Glen Benton - 2004

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Glen Benton is the vocalist and bassist of Deicide, Americaís most beloved anti-Christian death metal band. With his bandís 1992 album Legion now certified as the top selling death metal album of all time, and their Earache debut Scars Of The Crucifix about to hit stores, Glen was kind enough to sit down on a telephone and yell at me for a few minutes. My questions are in bold; his responses are in plain text.

And yes, this is the Glen Benton with the upside-down cross branded into his forehead.


Hey Glen! How ya doiní?

Whatís up, man?

Been doing interviews all day?

Nah, this is my first one.

Oh, okay. I was wondering if we could talk about your back catalog. Basically get your opinions about what you were going for on each record and your thoughts on them as you look back nowÖ. You know, what you think about them musically and lyrically. Could we do that real quick?


Okay. First album, what do you think about the first album now?

On the first album, I think the songs are fuckin sincere. Fuckin productionís horrible, but it was a really enjoyable part of our lives.

What problem did you have with the production of it?

It was just, you know, not very much money to do it. Did most of it in the B room at Morris Sound. I donít know. I just wasnít pleased. I donít think I was all that pleased with the production of it.

More fond of Legion? What do you think about Legion?

I think Legion was ahead of its time. It was just too fast for everybody at the time. I think it just caught everybody off-guard. They thought we were gonna put out a la-de-da album, and here comes this fuckin piece of music, fuckin style of music thatís fuckin over the top. Everybody fuckin hated it, all the magazines hated it; now itís years later and everybody loves it.

When did it become the biggest death metal seller of all time? Was that just recently?

I think that was just over the years, you know?

Wow. And then what were you going for on Once Upon The Cross?

Whatís that?

Once Upon The Cross?

That was a fun record for me. I liked the production on it. I like the music on it. It was fun doing it for me.

Serpents Of The Light?

That was another one, man. I mean that was just like, you know, the Once Upon A Cross days as I call them. Musically and production-wise, I like the record. It was fun doing it. It was the last one Scott Burns did with us.

And you tried to make it a little less fast so people werenít so confused by it?

I donít know about that. We were just going for, you knowÖ just keeping everybodyís heads moving.

How was it working with a different producer for Insineratehymn?

I really didnít work with him.

Oh really? Oh, okay.

Yeah, he basically recorded the rhythm tracks and drum tracks and shit, and I recorded my vocals with a different engineer. So he did more engineering than he did producing. Iíd say the four of us have that covered. We have a sound that we like, and weíre the only ones that are gonna achieve it, you know? Basically the engineer is what I like to call him, but he did do a fantastic job getting the levels themselves.

And In Torment, In Hell?

Whatís that?

What do you think about In Torment, In Hell?

(sigh) I think that record was a fuckin rush rush hurry up and get it out and get off Roadrunner.

Oh. Were things just horrible with them?

They were shelving all the records. Whatís the point of fuckin putting all this effort and all this hard work into something thatís gonna get thrown in the fuckin garbage can? We had reached our point with Roadrunner where we just stopped cooperating. Our last two records with them were just obligations, just throw Ďem the fuck out. And to me, those records are repetitious and redundant and I just, you know Ė to me, it was either that or give them a country record or a fuckin gospel album.

Ha! When did they stop caring?

I donít think Roadrunner ever cared. They only care about their pockets. They care about the newest thing on the fuckin menu. Thatís all they care about. They donít know how to keep their bands happy, so what they do is every band they grab ahold of, they wanna make happy. And they put everybody else on the backburner.

And you were signed to like an eight-record deal or something?

Seven albums.

Oh wow. So howís it feel being on Earache?

It feels great. Iím not under contract with anybody.

Oh youíre not? Really?

Itís a one-record deal. So now Iím free again.

This album sounds insane. I got an advance copy of it; itís really crazy. Were you just going for the most brutal? OrÖ.

I donít know. Musically, I think the Vital Remains thing I did sparked a lot of fuckin flame under asses here in the Deicide camp. Lyrically, Iíve just had to hold back on the last albums on doing what I do best, so I just put the balls to the wall with it.

Oh really? So the last two you really arenít all that Ė

The last two records, I really didnít put too much effort into writing the lyrics, as far as, I mean writing back-up vocals and all my other shit that I usually do. I didnít put as much intensity into those two records as I did this one.

Oh okay. Who was it you were listening to when you were younger that made you want to form your own extreme metal-type band?

I was listening to lots of people. Shit man, I mean Ė I donít know. I grew up listening to the fuckin Beatles and Chuck Berry and Elvis and fuckin all that kind of shit growing up. And Rush and just all that fuckin classic rock shit, I guess. Iím almost Ė Iím 36 now, so I was back in the day when Barry Manilow was fuckin on the radio every day. So yeah, all that kinda shit. Stones, Beatles, fuckin the Who, all that shit growing up. And I seen Sabbath back in what - í78 or í79? Whenever the fuck it was. I was fuckin eight, nine years old or whatever it is.

Wow! Jesus. Like Never Say Die? Or Technical Ecstasy?

The last album with Ozzy. My cousin took me, and from that point on, Sabbath, and then I started getting into the heavier stuff like Sodom, Kreator and Destruction and just all that kind of stuff. Possessed. Bands like that. Nowadays I donít listen to much metal.

What kind of stuff are you listening to now?

I just listen to oldies. I donít listen to too much music, you know what I mean? I throw in whatever catches my fancy at the moment. This morning I was listening to the Ramones, soÖ. I listen to just about everything.

Do you in subtle ways put any of that influence into your Ė

Nah, I keep it Ė thatís why I donít listen to much new metal, because I donít want anybody to ever accuse me of ripping them off. When I write lyrics, they just come from the inside.

Whatís on this new bonus DVD?

A three-minute and a 30-minute fuckin like hangin out with the fuckin kings of metal, I guess. I donít know. One of those kind of things. We shot the video for ďScars Of The CrucifixĒ when we were in Nottingham, England.

Oh, you shot a video?

Yeah. So that should be coming out over here soon.

Have you ever done a video?

No, itís our first one. Itís a black and white.

Is it a concept video or a live one?

