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*Eye For An Eye
*Six Songs With Mike Singing EP
*Technocracy EP
*America's Volume Dealer
*Live Volume
*In The Arms Of God
*Your Tomorrow 7"

C.O.C. are from either Durham or Raleigh, NC, depending on which town they actually came from. They started as an awesome hardcore punk band, turned into a political thrash band, then yanked on this Pepper Keenan dude who converted the band into a heavy Seattle-like grunge explosion, which I suppose they still are -- even though the guitarist, bassist and drummer are the same dudes who played in the band back when they were an awesome hardcore punk band!!!! As Henry Rollins might say, "Fuck!"

* Eye For An Eye - Caroline 1983. *
Rating = 10

This was one of the first hardcore albums I ever heard and it did a great job of getting me hooked on the genre. Beause it's AWESOME! The filthy, dirty production completely separates the high fuzzed out guitar from the dulled low bass tone, with overmodulated cymbal-drums and original singer Eric Eycke's COMPLETELY toneless but violently intense pit bull growls finishing up the brew. The songs are what some might call generic hardcore, but with lots of out-of-place metallic overtures and southern rock leads (lots of redneck bends, for example), not to mention a TON of simple little high-speed punk riffs that won't leave your heady little bead.

Lyrically, the album is overtly political like most hardcore punk, attacking (surprise) conformity, rednecks, college students, apathy and an old Fleetwood Mac song. There are 20 tunes, most of which feature a nice little slow trudgey part for you to bang your fist to, before snapping back to the faster-than-the-speed-of-lightning-ckkkeeeooowww! breakneck boom-chick-boom-chicks. I love the whole thing, except maybe the superslow/nauseating "L.S" and just DUMB up-and-down jerkiness of "Negative Outlook."

If you've never heard hardcore before and want to give it a go, my recommendations (everybody has their favorites, of course) would be this one, the first Suicidal Tendencies, the first DRI, Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On and the Misfits' Earth AD/Wolfs Blood. It's a spectacular genre -- it's fast, it's catchy and it appeals to the basest violent impulses in even the nicest little person. Then guess what? You slam dance and bang your head for 20 minutes and voila - you're too tired to beat somebody up! Take THAT to the cash and bank you, Joe Mantegna!

Reader Comments
I absolutely love this album!! You know when a punk tape such as this one stays in my collection for 10 years, it's gotta be a classic. Eric Eycke should have stayed with this band!! Whatever happened to the guy?! He remains one of the most exuberant thuggy-throated singers in the accolades of punk rock (in my book anyway). My favorite song is 'What?'. The beginning guitar lead on that invokes an image of a hardcore band in the military playing to a bunch of camoflouged gung-ho motherfuckers out in the jungle. Don't ask me why.. it just does. But the lyrics!! 'What.. you say i'm unaware??.. what.. you said I don't care?? .. I don't care about your loss.. I don't care about your cause".. SNIFF!! BEAUTIFUL!!

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Six Songs With Mike Singing EP - Caroline 1988.
Rating = 8

I don't know what happened to singer Eric Eycke but he's gone now and you're simply going to have to get used to the idea, Uncle Jerrington Bill. Now the band is a trio. Still playing hardcore punk, but it seems a bit more generic than on Eye For An Eye, even though they reprise three of those songs for what appears to be no reason at all. Bassist Mike Dean has a cool voice too - very high and desperate sounding - but just as limited (yay!) as Eric's. The three new songs are short hardcore numbers. Quite frankly, in its entirety, this EP can't be more than like 4 or 5 seconds long.

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Animosity - Death 1986.
Rating = 9

Thrash attack!!! Attacked by Thrash!!!!! Thrattacked!!!!! Attashed!!!!! Metal! Still a trio with Mike singing, C.O.C. here here hazzim ten songs that heavy up the guitar just grungey enough to qualify as metal, play 'em a little longer than on the last album, cover religious issues, put more sections in the songs and JAMMINDIDDLE - the hardcore punk is now thrash metal! Excellent thrash metal, not at all tied down to the generic Metallica riffisms, endless solos and interchangeable production that would soon hamper the genre. The production on here is muddy! COC are no clean bunch of classically-trained long hairs; they're warped Southern boys from the hills. They fuck their sisters. They make gruesome toothsome faces on the back album cover (except the drummer, who has somehow transformed from Bruce Jenner to Axl Rose over the course of one album). And their music has character. It's metal and it's punk - it's hardcore and it's thrash. It's angry and it's... ahh ... Fast? Great stuff. Like DRI on their crossover album (cleverly entitled Crossover), COC's metal riffs retain that hardcore feel instead of making a boring switch-change to Judas Priest or Iron Maiden NWOBHMTYLTIYAFRTM. So don't delay - phone today!

Uninteresting anecdote: The first I heard of this album was when I borrowed a horridly muffled tape dub from one Kiron Cheema in high school. At the time, I did not appreciate metal and wasn't terribly impressed by the record. However, once the album ended, a new batch of songs by a different band started up. These songs thrilled me to death - they were fast, mean and catchy as shit. But Kiron didn't know who it was because she hadn't made the tape! It haunted me for about six months as I listened to those songs over and over again in desperation and glee before finally finding out for myself that it was the album City Baby Attacked By Rats by GBH. Holy fucking christ do I love that album.

Maybe someday I'll review it for you!

