J.P. Hasson - 2002

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J.P. Hasson is an interesting sort of person. He creates music for the occasional movie or commercial, plays in bands with former Dead Milkman Joe Genaro (including Touch Me Zoo and We're Not From Idaho) and has his own one-man-band-with-a-guy-who-designs-costumes called "Pleaseeasaur." He currently has one full-length CD (As Seen On TV) and one short-length EP (Beef Flavored Island) available, both at your local record store (I checked CDNow and they were TOTALLY there, man). Plus he's from Seattle like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, and he recently signed a 3-EP deal with the Warner Bros. subsidiary Razler Records. Getting a kick out of his kooky antics, I thought I should interview J.P. Hasson. My questions are in bold. His answers are in plain text, this J.P. Hasson.


For people who haven't had the pleaseeasure (pun intended!) of seeing a Pleaseeasaur concert, could you describe what one is like?

It is more of a presentation than a concert. Somewhat of a live-infomercial for our albums and related line of products. There are songs. props. costumes. fancy screens with projections.

You seem to make lots of '70s and early '80s references in your songs - do you put this era up on a pedestal and feel it should be celebrated as the greatest time period ever?

No...it is just a period that I have had alot of experience with. Plus jokes about "Everybody Loves Raymond" are just not funny.

It says here in my briefing materials that you wear lots of funny costumes during your stage show. Who designs these costumes and are you wearing them just to be polite?

The costumes are designed and manufactured by Thomas Hurley III...he also is the propmaster and projectionist. We do alot of high-fiving backstage and he punches me in the stomach before every show...to psych me up.

Who are your influences?

Ron Popeil. Peter Thomas & His Sound Orchester. My Parents.

Many critics level the charge that your vocal style leans more towards "smarmy talking" than actual "singing." Do you think that these critics should go fuck themselves?

If they want to.

"Bowl Noodle Hot." How so?


How did Pleaseeasaur begin and how do you see the project progressing in the future?

Pleaseeasaur began in 1992 with the release of the first cassette "self titled"...two more cassette only releases were produced but I never did any shows until 1996 in Philadelphia. PA.

Shortly thereafter I moved back to the Pacific Northwest and began doing shows and eventually touring. We did our first US tour in a lowered Acura Integra in 1998. Even though we had no business touring...nobody knew who Pleaseeasaur was...which was really fun and sometimes depressing. But at that time there were no screens or props or costumes or anything...just me...a plastic cowboy hat and a DAT machine. Now...9 tours and several vehicles later...we tour in a beautiful luxury edition mini-van and sleep in hotels and eat in cafes and talk about art and wine. We plan to continue this until the presidential campaign in 2016 (see below).

My research girl tells me you're also in a band called The Dead Milkmen. How do you find the time to do both projects?

I was never in the Dead Milkmen...and you know that!

Oh, so you're not actually IN the Dead Milkmen. I see. Well, it's hard to make out exactly what my research girl is saying when she's got her mouth full, if you know what I'm saying. Moving right along, it says here that you also create music for commercials and such. Explain this "double life" you lead! Have you done any commercials that I would know? "I'm a Pepper, You're a Pepper"? Was that you? That was great! Good work on that one!

If you have cable television...you may have stumbled upon a vampire film I co-scored called "Cold Hearts" it is featured regularly on the ShoTime Beyond Network. Yet I am known mostly for my compositions for Tina's Auto Glass and Ngoc Ngyuen 99cent Stores...both of which are popular regional establishments.

What is the usual crowd reaction to your performance? Are they confused, expecting loud independent rock music? Or do you generally tour with fellow "humorous" acts like Neil Hamburger?

Touring with Neil is a luxury for Pleaseeasaur...we like him very much...there so few "humor" based acts out there for us to tour with... We have toured and played with so many bands that have seemingly boring and drab followings...but by the time 3rd or 4th song of the set rolls around...the depressed back-clad indie socialites transform to gleeful patrons of pleasure...once they see that their friends are laughing they feel more comfortable.