Not really. Itís basically us playing underneath an overpass. Or an underpass, playing under an underpass. Itís all staged with a bunch of Hellís Angels riding around on Harleys. So yeah, itís basic. We didnít do too much of the fuckin theatrics and trying to act like fuckin Ė We thought for our first video, itís like when Metallica did their first video, for ďOneĒ - it was black and white, just a basic video. I mean, they did some back- and-forth shit with an old movie or some shit, but we just wanted to keep it really simple for our first video, because to me, if you start getting too theatrical, it starts getting cheesy. So I mean as far as like blowing shit up and virgins and fuckin blood fuckin all that kinda crap, nah man. We went for just us being us playing. It turned out pretty good. Everybody who sees it loves it.

As one of the first people who kinda innovated that death metal vocal style, do you get annoyed at how many bands out there keep copying that style over and over again? Or do you just feel like itís part of the Ė

No, you know what a lot of those singers donít realize Ė they sing from their throats. Iíve never sang from my throat. I always sing from my diaphragm. So when Iím hollering and all that screaming and shit, Iím not singing from my throat. Iím pushing it all out of my gut. And a lot of singers that do this kind of thing Ė they might be able to achieve that sound for a little bit, but if you keep fuckin doing that to your throat for a few years, youíre gonna be done for.

Do you still do the vocals like where you do one really low one and then one high Ė

I go back and forth between low and high.

Okay. But you do kind of the overdubbing your voice over your voice in different ways? Do you still do that?

When I record, I do three tracks at once. I do a low track, a medium track and a really nice Ė we call it the Cobra.

How do you recreate that live? Or what do you do live?

Live-wise, I just bounce off Ė I usually just do the basic low vocal and then highlight things with high screams. I havenít found a vocal effect that can do what I want it to do actually.

Oh, okay. Let me seeÖ. Oh, I have to ask you about the upside-down cross.


I have to. Do you ever cover it?

Do I ever cover it?


With what?

I donít know; a hat or something. Iím just wondering if you ever get tired of people looking at you and stuff.

Nah, you know what? I donít even think about it. Iíve had it so many years, I donít even think about it. And you only really notice it at nighttime when shadows hit it. During the daylight time, unless you really look at it or itís your first time or whatever Ė most people around me donít point it out. Iíll be sitting somewhere and somebody will catch a glimpse of it and come over to me Ė ďWhoa, man. What the fuck did you do to yourself?Ē

Do any Christian types ever try to pick fights with you or anything?

Nah. No. My last incident I had the Jehovahís Witnesses escorted out of my subdivision.


They came to my house and I warned them. They came back to my house again and they all got a fuckin free ride out of here in the Sheriffís car.

What does your brand of Satanism mean to you basically?

Well, when people say Satanism, I say Christianity labels me as Satanist. I mean, there is no such thing as a Satanist as far as like - who the hell do you call a Satanist? Anton Lavey? Thereís a lot of different philosophies Ė

Oh, so you were just labeled a Sa-

Yeah, I get called a fuckin Satanist and that, but what I believe is that the Commandments of God are a crock of shit. I believe that Iím not gonna fuckin live my life by any kinda fuckin laws that have been created by a fuckin, I donít know what you call him - I just call him a fuckin joke. But I donít live my life like that, as far as like if there was a God and there is a Satan, if there is a Hell and there is a Heaven, Iím not going to Heaven. And for good reason! Because the people Iíve met that believe in God and all that kind of crap Ė theyíre usually just idiots, and I canít stand to be with them. So I would say Iíd rather go to Hell, man. The people there are a lot more interesting.

Oh, okay. So youíre not actually Satanist Ė thatís just what you were branded?

Like as far as what? Burning churches?

Yeah, or the Lavey Ė

I mean, what do you want to call a Satanist? Somebody that goes around butchering babies and fuckin up little teenage girlsí heads with Satanism shit? No man. Itís a philosophy Ė a way of life, a way of thinking. Itís not like Iíve got a fire in my backyard and Iím dancing around it in my goatskin and my fuckin chaps.


You know, or Iíve got an altar set up, got a lady up there Ė fuckin, thatís all Halloween shit. Iím more of an intellectual fuckin combatant of fuckin God. So yes, if youíd like to fight the battle against Christianity, do it on a fuckin intelligence level, not a fuckin theatrical level.

I myself basically dislike the idea of all religions. Trying to base your life on Ė

Anything organized I donít want anything to do with. If you gotta pay 99 dollars to get a fuckin membership card or some shit like that to the fuckin Church of Satan or whatever the fuck, I donít want nothing to do with that. Itís a business. Christianity, religion, all that shit Ė itís all a fuckin business.

Based on fear.

You know how I got my profession doing what I do, thereís people out there in the world who think, ďIím gonna take the easy way out. Digging ditches and washing dishes and shit like that ainít working for me, so I think Iím gonna go to monk school or whatever, priest school, and take the easy way out.Ē A lot of people do that. I just think itís just a way of making a living.

Are you against all religions like that? Like Islam and Hindu?

Any organized religion. If you wanna believe in this and that, Iíve always been one of these people thatís like Ė Iíve been persecuted for what I believe and Iíve always been one of those people thatís like, ďYou believe what you want to believe. Just leave me out of it.Ē So I wonít come out looking for you unless you fuck with me. So if youíre gonna show up at my shows and picket me, yeah Iím gonna get out there. Iím gonna throw water on ya, Iím gonna kick you in the ass, Iím gonna fuckin give you a wedgie. But if you go your way and do your own thing, believe whatever the fuck you wanna believe. And thatís what itís all about. Itís all about freedom to fuckin do what you want and believe what you want.

When they picket you, what are they trying to accomplish? Trying to get your fans NOT to be your Ė

I think what it is most of the time is just these boredass fuckin Mothers Against Devilish Fuckin Death Metal or whatever.


Thereís always these fuckin Christian geeks fuckin in the street that are fuckin bored, but most of Ďem Ė 98% of them donít even know what the fuck I look like, so I can go out there and just bullshit with them.

I know these people think of you as ďevil.Ē Who do you think is truly evil in the world right now?

Truly evil? My old lady.


Sheís evil. Women are fuckin evil, okay? Thatís who I think are evil. I think George Bush is evil, okay?

Yeah, I agree with that.

But women? I think women are the fuckin evilest thing that ever was placed upon this Earth.

What is she doing to you?