Reader Comments (Daniel Lawrence)
Holy shit were they a different band fifteen years ago! This album takes a while to grow on you, with the muddy production quality and all, but once the awesome riffs start to catch on it'll kick your ass. While I still have grown to dig the style and lineup of COC a little more when Pepper joined the band, this record still absolutely rocks. This is the kind of record I put on when I just want to pound my fists at the sky; perhaps screaming out my undying hatred of Dave Matthews Band. Makes me think of these sick and pissed off southern boys playing their hearts out and it rules! Mike Dean's voice adds to the enjoyable muddiness of it all. And the riffs! The riffs are so original and change so much that it's like some divine salad bar of thrash. My only gripe is that the second half of the CD, which was recorded in North Carolina, doesn't sound nearly as good as the first half. Hey, don't get me wrong. I realize that the dirtiness of the sound is a reason this record rules so much. And while the second half still is great thrash fun, the production doesn't nearly appeal to me as much as the first side does. The drums have more "kihh" to them and not enough "umph", if you will. Even despite that, the energy of the band and the songs make this record very worth while. All the songs are a great time with perhaps the exception of "Intervention", with that dinky awkward riff at the beginning, but even that song is still pretty good. This record deserves a pretty high 9.
who remembers hell awaits? bonded by blood? dealing with it? albums that relentlessly punished and saved you. i was sixteen when i saw c.o.c. on the animosity tour. i was kicked in the face, bleeding, and just kept moshing. only other band i ever gleefully bled for was jesus lizard. yep, after animosity they began to corrude and conform.
I like the songs on the second side better. It was recorded elsewhere. Even though Mike Dean does get a tad annoying with his autistic, foamed at the mouth singing, side 2 has more of a manic, blood-thirsted pace to it. I just love 'Kiss of Death' with it's relentless, insane screeches; 'someone out derr wishes you deathhffff.. raaaabid packs wif sirens wailllun.. already on the.. WAAAYYYYYYYYYYyyyy!! ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!'

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Technocracy EP - Death 1987.
Rating = 6

The band made a blunder on this one, signing up singer Simon Bob Sinister to make the band a four-piece again. He originally sang for the Ugly Americans (not the new band with that title; this was an old one), a quirky punk metal band that his speak-sing voice fit perfectly. But COC were an ANGRY band in need of an angry singer. Simon Bob gives it his all, but his voice sticks out like a sore thumb in a lesbian factory.

Musically the band is more straightforwardly thrashy than before, with brighter, tighter, slicier (and ultimately blander) production. Riffs are still pretty cool though, doing that descending-into-the-filth thing that guitarist Woody Weatherman is so fond of. Probably picked it up from Tony Iommi, from whom he borrowed the intro to "College Town" on Eye For An Eye! It's "Cornucopia" from Black Sabbath's Volume 4 LP!!! Uncredited!!! How the HELL can that be legal?

By the way, this EP is about a heartbeat long so try not to spend more than $35 on it.

Reader Comments
Hey! I liked Simon Bob sinister! He's no Eric Eycke, but still way better than Mike Dean. He's a great bass player, but what's with the stupid Russian accent when he sings?

I notice that he likes to accentuate the 'A' at the end of certain words so he doesn't sound uneducated or some crap. For example, in the song 'technocracy', 'living in the fear' .. sounds like 'TECHK-NUK-KERACEEEAH!! LEEBIN IN DA FEEEE-AR' I just find that annoying. He should change his name to 'Mikemeer Deenoff' or somefink.

Well anyways, love the first side of this tape. Too bad it's only 4 songs and a throwaway 'AHH BLUGGH' caveman grunt experiment sounding like they had too much weed and drink that night. Mikamov Deemitry sings the SAME songs (plus one from Animosity) on the second side and the playing isn't as tight.
I came across your website. Simon Bob was the Man! Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed and Technocracy are great albums b/c of Simon Bob, who had the best speak-sing (good term) voice. It's the only COC album I every liked, all 14 minutes of it!

Ok, I just saw COC open for Motorhead this past weekend so I’m on a total kick again. The first time I saw them was on the Technocracy tour and they were fucking awesome. The only way this record lacks is that it’s so fucking short and yeah it is pretty slick sounding. However I think Simon Bob was a much needed addition to the band. Mike Dean just cannot sing (Although I fucking love the Snake Nation LP). We didn’t even recognize him when he stepped up to the mic with his short black hair and thick rimmed Clark Kent glasses but he made all the old songs sound great. I only wish they would’ve released a whole proper album with this line-up. The only other offering is the song “Bound” on the “Rat Music for Rat People comp (vol. 3, I believe). Oh yeah and I also recommend that you look for the No Core comp that has the COC demo on it. It rages!

So back to the present, I thought they were OK, some cool riffs here and there but kind of long and boring. It wasn’t my thing but it was great to see that they had a whole new generation of fans because I have a lot of respect for them.

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Blind - Relativity 1991.
Rating = 5

Oh dear god. Bring back Simon Bob Sinister! They've got a new singer named Karl Agell who does his best to make the band sound like a Metallica cover band, which is helped along smashingly by the addition of second guitarist Pepper Keenan, who gives the band a jolt of unneeded, unnecessary straight-metal genericism and heaviness. Yes it's CERTAINLY heavy. Heavy as hell. REALLY heavy. But that's all it is. The songs aren't disturbingly antimelodic like Alice In Chains' best, catchy and funky like Soundgarden's best or confrontational and catchy like Corrosion Of Conformity's best. They're just heavy. And monolithic. And boring. And the guy has an absolutely SHITTY metal/grunge overblown macho voice that is mixed at least 49 billion times louder than the music. Having said that, I'd like to point out that my favorite two songs on the CDs are both instrumentals. So maybe some really good riffs lurk beneath the horror of Mr. Agell. Until Corrosion Of Conformity releases their Stack O' Tracks karaoke CD, I guess we'll never know.

