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Led by Glenn Danzig, a dimunitive Jim Morrison/Roy Orbison want-to-be with huge muscles who appears to take himself way too seriously, this band began as a straight hard rock band like AC/DC or The Cult, then started shoving in gothic sound effects reminiscent of Glenn's previous venture Samhain, until finally the whole band quit and/or got laid off without pay, at which point Glenn began using different musicians on each record and failing to come up with any new song ideas. Oh well. Don't knock the early work, though! Glenn had a cool burly voice, the other guys had hip moustache-goatee combos, and they were all entirely sexist! Aww now you're talking my sandwich.

* Danzig - Def American 1988. *
Rating = 10

A bare-chested, evil-minded hard rock album with bad things and punching people on its mind. Mr. Scary has dumped the devilock and picked up a threatening pair of sideburns from some stupidass comic book character (Glenn's big into comic books, even though he's over 50 - I'm not knockin' him, per se. I still like stuffed animals!), and now he's ready to steal your daughter and convert her to Satanism with the help of some rip-roarin' AC/DC riffs!!!!

Good old Glenn and the boys. These songs rock! Try not to bang your head. Intense, dark, generic, macho, and upbeat, these songs sweep away the pretenses and just put good ol' straight metal back up your ass where it belongs. Rick Rubin's stripped-down production sounds a bit thin if you don't play it loud enough, but crank up the volume and hooee! Gritty and mean like Ben Vereen! Topnotch stuff if you like your rock fist-thumpin' and predictable. Winners? All of 'em, but maybe you know "Twist Of Cain," "Am I Demon," or "MOOOOTHUUUUUHHHH!!!!" You know, I went to college for four years and I fucking love this album. What more do you want me to tell you? It kicks ass.

Oh yeah, I like The Moody Blues too. They kick ass. Especially "Your Wildest Dreams" - talk about fuckin' shit up!

Reader Comments

dswalen@concentric.net (Doug Swalen)
I bought this album unheard and was disappointed. It sounds like Roy Orbison with Angus Young sitting in on guitar. This is retread material, as in material that was tread on long ago, by AC/DC. If I want to hear AC/DC, I'll go to the source. I'll acknowledge that there was/is a following for such material. It just isn't me. And I think "Mother" is grossly overhyped.

And a thousand lashes to you for dissing the Young brothers. Razor's Edge was yet to be released so you have no business implying that they were washed up, though Fly On The Wall was rather lame.

jdg145@psu.edu (gerbs)
I didn't think I'd have to write in to an established page to defend the Danzig debut, but since the only comment to this review was from a frustrated AC/DC groupie, *sigh* I guess I'll flap my gums for a paragraph or two.

I'll remind Doug that just because a band borrows a style from another band, (like Danzig did) doesn't necessarily mean we have to write them off as a re-hash. That's too easy. We have to look at the differences too, and see if the new band (not like Danzig's new, but bear with me, Skippy) brings something all its own to the music world. AC/DC is fun rebel semi-satan rock. The sexism is turned up to 10, and the songs are more anthem-y then creepy. This is where Danzig differs, at times subtle, at other times overdone and laughable; but there's enough doom and gloom there to warrant a good listen. And listen I did, and it's too catchy to write them off. To say nothing of Glenn's voice. Proof that a hard rock band can have an evil frontman with a pretty voice? I'll admit it, maybe you won't. Until then, I'll keep the disc spinnin---cause, hey: it rocks my box, and like Prindle said, the production keeps the whole album flowing from one song to the next. Before you know it the album's over and you gotta turn on the radio to hear "TNT"...cause AC/DC's safe enough for the cock-rock stations. Danzig isn't....

danzig5@hotmail.com (Nima J)
Danzig 1 is a great album. i just recently got it and i'm really enjoying it. almost every single song is a thing of beauty...or evil in this case. Although Glenn Danzig appears to be a satan worshipper, it doesn't show in his music, which i like. i give it a 9 out of ten, for its kick ass but not too psychotic music.

(two months later)

Another statement about Danzig 1. Although it did not come to my attention immediately, i realized a little while ago that this just might be one the best albums i've ever had. if you're thinking about buying any Danzig albums, this is the one. With the only bad part being the flawed "She rides." But i don't give a shit about that track, THIS ALBUM KICKS ASS!!! it kicks my ass, your ass, anyone's ass! Who cannot love the hate-ridden lyrics and music of "Mother?" or perhaps all the rest of the tracks? You're gonna love this album. GET IT GET IT GET IT. I will change my mind about my previous rating and give this album a very enthusiastic 10!!!!

lsmeal@ibm.net (Angie)
About ten years ago, I was watching night tracks on TBS...(if anybody remembers watching that) ignoring most of the videos that they played..mostly crap. But, I had nothing else to do in my youth. All of the sudden, this band came on that caught my attention. DANZIG!! WOW!! I was blown away!! The song was "MOTHER" of course. I had to go out and buy this album!! "TWIST OF CAIN"..what an excellent way to express my rebellion to my parents by the number of times I turned this album full blast on my meezly little tape player. EVERY SONG IS EXCELLENT!!! This is a MUST BUY DON'T HESITATE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT TIL THE DAY YOU DIE..album. Especially for those who are just hitting their rebellious puberty or those who can't get out of that stage..GET IT!!

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
I will NEVER get sick of listening to this hate filled, sexist kind of album. This has to be one of the top three albums I own. If you're reading this now and you don't own Danzig 1.....GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND BUY IT!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT!! JUST GO TO THE STORE AND BUY IT YOU FUCKER!! And if you don't like it, just e-mail me so I can tell you how stupid you are..bitch.

xfoundationx@mail.geocities.com (Dean Reis)

space@wgn.net (King God Space)
Am I the only person who thinks that Glenn Danzig sounds like Jim Morrison?

I've realized that no one here really criticisms Danzig 1. And (even though I can't stand anything after Danzig 1) I cannot criticize it either. This is the only Danzig cd that lived up to Samhain (which is not even close to The Misfits!). It was fulled with some awesome, dark, yet catchy lyrics. Some of my favs. Soul of Fire and She Rides (Yo, Danzig 5 what's wrong with She Rides? It's one of my favs) and of course ... Mother! But after Danzig 1 (the only Danzig album I fell I don't have to go to Confession after listening to) it's all junk!

Okay, I'd just like to start by saying that I am a huge Danzig fan, and I like just about everything he has done, from Misfits to Samhain, Danzig, Less than Zero, and Black Aria. As concerns the debut album, I think it is a collection of great lyrics and kick ass music that should have kicked way more ass. Personally, I think the really tight production hurts the material; it seems like this is a Samhain album that Rick Rubin fucked up. But that's just my opinion.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
Not that I want to be crucified or anything, but I am here to write my opinion, and I'm going to be honest about it. Danzig is a decent album, but it is my least favorite of the Danzig discography. Reasons being: 1) There is nothing truly original here--it's The Doors meets AC/DC, except not as good as either, 2) There is nothing that is truly great songwriting here besides "Mother" and "Twist Of Cain", 3) There is not good production. It's too stiff, basic, and plain an album for me to call it anything close to a masterpiece....There are definitely signs of greatness, of what's yet to come, but all of these songs had the potential to be more raw, in-your-face, ballsy, and fleshed-out tunes...however, the album fell short. Other than the above two, "She Rides" and "Evil Thing" are the only others I can remember enjoying (where I actually get off of my ass and rock along with the band). Again, it's very listenable, but compared to the ballsier, more actualized depths Glenn and company will soon reach, it doesn't measure up.

(a month or so later)

To be fair--I listened to the album again to make sure I didn't miss anything (and so I could refresh myself with the less memorable songs in the process!) The first half of the album is indeed contagious, and "Not Of This World," and "Am I Demon" are definitely etched in my head now. But the second half still drags, and more and more I wish Glenn and the boys didn't remake Free's "The Hunter." It just doesn't work. "Twist Of Cain" and "Mother" are still my faves, along with "She Rides" and "Evil Thing" as close runners-up. These are solid, simple, catchy tunes and hold up over time well. Still...not as impressive as each successive Danzig LP, but a bit better than I originally gave it credit for.

Is it just me, or does this album sound like a studio demo given to you by the metalheads who practice in the garage down the street from your house? There are some great songs, but it needed a much more "live" production. Funny. If they would have recorded it live in a garage it would have been excellent.

Add your thoughts?

II: Lucifuge - Def American 1990.
Rating = 8

Same style as the first one, but slightly less consistent and a bit bluesier -- with a full TWO acoustic blues songs! It starts exceptionally strong with the bitter, driving "Long Way Back From Hell," and also hits high notes with the eerie, threatening "Killer Wolf," Cult-tastic "Devil's Plaything" and dark ballad "Blood And Tears," but the two acoustic numbers are pretty lame (particularly "I'm The One") and blah blah blah. If you like the first one, you'll like this. Trust me! It's clothed from the same cut.

But let me pause here to make a little philosophical statement. Here it is - no matter how you may feel about Glenn Danzig personally, you at least have to agree with me on one point - the world NEEDS celebrity anti-heroes like him. Can you imagine how dull a world this would be without the shocking public statements of Glenn, Henry Rollins, Steve Albini, et al? Dull. Glenn has a very interesting persona, whether you like him or not. And why not like him if you've never even met him? At least he didn't reform the Misfits for some quick cash, like SOME Misfits I know!!! He does what he wants to do, and doesn't give a darned what you think about him. Do I like all of his albums? Not really, no. Do I care? Not really, no! At least he's still trying new things - some of his ideas are bound to please me and others not, but at least he's still got enough integrity to not go for the easy buck. Granted, he's probably already a millionaire anyway, but that's not the issue. The issue is that for every snotnosed pissant like Noel Gallagher, there is only one bonafide social misfit like Mark E. Smith.

Reader Comments

lnclark@comp.uark.edu (LaJoan Clark)
You are fucking crazy. This IS Danzig's best. "Devil's plaything" kicks ass, "Under her black wings" is pure evil, and "Tired of being alive" is pure sin. If you enjoy the music, fuck the artistic level. This CD is my favorite, and that's because IT KICKS YOUR ASS FROM BEGINNING TO END.

danzig5@hotmail.com (Nima J)
Another great from my man Glenn! This album is considered to be the worst (other than blackacidevil), but i strongly disagree. This album is really cool! "Devil's Plaything" is such a cool song, it really gets me goin. The only complaint i have with this album is that the album is really cool up until the seventh or eigth track, then it gets pretty bad. But don't let that scare you away from getting this album, it rocks!! I give it a 9.

jc_jasa@@qinet.net (Jhoanna Carla L. Jasa)
I agree with LaJoan! You better get your head examined 'cause this album is indeed the BEST! "Long way back from hell," "Snakes of Christ," "Tired of being alive," and "Devil's Plaything" are perfect killing drives! Even the bluessy tracks have enough firepower to pummel you to the fucking ground! And you don't use the word "dull" to the likes of Glenn Danzig, 'cause that word suits up better for "whimp groups" such as Bush, Oasis, Counting Crows, and Crash Test Dummies (which they really are!). Glenn has a lot to say about, plays what he wants to, and lastly, believes in his music! There's nothing better to do than to admire such an individual with so much integrity in what he says!

lsmeal@ibm.net (Angie)
DID SOMEBODY SAY MUSICAL GENIUS!!! Yeah..that was me! Glenn has really jumped quite a leap into my all time fav bands. This album definitely rocks my house down! "DEVIL'S PLAYTHING" is a classic..along with "777".."BLOOD AND TEARS". What a voice this man has!! I can't stop listening to it! If anybody can wear a CD out.."I'M THE ONE".