Nah, Iím just kidding. But women Ė women are evil! As far as like anything else thatís evil, I donít think anything out there can compare with the wrath of a fuckin woman. Piss one off and this fuckin tail fuckin springs out of their ass and they just fuckin turn right into the devil. Thatís whatís evil. Evil. Letís see Ė whatís evil? Booking agents! Booking agents are evil too. Record companies are evil. Yeah. Pretty much what scares me on this world are fuckin genital warts and fuckin booking agents. Shit dripping out of your dick is evil.

Whatís that?

Shit dripping out of your dick is evil.


You know what I mean? Itís evil. You look at some of these guys that run these fuckin Churches of Satan and shit; I look at them and Iím like, ďYou know what? You guys are doing us the worst fucking injustice.Ē You know what I mean? Why not just put a pair of Mickey Mouse fuckin ears on. So I say it for all of them: Leave the theatrics at home. Read books and shit. If you wanna fight God, fight Christianity, do it with words. Actions only make us look stupid. Burning churches down, all the other bullshit that came out of Norway and shit. Theyíre all 17-year-old kids fuckin bored fuckin rebelling against Mom and Dad and shit. What kind of life do you have in a place like Norway? What do you have to talk about in an interview? ďOh uhhÖ I killed a reindeer last night. Then I shoveled the driveway.Ē


A lot of that shit was just stuff they could brag about in interviews.

They were trying to bring back like the Pagan days or something?

Pagan days, whatever. Heh heh! Come on guys, are you that miserable?

Did you like any of the music at all?

Yeah, some of the bands. I think Immortal when they were around Ė I think they were a good band. Musically wise, they were a good band. But a lot of it Ė most of it Ė all it is is a bunch of fuckin ďblur metalĒ is what I call it. Like ďB-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L!Ē Thereís no texture, thereís no nothing. Thereís just blastbeats and guitar riffs that donít even make sense. Itís just ďíAR-RAR-RAR-RAR!í B-L-L-L-L-L! ĎAR-RAR-RAR-RAR- ROWR-RAR-RAR-RAR!í B-L-L-L-L-L! ĎAR-RAR-RAR-RAR!íĒ Itís like, come on, man. How can you listen to that shit?

Thatís what some people would accuse Deicide of though.

Yeah, but you know what? Heh heh. Iíd have to disagree with that. That would be an uneducated fuckin opinion.

You have to listen to your albums several times to get whatís going on sometimes. Theyíre pretty intense.

But you can get whatís going on!

Thatís true.

You know what? With those bands, you donít EVER get whatís going on.

Because thereís nothing going on?

Exactly! At least with us, we throw you a little bone once in a while in the form of a catchy hook riff or something. Either that or, you know, the lyrics of this album Ė people are gonna want to read the lyrics sheet. Theyíre gonna want to read along. Thatís part of the issue. When you do a good job, people want to know what the fuck youíre saying. Even if you canít understand it when you listen to it! A lot of people that listen to this stuff can understand me more than other people. So Iím one of the more fuckin understandable people in this scene.

Oh okay. I just read a book about the history of metal called Sound Of The Beast.

Whatís it called?

Sound Of The Beast.

Thereís so many of those out now.

Yeah. And it says something about, which I hadnít heard about Ė I guess it happened a long time ago Ė these black metal guys planted a bomb at one of your concerts.

I donít think it was black metal guys.

Oh yeah? Do you think it was like Christian folks? Or Ė

I think it was animal activists or something. It wasnít really much of a bomb. I do more damage in the morning to my toilet. All it did was knock the fuckin door off its hinge. And they make it sound like someone detonated a small nuclear device or a dirty bomb or something. It was maybe a quarter-stick of dynamite. That kind of charge. More like an M-80 or something. Maybe a couple of M-80s placed in a bucket by the door or something, but it wasnít that big a deal. That was more hype; it was fuckin Roadrunner trying to hype it up. Their office did get firebombed back in the days.

Really? Ugh. Do they know by who? Or for what reason?

It was one of the animal activist groups.

What have you done to raise the wrath of them?

I shot a squirrel during an interview one time. Then they put that in the interview and it was all over.

It was just for that? Really?

Yeah, I was having a problem with squirrel infestation in my attic. And there was one squirrel left, and I could never get his ass. And one day when I was sitting in the backyard doing a fuckin interview, it came out of the house, out of the attic and came running across the clothesline in the backyard.

I saw a dog catch a squirrel just the other day, and apparently thereís a thousand-dollar fine if your dog kills a squirrel.

A lot of places, man. They fuckin locked some dude up around here for shooting squirrels with a BB gun. I guess they call it animal cruelty or whatever, but I call it getting rid of a fuckin rat with a fuckin bushy tail.

Yeah, thatís what my wife said! She was like, ďIf a dog caught a rat, there wouldnít be a thousand dollar fine and itís the same thing.Ē

Exactly. They get in your attics, they chew the fuckin insulation off your fuckin electrical wires.

Oh, thatís what they were doing?

Yeah! They were chewing the foam installation off my Freon line for my air conditioners. So all my pipes were sweating up in the attic and leaving stains on the ceilings. So I got up there, got the nest down, let the babies mature and shit, let the fuckin things get out of the house and then I blocked the hole. But there was one fuckin squirrel in there and I couldnít get his ass out.

So in your life, you kill one squirrel and an interviewer happens to be there.

Yeah. At that point, I started getting death threats and shit. Iím not one of those people that goes around fuckin killing animals or anything like that. And I tell my kids to stay away from that. I mean, I did do some shit like that as a kid. But come on. If you fuckin put a BB gun in a nine-year-old kidís hands, the bird population is in danger.

Does Earache have the same kind of distribution as Roadrunner?

I think so.

And the album comes out in two weeks? One week?

In February some time.

Okay. And what are you doing in terms of touring?

Right now, we just got off a three-month tour, so weíre gonna take a little break and then Iím gonna do my Vital Remains thing.

Oh, youíre still doing that? That wasnít just a one-off?



Yeah, these guys have pretty much all the material ready for a new album. Theyíre just working on the arrangements and things.

Do you write the material that you sing for them as well?

No, I just sing. I did it as a favor to one of the guys, because for a while they didnít have a singer. Originally I was just doing some back-up vocals for them. When I was asked to do it, I didnít say anything to anybody about it. When it came out, everybody in Deicide freaked out. They all thought I was leaving the band. Pretty much everybody thought I was leaving the band except me.

