Chevy Chase

You're not being the ball, Chevy

Chevy Chase - Arista 1980.
Rating = 2

As a concept, I really like Chevy Chase. He put in hilarious performances in Caddyshack, Fletch and Vacation, so it's really easy to forget that he's also insulted our intelligence with dozens of instantly forgettable BAD movies like Cops And Robbersons, Deal Of The Century and Modern Problems. Hell, I can't even REMEMBER if I liked his performances in Funny Farm, Three Amigos and Spies Like Us! Did I? What about Foul Play? He had a funny bit part in that Norm McDonald movie Dirty Work that was funny. His talk show sucked, I guess, though I only saw a few minutes of one episode. Weird, when you consider how funny he was on Saturday Night Live. But there's no way in HELL I'm going to see Snow Day, and I don't think there's a video store in America that stocks old letdowns like Under The Rainbow and Memoirs Of An Invisible Man. I think he's even made more bad movies than Steve Martin - and that INCLUDES Leap Of Faith! Sad. So sad. We can only assume that an incredible drug habit is responsible for his downfall.

Thus, this album. HORRENDOUS. I read somewhere that Chevy was the pianist for an early incarnation of Steely Dan, so I guess he DOES have musical talent. But I can't even figure out what the point of this record WAS. It's certainly not funny at all, nor musically interesting. In fap, the only word I can think of that adequately describes it is "extraneous." There's just no reason at all for this album to exist. It's entirely unnecessary in every way imaginable.

Yes!!! Even the way that you're imagining right now!

How about a quick track-by-track rundown, so you can see what I'm talking about? Okay, here we goat:

(1) Three or four people sing the national anthem in low, gruff voices. They get out of time with each other. That's the joke.
(2) A parody of Randy Newman's novelty hit "Short People," which tells why short people have MORE reason to live, not NO reason. It's a parody of a novelty song. Kinda like if I recorded a hilarious parody of "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Eat It," entitled "Heat It."
(3) This one starts okay, but goes downhill and stays there. It's a soul singer onstage doing lots of smooth, sexy stage banter, getting ready to sing a love song. Then his pants split. Not once, but TWICE. Ha.
(4) A parody of Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff," with new lyrics revolving around drug use. Almost astoundingly unfunny.
(5) The Beatles' "Let It Be" sung in a Chipmunk voice. Why?
(6) This is the only good song on the album, in my opinion. It's a sexy disco song with all these sex grunt noises all the way through it. At the end, suddenly it is revealed that they weren't sex noises - they were the sounds of a doctor helping a woman give birth. Ha! Okay, it's no Mort Sahl, but it's sure better than the rest of this shit. And you can dance to it!
(7) "Sixteen Tons." If there's a joke in this cover, I can't find it.
(8) I don't even think I get this one. It's a bouncy keyboard cover of "Wild Thing" with Chevy singing in a quivery, crying voice. It must be some early 80s thing, like sado-masochism or something. NOT FUNNY EVEN A LITTLE BIT.
(9) A parody of "Rapper's Delight," in which an unsuspecting couple enter a disco and have their wallets stolen. EVERY BIT AS HILARIOUS AS ITSOUNDS!!!!!!

So what is your hypothesis? Why does this record exist? Here's the only answer I can come up with: CHEVY CHASE NEEDED COKE MONEY AND FAST.

Reader Comments (Rob Treynor)
So, I was in Newport Comics in Boston, back in the late 80's, when they still had bins and bins of old vinyl for $.25-$1.00. I was in a comedy kick, and picked up this album, a Father Guido Sarducci LP, and an autographed copy of Lenny & the Squigtones. Lenny & the Squigtones was pretty bad - but it had 'Nigel Tufnel' on guitar - so it was a must-have anyway. Sarducci was funny for one listen. This Chevy Chase album, however, was - well, let me just say I was surprised that Prindle gave this album TWO WHOLE STARS... Mark, you're on the money with your review - but 2 stars is too high a compliment for this album.

If you ever saw the ill-fated Chevy Chase talkshow on FOX, you're just barely grasping the concept of how unfunny this album is. (Carl Boroughs)
I think you're being too critical of this masterwork. I used to sit in my room getting stoned listening to this and it cracked me up every time. That rap song in particular is fucking hilarious. (Jessica Moreil)
I saw a roast of chase on comedy central that was just vicious - he must have angered a lot of people over the years to be treated so cruelly. But i would love to hear the album... do you know if it is online somewhere? (Lynn Phelps)
I don't know what you all are taking about.. The album was funny as hell. I have the vinyl and have been looking to see if it was ever put on cd... Guess no one here can help!! But Thanks anyway.... Maybe some of you need lessons in humor... :-) :-)
I just gotta say that bit in “Funny Farm” when their brand new dog decides to run away from Chevy Chase and his wife, and doesn’t come back is funny as hell. Maybe it wasn’t scripted and the dog really wanted to get the fuck off that movie coz it was so bad (in a good way), either way it’s a funny scene and it cracks me up every time. 10/10 for that friggin scene.
Ha ha, this guy can really be hilarious. I didn't know he had an album......... The original SNL lineup and a few later ones were HILARIOUS! I mean, just seeing Eddie Murphy in the Gumby costume as an unhappy Jewish entertainer....... "I'm gumby damnit!"
Never, never gonna sing for you…
Had the album in college and someone stole it...don't remember details but know I enjoyed it then and would love to hear it again, someone haveit, don't want it, put it on ebay!!
This is very funny. The review, not the album. I pasted a link to this article in my blog about how unfunny Chevy Chase is.
did you know that he was the drummer/percussionist of a canadian psyhedelic band in the late 60's called "Chameleon Church"? they put out an lp on mgm joke, i have it & it's not so good.....well, it plain's good for clearing a room though

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