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
Although I love to disagree with people and make obnoxious comments about what others say, I can't disagree with what everyone here besides Prindle has to say about Lucifuge. This album just really kicks all sorts of ass. The riffs in Danzig 1 were much simpler making the songs easier to remember and easy to pick up and like real quick. Danzig 1 was just real easy to like on the first listen. It takes a few listens to really love the songs on Lucifuge but it's worth it. There isn't one dull moment on this album. Even the worst song, which is "I'm the one" isn't that bad. "Long way back from hell", "Snakes of Christ", "Girl", they're all really cool songs, with really bad ass lyrics. Not as bad ass as the lyrics in Danzig 1, i.e. "possession", but still real good. And the cover and the fold out that come along with the CD....bitchin!! Good Danzig album, one of the best ones! GO GET IT!!!

p.s. Do you realize that Danzig backwards is Giznad? Pretty interesting......

xfoundationx@mail.geocities.com (Dean Reis)

geowi@voyager.net (Jordie Wilkie)
Here is a little trick you can do at home. First, get your copy of Danzig 2, and turn it over. Then, get a copy of The Doors debut album and hold the two right next to each other. Hmmmmmm....The similarities....the black and white picture inside also reminds me of the picture inside The Doors album Strange Days. I personally think Glenn did it as a joke because people compare his voice to Jim's so much. Did anyone else notice this?

Yo dude, stop trashing the Misfits! The new is as good as the old! How can you give this trash (this is trash and it's my second favorite Danzig album) a seven and American Psycho only a two! Get it straight man! I wonder why I even bother!!!????

Anyone who trashes or writes off Danzig II is either drunk or retarded. The loose production really opens up the energy of the music and lets the rest of the band really put their mark on the music. The biggest improvement over the debut is the way that Biscuits is able to open up his drumming and stop playing super-tight AC/DC shit. There is not a weak cut on the album, and I have no choice but to give it a 9.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
This is more like it. Everything Danzig envisioned themselves being on the debut but failed to fulfill comes to fruition here. It's loose, yet tight. It's complex, yet simple. It's original, yet totally not...you've got to hear it to understand....The other great aspect of this album is the variety of styles. From the Sabbathy "Long Way Back From Hell" to the AC/DCish "Girl", to the Doorsy "I'm The One" to the Zeppelinish "777", there are all sorts of goodies that keep you interested. "Her Black Wings" is a classic, "Tired Of Being Alive", "Devil's Plaything", "Killer Wolf", the list goes on and on. . . Good stuff. They get even darker next album.

This is the album, that got me in to Danzig even more. I love the first album, but it was missing something a couple better songs. This is not the worst Danzig album, this album had it all melodie, harmony, and metal. I'm The One shows the effort to make ths album great. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!! It has some Danzig ballads in there I like the danzig ballads. Form begining to end this album showed me whatDanzig capable to doing. I'm finished good-bye. 10/10

I think this album is more of 9 now that i think about it, mainly cause i love the bluesier feel of most the songs. Plus "Tired of Being Alive" is one of my favorite song titles ever and is a great song on top of it. definitely as good as s/t and a little better than III.

Add your thoughts?

Not Of This World - 1989 Flashback WorldProductions.
Rating = 9

If you haven't figured this out yet, ebay is an excellent place to pick up bootlegs. I got this for 10 dollars and it was worth every penis. It's got some of your faves from the first two albums, but the real treats are (A) an awesome non-album track called "When Death Had No Name" and (B) the Danzig gang running through some classic Misfits/Samhain numbers. 'Dja ever hear John Christ play "London Dungeon," "Horror Business," "All Hell Breaks Loose" and "Halloween"? Well now the hell you can!!! Good sound too.

Add your thoughts?

Black Aria - 1992.
Rating = 1

There's no band on this one. It's just Glenn Danzig trying to do dark classical music. Go outside. Grab a 12-year-old. Lock him in a room with a fancy synthesizer and a CD recorder. Tell him to play the "scariest" music he can. Come back in 24 minutes and take the CD out. Then sell it on ebay for $41.00. That's Black Aria.

Reader Comments

Geez, it's not THAT bad. I think if you come to expect the same kind of thing from Danzig over and over, you get disappointed. Besides, this is a Glenn Danzig release, not DANZIG. I really don't know what I think of this one though; they reissued it, so you can get it for a reasonable price. I'll give it a tentative 6-7.

Hi, man...

Yes, "Black Aria" is pretty weird (rather than scary). I think the song titles are more creative than music itself, but I admit it is not that bad. Itīs not what I expected, but it is still listen to it from time to time (not bad music to have in the backgrounf when having s*x). :-)


Add your thoughts?

III: How The Gods Kill - Def American 1992.
Rating = 8

But enough of the stripped-down hard rock! Glenn and those guys who play the music he writes have moved on to really moody dark stuff here, with all sorts of different tempos and muses - from Roy Orbison balladry ("Sistinas") to evil summer fun ("Dirty Black Summer"), from Godflesh dirge ("Godless") to Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality ("Do You Wear The Mark"). Some claim this music is too slow to rock; I say it's too stirring to ignore. "Anything" is beautiful, "Bodies" swaggers like a boogie guy, "Left Hand Black" kicks more ass than anything on Lucifuge, and anyone who hates "Dirty Black Summer" should take note of how Glenn follows every repetition of the song's title with a cute little "ooh!" Adorable.

This album took me a while to get into, because it's totally overdramatic and kinda demands that you not giggle at the whole "demon" concept, but heck, anyone familiar with Samhain has been able to pull that off for some time. This is Danzig's world, dammit. If he believes that the dark force can reveal itself through pompous cock rock, then goddammit, why can't you??? I won't give up my sense of irony and musical taste to enjoy that boring new U2 album, but I'm perfectly willing to grant Glenn and crew every last scantily-clad blood-laden excess they desire as long as they promise melodies this cool. Does that seem prejudiced? Too bad. Danzig III, as slow as it is, ROCKS MY BUMHOOL. U2's Pop isn't even rock - or decent dance music, for that matter. But that's a subject for another time. I really like this album a lot. Kinda peters out at the end, but totally delivers for the first 35 minutes or so. Darkness death no light blackness.

Reader Comments

HIG0147@thestag.com (Gerry Letizia)
This is Danzig's best effort, from "Godless" the best Danzig song yet to "Left Hand Black". This album is constantly in my CD player a must for fans of true METAL!!!!

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
Another dark, evil, and great album from Glenn and the boys. It is a slow album and might need some getting used to...but it's well worth it. I'm surprised Prindle didn't mention how great and beatiful (in a dark way) the song "How the Gods Kill" is. Great album for dark music lovers.

If I may, another statement about this album: For any of you that have this album, or for you, the reader, go about 2 minutes and 40 seconds into "When the Dying Calls". It was brought to my attention by a nice individual that Glenn says some weird shit in this song towards the end. And Jesus H. Christ!!!! He fucking does!! I swear to god 2 minutes and 40 seconds into "When the Dying Calls," Glenn says "Down to the donut shop when the dying calls!!" Down to the donut shop??? He says it..he fucking says it..it's so damn out of place!! Would someone tell me what's going on here???

danzig5@hotmail.com (Nima J)
Danzig continues to rock on with the dark album How the Gods kill. I really dig this album, for its dark theme, and of course kick ass songs. I particularly enjoy the title track, "sistinas," "Dirty black summer," Left hand black," and "when the dying calls." This is a must buy for all Danzig fans or any other fans for that matter. i give it an 8

lsmeal@ibm.net (Angie)
The dark man has returned with yet another masterpiece! I just love "Sistinas". This song is what I call the beauty of darkness. It's perfection! "How the Gods Kill" is wonderfully done. "Left hand black" is dynamic. This is an album that every Danzig fan must buy. This is true Danzig. I applaud and I beg for more albums like this one!

xfoundationx@mail.geocities.com (Dean Reis)

mburrus@zdnetmail.com (Michael Burrus)
First let me answer a question someone asked about "When The Dying Calls". I think it was The Chamelion. OK, in the that song he says "down through the dawn of time when the dying calls". He's just repeating it because he said it earlier. It does sound like "donut shop"! About the album, these songs rock hard and it is a masterpeice. I like all of these songs. I consider "How The Gods Kill" to be one of his best. Dark, scary, and it has a more gothic sound than the last two. I never said it was the best. 9!!!! 9 I say, dammit! Slow, but it rocks.

Come on!!!!! Buy a Samhain cd or Lp!!! It's a lot better than any of this!!!!!!!! I feel this goes for every Danzig cd from 3 and on!!!!

From beginning to end, this is a truly great record. As far as keeping up a running theme for an entire album (anti-organized religion), this is one of the best metal albums ever. "How the Gods Kill" and "Sistinas" are two wonderfully sung songs, and "Left Hand Black" is my favorite Danzig rocker. "Sistinas" is probably my favorite song on the album with its love-song tendencies and subtle anti-Catholic nuances. A great album and deserving of an 8.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
Danzig has now gone from being a darker AC/DC to a (yup, not kidding) DARKER Black Sabbath. This is Danzig's Sabbath tribute, just like the debut was Angus' Gang tribute. This album is amazing! It's the first I got from these guys (being a huge Sabbath fan), and it didn't disappoint. It still gets better every time I hear it...and it's so haunting....even Glenn thinks so. This is classic heavy metal coming back to the fore...the way it should be. And it still is catchy as hell, some would say cheesy...but damn! It does it for me! The song "Anything" has always been my favorite on here, but lately I've really gotten into "Godless" (trust me, it gets better each listen), and "Do You Wear The Mark." Great stuff! This is their most consistent album of the catalogue.

This is my favorite Danzig album by far! Every song is awesome, and it is a masterpiece in my eyes. A true Danzig fan will dig this shit.

Add your thoughts?