You canít leave Deicide! Itís Deicide!

No matter who I play with, Iím still coming back to Deicide, man! I just do little side project things to make some money. But itís fun, because I donít play bass; I just sing. So itís fun. I get to move around because theyíve got this wireless system and shit.

When you listen to other bands, is the bass like one of the main things you notice?

Only when itís shitty!

Oh okay. Who are some shitty bassists?

Nah, I just like when people get a good bass sound. I like to listen to Geddy Lee and John Entwistle Ė that kind of shit. Steve HarrisÖ I actually used to play with my fingers for a long time. The reason I switched to a pick is because in this style of music, the bass player has to be tight because itís just so fast. Itís hard to play that dynamic with your fingers. When youíre speed Ė when youíre blasting, all you hear is ďbeep-boop-bl-bleep- boop.Ē It should be more like a guitar. Itís just like playing rhythm guitar.

Okay. Alright. I think I gotta let you go. Itís been half an hour.


Thanks so much!

Thank you very much.

Alright, bye.

Reader Comments (David Dowler)
That was a great interview! Good job! Cleared up some myths about Glen and his personal beliefs. I hung out with the band briefly when they came to my hometown of McAllen, Texas on Halloween '03 and every member of Deicide was really cool and down to earth.

To be honest, I NEVER noticed his upside down cross on his forehead! I had to look at some photos very closely to actually notice it.

Thanks again for the cool interview! (Scott Wilcox)
Hm...pretty hilarious opinions on black metal. Basically saying, "It's just noise!" like everyone's parents have told them about metal as far back as Sabbath. Mark did a good job of trying to call him out on his uninformed statements, but it had no effect. I was also surprised to hear him admit that he bilked his fans for the last two albums just because he didn't like his record company. Now that's EVIL!

Face it, Benton's a tired old man who ran out of material 6 albums ago, and is bitter about anyone else showing up his limited creativity (not that it is very tough). Not even the brand is interesting anymore. Go listen to "In The Nightside Eclipse" again and wake up, stupid.
animal activists planted that bomb on deicide's concert because not only glen killed the squirrel because he used to say it was fun but because he told things like he did a video doing "funny things" to kitties and puppies that of course everybody could understand it was cruel stuff. he also claimed to burn small rodents for fun. not just because a squirrel that is damaging his house or whatever. he deserved much more for sure.

also there were lots of ruours claiming he would sacrifice animals on stage and i remember a guy from sick it all saying he would just beat up glen if he'd do it.

early 90's ruled!!! carcass was the law!! (Chris Leffler)
Just want to say cool interview! I'm very much looking forward to the new Deicide CD! The 1st single is very promising! Killer Axework & Glenn's vocals are in fine form! I also seen Deicide back in the Summer of 92' @ Bogarts in Cincy with Demolition Hammer & Cancer opening! Oh yeah the new Vital remains Kicks Ass! Thats great to know they'll be working with Glenn again on their next release! Again Killer Interview!

Reader Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous
How the hell is going to have a verbal battle with god when his weapon seems to shoot a lot of blanks?

Funny stuff!
Just want to say that interview is making me laugh so hard for a hour! LOL!!!! Glen is sure is funny guy and man i can't stand his jokes..I just purchased Deicide new cd Scars of the Crucifix cd and dvd from earache site. anyway stay brutal!!!

Deicide Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great interview!!!! Deicide still rules

About those animal-sacrificing, he used to go to the butcher, buy a few pounds of meat and then let it rot in the sun for a while. When it was really getting dirty he would take it to a show and throw it in the crowd. For all those animal freaks; save some animals and eat a vegitarian!!
You asked for comments:

I am a Christian and was invited to one of the Deicide concerts by a girl who is into death metal.

I showed up, paid my money and listened to what Glen Benton had to say through his music and comments. During one of his interludes Mr. Benton made the comment, "I said f*** you to Jesus a long time ago."

After the concert I hung around and talked with him about his comment and mentioned the real issue for Mr. Benton as it relates to Jesus,

"Jesus never said F*** you to you."

In the end, Christianity is not simply about a belief system, it is about a relationship with a living God who has always lived, and a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross was exactly for people like me and Mr. Benton (he was crucified because God has a serious negative view of sin and we don't have any means in and of ourselves to atone for sin). Jesus hung on that cross to express his love for human beings (me, you, and Glen Benton). In the end, those who reject Him are only hurting themselves and spitting on the one being in the universe who truly loves them and who already did the work to make things new.

Whatever perspective Mr. Benton has on Jesus that he learned in relationship with "Christians" may not even be what Jesus would express to Mr. Benton, but what people who claim to reflect Jesus are reflecting to him.

To categorically dismiss Jesus and the Bible because of what others say about them or what others seem to do in His name is like judging Mr. Benton for what rabid, church burning, human sacrificing satanists do.

Just some thoughts. (Lynette Ackerman)
Deicide fan from the onset, both musically and conceptually!!!!
The last interview with Glen Benton I read was too many years ago to count, but I do recall that it was ridiculous on the part of the unremarkable interviewer; Mark Prindle on the other hand conducts some of the best interviews I've read, this one included. Glen Benton strikes me as a regular guy with a philosophy on life that others are too ignorant and sheepish to comprehend. He has a lock-tight point on the absurdity of ALL organized religions... these fanatic groups were established and cultivated for people too afraid to think for themselves and even further afraid of people who do think for themselves. Also, it seem to me that there are a whole lot of humorless people out there too quick to believe a rumor as fact; in reference to some girls feedback on the torturing of kitties and puppies. At any rate, I get the joke... lighten up animal rights maniacs... let's see how much you love an animal when it attacks you!
Uninvited varmints in a persons house are like uninvited human intruders, they deserve to be shot... it's survival of the fittest and the meek will not inherit the earth.

