness. My God, is this a shitty song. The chorus is "A-MEN! A-MEN! A-MEN! A-MEN!" for Christ's sake! (Possibly literally)

The other political song, "The Little Things That Give You Away" is probably intended to be a no-holds-barred 'Tellin' it like it is' statement from the underground, but its performance by a band this slick, rich and corporate - not to mention the bizarre wording of non-metaphors in such a way that they read as metaphors - makes it come across as almost horrifically tasteless. You know what it's about? People drowning in Hurricane Katrina! Here, check out this chorus, which they repeat 500 million times because they think it's such a clever play on words:

"And now there will be no mistaking
The levees are breaking
All you've ever wanted
Was someone to truly look up to you
And six feet underwater, I do"

Who is he talking about? George Bush? That FEMA guy? The mayor of New Orleans? A rich white person who didn't drown? Furthermore, have ANY of these people ever hinted that they want "someone to truly look up to (them)"? As far as I can tell, "all (they've) ever wanted" was money and power!

But who cares? Chester certainly doesn't, as long as you enjoy his clever play on words.

It's a terrible record by a terrible band. No more talking about it; it's hurting my eyes.

And shame on you Rick Rubin for producing a piece of shit by these six piles of shit. What would Johnny Cash say, huh? What would Slayer say? What would AC/DC say?

Actually, I can probably guess what AC/DC would say.

And it would almost undoubtedly be a double-entendre about Brian Johnson's "Linkin Log."

Reader Comments
Minutes To Midnight::
Your view on this album is seriously FUCKED!, the lyrics to What I've Done you seriously need to listen to them again.. your right.. nobody does care, nobody cares the fuck what they do to the world we live in... and thats exactly what LP are talking about.. clowns like yourself just claiming the world revolves around you, when if youd just look that little bit further you'd see a few billion other people,... and you should listen to the album from song 1 Wake.. one after another to 12 The Little Things Give You Away... then it would make alot more sense and the way i see this... your just pissed because you hate LP and their creating amazing songs that the shit you listen to couldnt even dream of doing?
"So let mercy come, and wash away, what ive done" yeah.. i wouldnt be surprised if u tried being cocky and saying wash away what LP have done... but by the "i've" hes representing Mankind....
Yes there was a lot of LP fans that were dissapointed by the first listen to this album... i bet if you asked them again they would say its grown on them sooo much.
And i really do not need to comment on this album coz once again... yup its spoken for itself.. in just four weeks its sold 3,300,000 copies and hit Platinum in just four days? Damn... your clearly pissed now..

LP Forever
I have just one thing worth saying about Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight (nice Maiden ripoff in the title by the way)...

The crappiness of the first two albums was no fluke. They still bloody suck the dog's bollocks....

Just like before.
Man, that was hilarious. I haven't heard this album, but based on your review, Mark, I might just download it for a pick-me-up. There's nothing funnier than a real-life Spinal Tap!
Linkin Park are swearing these days eh? Ooh they must be angry. That pissed off responce to your review is worth a chuckle also. What a dreary band, ho hum. Tell me Mark are there any good new bands (ie formed this century) that have any kind of success at the moment? I feel like I'm trapped in the 90s, but every new band I hear about seems to suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
It would not be too unbelievable if that first comment was from an actual member of the band.

I always thoght he was saying, "Driving in my sleeeep, these wombs of mine are hollow..."

I want to talk to you about ....zzzzzzz.... sorry, about the new Linkin Park ....zzzzzzz.... album but it keeps ....zzzzzz..... putting me to sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Anyway, I think more of LP than you do. I think Hybrid Theory was a great album. Meteora was a completely unnecessary rerun of Hybrid Theory. I think they decided they had to change their sound. Somehow it worked because their record sales are good from what I heard - maybe because people are buying it sight unheard as you said.

In my book, it easily wins the Most Boring Album of 2007.

I just checked out STE's review after writing this and crap, it's like the verbose version of what I just typed. Oh well, all three of us think it sucked.
So, Linkin Park... lotta controversy on this page. First off, I don't actually think they're a full-on good band. Let's get that right out of the way. But, they are at least SLIGHTLY less obnoxious than Disturbed, Papa Roach, and Limp Bizshit (the worst band in the history of existence not named Insane Clown Posse), so I'll give them... uh, semi-demi-quasi-pseudo cool points, I guess. Plus they're better than the Killers, the Offspring, Nickelback, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, et al. Not like I'd ever actually buy an album of theirs (I only know them from the radio, where they play that "Bleed it Out" pizza shit every day... (I enjoy the phrase "pizza shit") now THAT one sucks), though.

