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Mahvelous! - A&M 1985.
Rating = 5

Before becoming a huge megasensation movie star in such timeless classics as Forget Paris and Mr. Saturday Night, Billy Crystal was a star on Saturday Night Live. And before that, he was on a TV show called Soap. And that's my story. Goodnight!


Jesus, you people are demanding. All goddamn night "Tell us about the Billy Crystal album, Makr! Tell us about the Billy Crystal album! Makr? Come on, Makr! Get on the stick! Get your ears on, Smokey!"

This album features Billy's abominable dance/rap single "You Look Marvelous," a few SNL-style skits (including an "I hate when that happens" segment with Christopher Guest), and lots of on-stage stand-up comedy antics. Astonishingly, the stand-up humor isn't bad at all!!! As redundant as the idea of Billy Crystal portraying a bad comedian may seem, "Buddy Young Jr." is honestly an absolute scream! (ex. about a meal he ate in Hawaii: "The waiter says it's called 'poi.' So I says, 'Then throw it in the 'POIlet!') He (Billy) also tells a surprising number of sex jokes, but he's such a short nerdy guy that he manages to make even these sound wholesome.

But hooeeeeeeeeee, the album also has a number of bad ideas, including outstandingly unhilarious imitations of Sammy Davis Jr. and Howard Cosell, a decade-old 8-minute "dramedy" monologue about an old jazz musician, and (oh god, the 80s), a message from Billy's popular yet not funny at all SNL character "Fernando" that the listener is invited to use as the outgoing message on his or her answering machine.

I know!!!! I got so excited I urinated my wife too!!!

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
It's not fun...not funny. (Bob Sturgeon)
I have been looking for this album for years! I loved it! "I like eggs" is hilarious! Sure "Face" is a little long, but it's a story he's telling, not joke for God's sake!
I also loved the "I like eggs" bit. Have also been looking for that for years. It was freaking hilarious. lol. Regards

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