Much respect to Glen Benton and to Mark Prindle... keep up the good work!
I enjoyed that interview dude, thanks!
Man,personally I don't know if believing in God or not. I'm in a period of confussion. But I always liked Deicide. Finnaly Death Metal has started to be not considered a joke. It was time already anyway. Whatever this was a good interview. This guy is a little crazy but aaaaaa there are other guys that are more crazy. I mean, instead of getting worried about all this Death Metal guys, you people should start getting worried about the president that we have. C'mon face it. If Bush is reelected, then we are fucked.Now THAT'S what I call the sum of all fears. Not the Death Metal. Now, Mark Prindle likes Punk (Real Punk music, not Good Charlotte shit) therefore he likes the speed. That's why he likes the Death Metal. Well, if you wanna get some speed and some brutality here are some names. My favorite Death Metal band Cryptopsy (Specially the album "None so Vile" this guys come from Good ol Canada ), Nile, Cephalic Carnage. Oh and if you don't like Death Metal but you like the speed get british band Dragonforce. Yeah that's it. I'm done. Don't make such a big deal of this guy. Is not that bad and Legion was a good album. (Walt Setzer)
I think Glen Benton is one of the most influential figures in metal, past and present. He has a down-to-earth philosophy about religion and an insane sense of humor. And to all the xians who come here and post their "saving grace" bullshit on here, WAKE UP!!
He makes sense... black metal out there all sounds the same basically.... and Dechristianize was the only Death Metal Cd i bought in a long time cause it sounds differen then the rest... most death metal sounds the same and gets booring..... same with "black" metal.....

and i like the "oh uhhhh i killed a reindeer last night" bit.. its true though.. its like those kids who are "punk" and like love TRL and all anti comformest.. gimmie a break

The Roaming Wolf
That reindeer thing is the funniest thing I've read in a while.
speaking true words...

Hail deicide!

Corporate Cadaver
Funny interview, shoot those squirrels!!

I like black metal-DARKTHRONE!!!- and he does have a point about some of those bands.


'Oh uhhÖ I killed a reindeer last night. Then I shoveled the driveway.' Classic!

Glen Benton = Moron

It sounds like something my mom would say about his music "Just sounds like blur and screaming." It's obvious he's getting senile.
Hey Glen, that's exactly what your music sounds like too. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (metal). But the reindeer thing was hilarious.

CreepingDeath 92703
i have no idea who this guy is but he makes a lot of good points.

Meanwhile, Deicide is the laughing stock of metal. They make Satanism seem comical.

Of course most black metal is going to make no sense to a guy who has written one song about one thing over and over for the greater part of 20 years. Everytime he opens his mouth he proves how ignorant and single faceted he is.
he's right. he hit it right on the nose. if only everybody could sound as pissed as he does in his music.
this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

hes got the nerve to down black metal musically when deicide sucks just as bad?

Glenn is quite a few cards short of a full deck.
this guy is a MORON. And he smells really bad. I've met him. It's like a dead horse. And he has no sense of humor either. What a tool.

Glen Benton is a fucking joke, and I hope one day I can tell it to his face.

I live in Norway, and we don't just kill reindeer. We killed Santa Claus and WE WILL kill Glenn Benton if he drags his sorry ass over here! Isn't this the guy who said he would commit suicide by the age of 33? What is he now - like 53? Glen Benton smells like elderberries.

your lord and master
this coming from a guy who burned an upside down cross in his forehead...what a dolt. I like some of his music but he's a major toolbox. his name should be snap-on.
didn't glen say he was going to kill himself when he hit a certain age??

King Of All Hair Metal
Benton is a complete and utter fool. What Deicide play, is what I like to refer to as, "White Trash Black Metal." Seems like he takes himself way too seriously and that's a surefire sign that your band sucks most of the time.

Hey man, I think what you do is fucking great! No one more would I want to head the anti christian movement in america then you mate.

While I do agree most black metal bands today sound like that. There are bands like you said Immortal, Gorgoroth, marduk, destroyer 666, dark funeral that keep/did playing some of the greatest metal ever.

Words are good to keep using. Sometimes actions are good too. America is just becoming worse and worse. Why? because we dont take action. I feel christians ignore words. If they dont, then try to profit from it.

Just my opinion. Cant wait for the new album!


glenn, this time you didn't take the right moment to shut up!
I love Deicide, but Benton's remarks are off-base. For one thing, he's a little behind the times talking about the 17-year-olds and their antics. That shit happened over a decade ago. And I totally disagree that all black metal bands sound the same. Marduk, Immortal, Emperor, Mayhem, Funeral Mist, Shining...none of those sound the same. People's uninformed opinions are getting really tiresome.
my uninformed opinion is that black metal sucks

Black Metal may make no sense to Glen because he makes the most boring death metal I've heard since Cannibal Corpse. Need a demonstration? Take almost any chorus of a Deicide song; it's all the same (Slave to the Cross, Blame it on God, Dead By Dawn, Bible Basher, and the list goes on). It takes a lot of talent to say the song title a couple times and call it music huh? Grow up; that way you can stop playing off the satanic image for 14 year old kids to think you're "bad-assed". I feel bad for anyone who considers this band good.

You gotta love anyone who steals lyrics for their songs from the movie Evil Dead..haha.

"Dead By Dawn"
"Dead By Dawn"
"Dead By Dawn"
"Dead By Dawn"

Deicide sucks.....but i must admit...the man is right about what he said about the entire black metal scene.....
I liked the reindeer bit, but I don't think he was trying to make a joke......

That was actually quite a funny interview. For all his lyrics are far too cliche now, the guy is quite funny.

Ever since I first came across Deicide on the Roadrunner page to now, Glen Benton has been a constant jackass. He does have a good point about most black metal bands being indistinguishable from the next, but come the fuck on here!
Deicide isn't exactly reinventing sliced bread technology. At least Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under have become irrelavant to the point where they're just too funny to take serious. Deicide is just like a floater in the toilet bowl that refuses to go away no matter how much you flush.
I used to hate Deicide and death metal only cuz of the cookie monster vocals. Zep is my all time fav band, and like singers who can actually SING. I play heavy stuff along the lines of Slayer, Pantera, old Metallica etc. Deicide's music is EXTREMELY intense & well written. The lyrics I don't pay a whole lot of attention to, and I opened up my mind & adjusted to the vocals.

I mean come on, Stephen King is a "horror writer" is HE supposed to write comdies & love stories & stuff? FUCK NO! He writes what he likes, so I see nothing wrong with Deicide writing what they want to write about.

I think some of you may need a testosterone check, or some midol!