I guess we'll never know.

Reader Comments (Hossein Nayebagha)
Five?! how on earth could you give it a five ? because it's heavy ? well if you get a starter five just as a plus because you're a heavy band..well then I'll be fucked. This is one of the worst shit I've bought during the recent years- the singer is terrible...the music is pretty fuckin' lame too except maybe "Shallow Ground". I used to think that "Vote With A Bullet" was cool because I still hadn't grown tired of the metal shit, but I guess this is one of the albums that made me reach that I just think it's cool because it presents Pepper Keenan who's the coolest member of the band...but he ain't no god, COC never became godlike and if I could I would take away a few points from the following two that I've already commented on. But they're far better than this,what a mistake-I couldn't give this crap more than a 2.
For me it’s definitely the best album of the band and also one best best metal album i ever heard. One of the reason is its precursor sound. For example “echoes in the well” rings like some of the best DEFTONE’s songs. And of course “vote with a bullet” that announce the following orientations of the band.

Just a personal message : Agell come back!...

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Deliverance - Sony 1994.
Rating = 5

Karl Agell split and original bassist Mike returned (oh! Did I mention he wasn't on the last album? He wasn't.) This album isn't as dark as the last one - it's really heavy but funky too, like classic Sack Blabbath. And Pepper Keenan is singing now, sounding like a generic macho grunge guy -- like, say, that guy in Stone Temple Pilots or the new guy in Anthrax or something. Okay so it's funky and heavy and the singer is slightly less annoying than Karl Agell. But it's STILL not very good. The songs are just predictable and dumb. You've heard these riffs a hundred times before, I'm SURE of it! Stop telling me you haven't, you lying sack o' beans!

So why did I give a grade of 5 to two albums that I claim not to like at all? Because the albums aren't BAD. They're just not GOOD either. They're the sorts of records you put on as background music because they require no thought and every once in a while an excellent grunge riff or unexpected quiet part (like "Shelter" and the instrumentals on this album) will make you nod your head and go, "My! That was nice!" But to think that such an awesome hardcore/thrash band would run out of energy so early is a shame to me. Especially when you consider how many great reviews these heavy blocks of predictable thud-metal received when they were released! Why? WHY? Darn you Seattle and your meandering ways.

Reader Comments (Daniel Lawrence)
I'll contain myself. My first tendency was to write an email regarding this album like this: FUCK YA STUPID SHIIT EATING ASSHOEL WHO DOESNT KNOW THE MAJESTY OF PEPPER KEENEN!!! WAHT THE FUCK DOY OU KNOW? FUNKY MY ASS MORE LIKE FUCKYING COOL IF YOU ASK ME!! MUH RESPECT FOR YA HAS GONE!!! However, I want to be more constructive. Maybe I'm crazy but I've been enjoying this album for the past seven years. First thing, how is this funky? What is funky about this? I guess a defining feature to funk is the distinct rhymic sound from the bass and drums. Does this have any? No. "Crack Hitler" by Faith No More-- now that is funky. This is just straight up rockin' metal!

See the thing about this band is that when Pepper Keenen came along, it wasn't a bad thing. I'm no expert on metal but its my favorite kind of music and I think this rules. As much as Deliverance goes over the same exact format used so many times by so many other bands, it still is great. As much as they use the same patterns as many before them, they still manage to have a great sound. I really like Pepper Keenan's voice. Is it anything special? Hell no! But it's mean and salty sounding and yet distinct in this neat way! So many of the singers in a lot of the bands you're reviewed have godawful voices but that doesn't ruin it necessarily.

Anyway, the actual music on this album I think is great. "Heaven's Not Overflowing" has a great catchy chorus and is just a good straight up rockin song. You didn't even mention "Albatross" or "Clean My Wounds" which were the two hits and rightly so. "Albatross" may seem slow and boring and just crawl along but its just a great song. "Clean My Wounds" has that great riff, tortured vocals, cool solo and ending. "Without Wings" shows that Pepper Keenan knows his guitar and it's a lovely acoustic piece. Pepper Keenan also did a side project with Phil Anselmo in a band called Down. Pepper Keenan's opening guitar line in a song on that album called "Stone the Crow" is yet another testament to the fact he's great and creative on guitar and always gets an interesting tone going. His melodies can be sweet, soft, mean, bluesy etc.

"Broken Man"? Great song. "Seven Days" with that sad guitar melody that somehow still kicks ass? Yeah it rules. The creepy ole bass and lyrics on "Deliverance"? Great. The sad vocals of the acoustic ditty "Shelter"? I've listened to that constantly. "Pearls Before Swine" with that tortured heavy as hell chorus and then the section after the versus and chorus where he sings "now you've blown away the sun!!"? Fucking awesome. About three songs are just okay but thats only relative to the other really great ones. Yeah we probably have heard varieties of these riffs many times, but then again you like AC/DC and Motorhead so I don't know how you can complain.

I dunno. I got this album so long ago I can't even remember if I liked it or not at first. I don't think I liked it much at first and it all sounded the same--much like my experience with Slayer until I listened to it many a many times and realized it ruled. 10/10
Pepper Keenan is a macho grungy guy ? man,whatcha talkin' about ? One of the things I really like about Pepper is that even though he's this badass southern rock guy, he's vocal style is whiny, most representative for that is the song Albatross.. it's really sweet on that one. a five for this album may be a bit low but not shocking, it's just WHAT you critisize Keenan for that makes me wonder.