Thrall-Demonsweatlive - American 1993.
Rating = 6

Nah. Two boring new originals and a weak cover don't add much to this EP of otherwise undistinguished live tracks. Kind of a pointless release, except for one thing - it was the video for this LIVE version of "Mother" that finally took Glenn out of the mouths of babes and into the collective consciousness of fourteen-year-old kids all over the world. Three huzzahs for MTV, even though it usually sucks!

Reader Comments

I listened to Thrall demonsweat live and i like mother. And i think the cover kicks ass. there were some scratchy parts but it was good.they r good for being 80's

This is an okay release, but I think "Trouble" is better than anyone is giving it credit for. My biggest problem with this is that it is a bit too much "Mother" for me. I like the song, but Danzig has written so many better songs. I would direct anyone interested to a Samhain bootleg called Black Dream for a studio version of Samhain's rendition of "Trouble". I'd give this a 6.

Add your thoughts?

4p - American 1994.
Rating = 8

Another laughably serious excursion into the hairy-chested Napoleon complex of Mr. Danzigger. Now now, don't just shake your head at me like that. Some of these songs are really great! Call me a name, but "Cantspeak" and "I Don't Mind The Pain" are very moving, and "Let It Be Captured" is dropdead lovely.

Plus, "Brand New God" pounds all kindsa angry thud into your scalp, "Bringer Of Death" has a silly piano "brang!" to accentuate every EEEEVVVIIILLL chord that's thrashed, "Going Down To Die" continues that '60s-ish Del Shannon feel that we so loved in "Sistinas" on that last record (but not in that "pretty" way), and the inside photo of a Clinton impersonator shaking the hand of a police officer in front of four coffins filled to the brim with DANZIG MEMBERS is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and chances are fair to middling that I've seen quite a few funny things in my day, including dogs eating their own poop, which apparently isn't funny at all, but in fact a symptom of cruel breeding, but I didn't know it at the time so I laughed really hard, and it was also funny in Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield was going "I'll take six o' those, gimme three o' those, a couple of those naked lady tees...." but that was a long time ago and Meet Wally Sparks doesn't look anywhere near as funny. I like this album.

If you're one of those hip ironic coffeehouse types with a goatee and dumbass granny glasses, you won't like it, not because you are inferior in any way, and I don't mean it to sound that way - you're probably a very nice person. I'm just kind of an asshole about "fashion." The idea of "cool" annoys me, and I tend to take it out on people without even considering their feelings as individuals, which is stupid as hell since I have hair down to my ass and probably elicit the same reaction from conservative folk the town wide. Ahh well. There's no accounting for insecurities, I guess. My point is that you won't like it because you are too jaded and wise to the ways and the rules of the world to suspend your intelligence and just whip out the ol' devil peen for something as hackneyed as a Danzig album. But maybe I'm wrong. After all, I like this album, and I don't even wear black every day!!! Sabbath fans will dig it, I think. I hope Mr. Dan makes another album like it some day. YAY-EAH!!!

Reader Comments

nshaked@ort.org.il (BLACK ZEPPELIN)
you gotta be kidding! danzig4p is danzig's best album!!! listen to the music!!! It creates the ultimate mood for glenn danzig's great lyrics. the band sounds as a unit. John does a lot of squeeks and "little stuff" which makes the sound perfect! one of the best albums I have ever heard!!! It means life to me!!! no one can ever reach the level of music danzig reached here (as a band!). grab it when you see it! go make a special order of it if you don't see it!!! pay the full price! it worth any price!!! it worth all of the money in the world!!! Danzig made pure gold!

I agree with Black Zeppelin, this is the best Danzig album. There isn't a filler song on here, unlike the previous three and a half albums. If "Bringer of Death" doesn't make you want to kill something, then you might possibly be a red neck (or dead). "Little Whip" makes me want to whip it out into some chick's face. "Cantspeak" still gives me chills when I listen to it. "Son of the Morning Star" actually makes me feel sorry for Satan, if I believed in that shit. I sure am glad he decided not to make an album full of "Mother" clones. I also think that Glenn sings much better than ever (except for that one part in "Going Down to Die").

It's too bad his band of not-so-merry-men left him after this. Danzig 5 has its moments, but it sucks nuts as a follow up to this wonderful contribution to mainstream music.

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
I have to agree with Black Zeppelin and the other guy that this is a fucking lovely album.... i wouldn't go so far to say that's its their best but its definitely well worth the money. I'm so pissed off how hard it was and still is to find this album in most stores....are people scared of Danzig???? Anyway...the album is so damn good because each song has its own attitude and you can feel it when you play it. From the tense and frightening "Stalker Song"..to raw energy you get in songs like "Brand New God" and "I don't Mind The Pain" and the great slow (somewhat fucking scary and crazy) this album is a breakthrough for Glenn Danzig and rest assured if you buy it...it will be in your CD player for a very long time.

danzig5@hotmail.com (Nima J)
Ahhhhhhh, another fine selection from the world of Danzig. Due to the supreme lack of brains of most record stores, you won't be able to find this sought after album very easily. i had to pay $17 for it!! but it's worth it. this is a great album, and like Danzig 1, it is only flawed minorly, which takes it away from the golden 10. Still, from the beginning adrenaline rush of "Brand New God," to our favorite "Cantspeak," to the kickass beat of "I don't mind the pain," any Danzig fan will appreciate this album, or plain any metal/hard rock fan. I give it a 9.

lsmeal@ibm.net (Angie)
GLENN DANZIG is a genius!! That's all it comes down to. No one can ever beat this album. The images that his music sends into my mind are so vivid and dark..especially, "the Stalker Song"..my favorite..It sends chills up and down my spine every time I listen to it. Although, I wouldn't mind him coming into my home. The hell with giving it a 9..I give it a perfect score of 10!!

jhurtt@comp.uark.edu (Jeremy Hurtt)
I am THE ultimate Danzig fan so this says a lot-- "Stalker Song" is THE best piece to come from Glenn and the boys. The rest of this CD kicks some serious ass too. "Sadistikal" worried me when I first heard it (and my fears were confirmed with the piece of shit called blackacidevil-but you can read my opinion on that below) but the rest of this collection is solid gold. So pop this puppy in, program it to skip "Sadistikal" and sit back for an hour of bliss in its most evil form. I give it a 9 (a 10 without "sadistikal".)

xfoundationx@mail.geocities.com (Dean Reis)

bankrobber@usa.net (booji boy)
Dean Reis is a crybaby.

geowi@voyager.net (Jordie Wilkie)
Just 2 little cool interesting things I noticed about this album:

1. That secret song (track 66) is sung entirely backwards, then the tape is flipped around. That is why it is so cool. It is really hard to sing an entire song backwards and be able to understand the words when heard the right way.

2. The music on the song "Cantspeak" is just the music from "Let it Be Captured" played backwards, and vice versa.

Without question, Danzig's best album. While on his other albums, Danzig will have a few songs with dead-on lyrics, this album never falters lyrically. The words to "Going Down to Die" are some of his best. "Little Whip" and "I Don't Mind the Pain" are probably my favorites on the record. As concerns the hidden track "Invocation", it's either the spookiest or most retarded thing Glenn has ever done, depending on your mood. And anyone who trashes "Sadistikal" is a closed-minded brain-dead idiot. This scores a perfect 10.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
While III is the most consistent Danzig album, IV is their best. I hesitate to call it an absolute masterpiece because of a couple weak links ("Sadistikal" being the main culprit). But the great songs, damn! "Little Whip", "Cantspeak", "Bringer Of Death", "I Don't Mind The Pain"...wow! Even the just decent tracks are goosed up to goodness (like that phrase?) due to the "we're the shit" attitude and production job on this album. Some tunes did have to grow on me, but this makes good for repeated listens. Not as dark as the previous album, it's more like a more focused Lucifuge, with good variety and energy. And finally, Danzig seems to have found their niche...yah, there's still that faint echo of AC/DC, Sabbath, and the Doors, but Danzig has combined elements of all three and have created something totally unique at the same time. And this originality, more than anything, is why this edges out How The Gods Kill in my book. Unfortunately, this is the only Danzig album to fulfill the potential of the "Danzig sound."

opeth1213@yahoo.com (Eric D.)
this is my favorite Danzig album. The first one comes close, but this features Glenn's best songwriting and an overall mellow, dark atmosphere that makes it a classic in my opinion. All the songs here are great, with "Going Down to Die" "Dominion" "I Dont Mind the Pain" and "Let it Be Captured" being among my favorites.

s/t - 9
II - 8
III - 8
IV - 10
V: Blackacidevil - 6
Satan's Child - 8
I luciferi - 7

tomgipson@gmail.com (Tom Gipson)
Personally, this is one of my fave Danzig records ever. You failed to mention the song "Son of the Morning Star," which is definately one of the greatest songs of all time. I have to also thank you for giving this album a proper review. For some reason this album is largely scoffed at by Danzig fans (most of whom I cannot stand. Maybe that's why I love this album!).

Add your thoughts?

5blackacidevil - American 1996.
Rating = 6

It's not that I don't like the idea of "industrial metal" or whatever this is supposed to be: I just don't like the fact that, like Trent Reznor with The Downward Spiral, Glenn is trying to use weird distortion noises as a substitute for actual melody, which annoys me. Now, I ain't some prude who needs complex music spelled out for me. I LIKE Crass! What I'm getting at is that, musically speaking, there's nearly nothing going on in these songs. Tons of distortion, sure, but no neat guitar riffs or piano flourishes or anything like that. Most of the songs have maybe two chords alternating back and forth, with Glenn yelling indecipherable somethings or other through a fuzz pedal, and some hip dancey '90s beats bouncin' around like a bunch of little sissy elves. It's just boring. That's all. You can dance to the beats, but when you actually sit down and try to listen to the thing, you'll realize that there's just not much happening.

And again, I'm not knocking what Glenn's trying to do here. The noises are cooler than hell, seriously - and I love "Hint Of Her Blood" and "Ashes," because they actually use the racket as a backdrop for catchy hooks; I just wish that he'd bothered coming up with more great melodies like these, instead of trying to rely on electronic crud hiss and his wolfman wail for the full forty-five minutes. Maybe next time around, he will. He's certainly capable of making a great record of this genre (which I know HE wouldn't call "industrial," so I'm not going to write that word again). If you see this cheap, pick it up. I think you'll dig the great production job he did, if nothing else. Thanks for stopping by!

Reader Comments


g_polo@msn.com (Guido Marrocco)
This is the most disappointing album of all time. He should not have used the DANZIG name on this crap. Better title: Glenn is a Reznor wannabe. He would be better off rejoining the Misfits.

misfit@ftel.net (Mike Singer)
Glenn is Glenn he is doing what he wants to, if he wanted to sell out, he could get on MTV put all his songs on it and go alternative and sing "skulls" like the lemonheads did 24/7 . If you are a fan of danzig you are a fan, don't change with the wind like a Fucking boxing match every time a guy throws a punch you root for someone else. appreciate his fucking music or shut up, if you don't like it then Don't buy it.