Is this the same Glen Benton in a Metal Maniacs interview where he bragged of breaking into churches and vandalizing..then killing animals, blablahblah...Yeah okay Glen.
A pair of Mickey Mouse ears, an upside down crucifix? What's the difference?
This guy burned an upside down cross into his forehead and he's busting on the dorks in Norway? I met him for an interview years ago and asked him about his interest in Satanism and the occult and he had NOTHING of merit to say. Nothing.
i love deicideīs music, but glenn is a moron, he sounds as "blur" as abbath. fuckin prick. voice is supposed to be an instrument, and i love the "Blawr-RUHHHR"ī fuck you.


the Dude
How do you spell "fool"?


Every time I think I know just how stupid this fucking moron is, he goes and proves that he's even dumber!

Hey Glen, your words and actions are a great testimonial to the stupidity of your beliefs. Christianity benefits from idiots like you making fools of themselves.

I like Deicide, but glen really is a dipshit. Can he say one sentence without putting 5 "fucks" in it?
This is weird...

I mean, Glen describes the black metal thing with the same attitude as the people who was use to criticize death metal at the begining.

Actions which make satanism look stupid? What about burn a cross on your forefront? Or commit suicide at 33 to celebrate Christ death? HOW OLD WERE YOU GLEN?

Don't get me wrong, I like Deicide (the first 2 albums being absolute masterpieces) but I can see the funny side of the thing, I guess.

And finally, I have to say that Glen has some good point: I've always thaught that Black Metal is for silly kids and face painting it's for theatre...... but it's just me. BM has so many fans around the world that something must be good. I just cannot see any metal feeling in Panda lookalike people. They're like Manson to me: Bullshit!
I can name a bunch of black metal bands that are way better than Deicide and their shitty death metal.
Glen Benton, you are a shining example of an inbred MORON. "Musically wise"?! What the fuck is that?! Did you mean to say, "On a musical level," or "Musically speaking," or even "Based on the merits of their musical composition..."? Where the FUCK did YOU learn to speak English? Most Norwegians speak better English than you could ever muster. Why don't you just go ahead and kill yourself. End your misery, and please... DON'T EVER BREED!

I read this interview, and the guy's not all there. OK, i'll admit, Deicide was pretty much the band that made me get turned on to Death Metal, and i worshipped the first two albums. But, i started listening to stuff that was tigher, faster, more intense and bands that were better stylisticly and musically. One thing that piqued my interest in them is that Metal Maniacs would refuse to interview them, and living in a podunk town at 13 without money to spend on zines, Metal Maniacs was all you could get. There was this mystery and aura about them that really appealed to me, but i have come to realize that if they were allowed in the magazine, i would have known what a pack of raving fucking MORONS they are.

It's sad that all these old death metal bands that have not released anything interesting since the early nineties bag on the black metal scene. It's pretty hypocritical, considering that all their arguments they use are the same ones that ignorant people used on the death metal bands when *they* were coming up. I think it's a sort of lashing out, because subconsciously, bands like Deicide and Slayer (remember the tirades Kerry King would have about the "cookie monster" bands?) realize that their place in the market is being filled by another band. Before they were the fastest, most shocking, most whatever bands in the world, and now they're just a stepping stone or a benchmark and no longer really relevant.

It's nice when a band returns to form, but after almost an entire decade of mediocrity, it's a case of a little too late. Bands like Emperor may sound shitty to Glen Benton, but they have released more albums consecutively that have stayed longer in my CD player than 80% of Deicide's albums - and they're the ones that made me like extreme metal in the first place.
That interview proved that Benton sure does not know shit about black metal or norway.

If he fails to see the ingeniousness of bands liek darkthrone, mayhem and emperor, then that's his loss!

Oh, and maybe you should get your facts straight about norway, and not play mr. know-it-all?

I agree 100%, most black metal bands are a blur and are making a joke out of an otherwise pure form of music, but to many bands try to hard to be shocking and scary and just stay in the box because they are too afraid of their own fans.

too many bands try too hard

Yeah, he's a fuckin' idiot but he respects Steve Harris so I guess he can't be all bad.

Hammers Rule!
Up The Irons!
Iron maiden's gonna getcha!
Black metal dudes are geeks! Fuck 'em and leave them behind dead....

But i have to agree on what this loser says: why not mickey mouse ears?! same shit, new wrapping!

Take a bow Benton, I couldn't have put it better myself. This retarded shit combined with the dungeons and dragons shit, lame costumes and theatrics so bad it makes an episode of Saved By The Bell look good is what makes Metal look stupid. People bitch, "nu-metle sukz! Iron Poopchute RULZE!!" but fuck, I think I'd rather listen to Taproot, Mushroomhead and Hatebreed than someone dressed like a fucking gremlin pissing on the bible while making vocal noises usually reserved for a dog trying to shit out a car.

The problem is that when you say "use words" you have to remember that most of these church burning mongoloids don't understand the rudimentry basics of language. You're talking about people who hate all lyrics unless they involve the words "Blood, death, eating intestines, scat, satan, gore, chainsaw, messy gore." So any words you might have to say anything to them are wasted and you're better off pantomiming your message with a pair of spock ears on with a battle axe.

And before these retards start in on me about what "real" metal is, if by "real" you mean, "dressing up like an SCA nerd" then I think I'd rather be called mallcore.

Glen's vocals rule on the new Vital Remains!

Hey regardless if you like him or hate him. He did a great fucking job on the new VR and the new Deicide! Its been voted by many as one of the best Death Metal albums of 2003.How about a VR tour Glen? Dechristianize!
You're right and you're wrong. "Blood, death, eating intestines, scat, satan, gore, chainsaw, messy gore" is more along the lines of what Glen would write songs about. There's a difference between gore/grind and death metal like Mortician or Deicide and black metal. Black metallers write songs about trolls and Odin, not guts and scat. You can regard that as goofy if you want, but think about it as scary folk music. At least what they're writing about has some sort of significance, if not to you at least to them. If you're from Norway, it makes sense to write about Norwegian things. The costumes can get pretty silly at times, but c'mon, who wouldn't want a pair of boots with spikes all over them?

But there are way too many different kinds of metal to argue which one is the "real" one, I'll agree with you there.

