Earl Lee Grace

More like "Blagdah Li A" if you ask me!!!!

Blackgrass - Sympathy For The Record Industry 1995.
Rating = 8

Blag Dahlia is the singer and songwriter for those dirty- minded punk rockers The Dwarves, famous for their dirty album covers with naked boobs on them and their dirty song titles like "Let's Fuck," "Fuck You Up And Get High," "Fuck `Em All," "Fukk So Good," "Fuck Around," "Who's Fuckin' Who," "Fukking Life," "Motherfukker," "Wind Blows Your Hair" and "Fukkhead." So what can a poor boy do when he sings for a rock and roll band, and in sleepy San Francisco there's no place for a Bluegrassin' Man? NO! Get down!

Mr. Dahlia (real name: Mr. Jesus) had written a collection of ditties during his free time that he felt would not fit into the Dwarves canon. So he thought to himself "Hmmmm" and decided to hunt down some bluegrass musicians, teach them the songs and record himself a hoedown extravaganza! Not feeling confident enough to use his real name like everybody in the Dwarves does, he chose the pseudonym "Earl Lee Grace," which is a hilarious pun of a name, much like this one I just made up: "Flushthe, John". AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HHAHAAH WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So this CD is bursting with glee, banjos, fiddles, acoustic guitars, standup basses, dobros, mandolins, jaw harps and three extra singers to help Bleorgh do some dandy harmonizing. In fact, a WOMAN sings lead vocals on the pretty, forlorn "Together"! And I don't think I have to tell you how wrong that is. Why don't you just call the band "Women's Lib," Blag? Why don't you just call the band "The American League of Women Voters," Blag? Let's get this straight right here and now -- Women are only good for ONE THING - and that's being President of the United States of America.

Say! Did I ever tell you that Jeraldine Feraro (misspelled to foil google search) works in my office? I exchange pleasantries with her on a weekly basis! We don't do it though.

Most of the songs on Blackgrass are pleasantly brief (as is the CD as a whole), so even the most ardent bluegrass-hater doesn't really have time for his seething hatred to erupt into willy-nilly rifle blasts from the roof. The musicians are fantastic too - this is authentic bluegrass! They're playing bluegrass! Bluegrass that Blag Dahlia wrote! They even turn the Dwarves' "Saturday Night" and "Fukk So Good" into bluegrass songs! This doesn't happen everyday! Certainly, The Dwarves often played concerts in tandem with The London Symphony Orchestra or a children's church choir, but never anything like THIS! If you like the Blagster's songwriting SKILLZ to pay the RENT ("Sharon Needles" is as sick and funny as any Dwarves song!) - and you don't actively despise bluegrass (one of the few forms of music that seems to be even more limiting than hardcore) - you should keep a lookout for this CD, available at fine harberdasheries everywhere.

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