I do wish that all these hardcore Linkin Park fans would settle the fuck down, though. So someone doesn't like your favorite band. Get over it, I say. It's not worth your anger. You'll probably forget about them in ten years anyway.

Now, here's some stuff I'd recommend to Linkin Park fans looking to expand their horizons, just so they don't end up listening to shit music all their life. For aggressive, heavy music, I'd check out Alice in Chains' Dirt or Metallica's first four. For aggressive, heavy music that truly sounds like nothing else, Miles Davis' Live Evil (you read that right: Miles CAN do aggressive. And why do I bring Miles Davis up? I really, really like Miles Davis). For some good ol' teen angst... Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd's The Wall. Good hip-hop? Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Run-DMC, Public Enemy, and OutKast's first four. For music you can relate to, Nirvana. For flat-out good music, Beatles/Stones/Who/Hendrix/Sigur Ros... I could go on a while here.

And you know those Radiohead guys? Yeah, they're kind of a good band...

Add your thoughts?

Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes - Warner Brothers Machine Shops Recordings 2008
Rating = 2

You know what I miss about the Olden Days? Well, I'll tell you, since you asked. These days, with the fancy-schmancy Internet, a news site -- say, CNN or, I don't know, Yahoo or somesuch -- will post a news story, am I right? Yes, and then the very next thing that happens is that a genius will click on the 'Add Your Comment' knob and type in "FIRST." And, by gum, he will be the first. The first to type in "FIRST." In this way, people are using their time wisely. But this just lacks the excitement and wonder of the Olden Days. Remember the Olden Days, before the Internet and its hilarious outdated friend The Fax Machine? Why, back then the newspaper would show up in the driveway each morning and everyone in town would hurriedly take it up to their home, rip open the first article, scrawl "First!" onto an index card, stick it in an envelope, address it to the Letters To The Editor section, and hurry on down to the post office. A few days later, we'd all gather around the newspaper to see who truly was 'first' and my sweet God I've never ejaculated so hard in my life. One time I was rubbing my balls on this titqueen -- hey, they didn't call me "Chest Nuts" for nothing! -- and thi

Say, you know me. I'm not the most handsome or confident Television Guest, but whenever I appear on Fox News' "Red Eye" program, I do my honest best to entertain the world with a gift-wrapped selection of light-hearted commentary. As such, I was naturally flabbergasted by the recent response to my July segment about the band "Attack Attack!" Now I'll admit that a few unfortunate phrases jumped out of my mouth during the piece -- I seem to recall "abominable" and "bouncing up and down like they're taking a dump" making an appearance -- but these things are said in jest like a friend to his little buddy. I intended only to fill the world with a bit of gaiety, and I figured the Attack Attack! fan base would simply enjoy my whimsical antics and give each other five. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Here are just a few of the shocking and racist comments they have left on my YouTube page over the past few weeks:

"mark are a fucking douchebag"

"Ha, he's a douche."

"these 2 guys are the biggest douches i have ever seen"

"Oh hey mark, i wanted to tell you your great! Then i rememberd your a fucking douchbag faggit. Get a real life, stop thinking your important because you have a shitty no name music review site and a dog."

"i wonder if these douche bags ever look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they are cum bubbles"

"mark prindle is a total douche attack attack is sweet"


"lmao what a douche bag, both of them"

"This Guys a fucking douche! Loser.."

"hahaha what fucking moron's. do they think their cool talking shit basically about kids? what douche bags"

"these guys probably beat off to queen. fucking douche bags!?"

"anyone who disses AA shall eternally burn in hell. ik not everyone likes them but this hairless asshole is so closed minded. like theres opinions...then there's bein a douche"

"mark prindle is the biggest fuk head i ever had the chance of seeing on fox but hes a big dumb fuk hes making fun of bands that do wat they want to do and hes dising on attack attack! hey you bald fuk wheres your album why dont you grow some balls go on stage and play wait you cant cuz yur mother wont let you dousche"

"maybe the douche shouldn't hate on people with more sucessful music careers then obviously his."