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
ahh i got this album free from a friend that didn't want it, and i'm actually thinking of begging him to take it back...this album is just such a disappointment...I am a Danzig fan...i like How the Gods Kill and Danzig 4 is just great...but this album is so below those albums..why the hell did Glenn Danzig write these just horrible, horrible songs. What was he thinking? I miss the old Danzig..and i miss the old band members..unless Danzig convinces Christ, Von, and Biscuits to come back and gets his old style back Danzig will be officially dead. And in this album i can't even tell if Glenn Danzig is singing...it just sounds like distorted crap...the whole album is just distored NIN wannabe songs.I could write better songs than this is five minutes. There's like no melody..or nice constant flow..its just so terrible...i miss the old rock Danzig and Glenn's clear voice coming though the speakers...so...anyway..even if you are the biggest Danzig fan on earth and you don't have this album.....get any album instead of this.....this is just terrible..i'd rather listen to that crap album Pop than this..even Cannibal Corpse is better...just please get better Glenn...come to your senses and wake up.

jhurtt@comp.uark.edu (Jeremy Hurtt)
Every issue needs one dumb-ass point of view, and for that we should thank Mike Singer. I own every REAL Danzig CD, and I can say that I am a do-or-die Danzig fan. However, this piece of shit called blackacidevil is NOT a true danzig album. It is sad that Singer would defend Glenn's selling out of his fans, but I guess the world needs morons. I will continue to listen to Def American 1988, Lucifuge, How the Gods Kill, Thrall Demonsweatlive, and 4p, and I will continue to down blackacidevil as what it is- a pathetic attempt to relate to the worthless fans who think that industrial noise is music. Thanx to Mike Singer for showing us that people can be fucked up enough to associate this NIN copy with true Danzig music.

jsaxon@yournet.com (Jon Saxon)
DANZIG has got to be the best band around, in my opinion, but Glenn really struck out on blackacidevil. He has all the talent in the world, from writing all the music and lyrics, to composing his melodic, deep, symphonic Black Aria. Maybe, for him, it was just time for a change, but damnit, couldn't he have done a little better than industrial? It sounds like they recorded a 76 Oldsmobile crashing into a pile of tin garbage cans and dubbed Glenn's voice over the top of it. Now for the previous 4 albums, he kicked some major ass with such songs as "Sistinas", "Dirty Black Summer", and "Going down to die", not to mention the bluesy "I'm the one". I could tell as soon as i listened to DANZIG 4, track 8, "Sadistikal" that he was in a dead run downhill towards Reznor. Now, for someone with a voice like his that can bellow out the evil screams, and soft melodies, he sure as hell messed up this time.

lsmeal@ibm.net (Angie)
I agree with Mike on this one. This album is definitely not Glenn..but, if he's happy with it..we might as well be too. I don't say I have to like this one..with the exception of "Ashes" and "Come to Silver", I really think it is annoying. I think Glenn has the best voice in the business..and I think he should use it. The music would be fine as long as he actually had a melodic use for his voice. Frankly, I hope he never does another album like this one again.

I have been a die hard Danzig fan since How the Gods Kill, after which I bought all of Glenn's previous work. I love every piece of work I've ever heard by Danzig, and I've got to say I'm sick of this whiny bullshit about blackacidevil; "It's a piece of crap!", "It's NIN wannabee shit!", "This isn't worthy of the label 'Danzig'"-- ok, let me just say FUCK YOU!!! You talk about Danzig selling out, but I think you're confused, you are the sell-outs, for daring to call yourselves fans and then changing your tune when Glenn tries something in a forward direction. And you know what else? This IS an extension of the work he's been doing, if you doubt me just listen to all of Danzig's work on the previous four albums; there was a bigger change between three and four for christ's sake! I will admit that I don't think blackacidevil is up to the level of Glenn's previous works, but guess what? He lost his goddamn band! After 4p when the band broke up it was the passing of an era, but if you doubt for one minute that Danzig is the best anymore just listen to "Ashes". In closing, I've got to say, I hope this doesn't change your mind, because I don't want to think that there are fuck-ups like you out there listening to this great music (BTW, if you think 5 is a rehash of NIN, you haven't listened to much by Reznor) FUCKERS!!!

jhurtt@comp.uark.edu (Jeremy Hurtt)
Aah, the simple stupidity of NIN fans. I thought that after my last message I wouldn't have to write again, but apparently Singer has a few dipshits that agree with him. Here's a newsflash- with the exception of "sadistikal", there isn't a single techno song on Glenn's first 5 CD's. Holy Shit!!!! I can't believe it!! And I thought that blackacidevil was the same shit he's been doing. As for him losing his band, maybe if he wasn't an ego-driven moron who forgot what made him #1 in the hearts of his fans like me, perhaps he would not have lost his buds. The fans haven's sold out. This CD is completely different from previous Danzig AND THIS DROVE HIS FANS AWAY. So fuck you gozer@mail.utexas.edu. Maybe next time you should think things through before you send a message. The smartest thing you did with the last message was to not include your name. Dumbass.

I know this isn't meant to be a debate site, but I just want to point out to all just how self-contradictory Jermey's inflammatory comments were. Firstly he writes techno off as non-musical "noise"; and in the next breath professes knowledge enough to pass himself off as some self-appointed critic of the stuff. He also professes to be a true fan of Glenn while insisting that the man is an "ego-driven moron" whose most recent material he can't stand. He then fails to understand progression in material, so let me spell it out-- Danzig: straight forward, evil rock; Danzig 2: Lucifuge: more of the same with a decidely "bluesy" twist; Danzig 3: How the Gods Kill:a movement toward a gothic sound (along with Black Aria) and some experimenting with sound effects (i.e., "Dirty Black Summer" for those who disagree); Danzig: Thrall/Demonsweatlive: three new tracks which return to hard rock with more experimenting in sound technique (and -gasp!- a run on title not unlike the fifth album); Danzig 4p: a return to a powerful evil sound with an emphasis on bass & rhythm and HEAVY reliance upon computer dubbed sounds (most evident in "Sadistikal" and "Let it be Captured", which is coincidentally "Cantspeak" (ooh, another run-on name!) played backwards; Danzig 5: blackacidevil: continued use of computerized sounds incorporating a "techno" twist (to better incorporate the "sexy evil" feel Glenn wanted). I love every Danzig album and am only slightly amused by people who get their panties in a bunch over a change in tempo; if you didn't see this change coming you were fooling yourself. If all you want to hear from Glenn is more "macho-loner-tough-guy stuff" go buy some Black Flag or something; if you can't handle the incorporation of women and sex into your mix of evil (along with a beat that suggests you get off your dead ass) then go read a comic book and jerk-off while the rest off us enjoy the new frontier mixed in with the old.

jupiterianvibe@hotmail.com (Wimba the Wonderful Hedge Clipper)
Forget Danzig. Listen to Type O Negative. The music is deeper, more lush, and emotional. The gothic atmospheres are more prevailant. Peter Steele's voice is godly. The music is just deeper, darker, and better, damnit!

Danzig: former german state given to the poles after WWII.

Everybody needs to back the fuck off of blackacidevil. It isn't really that bad. Sure, I was initally put off by it because it is just so different. I agree that Glenn had been moving in this direction, but he perhaps moved too far too fast. After a few listens, several songs really grew on me. The drums are really cool, and "Hint of Her Blood" and "Ashes" are just really kick ass songs. "Come to Silver" has a really cool country-techno vibe going on, and "7th House" (aside from the ridiculous "girl I'm gonna make you come") is actually pretty good. And Ozzy himself likes the cover of "Hand of Doom"! If Ozzy AND Glenn Danzig like it, everybody else should just shut the fuck up. There's nothing wrong with challenging even your most hardcore fan base. And as far as the "Glenn Reznor" thing goes, has anyone who calls this a NIN rip-off even listened to NIN? Trent and Glenn are in two totally different worlds, each doing their own thing. If you don't like blackacidevil, shut up whining because Glenn is happy with it, and he doesn't give two shits about you. I give it a 7.

akreuter@acsu.buffalo.edu (Alan Kenneth Reuter)
I don't like Blackacidevil. Now it's not because Glenn changed his sound to "industrial" (Glenn could fart in a microphone while playing the bongos and it would be good cuz he's a great writer). The problem is the album is too much. It seems that they COULD have been good songs, but all the senseless noise and distorted vocals just kill it. I like Ashes and Come to Silver though, which show Glenn at full form doing a new sound without the noise and feedback you hear in 7th house and the title track. See All You Were could have been great, but you can't hear a damn thing Glenn says. I admire Glenn for doing something totally different but it could have been done better. I give it a 6.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks about two hot goth girls having sex when Hint of Her Blood is playing. I dunno, maybe it's just me...

spacebatangeldragon@hotmail.com (me me)
What a bunch of fucking retards. ACDC? What the fuck makes these assholes think that Danzig ripped off ACDC? For Christ's sake, Glenn Danzig is one of the most influential musicians of this generation. Do you think that Metallica would exist if it hadn't been for the Misfits? The same can be said for countless other bands. I seriously doubt that when Glenn formed Danzig in the wake of Samhain he said to himself "ok, I'm all out of ideas, who can I rip off?" Look, if you don't like Danzig, fine. I'm sure he's really sad about not having you whining little shits as fans. But don't accuse him of ripping off ACDC. Morisson maybe, Elvis definitely, but keep your ACDC to yourselves.

One more thing. All those lamers that can't get over blackacidevil can just suck my dick. You're all so worried about when Danzig's first "techno" song was. I suggest listening to the first record he ever cut: Cough/Cool-She. Remember how un-rock'n'roll Samhain was and how cool Danzig was before he started working with Rick Rubin? The three albums Danzig I,II, and III represent just a few years out of Danzig's long and influential career. Why make Danzig 5 sound just like them? If you like Lucifuge so much, then just listen to Lucifuge again. Christ, you assholes really make me laugh. Fuckin' retards. Go listen to the Backstreet boys or something.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
Okay, all of you who read my review of Danzig I will now want to kick my ass for a second time...'cause I dig this album. Nowhere near the best Danzig has to offer, but as a one-off, I like it. Of course, not knowing this is a one-time experiment will make any Danzig fan cringe, but as you all should know, Danzig never has and never will make the same Danzig album twice. Of course there will be elements of previous styles apparent, but the general feel and overall style of each album will be different. However, Danzig V Blackacidevil is easily the most "far-out" thing the band has done, and therefore, it's understandable why people do not like this album. And I agree, to do this type of album again would be a mistake, but I knew that wouldn't happen...