This album has maybe THE coolest opening song ever, "Heaven is not Overflowing" is such a fuckin' rocks. "Albatross" follows that and I guess I've already said why I like this one so much. The rest, excluding touching "Shelter", is not anything to get crazy about. I'll accept your five but give it an extra two for Keenans weeping vox = 7 out of ten. (Amelie Nonead)
i was a huge fan of the punk coc, butt i was really turned off by blind. i wasn't expecting much from deliverance. this album is good though. it's a nice little monster magnet jr sounding disc. i agree with mark that their sound on this one is funky, sorta zz top boogie. a couple of years later a friend played wiseblood for me, butt i didn't dig it. maybe i'd taken too many drugs at that point or outgrown their sound or something. quite a few bands i've liked have done this same thing where they lock onto a particular facet of their sound and rehash it on later releases (suicidal tendencies, fishbone, ministry, monster magnet). they sound like tribute bands of themselves, just not my thing. (Dave Martin)
I first heard Corrrosion on a music awards T.V. show or something like that. I thought that they were awesome, I bought their tape the next day. I listened to the tape until the reels were worn out. A couple of years later I bought their Animosity C.D. for a cheap price, from a music club; man this C.D. fuckin SUCKS- if you want it, I may be able to throw it to ya, or maybe I should keep the C.D. case and throw the C.D. in the garbage. I like heavy bands like Slayer, Sepultura, etc., so it's not a matter of me not liking heavy shit. The Deliverance album is awesome, it's been atleast 7 years since I first heard it, and I am going to buy the album again (C.D. this time). If anything, I would rate this album as a nine, and the Animosity album as a five (being generous). (Pooch, formerly of Raped Ape)
While Deliverance is not punk or hardcore, it will stand the test of time as a one of the best heavy albums to date along with Wiseblood and besides, we will never see the Animosity days again, why? because they are better now, see punk bands generally are still learning to play or are still in puberty. they grew up , simple. and progressed, as it is with all true musicians, which they are. this album combines Black Sabbath/ stoner rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd and a bit of Metallica but still maintains an originality not found in many metal, or stoner rock bands today I just saw a band called Galactic in New Orleans, and Pepper came out and did ZZ Top's "just got paid today" with them they are a NOLA Jam / Funk band, their drummer Stanton Moore played on the new COC "In the arms of God" versatility my friends, versatility.
I hate this band now. And I hate Pepper Keenan in this band. Which is a shame because I absolutely love him in his other band Down. But this is just bad. I hate all their albums with him. It's not even because it's slow now either, because I love sludge metal bands, even the ones similar to this one like Crowbar, Acid Bath, etc. But this is so generic for it's time, it's not funny. Pepper's voice is lame, and Mark if you are wondering why so many hate you keep calling Pepper grunge (and he does have a grungey type voice on this album) it's because he is more associated with sludge metal from New Orleans which has bad asses and grunge was looked upon as a trend by these people. Namely Phil Anselmo who hates trends and still thinks after 30 years hip hop is a trend, EVEN THE GOOD STUFF YO! He also hates black people but I will let that slide because Kevin Rutmanis hates black people and he is like my favorite rock bass player!!!!!

Yea, this albums sucks.

Add your thoughts?

Wiseblood - Sony 1996.
Rating = 5

The band may be adding elements of good old FM classic rock to its heavy grunge sound ("Redemption City," for just one example, sounds a hell of a lot like something Argent or Led Zeppelin or somebody would have done twenty years earlier), but Pepper's still pounding his manly chest, making every fucking song sound exactly the same with the least innovative vocal performance ever laid on tape (Is your company in need of some generic grunge stylings? Then call Pepper Keenan! He makes the last word descend in an "intense, melodic" fashion at the end of every line!). Some of the riffs are cool as far as this type of music goes, what with Woody doing his swooping, note bending thang, but it still just sounds like a poor man's Soundgarden or Alice In Chains to me. And I'm not just using that as a cliche. I'm sure that there are plenty of poor men who can't afford to pay top dollar for the fine, popular releases by Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, but you can't throw a baseball game without hitting a $3 bin full of COC's crappy '90s albums. The band is perfectly adequate, but why bother listening to them anymore when there are so many better heavy metal bands out there?

And closer to home, what the hell happened to COC's personality? How did a band from the deep hick South end up sounding like they hail from Seattle - or worse yet, L.A.?

Or worse yet, New Guinea?

Or worse yet, Arizona?

No no hold on this is getting really funny - Or worse yet, ToiletLand, JerryState?

No no don't scroll down I'm just warming up! Or worse yet, Burt Reynolds who clearly wears a toupee?

Or worse yet, why did I sleep til 2:45 PM today??? I'll NEVER be able to get to fucking sleep and I've got WORK tomorrow!!!! IMPORTANT work!!!! I'm a heart surgeon for crying out loud!!!!

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
You're right; this isn't all that great. It basically sounds like a watered down later period Metallica rip-off, and you forgot to mention that James Hetfield even does backing vocals on the song "Man Or Ash". There's some good riffs here and there, but nothing really captivating or unique. I really liked this album when it came out in 1996, but that was before I got into really cool bands like Alice Cooper for example. I haven't listened to this boring, average cd in about 2 years! (Daniel Lawrence)
Sorry, to be the only one that actually likes Pepper Keenan here, but I think a voice of reason needs to step in. Perhaps this is just my instinct but it feels like you have some sort of vendetta against Pepper Keenan. Metallica starts off their early career with amazing songs like "Fight Fire With Fire" and "Battery", and then later on they mellow down. Corrosion of Conformity goes from hardcore, to a messy dirty sounding thrash in Animosity, and then goes to a more comfortable form of rock, and mellow down. Yet, you still like Metallica, and seem to really hate the fact that Corrosion of Conformity has become "generic", as you call it.