"This guy is a faggot, Attack Attack! is amazing and crab core is sexy. Fuckin Douche."

"i would like to see this douche go two rounds with caleb shomo and survive...what a fuckin prick ATTACK ATTACK! FOR LIFE"

"douche-bag on the left. dumb-ass on the right."

"It's insane that this is what fox news is spending time on. Good for getting Attack Attack!'s name out there though. Thanks d-bags."

"what a fuckin douchhhh"

"this guy could not have looked like a bigger dumb ass he is quite possibly the biggest duche i have ever seen"

"i honestly hope both thes fucks get shot and raped. its not even the fact that they make stupid ass jokes that are beyond unfunny. its just theyre faces. prindle is just a douchbag who laughs at his own retarted ass jokes. ( 2:55 listen to the backround)"

"this guy is the douch of music."

Granted, it's nice that they place so much importance on feminine hygiene. But here look! There's more!

"fuck this faggot"

"i wanna punch you in the face faggot."

"mark is a FAGGOT."

"mark can suck a dick"

"im a big Attack Attack fan, and Im NOT a moron (like previously stated about AA fans) but fuck this guy. he can take a dump and fall back in it, he truly is a homo."

"what sad fucks xD they can go watch their gay fucking hip hop shit music and he can go pet his dogs dick and do red rocket with it xD"

"they have nothing better to do but critisze good bands and make gay, lame-ass jokes about musicians."

"ya thats cool, bash on some teenagers for making music when u have some gay ass show that NO ONE knows about. bottom line, that guy need to get a life and some hair"

"no body cares what prindle thinks hes just a dumbass who thinks hes better than everyone. get a life and dont make fun of bands like attack attack... people who can kick your ass all day haha. get a life and try to make your own shit up. btw grow some hair, dick. you made yourself look gay"

"heres a link to this fags site were he shits on all these bands"

"dudes a foggot."

"Fuck this bald fag"

"wow fucking faggot, your probably still a virgin who sits at home and fucks his hand all day."



Granted, it's nice that today's youth is homophobic, but look! There's more:

"mark you are a joke attack attack is sick and and your an old man that has nothing better to do than hate on kids"

"Since when is it alright of a 40-something year old, balding man to bash a group of 16/17/18 year old kids having fun and making music they love? The old man should go back to his oldies music and leave today's music alone."

"I'm not gonna lie...Attack Attack! is a pretty bad ass band but these old farts can't handle heavy metal..they're too used to Bon Jovi being 'extreme' rock out music (NOT saying Jovi is bad, I think Jovi is awesome)"

"ATTACK ATTACK is a rly talented good band. screw u men in ur 40s or w.e who dont even know good music"

"I find it amusing when old middle-aged men pretend that they know what music is good and what music is in...he should really wake up and realize his opinion doesn't matter..he is just one man..."

"Fuck you, you old piece of shit. I hope you have around the clock security because i intend to kill your pathetic ass before this week is over. Learn to appreciate the amount of time and effort that it takes to create any genre, whether you like it or not. Fucker. DIEDIEDIE!"

"Why did the invite a unsuccessful album reviewer to there show. They're old men. why would they even bother with being a critic."

"oh look, it's another couple of old asses that just can't get enough of their overplayed shit from the 70s and 80s. if it isn't slayer or bob segar, it is all shit. music changes buddy, youre going to either have to get used to it, or listen to your shitty 8-tracks."

Granted, old people are by nature less sensitive to artistic genius than a bunch of little kids with the same haircut, but look! There's more:

"Dude attack attack! is a great band and they are all very talented for their ages and your making jokes about there music...if there sooo bad then why not make music of your own,,,i bet it would probably sound horrable..Oh and the genre is called post hardcore/electronica artard...not 'crabcore'"

"I bet this asshole couldnt play marry had a little lam if he spent from now until the end of eternity."

"i wanna see this dude put out a record and play to hundreds maby thousands of kids on tour then maby ill actually listen to what this ass has to say"

"who the fuck is this guy to make fun of some kids. wheres his album? lets all go to his sold out concerts. what a peice of fuck."

