For about six months, the Prindmaster had the brilliant, artistic and money-making idea that if he offered to review bands by his loyal readers for $4 apiece, he'd be a richer man indeed and able to put his newly-earned money into a massive Ventures-album-buying fund. Unfortunately, too many friggin' people took up the offer and it kept Mark from reviewing any well-known bands, so it's discontinued now, though Mark still appreciates your money very much and wishes for you to send more. Here are the bands he reviewed while the policy was still in effect; you've never heard of any of these bands but they're all spiked with the unique freestylin' rhymes of Grandmasta Mark, so you have no reason to complain, SHEEP. That's right, you are all SHEEP! HA HA HA!!!!

Uhm, that last paragraph was written by Mark, not Rich, yeah. He refers to himself in the third person.

The Cootch Crusaders
Electric Doormat
Farces Wanna Mo
Genetic James
The Houston Cassettes
Johnny Robot
Steven Knowlton And The Knowl-Tones
Mr. Tp And The Butts Of Buena
Moaning Mainline
Muddy Bug
The Naked Christians
Adam Schwarz
The Seizures
Slow Children At Play

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