Generic? Slayer has been using variations on the same riffs for years, but they do it in such a creative fashion it still sounds great, and you like Slayer. You complain about Pepper Keenan being some dumb macho chest pounding guy, and yet you seem to really dig Lemmy, Chris Cornell, and James Hetfield who all fall into that category. And don't even complain about his vocals when you listen to completely boring vocals like on the last Motorhead album, present day Metallica where James Hetfield annunciates every last syllable of every last word in a verse, Mark Arm's pretentious voice, etc.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you do have problems with all those guys' voices. I just find it interesting you seem to target Pepper Keenan like no other. Also, I've read many of your reviews. When you like an album a lot, you actually talk about the songs quite a bit, and even if you don't do that, you still maintain to give a very accurate and in depth review of that certain album. Even with albums you've hated (like Garbage's first album), it really felt as though you knew exactly why you hated it and went on and explained in your very entertaining and in depth way exactly why you thought it was crap. But with this review and the previous, you simply say it's generic and lame and then bitch about Pepper for a while. But you don't really say what makes it so lame. And the whole generic argument is pretty lame being that AC/DC, Motorhead, and Slayer have been pretty "generic" by your definition as well.

I can't really understand how you can say every song sounds alike. Please explain how "King of the Rotten" sounds like "Drowning in a Daydream"? Please explain how "Long Whip/Big America" sounds so generic? Or how "Redemption City" sounds like "Goodbye Windows"?

Whatever. It's your opinion, just doesn't feel like you've been giving any of these albums much of a chance and seem to have a grudge against Pepper Keenan. But once again, I may be wrong. About this actual album, I really like it. It's not as memorable as Deliverance but it's still worthy of an eight. I know they're not going over any real new musical ground, but the feel of this album is very distinct. It's like the hick's melodic metal. "King of the Rotten" absolutely rules. The way it slows down in between versus and then goes back into the main riff is great. "Long Whip/Big America" has actually more interesting versus than the actual chorus. The melody is awkward sounding yet it works. "Goodbye Windows" takes a while for it to stay with you, but when it does, you're glad you gave it the chance. "Drowning in A Daydream" was the hit from this album like it should have been. The guitar tone they have during each verse that hits those few shivering notes really is effective. "Redemption City" is really great as is the Mike Dean song. Towards the end of the album it kind of loses me, but it's salvaged with the really outstanding songs on the first side.

James Hetfield, who I really still admire as a singer and songwriter, actually called this album his favorite of 1996. I just thought I'd add this in for some support for Pepper. It's also kind of funny, I might mention, that Roland Fratzl feels very qualified to rate an album he hasn't bothered to listen to for two years. Nevertheless, go listen to this album for yourself, but actually listen.
First a comment on (Roland Fratzl), James Hetfield has admitted that he wanted Load to sound like COC's Delieverance,so there.

and if Prindle would get over the shit about wether Corrosion Of Conformity soundg grungy or not he'd realize that Wiseblood is a great catchy hardrock album no matter how innovative it is. Fact is COC aren't making anything new,yes...but I see them as one of the earlier bands in the 90's who've gone back to the roots of rock and I guess that's the association with the metal side of the whole "grunge" thing (Alice In Chains,Soundgarden). Every song on this one is great,trying to pick a few favourites : "Wiseblood","Born Again For The Last Time","Drowning In A Daydream","The Door" and "Wishbone".

I don't think it was their goal to make the most creative record of the decade or anything, so I'll go with a 9. (Mike Forbes)
best fricken metal album ever

nuff said?

Add your thoughts?

America's Volume Dealer - Sanctuary 2000.
Rating = 5

Another nonclassic from the band that refuses to let grunge die. In its finest moments, the record incorporates a higher number of readily apparent '70s hard rock influences than the previous several LPs. This is especially evident in the last two songs (not coincidentally my favorite two tracks on the album -- or maybe it just made me happy to know that the CD would be ending soon!), which put forth Led Zeppelin mysticism and ZZ Top raucousness respectively. The rest is just more Soundgarden-with-arrested-development heavy funkesque metal with interchangeable riffs and catchy choruses. One thing's for sure though: I've really grown to like Pepper Keenan's voice! He sounds like the new Anthrax singer, but more rednecky.

But what the fork is up with the drummer? He's been in the band since 1983, yet he looks like one of those kids in Hanson! Deal with Satan (Bill Gates) anyone?