"who the fuck is this asshole to be criticizing music? This stupid fuck has done nothing with his life in music. Go fuck yourself"

"Hhaha wow, I guy that probably can't play any instrument at all, which is why he reviews music rather than writing it, talking crap about a group of kids that are half his age that have become pretty popular, and actually write decent music."

"Got this guy is an idiot, its funny when 40 year olds make fun of teenagers! How many albums has that guy sold?"

Information on purchasing Mark Prindle CD-Rs can be found at, but look! There's more:

"dude fuck him"

"Fuck this guy."

"fuck this guy, attack attack! is awesome"

"fuck you. that is bullshit attack attack is awesome!"

"fuck this guy i think attack attack is awesome"

"lol what? Attack Attack! owns everyone's fucking face [:"

"This is a load of FUCKIN BULL, this ass hole should fuckin die"

"fuck you mark attack attack rules"

"what a fucking prick!"

"fuck you mark prindle..i hope you choke on your own dick.."

"yeah fuck you guys, making fun of Attack Attack."

"Wow your a bald fuck, you get paid next to shit to talk shit about things that are actually good."

"that fucking mark prindle knows nothing about music. attack attack is the best band ever. so who the fuck is this guy to talk? because he isnt as amazing as them."

"Attack Attack > Mark Prindle So fuck you. :]"

"this guy is a fuckin retard, attack attack! is hella good. he doesnt know what he is talking about."

"FUCK YOUUU attack attackk is sooo good"

"my friend enrique is gonna murder those sick fucks...Attack Attack! is fucken awesome"

"oh hey guess what fuck mark prindle"

"dude fuck this guy another reason to hate fox news this guys is just getting paid to rip on real music how does one hate bob dylan!? and manson and attack attac are amazing :D"

"attack attack is the best band ever fuck you and get a life"

"Listen here you BALD FUCK!! dont dis on Attack Attack they r fucking awesome!!! the news guy should stop sucking red eyes dick and i bet he still lives with his mom, you lame ass dick!"

"fuck you, justin timberlake and attack attack! will make more of an impact on this world than your website. they are less than half your age and are already more popular and wealthy than you will ever be. if i ever see you i will shoot you repeatedly until you apologize for being an asshole."

"seriously dude what the fuck dose he want people to do stand there aa! is fuckin amazing who gives a fuck if they do crabcore! ?"

"hmmm....two words..fuck them."

"this dude is the biggest fucking tool ever."

"fuck you.. attack attacks simply amazing. and your maaking fun of the future. crabcores the biggest thing. i just got back from a show of asking alexandria and they all were incredible at it. judgeing by the way you dis on bands. i have no clue what you listen to"

"omg i wanna smack this fuckhead so hard. my god he wishes he was as cool as attack attack. fuck him, he wishes he had hair to flip and he wishes he could get low like them"

"can mark please review a big bag of fuck you. you are a complete dumb ass and you know nothing about music. i hope your site goes down and you go deaf so you cant ever have the pleasure of listening to music ever again, you suck"

"go to fucking hell you sack of shit."

It's nice to see that today's youth enjoy the world-famous "Blue" word. But here's my favorite -- not only does this person avoid using the word 'fuck,' 'gay' and 'douche,' but he or she paints a disgusting image that actually makes me laugh -- even though it's about ME!

"he says it looks like they're taking a shit? looks like someone took a shit on his face, oh wait thats his mustache..."

The thing is -- I realized after watching my appearance in the new Attack Attack! DVD trailer (start at 2:30) that, regardless of my feelings towards their music and video, it was real dickish of me to make fun of them on TV. They're just kids starting out their career; I should stick to trashing long-term offenders like Don Henley and Michael Jackson. I even sent them an apologetic note, and the drummer wrote a nice reply, so I think we're in good stead now.

So no more making fun of young people and their bands! Except on the web site here, of course. But this is different than TV -- TV actually has viewers.

As for this live Linkin Park CD, it features 8 Minutes To Midnight losers, 6 Meteora stinkers and 4 Hybrid Theory blowies. How did this band manage to locate and hire both the worst rapper and wimpiest singer in the world? Imagine six pieces of shit standing on a stage and that's this band. They combine listless one-note rap with crybaby pussy vocals and gigantic melodramatic choruses. I've no clue how I could have been so stupid as to give Hybrid Theory a full 5 stars. Maybe it really is that good (ie 'mediocre' rather than 'godawful'), but since I threw my copy in the garbage toilet years ago I'm not about to find out! I do fall for the gigantic choruses sometimes, I must admit; hey, it's FUN to sing "CRAWLING OUT MY SKIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!" and "In the end, it doesn't even matter!" It feels like I'm 16 again! I also think the chorus for "Shadow Of The Day" is very pretty, and would fit perfectly into a Survivor song from the mid '80s. But dude, they GOTTA get rid of that hideous rapper. He drains all the possible life out of everything he touches.