Having said that, this album is quite enjoyable, yet in a totally different way than past albums. "7th House", "Blackacidevil", "Hint Of Her Blood", "Come To Silver," and "Power Of Darkness" are solid tunes, just done industrially. I don't normally like this kind of music either, but just as bands such as Dokken and Kiss dabbled in alternative music in the 90's, adding a touch of musicality and talent to the proceedings, so has Danzig. And each time, I think the more talented bands who have been around a while produce better albums DOING THE 90'S STYLE OF MUSIC than the actual creators of the industrial and alternative genres. Simply because underneath the crap, there is still music and creative songwriting going on, and not the superficial noise bullshit that there usually is with this type of crap. But I digress...there is still a classic haunting Danzig track on here: "Ashes" to finish off the album. So you know all is not lost, no matter how you view the album. If you don't have it, I'm not going to lie...it's different...but give it a few listens before you purchase it...you may be sick to your stomach, but maybe pleasantly surprised....

This is the only one I'm giving feedback on, because frankly, all the other albums are excellent. This, despite the comments from the people who are going to suckle off Danzig's teat no matter what he does (which is applies to many the people supporting this record), is a stinker. It was an experiment, and it pretty much failed. Some of the songs are passable (Sacrifice, Ashes, Hand of Doom cover), but overall, it was a loooooong wait from 4p to 6:66. This wasn't Danzig's first techno stuff...a few hints of it showed up on 4p...although anyone implying the original recording of "Cough Cool/She" is techno needs to go back to music recognition 101...and ditto goes for someone saying Danzig isn't borrowing from AC/DC, specifically on their first album. Danzig 1 is basically an "evil version" of an AC/DC record. I don't have a problem with 5 being an official Danzig album, nor do I have a problem with his experimentation. It just wasn't that great when all was said and done.

Add your thoughts?

6:66 Satans Child - Evilive/Emagine 1999.
Rating = 7

Booyaaaah! The band's the same as the last one, but he's pumped the guitars way back up while keeping the creepy sound effects and funky industrial beats intact, rendering the final product primed to make Glenn a big star in today's rap/metal-saturated marketplace. See, this ISN'T Korn or Limp Bizkit, but it's the closest to that homogenized heavy chord thing that Glenn has ever allowed his music to get. The guitarwork is INCREDIBLY tight, simplistic and repetitive -- like a guitar played by a machine or a low-paid studio musician working on an "extreme" Mountain Dew commercial. And there's not a whole hell of a lot going on melodically in a lot of these songs, but somehow the product as a whole -- the combination of tight, heavy guitars, weird noises, Glenn's booming voice and singing style and dancey, funky drumbeats -- WORKS! Even my girlfriend likes this one. It's sort of a combination of the last two albums, I guess. Creepy and industrial, but loud and guitarish and phfunky and evil and fun and nice and American and dark and old and crinkly and philanthropic.
Reader Comments

I was really cynical about buying this one after Blackacidevil, but I'm glad I bought it. It's really good. I'm a bit worried about the future of Danzig, however. He sounds really hoarse throughout the album. I don't think some of the lyrics are as good as they used to be either. The most prominent example being Satans Child.

Better than 5 not as good as 4p. I think the an 8 is right on the money.

As a side note: Glenn fired the guitar player after the album was recorded and only gave him a guest guitar credit, which is less than truthful. Jeff Chambers was a member of the band and played in Europe with them during the summer.

akreuter@acsu.buffalo.edu (Alan Kenneth Reuter)
Now this is better. Danzig cans the distortion (almost completely) and adds (real-sounding!) guitars and it sounds great. Cult Without A Name is the heaviest song he's ever done and 13 does Johnny Cash's version justice (even though Glenn wrote the song for Cash). East Indian Devil is a waste though. Apokilips? You'd swear John Christ was back in the band on that song! Cold Eternal is cool but it's no Sistinas. Lilin and Belly of the Beast are great, and Firemass is the anthem for all Danzig fans! Much Better than blackacidevil. I give it an 8.

samhain@nvc.com.br (Lucas Solenev)
I would like to second Afu69's comments on Satan's Child and the strangely deteriorated state of Glenn's voice. The songs are extremely good, although perhaps slightly repetitive (almost all of them follow the same structure of linear verse + strong melody shift come chorus time) and the lyrics are surprisingly good, especially considering how bad they were on blackacidevil (and I'm one of those rare individuals who actually _like_ that album), but I must admit that Glenn's vocal renditions are a bit disappointing. I suppose this unusual hoarseness in his voice makes no difference when it comes to the heavier songs like Five Finger Crawl or Unspeakable, but Cold Eternal and Thirteen suffer tremendously from it. He truly sounds as if he played a killer gig the night before recording these vocals (which would explain the tired-sounding voice), although I doubt that that is the case. Vocal-cord calluses, perhaps? Don't they have a surgery for that? Hank Rollins did it, didn't he?

Either way, very good album, good for listening, good for working out, good for fucking, just plain good. Oh, and I should add that its title is just incredibly STUPID. Still, I suppose that, especially considering who Glenn Danzig is, if you release your _6th_ album in 1_999_ it's just too damn appropriate a title to resist...

I give it a well-deserved 8.

I think this album really kicks ass and is a more than adequate comeback from 5 (which I actually don't think is that bad). It is one of the heaviest albums I've ever heard; as far as the simplicity of the music, I think that it's refreshing. I liked the stuff with John Christ (in fact 4p is one of the best albums by anyone ever), but I think the elaborate guitar solo type music isn't really Danzig. This one reminds me alot of Samhain. If you like Samhain and Danzig, this one is a sure bet. Glenn had said in the past that he thought 5 is what Samhain would have done if they had the technology then; I don't know if I believe that, but this one is a Samhain record. The background vocals on "Into the Mouth of Abandonment" and the overall sound of "Firemass" really sound like a heavier, more metal Samhain. This album earns every bit of the 8.

danzig_ii@yahoo.com (The Bigg Hurtt)
Two words for Glenn.....thank you!!!!!! Good God we need this in 1999/2000, time if the boy band/rap-metal mooks. This cd deserves more than an 8 because of te pure quality of the music, not to mention the pure value of a new GOOD Danzig cd. In other words, no, I have not made the conversion to the blackacidevil fan club, though I must now admit that Ashes is truly a great song. I hear raves from the other reviewers on this page about various songs, but am I the only one who thinks "Belly of the Beast" is the best song since Devil's Plaything? I hope not, cuz this song is sweet as Ol' Mammasan's coochie. I really dig this cd, and pray that the decaying sound of Glenn's boice is just a side effect of the industrial sound he strives for these days. Please Glenn, kep em comin like this one and keep fools like me clingin to the days when a song needed substance to be good.

pmtapia@worldnet.att.net (The Chameleon)
After Blackacidevil I thought this album would be shit but it was surprisingly good. Really simple guitar melodies but they all work out so well. The guitar sound has so much crunch to it and the whole tight production makes this record very worth it. The only song that sucks seems to that ridiculous "East Indian Devil" crap but the rest is a nice listen. Not as good as Danzig 4 or the first album. But just as good as the rest and definitely better than Blackacidevil and slightly better than danzig 3. The music is good and I guess the only thing that bothers me is that Christ, Von, and Biscuits are no longer around. It was a lot better when they were there. I mean I know Glenn wrote all the songs but still they kicked ass.

grant@grantedmonds.com (Grant Edmonds)
Danzig IV meets Danzig V, that adds up to Danzig VI, (or 666 I guess). Combining styles of the last two albums (which is actually combining all five, since Danzig IV is a combo of the first three), Satan's Child is born. Verdict: I like it, don't love it. Riffs are back, thank god, but the cold mechanical undercurrent remains. I enjoy all of this...BUT, two problems. Some weak links creatively: the title track isn't the best, "Lilin" is a little too slow for me, "East Indian Devil" is just strange...and even good tracks just don't seem to be arranged as well as possible (ie. Apokalips, Unspeakable). Secondly, someone tell me Glenn had an off-day singing, or I'm going to be really upset. His voice sounds shot to hell...literally. What happened? I can't believe it was a production choice. Still, an interesting album, and a bit better than the previous one, although not as extreme. It's definitely not one-dimensional like the last one, which is a plus, but aside from classics like "Five Finger Crawl," "Cult w/o A Name," and "Thirteen," it's a strangely put-together album, for it's not as good as it could have been. Good, but room for improvement....

CMyers@winston.com (Curt Myers)
Gay Gay Gay

I'm sick of this nu new or nue metal crap of his. Lilin kicks ass and that's it. Get off the effects Glenn, Blackaciddevil was better than this cheese excursion. Put down the comic books and make some more 4p, the cover alone makes me laugh my sack off.

2 stars for Lillin

Add your thoughts?

Live On The Black Hand Side - Evilive 2001.
Rating = 7

How's it goin', mutherfucker? I'm Axl Rose and I'm gonna review this CD, mutherfucker! So fuCK YOU!

Glenn Danzig can't sing anymore, mutherfucker. He just shouts everything in a voice that sounds like Chewbacca the Wookie going "Mooowahhhhh!!!" He's old. OLD AS WRINKLY SHIT! Though you'd never know that by the way he still carries himself like a ridiculous "evil" 16-year-old.

This is a double-disc live set, split between half-a-disc '92 original line-up, half-disc '94 new drummer and full disc new band. Disc one is great, and serves as a swell reminder of why his old band was such a treat to listen to. Just great rock songs -- bordering on sludgey slowness at times, but still full of hard rock/metallic riffs and excellent technical guitar playing like I would know one way or the other. Plus, most of the time, Glenn sounds at least HALFWAY decent on vocals. Not so with disc 2wo, recorded in the year 2000 with a house-style drummer (samples?), a guitarist hellbent on playing nothing but nu-metal industrial chords and a throat that has been charred beyond well done by years of going "HOE!" at the top of his register. Shit I forgot I was supposed to be Axl Rose. Mutherfucker. FUCK YOU! What's wrong, George W. Bush? You mad because your dad gets more pussy than you? Step in the rink, mutherfucker! The SKATING rink! And I'll show the delightful skills that earned me the nickname "Double-Axl eh. Pbl.

Listening to disc 2 of this CD makes me want to reevaluate that last album he made. Could it be as mediocre as this? Or is this just a poor performance of some songs that sounded good in the studio? I guess we'll never know. Because my ass is comfy in this chair, and CDs can't go put themSELVES in the CD player.

Bottom line - disc one is great and disc two is so-so, but that doesn't mean there's any reason at all for anybody in the world to buy this.

Unless you happen to run across my auction of it on ebay, in which case, WOW! What a bargain!

