Confrontation Camp

Chuck D's latest project in which Chuck D doesn't do anything

Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear -Artemis 2000.
Rating = 6

I'll never forget (nor will you, after I share the exciting story) the time I met Chuck D of Public Enemy fame at the Online Hip Hop Awards, sponsored by Support Online Hip-Hop (SOHH) that time, and he told me that he was working on a new project that was like "a heavy metal thing." I immediately pictured Ice T's Body Count and was curious how Chuck D of Public Enemy might fare in such a situation. About nine million years later, this album came out so I was able to hear for myself what time it was, bitch.

I was just checking out George Starostin's music review site. Man, that guy writes a lot about each album. I don't do that.

This album is similar to Body Count in that the heavy metal is really simple, generic heavy metal. But then, so is Helmet and I like Helmet so how much complaint can I make? My main complaint is that I thought this was supposed to be a Chuck D project and he only raps on like half or LESS than half of the songs on here. I guess it's mostly a vehicle for former Public Enemy Minister of Anti-Semitism Professor Griff, some fellow named Kyle Ice Jason and a band called Chaingang that seems to specialize in riffs that feature two chords each. Basically it sounds like Clutch (in other words, a less creative Rage Against The Machine, if such a thing is possible) with black guys rapping over it instead of that white guy who raps over it in Clutch. Lyrically, they're probably bitching about socio-political stuff, but there's no lyrics sheet included so whenever I listen to it, I follow along to the lyrics of Nick Cave's Murder Ballads. I figure it's the same exact thing so who cares.

Song titles include "Brake The Law," "Che," "When The Shit Hits The Fans" and "Babies Makin Babies Killin Babies." Back when they were a web-only band, apparently they put together a song called "Son Of A Bush" too, but that's not on here, unfortunately. Great title!

Don't make a mistake here: Confrontation Camp is NOT Public Enemy. It is funk-metal with three guys rapping over it. But as far as such a concept goes, it's fairly entertaining, and the simple little chord sequences succeed in making the listener sway his, her or its hips while banging one's or another's head at the same time. And that's something special, correct? If you already own all the Clutch and Rage Against the Machine records, this might be a good one to buy and place directly between them, in alphabetical order by artist.

Or not. Who gives a shit. I just wanted you people to have something new to read while I finish up my Ventures reviews. 38 albums down - only 18 to go!

Reader Comments (Elsa)
a few years ago i stumbled upon the filming of break the law video.. Ended up being part of the 2 day shoot for video.. was wondering what ever happened to that video shot in Boston Mass.. Do you know anything?

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