Also, most of their songs stink.

As for this live CD, the wimpy singer guy hits some terrible flat notes that ruin otherwise almost good moments, and at one point he says "This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!" so I guess he got the photo of my penis. Also, at one point near the end, Jay-Z joins them onstage to make their boring terrible rap music even worse.

But don't take it from me; here's what my wife has to say about it:

"It's like a 90-minute episode of Kanye West stealing the microphone away from Taylor Swift in its level of mortifying, ear-shriveling atrocity."

So leave HER your angry messages, Linkin Park fans!

Reader Comments
Since you are unemployed, you might as well run your back catalog through AutoTune, get some stupid tattoos and piercings, and come up with a retarded dance - may I recommend the "Disco Jaws"? Then you can be famous for about 6 months just like Attack Attack and be on a "Where Are They Now?" segment in about 5 years.

I can't wait for 10 years from now when people look back at all the AutoTune crap and go "what were they thinking?" AutoTune bugs me about as much as the DX7 did in the 80s (in other words, a LOT).
Actually, I think Attack Attack! have bestowed a great and honorable favor upon this world of ours. They have finally settled the conflict on who the worst band of all time is. Not even the Hundred Years War of Creed vs. Nickelback can stand up to the sheer overpowering doomsday asteroid of shit that is Attack Attack!.

Thank you, Mark Prindle, for getting the word out. I saw your Red Eye appearance on YouTube, and looked up the video, and it was abominable, just as you said. I've shown the "Stick Stickly" video to many, many people, and most of them could not stomach more than a minute and a half. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the bane of music, the Worst Band In The World Of All Time...

Attack Attack!
I don't know why you subject yourself to LP's music even for review purposes, but the part about "first!," internet commenting, and newspapers is really hilarious.
"Fuck Mark Pringles's' wife!!!! Music is music this chick has no husband or ombudsman. Her and Mark just sit there attached by a tack & attack attack attack!!!!! By The Way It's Not "Crabcore" It's Mediocore, Queen Bee-ter Offer!
Linkin Park are Probley the most influential and important Rock band ever. Let’s Get To fact’s, In there was no Linkin Park, there would be no Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, or The Beatles. Sure some would say “How can this be, Zeppelin were a 70’s band, and Linkin Park started in 2000.” Sure, Led Zeppelin were a 70’s band, but were they? Linkin Park did not influence Led Zeppelin, but they also did not influence they brothers the Yardbirds, So they did. How can one say there would be a Zeppelin now a days if it was not for Linkin Park. The only reason people bought Zeppelin records in the first place is because they new there was going to be a band like Linkin Park to keep rock going in the 21st century. So if it wasn't for Linkin Park, Zeppelin would not be successful. “Beatlemaina” was basically “Linkinmaina.” And every AC/DC Riff was stolen From Linkin Park. Cocks can say what they want, but Linkin Park were the first, and best, rock band ever.
Really Mark, try not to pay attention to what those idiots on youtube say. If a band like Attack Attack is slowly becoming famous based solely on their group aerobics, you had all the right to speak your mind and blast them on TV. I mean, what was the alternative? Telling the world what a brilliant up-and-coming band these gentlemen are? Pff, right...
Keep up the good work on Red Eye, I enjoy your segment there (and of course the reviews here)

Add your thoughts?

A Thousand Suns - Warner Bros. 2010
Rating = 4

In 1986, Killing Joke released an LP entitled Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. I can now confirm that their title is accurate.

Yes, Linkin Park may be (and in fact is) a terrible band, but they have aspirations. They aren't just trying to separate fools from their money. And this album is proof. It is an anti-war concept album that, in accordance with its somber subject matter, doesn't include a single example of their trademark "quiet sad verse/screaming anthemic chorus/rap guy at some point" hitmaking formula. Granted, what they've replaced it with (hip-hop, boy band ballads and sample/sound FX collages) isn't much of an improvement, but at least for once they're trying to create art instead of mere product. And good thing too, because who the hell's going to buy this thing!?

