GG Allin

Most people only fantasize about eating their own poop -- GG Allin lived that dream.
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*Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be
*The Masturbation Session 10"
*Gimme Some Head 7"
*Banned In Boston, Pt. 2 EP
*Insult & Injury Volume 3: 5-26-82 Providence, RI and More
*Occupation 7"
*Out for Blood 7"
*No Rules 7"
*Eat My Fuc
*Live Fast Die Fast 7"
*Singles Collection (Volume One)
*Aloha From Dallas
*Hated In The Nation
*Insult & Injury Volume 4: Live at the Rocket 2-15-87 Providence, RI
*You Give Love A Bad Name
*Live...Carolina In My Ass 7"
*Expose Yourself To Kids 7"
*Doctrine Of Mayhem
*Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies
*No Room For Nigger 7"
*The Best Of The Suicide Sessions
*Outside Inside 7"
*Insult & Injury Volume 2: The Bloody Years
*Live In Boston 1989 DVD
*Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Live!
*The Troubled Troubadour + Bonus Tracks
*Legalize Murder 7"
*Murder Junkies (with AntiSeen)
*Watch Me Kill 7"
*Carnival Of Excess
*Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody - Best of 1991 Live DVD
*Look Into My Eyes And Hate Me 7"
*War In My Head-I'm Your Enemy
*Brutality And Bloodshed For All
*Sickest Of The Sick 10"
*Terror In America: Live in the U.S.A. 1993
*Terror In America Live 1993 DVD
*Layin' Up With Linda 7"
*I Was a Murder Junkie
*The Best Of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies DVD

Disgusting sleazebags don't get much disgustingly sleazebaggier than Kevin "GG" Allin. His life was a sick form of performance art - he set no limits for himself, meaning that he would smash himself in the head with the microphone, beat his fans up, poop on stage, eat it, throw it at the crowd, work diligently to rise to the top ranks of a Fortune 500 company, let girls vomit, pee and poop in his mouth, shoot up every drug he could find, rape and beat up stupid girls who for some reason trusted him, and eventually he died of a heroin overdose! This is probably for the best, since he always claimed that he was going to kill himself onstage and take as many spectators with him as possible. And his music? SCUMMY! It started off just misogynist punk, but as his voice and mind deteriorated, it became sicker, filthier, messier, scuzzier, noisier, screamier and Perrier. Perrier??? WATER you doing? Ha ha!!! HEEEEE!

Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be (by GG Allin & the Jabbers) - Orange 1980
Rating = 7

If you're only familiar with the public image of GG Allin, you will be astonished when you see and hear this album. He's a snotty little twit! Clean shaven face, full head of hair, looks about 20 with an ugly scowl on his pissy little face, wearing a denim jacket with the name "GG Allin" above the pocket. Then put it on and what do you get? Poorly mixed punk rock (the drums are WAY the hell back there) with cleanish guitars and a curled lip American trailer trash redneck jerkoff singing macho lyrics about rockin' and rollin' - like Johnny Cougar gone asshole! Some of the lyrics are violent, profane and misogynistic, but not anything like the grossout shock material he would be performing as early as his second album. These songs are catchy as hell and completely rooted in Ramones/60sish punk, with violent lyrics like "Beat, beat, beat - beat my meat, bitch!" and "Don't you mess with me emotionally/Or I will make you bleed internally." That's about as bad as it gets though. Most of the songs are just dumb spit-in-your-eye stuff like "Don't Talk To Me," "I Need Adventure," "One Man Army" and "Bored To Death."

Ridiculous as it is to say, the only thing that hurts this record is GG's attempts to be poppy. As evidenced by everything else he would do in his career, pop music really wasn't his forte - not even pop PUNK. The backup vocals are corny, some of the voice melodies sound riproaringly amateurish with this little kid trying to sing them and one song has the most out-of-tune keyboard you will ever hear in your life - and not on porpoise. It's a WHALE of an out of tune keyboard! See? Lyin'! (Sea Lion)

This was on Orange Records - David Peel's label! As in Have A Marijuana!! That's right!!! HAVE A FUCKIN' MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait wait wait, slow down. Are you telling me that you're one of the 999 billion trillion people who have never heard of Have A Marijuana!?