Reader Comments

mourning_noise@hotmail.com (Lee Ving)
Wow Mark that is probably the worst review i have read in a long time. Second only to allmusic.coms review of Live on the Black Hand Side.

This is not going to be the ultimate review either, i just wanted to mention a few things.

The '94 show (which is only 6 years before the year 2000, not that big of a gap) featured Joey Castillo on drums, who has been with the band since.

Their new guitarist is Todd Youth who is a badass motherfucker, not to mention the mastermind behind Son of Sam. He does some marvelous work with the material given. I love to hear him blaze though the Do You Wear the Mark solo.

Glenn is not fucking old. Sure hes in his mid 40's, but i have never thought that to be old. Thats when a man is in the prime of life, I think his vocals sound great (as far as live recordings go) on disc 2. I think his pentagram shirt is fairly stupid, but hey, he does what he wants. I mean Lemmy is pushing 60 now, when you look back he seemed so young at 46.

The best section of LotBHS is the '94 show at the Seattle Arena. Little Whip and Bringer of Death are off the hook. I dont much care for the first part. How the Gods Kill material does not fare well live.

Disc2 does suffer from suprisingly worse sound quality then the first, but it still kicks some ass. I like the live versions of the Satans Child stuff, it has a more raw stripped down sound. The most noteable example being "Satans Child" that is fucking Badd! compared to the weak studio version.

The booklet has lots of cool photos and is well thought out. I would defently recomend this. I give it an 8

I was lucky enough to see Danzig @ the Roxy on 12/29/01 and let me tell you Glenn and the boys fucking kicked some ass. Glenn looked and sounded great. Seriously Glenn is still so prime, and Danzig 7 is going to fucking rule.

CMyers@winston.com (Curt Myers)
Where do I start? The cover is low budget and complete garbage, screw it just a cover. Disc One kicks ass except that it's been released already through cd singles and the Thrall cd. Disc two is new stuff with the new band and has little value. The production sucks and the new songs which weren't strong in the first place sound even worse live. If you see them live they are a good show, but when they start playing that Danzig 6 songs it's time to take a piss.

By the way, Danzig 7 "I Luciferi" looks to be just as cheesy as the last album. The song titles as well as the album title sound like something from Venom's back catalog. Only Slayer can pull off the devil shit nowadays.

johnc@212hardware.com (John Castiglia)
First off, I am a huge Danzig fan. I have followed his career from the Misfits on. Like any Danzig fan I know, I lost interest after Danzig 4. When I heard this was coming out, I was excited to hear that it was going to feature the Danzig lineup I know and love. But it falls really short for me. I won't get into the aural disaster that is Disc 2. However disc 1 could be a lot better. The choice of songs is questionable. I would have liked to hear Twist of Cain, Tired of Being Alive, 777, etc. Although the band ounds great, Glen's voice is kind of shaky. Maybe it's the production.

I think that they should have hired a rhythm guitar player to fill in the blanks. John Christ is awesome, but the songs sound too thin. Maybe Glen should have played rhythm. He could have brought that Les Paul of his on tour.

I guess the intent of this cd was to show the 2 different incarnations of the band and prove that Danzig still rocks. I don't know about that. The recent lineup doesn't have the depth that the classic lineup has. But I think good old Glen scared them off, just like he always does. How many members have been in the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig combined? Which brings me to this conclusion:

What do all of Danzig's dysfunctional musical relationships have in common? You guessed it; Glen Danzig.

At least we have 1-4 as a testament to how great Danzig was.

Add your thoughts?

777: I Luciferi - Spitfire 2002.
Rating = 7

Finally giving up on his dream of becoming Nu-Metal's Eddie Money, Dave Danzig hired a new band featuring Todd Youth (Murphy's Law, D Generation, Son Of Sam), Howie Pyro (Swingin' Utters, D Generation, Son Of Sam) and Joey Castillo (Wasted Youth, the last Danzig album). Okay, so look very very closely at this line-up. Murphy's Law - that's NYHC. D Generation - Nostalgia punk rock by old people. Swingin' Utters - Nostalgia punk rock by similarly old people. Wasted Youth - by the time Joey was a member, bland thrash-by-numbers. Son Of Sam = goth punk/metal featuring Danzig's former Samhain bandmates. So -- again look very closely at these bands and tell me something -- do you see any musical credentials that might lead you to believe that this outfit could play convincing blues metal like the original Danzig line-up?


I'm just kidding about that whole "fucking" thing. But the usually on-the-ball Glenn really did pop a boner on this one. If he'd wanted to return to his punk roots, certainly Todd and Howie would be appropriate, perhaps even good choices. But why WHY WHY would he think that a couple of punk rock veterans could replace the wicked overpracticed fingers of John Christ and evil cynicism of Eerie Von? I don't know enough about drums to comment on Chuck vs. Joey, so I'll leave that one alone. Joey doesn't sound bad to me at all. But Howie and Todd sound COMPLETELY out of their element. The riffs that are supposed to swing sleazily like "War Pigs" just sound like bad funk metal -- like somebody gave the Spin Doctors guy a "death metal" distortion pedal. And the simple-but-great chord sequences that John Christ would have brought to life with his brilliant and complete mastery of the tones and moods of that damned guitar -- are reduced to punk riffs played really slowly with lots of annoying false harmonics (at least that third Ozzy Osbourne guitarist could also actually play the guitar! Not sure why he loved those stupid false harmonics so much).

Please understand - and I want this made perfectly clear - I am NOT faulting Howie and Todd at all. I can't play like John Christ either. Quite frankly, I can't even play like that Spin Doctors guy. Had Glenn put me in the band, the results would sound every bit as awkward as this. Because instead of giving him ideas and trying to work my own style into his plans, I would simply be trying to please him - by doing everything he asked me to do. I have a feeling this is what happened with the two punkers. Don't know for sure, but I just can't imagine them choosing to play this Lucifuge-style music on their own.

So enough about how the playing is weak -- what about the actual songs? Well, there are a ton of great little chord sequences on here! Glenn's always been a master of the chord sequence and that hasn't changed. Ace cuts are "Black Mass," which sounds JUST LIKE something from the first album but with a faster drumbeat, the heavy-as-beans lowlowlow-slightlylesslow chunka trudger "God Of Light," the cool dark arpeggiated Del Shannony "Dead Inside," the Sabbathy one-chord headbanger "Kiss The Skull" and the dumb funk metal riff of the title track, which irritates your colostomy bag until you suddenly realize that the riff is SWOOPING to the higher note. How the hell does it SWOOP to a higher note? It's NOT a slide guitar! Is it a pitch-bending knob? A synthesizer effect? A really well-played tremelo bar? Color me impressed!

Actually, if you have Burnt Sienna, I'll go with that one instead. HEY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT LIGHTER FLUID?????? AHHHH1!!!!" GORE AXE BURN BLOODY FLESH CRISPY FINGER YELLS POOP

Glenn's voice seems a little older-sounding, a little flabbier in the tummy. And his photos are starting to show his age too. Not just the wrinkles around his eyes or the gut under his boobs, but also his hands, which have taken on a weird black, razor-sharp look, likely due to shingles or Athletes Foot. But who cares when the lyrics are as 'good' and 'not really shitty' as "6 foot pussycat like the way you swing your tail/big black witch cat yes you cast a real strong spell" and "Angel Blake lived by the lake/Threw her in and she floated like a snake."

Macho metal, dumb overdramatic vocals, laughable funk metal -- all of this humorless crap kinda drags the neat chord sequences down to a low 7, but that's still a pretty strong indication of Danzig's talent with a riff. Ignore the completely WRONGLY performed funk riffs you'll hear strewn throughout the CD (in funk, are the guitar and bass *supposed* to play the exact same notes at every moment? How would that possibly groove? It sounds like a high school band's practice tape!) and there's some good evil dark riffage to enjoy. Of course, the presentation makes it about as spooky as a Green Day album, but just IMAGINE them played by Eerie Christ Biscuits (by Hungry Jack), and suddenly a bunch of sexy young women in tight black leather with ridiculously solidified fake breasts will show up in your apartment with whips, ready to have sex with you.

Oh hell, did I say "sexy young women in tight black leather"? I of course meant "Judas Priest's Rob Halford, singing 'Hell Bent For Leather.'"

The rest of the sentence was correct.

Reader Comments

braineater@punkhardcore.net (Psycho 78)
I'd have to disagree with Prindle here. Danzig 777, I Luciferi is better than he described. Howie Pyro and Todd Youth are not as bad as he described. It may not be the conventional Danzig you are used too (ie, danzig 1-4) but he has an ever changing sound. Bands that stay the same suck. Blackacidevil was a failure (although it wasn't as bad as described by all so many people). Danzig is NOT blue driven anymore, in any aspect. That ended a while ago. Which is ok, bands that stay the same suck, and yes, some that change suck even more. But anyways, i think danzig's sound changed, and blackacidevil was the thing that did it, from rock to metal music. Sure i almost shit my pants the first time i heard blackacidevil, but i think he started over on that album and Satans Child was even a LOT better. I Luciferi continues this part of his career. In my opinion this albm is the best since lucifuge, even though i listen to I Luciferi more than Lucifuge or Danzig 1 (thats right, MORE than those two) I think that Danzig 1 and Danzig 2 are just that classic with the blues influences and great guitar work of John Christ. The line up was superior back then. If danzig wants to put out another Mother track he'll remaster Mother and put it out, not record Grandmother. he's changed. Why is the past so important when it comes to danzig. in all interviews there is always questions about Jonn Christ, Eeerie, Misfits, and all that. What about now? does the new music mean nothing? I think it does.

Now about the album.

The album starts out with a wicked intro, lots of eerie sexual cumming sounds and what not, it's just cool sounding and then to one of my fav tracks, Black Mass, which has the raddest intro too any of his songs. Danzigs vocals sound great. Continuing on a few songs later to God Of Light, this song has dark lyrics and odd but awesome guitar track. Liberskulls groing on me and im starting to like it. Dead Inside was the first 777 song i learnt from danzig, its' that good. Chorus doens't really match the song but it's still a damn wicked cool rad song. NOW THE MOST IMPRESSIVE F'ING SONG IN MANY MANY A YEAR! This is a head banging, new sounding danzig. Kiss The Skull. Wow! This is something that would get new fans. Fans that have never heard of Danzig, or havn't listened to him since Blackacidevil. This song is just the shit. Im telling you, i really like the line up (even though Joey already left, f'in bastard, he's so great). I Luciferi has some 'different' vocals on it, i like them personally, buti could see a lot of people not liking them. Naked Witch has a wicked drum solo at the end, which makes it a great song, i love that part. Angel Blake is a great song for the band, not so great for danzig. HAHA, his lyrics sound like some foreign china man band wrote it. Well actually its' just the part ANGEL BLAKE LIVED BY THE LAKE - THREW HER IN AND FLOATED LIKE A SNAKE. Danzig, you CAN do better. But it's a great song still. The last three songs are just really good, i suggest downloading Halo Goddess Bone if you dont have anythign from this album. Actually f' that, get KISS THE SKULL! Well, i give it 10/10 cuz i've been listening to it since the day it came out so many months ago, maybe 6 or 7, and i still listen to at LEAST one song everyday from it.