Reader Comments (Trent Pietsch)
Alright, i don't know what Eye for an Eye up till Animosity sounds like but i started liking COC when Deliverance came out and if what your saying about the 80's Corrosion is so good then i hafta get them but stop.....please stop trashing Pepper Keenan; he gives the band a different way of loking at COC's ideas that you don't see in the other albums w/ Agell, Bob, and Eyke. And also his voice is better suited for the cabaal's music. So far all the people's thoughts that i have read have trashed anything non-political or light thrown out by Pepper Keenan. My personal favorite Corrosion album is Blind but at the right time AVD's Stare Too Long is a great song. There's nothing wrong w/ changing your type of music and how heavy your riffs are as long as there are some loyal fans who have differences in there taste of music. And you've gotta give them credit for putting out as many good albums as they have through all of there problems w/ holding a label. And one more thing, Reed Mullin kicks ass and has his style, which i have no problem w/, and i hope he starts another band similar to Corrosion of Conformity. (Hossein Nayebagha)
Another nonclassic, could say that about a whole lotta bands though. I think Pepper Keenan does a lousy job as a vocalist on this album...especially on the earlier part of the album. So has the band developed? I really don't know, I was disapointed when it came out but since listening to the whole album more I'd say it's just as good if not better. Fact is,well as I've heard,that they had about 40 songs to pick from...and this is all they could get out of it? Well the obvious thing is that they've gone bluesier than the last record...the heavy tunes are more loose,and naturally the same goes about the lyrics. On the more "serious" tunes tho',you think that he'd need to stop using all that has become cliches in heavy rock since the "grunge" revolution. A quite weak 7. (Jeffery Given)
I'm from Raleigh (so is COC), and Corrosion was once our pride and joy. Something against the rednecks. Most of us have pretty much disowned them now. I walked out of their last concert here, (and fuck them for not playing here often) Deliverance was pretty celebrated at first, but it hasn't stood the test of time. Now Clutch, who isn't from here, but plays here a lot, they opened at the last COC show here, they kick ass. They do what COC is doing now, but better, no bullshit redneck anthems. No attempts at freebird. more of a sense of humour, etc. they're a real good band and you should check them out if you haven't already.
its funny how half the people here bash these guys but if you'll acctuallly notice YOU took the time to buy the albums and write on this here board.Corrosion are doing What THEY WANT to !!!!!! and that is not conformity my friends.They are the real deal and stick by their guns and make uncomprimising music, regardless of trends go buy a fucking Korn album losers and discuss how "dark" and "artistic" that far as Clutch they're great. But when it comes to comparing bands to each other you people really need to get a life! You should spend your time talking about the state of the planet(fuct) and less time discussing which bands you think lost thier "edge".COC forever( I aint no redneck either)

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Live Volume - Sanctuary 2001
Rating = 2

I saw Killing Joke live three nights ago, and my ears are still shedding tears of joy! Here's what they performed:

Killing Joke - everything except "$0.36" and "Primitive"
What's This For.! - "The Fall of Because," "Madness"
Night Time - "Love Like Blood," "Eighties"
Pandemonium - "Pandemonium"
Killing Joke - "Asteroid"
Absolute Dissent - "Absolute Dissent," "The Great Cull," "In Excelsis," "European Super State," "This World Hell," "Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove"
Non-LP - "Psycche"

They didn't have the greatest sound -- the drums and vocals were fine, but the bass and guitar kept blending into a murky muffled morass of indecipherability. Still, having never seen them before, I was thrilled as dirtballs, and had a great time bouncing my body up and down to all the great songs (even "Change" didn't sound too bad!) ("This World Hell" still did though.).

Here are a few observations I made while in the audience that fateless night:

- Jaz is a mesmerizing performer due to his ubiquitous facepaint and hypnotic stare
- As dark as their music is, Jaz and Youth appeared to be having a great time - particularly during the eccentric shouted portions of "Madness" and "Asteroid," which drove them to actual on-stage laughter
- Every single band member performs back-up vocals, including the tone deaf keyboardist. - Jaz introduced "In Excelsis" as "a two-chord wonder," clarifying that the band does realize how simple some of its material is
- Jaz introduced "Eighties" by saying "Let's see if anyone knows this one," which I feel was sarcasm!
- Youth was indeed playing the original bass harmonics during "Wardance," but due to the murky sound, it was impossible to hear them!
- Because Jaz can no longer hit the highest note in "Love Like Blood," a sample was used just for the word "Blood." To his credit, Jaz never pretended to be singing the word, even raising the microphone each time to emphasize that it was not coming from his mouth!
- "This World Hell" is a terrible song. Shame on everybody in the world for allowing it to exist.
- As long as you stand directly under an air conditioner vent, even a sold-out concert can be a comfortable experience!

However, there was one thing about the show that did grab my goat and shake it angrily. Quite simply, they didn't play enough boring macho funk metal. Luckily, Corrosion of Conformity made up for this lack by releasing Live Volume, a CD that literally sounds like a pair of sweaty balls slapping against your face for an hour and a half.

Recorded on April 20, 2001 in Detroit, MI, the 77-minute disc features six Deliverance songs, five from America's Volume Dealer, three from Wiseblood, two from Blind, and none from their good albums. As I look back over the "5" ratings I awarded the Keenan-era albums years ago, and compare them to the "2" grade with which I now condemn Live Volume, I can only conclude that either (a) the songs sound much worse live, (b) they chose to play only their worst material, or (c) I no longer have the patience to sit through music this stupid, clichéd and boring.

This is what Alice in Chains would sound like had they never progressed beyond their terrible first record. Nearly every song consists of a "funky" drumbeat, a predictable "grunge" chord sequence you've heard a billion times, and a white trash vocalist more concerned with sounding like a tough motorcycle guy than with singing actual notes. The two exceptions are "My Grain," which merges Hendrixy blues-rock riffing with busy Entwistlesque basswork before the band locks into a killer Grand Funk Railroad-style jam, and "Congratulations Song," a Soundgarden-esque tune that contains a startlingly hooky vocal melody. The rest of the album is all attitude, no gratitude.

Witty Pepper Keenan stage banter includes:
- "How ya'all doin'?"
- "There's a lotta muthafuckas in this place!"
- "This next song's for the people!"
- "This song's for ya'all!"