At the end of the day, it's better to just listen to and write what you like, and don't stick your neck out and say dumb stuff about things you don't like. Then you just make yourself look like a jackass, just like Glen.
if glen benton can hammer you like that after saying some of the shit hes said throughout the years and be on the money you know your just fucked

I love black metal personally but he does make a point,alot of it does sound the same.I prefer the earlier stuff from bands like Immortal,Emperor,Satyricon,Marduk,enslaved,hell even the earlier cradle of filth and dimmu albums were great but i dont really hear too many black metal albums these days that impress the hell outa me like A Blaze In The Northern Sky,Dark Midevil Times,Pure Holocaust,In The Nightside Eclipse,Those Of The Unlight...and so on and so on, now its all as mr benton would say blur metal.But then again all this coming from a guy who only made 2 decent albums in like what,20 years??But if anyone disagrees that there still are decent black metal bands around post some names and ill give em a spin.
'Oh uhhÖ I killed a reindeer last night. Then I shoveled the driveway.'

Hahahaha amazing!!!

I used to hate this guy cause of his satanic beliefs, but this interview has shed some light on my opinion about him. It's good to see that he's backing his beliefs with some true substance and not with the "theatrics" he mentions. Props for Glenn for keeping his shit real

He is so right. B-L-L-L-L-L! AR-RAR-RAR-RAR- ROWR-RAR-RAR-RAR! B-L-L-L-L-L! 'AR-RAR-RAR-RAR! That is all Death/Black metal bands know how to do. And if you happen to make out a few words it's always something stupid like, Death made me but maggots in your bum B-L-L-L-L-L! AR-RAR-RAR-RAR- ROWR-RAR-RAR-RAR! B-L-L-L-L-L! 'AR-RAR-RAR-RAR! Just like Cannibal Corpse would write.
What's the matter, Glen? Need to sell a few more records? Sounds like the words of a desperate man, if you ask me.

Actually I loved when he used to call up that religious freak Bob Larson and threaten to kill him. That was pretty funny, only because Bob and his radio crew would never see it coming. And it was always on a Friday too, which was always a great start to the weekend. (tony da don)
Hi everyone,
Im relatively new to the genre in a way, but then i'd also like to say that it was something that should have happened a long time ago rather than in the fall of 2002. go ahead idiots - fire your insignificant stupid comments if u like haha.

Prior to august 2002, and getting into the death metal scene - i was a great admirer GnR, Nirvana, soundgarden and listened to a few metallica songs as i was growing up. Getting into death metal for me was 'meant to happen'. if you got that last sentence, understood what im trying to say then \m/.

Now about Deicide and Glen Benton, Personaly when I first listened to my first deicide songs which im sorry to say i downloaded off other users on kazaa (i now own 2 albums so heh) i was very fucking impressed. Its songs like 'Once Upon The Cross' that fucking allow me and many others im sure, to 'unwind'. I think as the lead vocalist in one of the most influential bands in its genre, Glen is fucking superb.

Who gives a FLYING fuck about the thing on his forehead ? what if Glen had an abnormality on his forehead like an over growth ? what if it was a tattoo of a fucking angel with the words inscribed 'i bring you love and joy - this earth is beautiful' (when infact its clearly not...look at how ppl treat one another for starters, the rich are evil the poor from England, West London and for the first time my ears began to function for a purpose...)

Cmon we're living in a very strange world here...homosexual marriages, peadophiles being given minimum prision sentences and put back into our neighbourhoods right next door to familys, terrorism, exploition of the poor by the 'rightful rich folk'. Im surprised im not out there myself producing masterpieces like 'once upon the cross' BURNING crosses on stage and pissing over doctrines and all that garbage ppl are blindly following. heh.

As if society isnt full of fucked up people already, you get MORE of those type when they knock off a perfectly acceptable music genre known as 'death metal'. death metal is partially about 'expressionism' . i hope theres such a word, if not fuck it there is now. so anyways like i was saying - black metal, death metal, gore/grind - theyre all their own thing - i get along fine with anybody into any of those genres because there really isnt THAT much that seperates me from a lets say 'emperor' fan or a 'dimmu borgir' fan. there are songs from certain black metal bands that i even enjoy listening to.

For me Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Kataklysm, DEICIDE \m/, Incantation, Nile, Hate Eternal, Decapitated are bands that are communicating to their fans through a form of music that they and the bands themselves understand, love and enjoy.

I don't declare war on anybody whos into their own stuff, just dont knock me off for liking my stuff. I need my regular dosage of death metal or else i begin to act foolish and vulnerable to the hypocrital coniving fuckers in society. Death metal added more to my persona and i see things from all kinds of views. Less arguing please - respect one anothers musical tastes - picking on death metal heads is like playing with fire, you'll get burnt heh.

now i really think ive forgotten what I was REALLY gonna say...but there u go cant type for ever can i. Oh and Glen, if you ever read this - man I think youre a class act. stay brutal all \m/ (Jason Zizzamia)
Ha, Glen you have made a complete fool out of yourself. While reading this interview, 2 things crossed my mind:
1) You try to sound cool by using the word "f**k" and "shit", you silly goose.
2) You are no better than those "punks" in Norway.

Anyways, metal from Norway rules, heck, there are Christian death metal bands from Norway that sound better than you, (Extol for example).
I dont think anyone should keep bothering him though, he does have his privacy and freedoms. Eh, he's going to hell anyways, leave him be while hes still on earth.

ps: My God... He has kids...
I enjoyed the first album when i heard it way back when and the lyrical content.The picture in the mortuary reminds me of the Phantasm movies.Alot of Death Metal was about the Evil Dead movies for example...Necrophagia Season of the Dead album I enjoy some Black Metal as well Venom was an example of more audible lyrics.Glen spoke of Manson and the Mr.Jones thing as well.But bass guitars that dude Les Claypool plays mighty fine.Anyhow Ben got me thinking about some stuff.His Legion album did hit me kinda quick i'll have to buy another copy someday.Stay cool.oh yeah...FUCK SHIT PUKE SLAUGHTER KILL RAPE MURDER AND DIIEEE!!!!!!