We have been asked to do a series of shows supporting The Black Heart Procession on their US tour this October/November...they think Pleaseeasaur is funny and we think they are sad.

Thus the plan is to provide the audience with a wide-array of emotions to process. Emotional entertainment is popular right now.

I once saw you perform a concert in a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona and I have to be honest with you -- the guy who opened for you was a creepy old hippy wearing tight bicycle shorts. Comments?

That man is our Tour Bus driver...his name is Jeff Kevin and he is a former NASCAR driver. He knows alot about Pepsi sponsorships and the different grades of asphalt and salmon hatcheries.

How did your debut full-length CD "As Seen On TV" get picked up by Imputor?, which is mostly known as an electronica label?

One of their flagship artists is Plastiq Phantom...and he is also co-owner of the label...we have done many alternative rock and roll concerts together.

I enjoy listening to alot of the music released on Imputor? and they seem to be into Pleaseeasaur...plus they come from good families.

You are known for having some of the funniest song titles in American History, including "Beef Flavored Island," "The Dream Barge," "Sexy Lip Hair," "Strangers Have The Best Candy," "Paul McCartney's Penis" and "I Hate Dog Shit." What is your favorite color?


What kind of name is John-Peter Hasson? How did it impact your childhood? Were you a "class clown"?

It is an important-style name...like that of a Pope...or an evening news anchor man. I am running for President of the United States of America in 2016.

The cover of "As Seen On TV" is highlighted by Bohr's Picture of the Sulfur Atom, a Lewis dot representation of the Sulfur Atom and a diagram showing bonding orbitals of a Sulfur Atom. I must know -- What are your thoughts on mechanisms of molecular regulation of key enzymes of cysteine metabolism in vivo in response to dietary changes; cellular signaling pathways involved in regulation of cysteine metabolism; reciprocal regulation of cysteine dioxygenase and gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and their roles in regulation of cellular cysteine concentration; comparison of isolated cell and intact animal models for studies of amino acid metabolism; development of transgenic mouse models; and regulation of cysteine dioxygenase degradation by the ubiquitin-26S proteasome system?

I hate you.

Have you had musical training? What instruments do you play?

I had 3 bass lessons from an African American man in Bremerton. WA when I was 14...that led me to a career in:
Bass. Drums. Guitar. Piano. Synthesizers. MIDI. I also do a lot of BBQ-ing.

Your style of songwriting is highly unusual for a person of your young age? How did you come to be involved in this sort of karaoke/muzak-what have you Vegas-style of melodic whirligig?

All it takes is a rural Washington State town of less than 1,000 inhabitants and a Yamaha Sequencer.

You hate Jews. Why?

No No No...I hate Juice.

How did you come to be mixed up with Mr. Neil Hamburger? Are you guys bosom buddies?


It's very hard to remember how to spell the name of your band. How did you come up with that name and do you ever think about how hard it is for people to do an All-Music Guide search to find out more about the band?

It is based on the water-dwelling creature: Plesiosaur...but the spelling was altered in order to invoke notions of pleasure.

This is my final question, and perhaps the most important one of all: What do you want to say to people who'd like to purchase your CDs? Can this be done online or in their local Camelot Music stores? And why should they buy YOUR CDs, when there are so many other options out there, including fine works by Osehotue "O.C." Ewaleifoh and Sick Of It All? Discuss.

Sure...all of the Pleaseeasaur related line of merchandise can be purchased via the internet at www.pleaseeasaur.com or directly from the labels: www.imputor.com or www.razlerrecords.com But they can also purchase them in their favourite compact disque shoppe worldwide.

Aside from the obvious answer of: folks should buy or products so that we can then buy things that we like...

I think these albums and such are an integral part of fighting terror in the world today. After the recent attacks on freedom in our nation...there is nothing folks need more than songs about Beef Flavored Islands and Strangers Having The Best Candy. In fact Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge is one of our most valued customers.

Add your thoughts?

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