Regions of Pepper Keenan's brain that show signs of low functioning include:
- Cerebellum
- Hypothalamus
- Pituitary Gland
- Hippocampus
- Medulla Oblongata
- Amygdala
- Basal Ganglia
- Cerebral Cortex (Frontal Lobe)
- Cerebral Cortex (Parietal Lobe)
- Cerebral Cortex (Occipital Lobe)
- Cerebral Cortex (Temporal Lobe)
- Tectum
- Mesencephalic Duct
- Cerebral Peduncle
- Pretectum
- Epithalamus
- Third Ventricle
- Pons
- Thalamus
- Subthalamus
- Claustrum
- Rhinencephalon
- Lateral Ventricles
- Neural Pathways
- Motor System
- Vascular Systems
- Midbrain Tegmentum
- Neuroendocrine Systems
- Dural Meningeal System
- Paramedian Pontine Reticular Formation
- White Matter
- Brain Stem
- The Singing Part
- The Songwriting Part

The only good thing about this CD is that a courageous passenger wouldn't stop blasting it on United Airlines Flight 93, ultimately saving the White House.

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In The Arms Of God - Sanctuary 2005
Rating = 4

Copshop of Cadavers is back with another macho stoner rock metal Soundgarden album of boring heavy loud chord sequences and some guy singing as if he's riding a Harley-Davidson and is a MAN. Unfortunately, only a few of the riffs are memorable. Most are just draggy. There's lots of Black Sabbath appreciation here, but the thing is -- Black Sabbath weren't just heavy, they were CATCHY too. Their riffs were arwsome. But COC just makes it all chord-heavy and full of chest hair without being catchy. As if Soundgarden got stuck on Louder Than Love and kept trying to re-record it over and over and over again until they had no melodic ideas left. That's why this CD is such a disappointment: it's 64 Tedious Macho Minutes, like Paul McCartney sang in his song "When I'm 64 (Tedious Macho Minutes)."

I'll tell you one thing - they TOTALLY sound like they have a beard. Monster Magnet-type all heavy hookless shit. Why don't they just ride their motorcycles and not shave, and leave the songwriting to people who aren't writing songs this predictable and boring?

That was so mean, let me apologize to Woody Weatherman. Woody, I'm sorry. But Woody, listen - your first couple of records were AWESOME. Seriously, among the greatest hardcore and thrash records I've EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. That's why I'm so confused about -- NOT how you could get tired of hardcore or thrash, THAT'S understandable -- what I don't understand is why you lost your interest in the sort of memorable chord sequences and breaks that you played on those records. Surely you don't find stuff like "Paranoid Opiod" (or "Black Sabbath" with different timing), "Is It That Way" (or "Dreary"), "Dirty Hands Empty Pockets" (or "Vocalist Talking Through A Dumb Effect") or "Infinite War" (or "Same Old Ascending Chord-To-Other-Chord Shit With Danzig Bell Effect") memorable or worthwhile. They're so cliched and beneath you! "The Backslider" and "World On Fire"? Dude, those are GrEaT songs, merging fast tough chords, melodic vocal lines, fantastic uptempo energy and interesting slide/diddly-diddly guitar work. Thanks for those. Other bits and pieces are hypnotic, Zeppeliny, happy, zippy, disturbing and evilly pummeling, but my GOD the amount of directionless, bland, 'tough guy' two-chord "UH!" music on here makes my stomach stick out and my eyeballs smell.

If you like Corrosion of Conformity's recent style, you'll probably like this record just fine. Me, I'm too stranded in the early days of ASS-KICKING UPTEMPO MADNESS to get too excited over a bunch of midtempo sub-Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age underbelly with a singer who thinks that 'attitude' is more important than 'not sounding like an asshole.' Where are the HOOKS?!? Come on, you can't catch fish with attitude. And a pirate named "Captain Attitude" would likely be forced to walk the plank. In addition, if Iron Maiden had a song called "Attitudes In You," who would take them seriously? This is all Trident Coppertone vivisection, but Riker's Island car jetski or Toto's "Africa."

I've got the gasolina tonight. Carbohydrate Carbeuretor. At the Mexican Shiturant, I went to the Men's Room and a guy on his fucking cellfuckphone came behind me. There was somebody in the men's room so I waited politely. However, the skinny DOUCHEBAG standing behind me said, "Excuse me," and went into the "Ladies' Room," as immortalized by Kiss. I was pissed off at this cellfuckphone-talking jackass, so I busted into the women's room and in a high-pitched voice said, "I'm a woman!" He looked at me, while still on his cellfuckphone, like he hated me, and I responded, "See, that's what's gonna happen." Then I retreated into the men's room and pissed all over the floor for 20 minutes because my dickhole was all stuck together. Later when my wifery and I were leaving the Mexican Tastyrant, I pointed out the guy at the bar -- and he was STILL ON HIS CELLularPHONE! That's my story about the guy on his cellULARphone.

Another thing is that I don't really understand today's youth's passion for godawful 'metal' yell-happy stuff like Korn, Staind, those guys who wear the make-up and have 9 people in the band, and other things. It's loud but much less catchy than other, more catchy loud bands. It also doesn't seem to be very intelligently written. But that's youth. I also have to p.

You know how Flo and Eddie did some Strawberry Shortcake albums? I listened to one today and it was all covered in some sickening high-pitched fakey voice pretending to be famed cartoon character Strawberry Sweatypussy, so I couldn't stand listening to it. Also, I think it's inappropriate for children to watch cartoons about 5-year-old girls who dress up like strawberries and take enire football teams up their enormous worn-out sm

I have a shirt with cuss words on it, and I don't like to wear it because people will see the cuss words. That's pathattic. What kind of country do we live in where I can't wear a shirt with cuss words? Also, what's the deal with Christians? Why don't they like pornography stores in their children's elementary schools like most of us do? I suspect they're all gay.