Glenn Danzig has been putting it on the line his whole career. he has his own sound and his own image. I have heard a million bands that vanished into thin air......... Danzig is still hear 26 years later and counting. don't like it, don't buy it. go Danzig!!!!

chauncey922@msn.com (Christopher Campbell)
danzig 7 is a good record and a step up from his last three records. I think that black mass is one of the hardest songs hes ever done . the first single wicked pussycat is the weekest or close to the weekest song on the record, it allmost sounds like the red hot chili peppers. out of a possible 10 id give this record a seven (lucifuge was the best)

Add your thoughts?

Circle Of Snakes - Evilive 2004
Rating = 6

Many, many, many years ago, when Bob Dylan sang, "William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll/With a cane that he twirled around his diamond ring finger," nobody - not even the world's first naked Pope - could have guessed that some day I'd hear that song and think of Glenn Danzig. But you see, there simply aren't many names in today's top-selling society that feature an "-an" first syllable and "-ig" (or "-ing") second syllable, and Lordy Lordy knows that my secret "Manpig" experiments are going nowhere fast (who knew you can't splice DNA with a vacuum cleaner?). In fact, just the other day I was praying to Lordy Lordy, saying, "Lordy Lordy, can you make Glenn Danzig put out a new album so I can enjoy his '-an'/'-ig' name fresh and anew? Alternately, could you unleash an unstoppable William Zanzinger killing machine zombie to bash more servants with a cane?" Within minutes, Charlotte Rae was dead and Danzig put out a shitty new record.

Ha! Charlotte Rae humor! I'm going to bring her back into popular culture! This is her year! There's no stopping Charlotte "Mrs. Garrett" Rae now! The NEW Facts Of Life anyone???? Diff'rent Strokes Y2K anyone??? Hot L. Baltimore XXX Anal Grannies, anyone!!????!?

Yes, everyone.

Glenn Danzig's latest release finds him trying to revisit the simple yet effective hard rock riffs of the band's first line-up, but with ridiculously heavy detuned guitars. In fact, the bass and guitar essentially BOTH sound like distorted basses, except that the guitarist keeps interjecting these moronic false harmonics everywhere (I can't remember how false harmonics are done, but CHRIST are they ugly and stupid-sounding: embarrassing high-pitched guitar noises, intended to sound "tough," but mostly just goofy and 80sish. Ozzy's third guitarist used them extensively as well). I'd bite my tongue on the childish guitar antics, however, if the riffs made up for them in spades (and I don't mean negroes, so hang up that NAACP phone). Unfortunately, they (the riffs), you see, and the unfortunate resultant occurence and product is a and that's why I said what I did.

It's just a bunch of rigoddamndiculously by-the-numbers chord sequences, almost all of which appeared in 'non-hit album tracks' by bands like Motley Crue, Ratt and Accept throughout the '80s. Actually, that's misleading. I'm not saying that the new Danzig album sounds like glam metal -- I'm saying that the chord sequences are trite, old and forgettable hard rock cliches, used many, many times before by many, many hard rock bands of many, many styles and time periods. Three chords and the truth is that Danzig sounds lost and unsure of himself. But mandarin orange, those guitars are heavy! (Have you ever held a guitar? Man! They're like 65 pounds! And sure, that's a decent price in Britain but over here none of us have jobs because our government sold them to the Indians. Fuck you, President Gore!)

Have you seen the uproarious online video clip of Glenn Danzig getting knocked out by one punch following his attempt to humiliate and frighten a fellow musician backstage? It's a classic! So classic in fact that Glenn apparently began shying away from the media afterwards, eventually declaring that this album will be his last. If these rumors are true, this is a perfect example of what can happen when a person takes himself too seriously -- something Danzig has done for his entire adult life. Perhaps he was taunted as a child for his short stature (as Minor Threat once sang, "What the fuck are you fighting for?/Is it 'cuz you're five foot four?"), perhaps he's convinced that his (relative) fame has been a result of his image rather than his songs - having never even met the man, I have no idea why his "tough" "manliness" is so important to him. But it is, and when deflated on camera in front of the world, I guess it darn near killed his ego (or so I'm told). But let's get back to the music!

Little on here is new or interesting, and his melodic smarts seem to have taken the year off. Why is he using such simple, dumb chord sequences? Is he trying to sound "stripped down"? Or has his music ALWAYS been this simple and I never noticed because it was so often *catchy* before? On this one, the guitar TONES are better than the hooks, which are mostly midtempo two- and three-chord attitude rockers. His voice is sounding worse and worse too - bloated and hoarse, like a bloated.... horse. Plus, the boxy drums sound just horrible, like a teenager beating on a used kit in his parents' laundry room while I fuck the bitch upstairs, the two-timing whore.

It's not a complete loss though. Stand-outs include "1000 Devils Reign," which sounds a lot like "Who Made Who"-era AC/DC (but heavier) -- that kind of smart, melodic chord collision AC/DC were doing during that period. Elsewear, "Skull Forrest" has dark ugly vibratoed notes that are kinda horror movie-ish, and "NetherBound" is really chunky-space-chunk-space like early Helmet. Simple but effective. But too many of the others are pregoddamneddictable and borgoddamneding. "HellMask," for example, to name names, is the bottom of the Danzig barrel. And believe you me -- he has a barrel!!!!! Moronic generic "tough" riff with godawful gruff shouted vocals -- and even a WHISPER part! What are they, 11? Then there's the rehash browns "My Darkness" (an ugly-as-shit variant on the "Sweet Leaf" riff) and the title track (a trite rewrite of "Enter Sandman"). Then there's that other one with the thing, and that one song with the catchy part. Also I like that one song and how the guitar goes up and down, but that one with the slow part is as boring as a shoe.

Mark Prindle

P.S. My bloody cock is in your grandmother's sweaty pussy.

Mark Prindle

(*writes astonishing, groundbreaking record review that wows them at Cannes*)

Mark Prindle
During R.E.M. Sleep

(specifically Around The Sun)

Reader Comments

Moe Aboulkheir
your review of this was about right in my opinion, but all of the songs you mentioned are shite. since danzig 4 there have been only 2 or 3 listenable songs per album, but i think this ranks as being the best, in that there are a full _3_ songs which i am not embarassed to have in my collection. "When We Were Dead" (how could you overlook this?), "Black Angel White Angel" and "Wotans Procession". i think all three are extremely driving and compelling (even though the latter has two chords and no lyrics). the rest are unlistenable, mostly due to Mr. Danzigs fetish for cacophonous artificial harmonics. my alter ego owns one of the worlds largest collections of danzig memorabilia (http://danzig.8m.net). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, over the weekend the retarded maid who is fond of throwing out my psychiatric medication (seriously) WASHED my Lucifuge tour towel signed by the band. what the fuck (and removed all the signatures).

I don't own this album, I haven't bought a Danzig record since Danzig II but I just had to comment on Glenn getting punched by the guy from West Side Kings or whatever the bands name is, I've heard one song by them called "Your Still An Asshole" and it rocked, can't find the record anywhere though.

What the fuck was Glenn thinking when he started shit up with that guy ? that WSK dude is huge, Glenn actually managed to push the fat fuck back futher than I thought he could but then he just stood there while the big fat ox lumbers back towards him and swings a right hook with all his considerable weight behind it....Glenn just strikes up some sort of Karate pose and doesn't even move while the fat bald guys ham hock crashes into his jaw and spins him around then down to the floor.

Although I'm a huge fan of Danzigs output over the years with Misfits and Samhain up until Danzig IV it's always been obvious that the guy has an attitude and has always thought he's the baddest son of a bitch on the block (like most small men) he's punched out teenage fans who've dared to mention the Misfits or Samhain to him, he's threatened people with GBH over stupid trivial shit and he's generally acted like a sour mensturating bitch for the last 10 years because people like his old stuff better than his new stuff.

I think a beatdown was long over due for Danzig and he got what he desereved in a most embarrasing fashion, getting his ass kicked in front of a bunch of fans with a rolling camera looking on in a fight that he started over a problem with billing for a support act, I can't see his considerable macho ego recovering from this incident, but hey, if you keep throwing your weight around and treating people like shit payback can be a real bitch!

Ok the last person mentioned West Side Kings. I'm sorry man, but fuck that fat lardass. Not that I blame him at all for knocking out Danzig, but he seems to think that he is now some sort of badass. DUDE, you knocked out a 50 year old man! And your music sucks! I'm sorry man, but I get really sick of all the meathead hardcore crap. It's so played out.

I haven't heard "Circle of Snakes," but all I gotta say is that Danzig needs to lay off the donuts and hit the weights. Maybe he should get some hairplugs while he's at it or wear a neat hat like Al from Ministry.

NALASER@aol.com (Jason Poswencyk)
Misfits is the best punk band ever, Samhain is the best Spooky music ever and Danzig 1-5 are great but everything after that is just so stupid.

(*a few months later*)

Again I was stupid enough to buy another Danzig C.D and it was Black Aria 2.

I loved everything Danzig did from the Misfits, Samhain and all the way up to Danzig 5 Blackacidevil, After that everything sucks.I never thought I would do it,but I am selling my entire Danzig Collection. Everything after Blackacidevil has been a big Disappointment. I use to cover my room with Danzig stuff, but now I realize the more Dark and evil a person becomes the more stupid they become. Danzig should of retired before he came out with 666, at least he would still be respected. His rare talent went down the drain. I guess he sold his soul for rock and roll and got a bad deal.

Add your thoughts?

Black Aria II - Megaforce 2006
Rating = 1

This is certainly no way to prove that you're not a buffoon.

Two years after being knocked out on the Internet and claiming he didn't hit back for fear of a lawsuit (though how exactly he would have hit back while lying on the floor unconscious, we'll never know), Glenn Danzig returns to the entertainment field with an industrial/goth soundtrack to nothing. Supposedly based on the supposed legend of the Alternate Bible's first woman Lilith, Black Aria II: Blacker & Arier is composed of windy goth tones, opera women "aaaa"s, monk men "ohhhhh"s, bells, chimes, gongs, chains against metal, church organs, orchestral flourishes and percussive clunks, all funnelled through lots of cavernous reverb for that 'scary' feel. Unfortunately it's more mood than melody, and what melody there is is corny simplistic Spoooooooooooky!ness.