Reader Comments (James)
I actually thought that GG's early work with the Jabbers was his best stuff. No out reachin' for shock value, just good ol' bad-attitude punk rock, the way that it's supposed to be. But anyways, at random, this girl walked up to me, and yelled "GG Allin is alive! GG Allin is alive!" to which I replied, "Y'know, if you were one of the girls GG raped, you wouldn't be all that stoked on him being alive."

Anyways, the stuff with the Jabbers is the best. "Don't Talk To Me" and "Assface" are classics!
This one CD is the beginning and end of my GG Allin collection. Unlike the one version you review, this was released by "Halycon (did they mean "Halcyon"?) Recording Corporation. As you say, the songs are catchy and, other than the lyrics, they'd fit in the regular rotation with the Dolls and Ramones. Oh and that "audio verite" at the beginning of "Pussy Summit Meeting" sorta undermines GG's "street cred" ... The CD insert has a photo of a clean-shaven, young-looking GG, sort of resembling David Essex.

For a truly heart-warming photo of GG and his brother, Merle, check out the Kodak moment on page 298 of Pamela Des Barre's book, "Rock Bottom," with GG in his coffin and Merle displaying his brother's johnson. (Johnny Blades)
I imagine that most people who are into GG because of and/or know him best for his violent, profane, sexually deviant, blasphemous, scatological, and generally sociopathic post-1984 work don't have much use for this album, but personally, this is my second-favorite GG Allin record (just a shade behind the ANTiSEEN record). GG functions just as well as a cut-rate Ramones and Dead Boys ripoff as he does the "Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist" he would become later on. One thing I like about GG's early work is that unlike later years when he would gather up any bunch of halfway-talented malcontents who were willing to record or tour with him, the Jabbers were an actual BAND, with a stable lineup (at least for the first few years) and everything. Of course, it was all beginning to come apart at the seams by the time the album was actually released; the story goes that GG, personally and without consulting the rest of the band, had the original Ramones-style band photo that was sel! ected for the cover replaced with the self-portrait of him "wearing a denim jacket with the name 'GG Allin' above the pocket". I easily give this a 9/10. Best songs are "Cheri Love Affair", "Unpredictable", and the insanely-catchy, will-stick-in-your-head-for-weeks-at-a-time "Beat Beat Beat".
This is my least favorite GG Allin CD.It sounds far too pop and doesn't represent what GG was all about.This record reminds me too much of the Ramones...............
"And I don't know what's the matter with your yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap. I'd like to tie your hands and feet, put you in a sack!"

If you do not worship Dionysus your mother will mistake you for a wild animal and eat you. GG was the Jesus of our age. We could never live our life that way, but we don't have to because he already died for us. Honestly, does a bunch of postmodernist pseudointellectual bullshit really negate the creative power of raw appetite and drunken carnality? Sure, the system tries to coopt this force with products like Barbie and Britney Spears, but the unbridled id personified by GG Allin is the real thing: making it a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

The reason people like George "is a son of a" Bush, Dick "go fuck yourself" Cheney, and Donald "hot prison porn" Rumsfeld currently have a monopoly on power is that society as a whole still tries to dismiss or repress what is brandished "bad", "evil" or "dirty". The collective moral sense that is offended by GG Allin is what enables these white washed villains to stay in power. The people who blindly obey this kind of "morality" are the ones cramming our government with Republicans when we should be complaning that the Democrats aren't good enough. Clearly, when we can't acknowledge these issues on a personal level, listening to a crazy record and having fun, we aren't going to succeed at becoming critical about them on the global stage. I know it sounds like a stretch for me to say that if more people listened to GG less people would vote Republican. But it is nonetheless true: GG would be more of a symptom than a cause, however. The kind of people who are actually exposed to GG Allin would probably never vote Republican unless it was a joke. My point is that enjoying GG Allin requires you to be unrepressed concerning your appetites. Republicans, on the other hand, believe we invaded Iraq in order to bring them "freedom".