I also noticed somdthing this one time. Iw afvll Evesl dd Esys LBsthdknfw. Teybyesrs. fI DRIII!

There is a terrific reason why I haven't written a review in a long long long time. How could I ever have (something). It's been a long, long --- long time.

What's the deal with Misty Mundae? Why does she look 15 years old and keep taking her clothes off and be a lousy actress always playing the role of an asshole? What's up with that?

I want to see the new David Crnonennberg ovies.m.

On a scale of 1 to 10,

Also, I hate music like this, so if you like it don't listen to me. I like music like "jooby-jooby-jooby" or "doop-chick-doop-chick-squiggy-squiggy-biddly-boo!" or "Oooo-ahh-fiddly-fuffle-scruff-bubble" or "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB" or "

A:sp. cam uyp believe that guY? He's all - holy SCHIB! I goggta get up for work in 8 hours! I'm used to at least 16 hours a nite! I'd better go!

My final analysis of the new Corrosion of Conformity album is as follows: "This sucks, COC." (pr. "this sucks cock" in a hilarious manner).

Also, what's up with asshole poor people taking advantage of the working man? Why don't they all fuck off and die a horrible, painful death because I've shoved their nose as hard as I can into their brain? The same with rich people because that actually makes more sense. Not that George W. Bush hasn't earned his money because he HAS. It's awesome to fail, and you deserve shitloads of grub. Not that I'd be a good president either. I'd pass some law about how tits have to be out all the time or something. And that's not a good law! Come on!

I don't want to leave you - I love you - but I totally have to urine and it's late and Sleepytime. God, I LOVE YOU! Not if you're some guy though (although I still love you). Also not if you're some girl because I'm married. Otherwise, if you're neither male or female, but also not transvestite cuz that's just silly, then I LOVE YOU! But also if you ARE any of those things just in general, as long as you wouldn't hurt me. Like what is Brian Spinks' deal? He's all making fun of my Henry The Dog shirt! Come on, Brian Spinks! Knock it off! I love Henry The Dog!

Reader Comments
I also get a Pantera vibe from this album and that's a bad thing. I don't get it either, metal fans, I guess, like nothing but heaviness since this stuff gets such a big following but every review of this album I've read is so positive. The sad thing is that being the loud rock director for my college radio station, this is probably one of the better cd's we've gotten lately. boo hiss.
I'm just disturbed by that "Monster Magnet-type all heavy hookless shit" comment. Monster Magnet is/was a great rock 'n' roll band, and no matter what you think you can't deny the hook in their music, maybe the first 2-3 records were a bit drugged out, but anything from Superjudge ('93) up to God Says No ('00) is heavy AND catchy, not that it's always all that heavy. (The Chodbin)
Now I love metal. There's good metal (eg Reign In Blood) and there's bad metal (eg St Anger). This is just boring blank metal, and it's so quiet. Is it mixed right?

Monster Magnet is a bad comparison. Spine Of God, Dopes To Infinity, and Powertrip are awesome modern classic rock. Soundgarden is a better route to criticising this CD. God they ARE overrated with a capital O - in my opinion. Actually I blame Cornell. Anyone with me on that? He ain't all that. He can't even front Rage Against The Machine... yeah, I know, only kidding.

Down is indeed a good band for Pepper to concentrate on now. I think this CD would have been much better with Phil Anselmo fronting it.

5/10 and I'm doing you a deal for that score, COC. luv, The Chodbin.
You're album reviews of COC are just as plain and boring as you claim the band to be.If you don't like what they are now why the fuck do you keep listening to them and posting your irrational and idiotic thoughts on every piece of music they produce?I love Pepper era COC just as much as Eye for an Eye era COC.I'm a fan through and through,always was always will be.You sir(and I use that term lightly) are a moron.

Add your thoughts?

Your Tomorrow 7" - Southern Lord 2010
Rating = 7

I'm not gonna lie to you: Corrosion of Conformity is a terrible band. However, eras before history began, they rocked some serious arsch. And it's this very arsch that they've returned to rock, again, today, for you.

The "Your Tomorrow" single features a whopping one new song by the trio of performers responsible for the Animosity LP. But before your pants fall off and climb a building, let me put a damper on your jets by exclaiming, "It doesn't sound a bit like Animosity!" Rather, it sounds like what Eye For An Eye would've had the original line-up never been exposed to punk rock and instead been influenced solely by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and other early metal bands. It also sounds a lot like the Melvins, combining four cool '70s-style hard rock/metal riffs with serviceable 'guy next door' vocals and a recording sound so raw it will make your sushi look burnt! I paid $400 for that metaphor, so I'd appreciate you reading it twice.

Here's something they don't teach you down at your fancy school, due to budget cuts: the very first "show" (as opposed to "concert") I ever attended was C.O.C. in Atlanta 1990, accompanied by local artists Dirt and King-Kill/33. Both opening bands blew on my mind and earned themselves a new fan for life, but C.O.C. came out and played a bunch of nauseating horse vomit covered in a homeless man's excrement. What had happened to the hardcore/thrash Kings of old? More crucially, why were people still running around in a circle to them as if they weren't performing a midtempo bag of shit?

I'm told that Pepper Keenan remains a member of COC even though the 'classic trio' recently went on tour and recorded a single without him. If such is the case, let's all pray that Pepper dies in a horrible car accident tonight.

No hang on! Even better, let's pray that he quits the band to focus on a solo project. That way, COC could be good again, yet nobody would have to die in a horrible car accident! Thank Goodness I ruminated on that idea such that I could decide against it.

God Johnson

P.S. When it rains, that's me taking a dump.

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