Seriously, doesn't Linkin Park's audience expect loud guitar rock at some point? Because there's almost none on here. Most of the songs are slow, calm and keyboard-driven -- as if they're afraid to offend a war veteran by getting too excited. Only two songs pick up the pace: the wiggly screaming irritant "Blackout" and NIN-esque "The Catalyst," an excellent choice for first single except that it's completely uncharacteristic of the CD, a fact bound to piss off anybody who pays $15 expecting more of the same.

As expected from a record that's basically a dumbed-down The Final Cut, A Thousand Suns is packed with sound effects (crickets, rockets, soldiers firing guns) and spoken samples (James Oppenheimer, MLK Jr., Mario Savio). As equally expected from a record that is (supposedly) a tribute to Public Enemy, the rap songs are full of interesting fuzzed-out noises that quadruple their listening value. However, as double-equally expected from a record by Linkin Park, most of it sucks cocks through a straw made of other, smaller cocks. Several otherwise salvagable tracks are ruined by annoyingly loud high-pitched vocals; the sorrowful anti-war ballads are indistinguishable from 'N Sync songs about fucking girls; and as interesting as the vocal samples are, the band adds nothing of worth to them.

Having said that, the record does feature three clear highlights: aforementioned single "The Catalyst," a creepy fuzzed-out rap called "When They Come For Me," and a "Hey Joe" ripoff called "Robot Boy" that features vocal harmonies more gorgeous than you'd ever dream of hearing from such irritating singers. If they could have sustained this level of quality -- odd soundscapes, rich arrangements and strong harmony vocals -- over the entire record, I would've shamed myself by awarding an extraordinarily high grade to a Linkin Park CD. Thankfully, most of it is terrible. My God, wait until you hear the shitty wimp singer SCREAMING over an acoustic guitar in final song "The Messenger." How on Earth did the rest of the band (let alone producer Rick Rubin) allow this ungodlily overdone performance to see the blight of day!?

Still, as I said earlier, "Good on ya, mate!" to Linkin Park for coming out of their comfort zone and trying to create something deeper than their usual bullshit. Even an artistic failure is more interesting and praiseworthy than a generic hitmaking package.

Now here are some great ideas I just had for future Linkin Park albums:

Get Your Laws Off My Body! - Pro-choice record
Get That Dog Out Of My Tomato! - Pro-vegetarianism record
My Son Is An Honors Student At Greensboro Elementary - Pro-education record
Stick Your Gas Up Your Ass, Towelhead - Pro-war record
Hey! Did You Just Rape My Vagina? - Anti-rape record
We're The Worst Band In The World - Pro-honesty record
Hybrid Theory - Pro-green energy record
A Thousand Mexicans - Pro-immigration record
What's Wrong With Being A Sizzly-Head? - Pro-acid rain record
I Have A Boner And I'm Wearing Sweatpants - Anti-having to stand up and give a book report record
We Found A Way To Not Stink So Badly - Anti-perspirant record

Reader Comments

Madan Mohan
Wow, this is an awesome page. It seems that as the band gets crappier, its fans get that much more defensive. You don't like Pink Floyd? You think people need to be stoned to like their music? I don't care, because it's your opinion and I'd also admit that they do have their share of flaws (it's just that those don't stop me enjoying their music). But you move onto Iron Maiden or Metallica and these sort of "if you don't have something good to say, don't say it" rants get more frequent and by the time we get to the Linkins and Limps, boy, are we ever on a roll! But I must agree with whomsoever said we all have our guilty pleasures. There are people who think AXL Rose is one of the all time great rock singers and Guns and Roses one of the best hard rock bands ever and I say nay on both counts. Some other people totally love Kenny G, for heavy music fans, it's Children of Bodom. I'd own up to liking Carpenters and irrespective of whether it's as bad as LP or not, I'd admit it's not very good and doesn't quite keep the company of some of my favourite music. Oh, and Chester Bennington is a good singer, technically speaking. Pity that he wouldn't want to do something substantial and instead sings in a very irritating way that I can't be bothered to describe but just for facility, I'd hesitate to take him down too much.

Add your thoughts?

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