awsome interview!!!!!! i loved it, and glen benton is such a great and funny bloke!! scars of the crucifix kicks ass! keep up the good work deicide!
I don't know nothin' about theology, but I gotta think that when an intellectual combatant of God decides to give you a wedgie you will undoubtedly cry for mercy. That's carnage in the temple of your pants boys and girls.
when i was in 7th grade (around 93) a good friend of mine was VERY into death metal. his favorite band: deicide. he played them for me, but i was unimpressed. i was more into pearl jam and bullshit like that at the time. a few years later we kinda switched roles if you will, with me getting more and more into meatl and him getting techno and house music (gag!). he gave me all his old death metal tapes and i got all kindsa classics. the early napalm death and carcass records being my favortie, i also got into broken hope, death, and incantaion amongst others, but two i never got were morbid angel and decicde. morbid angel (although i must admit the only one i ever heard was covenet) to me sounded almost like a cleaned up version of the other bands i liked. deicide, on the other hand sounded like: A BLUR!!! come oneglenn, what the fuck!?! are you seriuos? i love napalm death (pre-barney that is) and hellnation (check em' if you ain't heard em) and i thought your music was too much of a blur. what does that tell you?
How much braincells does it actually take to shoot squirrels for fun, have bike accidents with ur own child on the back, think having a numberplate that says "satanic" is cool and writing only about the cowardly jackass satan? A headless blown away squirrel`s got more braincells than this white trash asshole even though the little brains the squirrel had is blown all over town. Hes a fake anyway and satanism newest cartoon caracter...

Wake up, people! Theres more out there than this void called Deicide - a bunch of dirty, stinking slobs that call making a bunch of noise talent. This shit is NOT death metal. Deicide shud rather go learn from the real masters of death metal - Death, Obituary, Carcass, Napalm Death and gods like those! Rather read intelligent interviews with Chuck Shuldiner for instance. Why do people like Shrek Benton get to carry on with their shit but masters like Chuck Shuldiner pass away after a long time of suffering with a terrible illness. Id love to see Shrek Benton taking on God......he will be squashed like a that will rock more than Deicide`s untalented unfunny joke anthems. Rather be regulars on Jerry Springer, boys...

Real Metal forever....Slayer`s the law!!!!

Up the irons!!
Glen can be intlgient some times and this is a prime example of him ocsaainally being verry lucid.
Deicide fucking rules, and fuck anyone who does'nt think so.

none of you fucking haters have the chops to be in deicide.

Mr. benton is the most pretentious stupid deathmetal baby bommers that the underground scene have and someone should shut is fucking big mouth! who the fuck are you to talk shit about other style of metal in the undeground and you got no respect for anyone except your self you think you the best you think you are so evil!!! we get it! after 7 albums you start to get boring man, man you get old your lyrics are boring and now your 2 buddys hoffeman left you because you are shit!! i have more respect for the norway scene coz band are more interesting here and they are more intelligent than you! so kill your self or or just get out of the underground scene!! FUCK YOU GLENN
So Glen doesn't like Black fucking what, neither do I.

Face it ladies, most of it sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck in an aircraft hanger somewhere outside Oslo, and the fag face painting sucks reindeer nuts.

If you like that shit then listen to it and don't rag on a guy for having an opinion.
The guy two little columns up or whatever. Dude shut you're fuckign mouth before someone has to fucking gag you. Do you know shit about fucking music. Black metal bands, most of them just play fast octave chords or power chords over really shitty, screachy singin into fucking terrible keyboard backup vocals like a damn choir or some shit. Look dude, fuck you, I think Deicide has done a lot for death metal, or metal in general. You wanna hear arrogant mother fucker, try me. The fucking musical ability to play in a band like Deicide, it just, fucking pisses me off people like you dont even understand. The norway music scene or waht the fuck ever can blow me. The only good black metal band to exist is fucking Children of Bodom because thier fucking amazing musicians. It pisse sme off to hear people like you even fucking talk, or know that you exist. Get over youre teen angst or what the fuck ever, sorry mommy didn tlove you so you labeled youre band metal and put on white "corpse" paint and took some cheesy fucking p[ictures, blow me. Btw, I thought the lizard thing on the scars of the crucifix dvd was terrible the first time i seen it, then hilarious the second time.
Kocham Deicide od pierwszej plyty. Tak trzymac
yes Glen and members of Deicide , i have been a listener of death metal for many yrs now , deicide , deicide was the first album i got when i was 18 , haven't stoped since then and don't plan to stop ,
ahhh...... CHILDREN OF BODOM is not a black metal band!
black metal bands are just transvestites, haha. Make-up and shit. Deicide is a great band! Still, I have to say, Norway is a great place!
Thanks for the in depth interview with the always entertaining Glen Benton. George Bush is evil by the way. As for women, well, no comment. Keep whoopin the fox's ass with a belt, Wesley Willis style, on your interviews Mark...
Glen,i would want to know if you could make bass tab books.I want to know all of the songs.Right now I know, when satan rules his world. So I would like you to make a tab book for bass.
Okay, I think most thinking human beings know that Glen Benton isn't exactly an intellectual, but some of you revisionists are acting like Deicide never did anything important.

Sure, they suck NOW, and even I was ready to write them off years ago because of Benton's annoying attitude, but I'm sorry, the self-titled album, Legion, and to a somewhat lesser degree, Once Upon the Cross, are all death metal classics.

What is with all the sheep writing here too? Didn't realize the Bible Belt visited, I woulda thought nothing holy ever entered this site!
deicide are the best fucking band on the planet, an have been since 1st album, an if you dont agree then go an hang out in a church an listen to real shite.... hail

Pete Sewchok, singer/guitarist of Ashcan
Hi - I just wanted to say thanks for a well-written interview with a classic metal artist. Honestly, I wanted to comment on the other COMMENTS. Deicide may be many things, but they are just simply NOT a sucky / shitty band. Period. Linken Park is a shitty band. Chiodos is a shitty band. Just wanted to clear that up. Glen is a pioneer of metal, whether you like it or not, and a ton of bands owe their sound to the Deicide albums. Do you really believe that we would have a Waking the Cadaver or Pig Destroyer without Deicide? No, this music isn't as melodic as Sublime, or as diverse as At The Drive In. It isn't SUPPOSED to be. It's supposed to make people think, piss certain people laugh, and even make us laugh at a GG Allin kind of level. It's ENTERTAINMENT, people. Metalheads as a whole take themselves waaaayyy to seriously. If you can't see the entertainment behind Deicide, then you simply aren't paying attention. I'm 30 years old - I loved Nirvana, The Screaming Trees, NOFX, all the great bands that I have been lucky enough to grow up with. I think we all need to give Deicide their respect - as metal pioneers, as godfathers to the screamo and grindcore movement.

Add your thoughts?

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