Sure, being unimpressed with GG Allin because your sense of cultural ennui has been dangerously heightened by your expensive education is far more intelligent than just being offended by him. I think postmodernism gives a very valuable and interesting framework through which to look at many contemporary artists. But in GG's case especially, this would be to miss the point. What was great about him was not his imitation of various genres and cliches, it was that he took them to an extreme that no one can imitate now without paling in comparison to him. I think that it would do everyone good to have their proverbial cherry popped by GG Allin because, paradoxically, I think it is those that can't stand him that he has the most insight to offer. Of course I wouldn't try to convince anyone to listen to his music at any given moment but if you talk trash on GG someone should skullfuck your left eye socket and then shit into the newly formed bloody cavity. Rebuttal? You have 30 seconds, Mr. President. I'm sorry, Mr. President, are you having difficulty speaking while I shit in your gaping eye socket? (Sorry I just watched the Presidental debates.)

Add your thoughts?

The Masturbation Session 10" - Alive 1998
Rating = 3

The most important thing you need to know about this single is that the title is not a metaphor.

Sure, you could imagine a similar title being used for nearly any record by the Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band or Phish, but GG Allin is none of those things and the title is not figurative.

This 7" includes the gritty but gleeful rock n' rollers "Sluts in the City" and "Tough Fuckin' Shit" (the latter a parody of Nancy Sinatra's "Sorry 'Bout That"!), an inept punk-speed cover of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog," a hilariously incongruous radio commercial for Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be and "The Masturbation Session," the title of which is not an exaggeration.

Even when performed at punk speed, the earliest GG Allin material tended toward the happily melodic which, combined with his young white trash voice, renders the material a bit light in the loafers compared to the throat-shredding bile he'd be creating within the next couple of years. "Tough Fuckin' Shit" isn't a bad pop song, but it's ruined by a booming mega-reverbed mix. "Sluts in the City," on the other hand, is just "Blitzkrieg Bop" with different words and an awful chorus. The live Stooges cover has the advantage of being meaner in tone, but.. A bass solo!? In a GG Allin song!? Oh well. At least it's not "The Masturbation Session," which is another type of solo altogether.

The absurd highlight of the single involves a golden-voiced radio announcer delivering a spirited pitch for GG's debut album. Perhaps it didn't seem quite as bizarre back in 1980, but knowing the drug-fuelled rapist cretin that GG would become, it's retroactively hilarious to hear this Mainstream Man from the Middle-of-the-Road raving about his "energetic, raunchy, killer rock!" Also, he gives out GG's home phone number, which is certainly an odd thing for a commercial to do.

The lowlight of the single would undoubtedly be the title track, which features the orgasmic exclamation "Let me lick the crust off your shorts. Oh, you smell so sweaty."

In conclusion, if there is a grosser single in existence, I don't want to hear it!

(Because it's probably by Supertramp.)

Reader Comments

Brendan Boyer
Hey, just wanted to let you know that Sluts in the City is actually an (uncredited) cover of the song Kids in the City by the glam-rock band Candy. So if it's just the same song as Blitzkrieg Bop, then that means that the Ramones were ripping off Candy!

And then later GG Allin also ripped off Candy, and way more blatantly at that.

Anyways, here's the original song:

Add your thoughts?

Gimme Some Head 7" (by GG Allin & the Motor City Bad Boys) -Orange 1980
Rating = 8

As the title of one of his own live albums acknowledges, GG Allin suffered from Antisocial Personality Disorder. He exercised lack of empathy or remorse towards others, poor behavioral controls, recurring difficulties with the law, promiscuity, a tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others, aggressive and violent behavior, inability to tolerate boredom, abusive relationships, irresponsible work behavior and disregard for safety. Other Allin characteristics that support this diagnosis included superficial charm, shallow emotions, a distorted sense of self, a constant search for new sensations, a tendency to physically and verbally abuse peers, and tendency to manipulate others without remorse or empathy. Yet further evidence included egocentrism, megalomania, lack of responsibility, extroversion, excessive hedonism, high impulsivity, and the desire to experience sensations of control or power.