With this kind of unorthodox instrumentation and eerie production, Danzig could have made a truly disturbing and atmospheric record. But instead he (as usual) took himself too seriously and churned out a boring cartoon of bombastic booming noises and teen-goth note patterns that wouldn't frighten a person who has been buried alive in a coffin of fire ants.

This isn't to say that Glenn couldn't completely kick my ass, because he could; his muscles are huge.

Unless I could hit that magical spot! BAM! (*Danzig passes out*) THAT'S ME ALL OVER! (after he wakes up and rips my arms off)

Add your thoughts?

The Lost Tracks Of Danzig - Evilive 2007
Rating = 6

This two-hour double-CD features 2 Danzig outtakes, 3 Lucifuge outtakes, 1 When The Gods Kill outtake (a newer version of one of the Danzig outtakes), 3 4p outtakes, 4 blackacidevil outtakes, 2 Satan's Child outtakes, 2 Satan's Child remixes, 5 I Luciferi outtakes, 1 Circle Of Snakes outtake, and 3 cover tunes. The first 10 tracks feature the classic original line-up, the other 16 any anonymous group of whomevers. Glenn and his engineer spent 9 months adding vocals and instrumentation to the lost old songs to make them release-ready, but there is unfortunately a pretty solid reason why most of them were 'lost' in the first place, and I don't think I have to type it out for you.

I will though; they stink.

Actually, that's an overgeneralization. Very few of these songs actually "stink" in either the olfactory or metaphorical sense; they're just not as strong as the songs that did make the albums. Let's put it this way; I'd say maybe 10 of the 26 are album-quality compositions, and 3 of those are the covers! The others too often wallow in generic macho hard rock and dully repetitive midtempo metal chord changes.

It's terrific to finally have the awesome "When Death Had No Name" on disc, and a handful of other tracks are so powerful that it's astonishing to think they were ever considered 'outtakes' (particularly the '50sy ballad "Cold, Cold Rain," evil sluggish rocker "Satans Crucifiction," eerie note descender "Malefical" and sad bluesy Lucifuge-speed triumvirate "Crawl Across Your Killing Floor"/"Bound By Blood"/"Dying Seraph"). But again, as enticing as it may seem to have two full discs of "lost Danzig tracks" gathered together in one appealingly-designed package, it doesn't take a rocket man to realize, "You know, if these songs weren't good enough to make Circle Of Snakes...."

Can we talk about Glenn Danzig for a moment? Great, let's do so. The man is now 52 years old, his voice has deteriorated into a hoarse off-key shadow of its former self, he seems to have allowed much of his hard-earned muscle turn to fat, and he has retired from live performance in order to run a comic book company. What does this say about him, his audience, me, life or anything at all? Furthermore, why is he still doing the whole 'evil Satan' thing when his music is about as malevolent as Emotional Rescue-era Rolling Stones, especially compared to the death and black metal musics that have sprouted out of Norway and Florida during the lifespan of his band?

I don't know. Glenn Danzig was an awesome anti-hero for my teenaged self in the late '80s, so perhaps he remains so for a certain demographic to this very day. His never-changing 'black leather, busty women and brooding visage' image has grown awfully toothless and tedious over the past decade or so (not to mention increasingly embarrassing and age-inappropriate the older he gets) -- but then again, would we really want a smiley, short-haired 'regular guy' Glenn Danzig?

It doesn't matter either way, I suppose. What's important is that Glenn "Danzig" Anzalone has written dozens and dozens of unforgettable punk, goth and hard rock songs throughout his three-decade career, even if the well is drying up a bit at the end here.

On the bright side, at least there are no Black Aria outtakes on here!

Actually, can you imagine how vomitous a piece of music would have to be to get rejected from one of those albums? I could probably take a dump in a cardboard box, title it "Lilith's First Movement," and make the cut as a 'featured artist.'

Reader Comments

Honestly Mark,I can't believe you didn't mention some of the strange things about this album.First off,in the booklet,Danzig mentions that 'Lady Lucifera' is his second favourite song?What the hell?That song sucks.I think Danzig is trying to suck up to Tommy Victor (The guitarist from Circle of Snakes - a very talented guitarist from a rather good band - Prong - unfortunately the sound of his guitars and his playing style just DO NOT suit Danzig ('1000 Devils Reign' and 'Black Angel,White Angel' where the only good tracks from ALL of Circle of Snakes).

Secondly,you didn't mention how awesome the Danzig 7:I Luciferi outtake tracks were.Awesome in the sense that when I heard them I was loudly excaimed "Why in the hell would you choose to put 'Wicked Pussycat' and 'God of Light' on that album instead of tracks like 'Soul Eater' and 'Who Claims the Soulless?'?

Honestly,Danzig must have not only lost his voice ('Come to Silver' with the new vocals sounds awful,but I've seen him live and on various live videos and his voice still sounds good,which is pretty weird) but also any sense he had.Pretty much all the outtakes on the Lost Tracks of Danzig from Danzig 5 and Danzig 7 should have been on their respective albums.Why would he leave 'Soul Eater' off Danzig 7?It's probably the hardest rocking song he's ever done since 'Left Hand Black' on Danzig 3 or 'Bringer of Death' on Danzig 4.Hell,it even beats 'Mother' from Thrall:Demonsweatlive (the mixing of Mother '93 sounds much better than the version on Danzig 1).

Anyway,here's hoping that if Danzig does another record,it doesn't suck.Todd Youth is playing with him again,and after hearing these outtake tracks from Danzig 7 (the album on which he played on) I have a huge amount of respect for him.It sounds exactly like old Danzig for the 2000s.And I can't forget he's got Steve Zing from Samhain and Johnny Kelly from Type 0 Negative...it could actually be a good album.It's certainly the best line-up since the original.But knowing Danzig,he'll pick the worst tracks for Danzig 9 (if there ever is another record,which I believe there will eventually).

Anyway,that's my two cents,cheers.

Funny all the things you say about the Glenn Danzig of today. I've never liked him or his music. The Misfits are awesome and Samhain is pretty cool but Danzig, the hypocrite that he is, accuses his former band mates of carrying on a cartoon image while he is the oh so serious satanic dark guy who draws comics of muscular satanic guys, vikings and big titted chicks. His music is glorified strip club music for Motley Crue groupies who decided to dye their hair black. Just check out all his early music videos. It's "Girls, Girls, Girls" without the stage and pole. I think he's a big tool.

Add your thoughts?

Deth Red Sabaoth - Evilive/The End 2010
Rating = 6

Being a sorrowful and newly single man, I left my lonely, empty home this evening to attend a performing concert by Danzig. And take it from me: Danzig is a GREAT band to sit at home and listen to on your stereo!

Seriously, you know you've made a ticket purchasing error when your only request of the night is "Could you please turn the lights on so I can read?" Glenn Danzig himself was fine, even though he was even shorter than I expected (he couldn't have been over two feet tall). But Tommy Victor really needs to lay off the pinch harmonics. And the godawful solos. And the terrible songwriting. Honestly, Tommy Victor needs to leave the music business altogether. But even he was only part of the problem. The real culprit was the set list. Here, take a look at what they played off each record so you'll see what I mean:

Danzig - "Twist Of Cain," "She Rides," "Mother"
II - "Long Way Back From Hell," "Tired Of Being Alive," "Her Black Wings"
III - "How The Gods Kill," "Do You Wear The Mark"
4 - "Bringer Of Death"
5 through 9 - WHO GIVES A SHIT

So you see, the real problem was the saest;jj

OW! Glenn Danzig hit me with his pointy glove!

Plus I was too self-conscious to talk to anyone because I'd made the mistake of wearing my hilarious Werner Herzog t-shirt (the Danzig skull mascot with "Herzog" written in the Danzig font atop it), which seemed like a great idea until I realized I just looked like a dumbass who'd bought a misspelled bootleg shirt.

Which brings us to the hilariously spelled Deth Red Sabaoth, on which Mr. Danzig returns to the sound of his original line-up, but without the benefit of any good songs. The guitars sound fantastic -- loud, multi-tracked, raw, heavy and mean -- and Glenn is thankfully no longer singing through a distortion pedal. However, though improved by this less industrial/processed sound, the record still suffers from a lack of songwriting ideas. Granted, when you've written as many great songs as Glenn Danzig, you don't owe the world a thing. But it's still disappointing to find that he's spent the last six years absorbing absolutely no new influences. (Except crap, if that's an influence)

Like the first four Danzig records, Death Read Sabbath is full of dark-edged hard rock, ranging from mean headbangers and trudging doom to spooky goth metal and sorrowful acoustica. The difference is that these songs have no natural flow, feel or groove to them. Instead they sound forced, repetitive and at times downright embarrassing. For example, the lame funk riff of "The Revengeful" would be bad enough on its own, but it's rendered jaw-droppingly rank by the plodding, lifeless drumbeat chosen to accompany it. "Night Star Hel" is another stinker, featuring four minutes of two corny metal licks and a gong before shifting into a substandard uptempo riff that is pummelled into the ground for a further three minutes. Even the first single, "On A Wicked Night," is just a shitty rehash of earlier clean-to-mean classics like "Devil's Plaything." And why on Earth are there so few riffs? Every song is like one chord sequence or simple note lick played 400 times in a row. Fuck you, album.

Augh! My peck's stuck in the wing-wong!

Heh heh. Little 'fuckin' an album' joke for all you album fuckers out there.

The record starts with a basic but satisfying headbanger and ends with a pair of hypnotic and emotional dirges, but the only thing even approaching an original idea is "Black Candy," a slow eerie soundscape of harmonized pinch harmonics and strangled chords so unique in the Danzig canon that it makes you wonder why he bothered with the rest of this shit. Why did he come out of retirement anyway? Were Danzig-by-numbers throwaways like "Rebel Spirits" and "Deth Red Moon" honestly burning in his brain, screaming to be let out and made immortal? If not, why bother? Just tour the hits! Surely he realizes that Tommy Victor is no John Christ, Steve Zing is no Eerie Von, Johnny Kelly is no Chuck Biscuits, and Glenn Danzig '10 is no Glenn Danzig '93.

Tommy Victor: "I am no John Christ, not me! He hangs in glib delight upon his cross."

Steve Zing: "Eerie Von!? What kind of silly name is that? I'm Steve ZING!"

Johnny Kelly: "Chuck Biscuits didn't have enough y's in his name. Fag."


Which reminds me -- I think I finally figured out why my wife left me after fifteen and a half blessed years together. My theory is that aliens ate her brain and replaced it with a bowling ball.

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If I find out he's over here, I'm gonna be eatin cereal outta the bottom of your FUCKEN SKULL, verstandlich?

Oi Prindle! Leave it out. Tommy Victor's made some bloody good music with Prong! Give the boy a break he's just trying to earn a crust prostituting himself for Glenn and Al Jourgensen

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