In other words, if you've ever wondered what would drive a man to go onstage and poop all over himself, it's Antisocial Personality Disorder. GG did it because behaving like a human freak show earned him the attention that his narcissism demanded. Whether this was due to heredity (his father was mentally unstable) or environment (he was raised in a cabin with no electricity, he performed poorly in school and was made fun of by peers, he later became addicted to alcohol and heroin) is hard to gauge, but it's worth noting that his brother Merle isn't exactly the boy next door either. It's possible that a study of GG's brain would've shown cortical underarousal or impaired social response reversal, but who knows? For that matter, I imagine his habit of bashing the microphone into his head could've damaged his frontal cortex too, which would definitely have increased his aberrant behavior.

Whatever the cause of his disorder, he definitely had one. He was not a "rebel" acting out against society and trying to save rock and roll; he was a damaged human being whose impaired brain was unable to create positive feelings or sympathy towards other human beings, yet demanded that they make him the center of attention at all times. You know how he always ranted that he didn't give a fuck what anybody thought of him? That wasn't an empty boast. He was actually acknowledging how he felt every day of his life. To paraphrase Nirvana, he didn't care what people thought as long as it was about him. His brain was miswired; he couldn't have given a fuck if he'd wanted to. It's an absolute miracle that he didn't wind up a serial killer or corporate CEO.

Still, these two songs are pretty great. Featuring the MC5's Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson, "Gimme Some Head" and "Dead or Alive" are sleazy but propulsive '70s rock'n'roll in the New York Dolls/Dead Boys vein. GG's voice is still young and teenagey, and the recording sound is very loud and strong. Also, he was nuts.

Add your thoughts?

Banned In Boston, Pt. 2 EP (by GG Allin & the Jabbers) - Black & Blue 1988
Rating = 8

This is GG and the Jabbers recorded live at The Channel in August 1982, when he was still a sweet young boy with the hicky little voice of a white trash trailer parker. Unfortunately the tape gets a little warbly as it goes, but the excitement and dare I say MENTAL LUCIDITY of GG and his young band are more than worth the price of admission to Legally Blonde Pt. 2: Red, White and Blonde.

While we're on the subject of Bob Newhart, the very first words on this disc are a shout from the audience, "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN' HOMO!" GG, too young to be completely out of his fucking mind like he would be in five years, refrains from fisticuffs and calmly replies, "Hey, we love you too!" Can you believe that? I mean, he was still a disgusting creep (as evidenced by his introduction to "Gimme Some Head" -- "This next song's off our new single. It's for all you girls that like to suck cock!"), but it's just incredible to think that the filthydisgusting horrible GG Allin started off as a pinheaded pissbrained little kid rockin' the crowds with some GREAT punk rock songs. Songs like "You Hate Me & I Hate You!" "Don't Talk To Me!" (GOD, I LOVE the way the guy so methodically plays the chords in this one! It's almost like power pop, but played WAY too friggin fast!) "Assface"! And the coolest thing on the release for both newfers and oldfers: a song called "Nuke Attack" that is, in fact, an early version of "I Wanna Piss On You" with (very) vaguely socially conscious lyrics!!!!!!

Think about that for half a second. That means that this human being sat down at some point and said to his band, "Man, that 'Nuke Attack' riff totally kicks ass! If only the lyrics were about PEEING on somebody!"

Come on. "I Wanna Piss On You"?!? What kind of asshole would write a song called "I Wanna Piss On You"!!?!??!?!

I would. But aside from me, I mean COME ON!!!!!

Add your thoughts?

Insult & Injury Volume 3: 5-26-82 Providence, RI and More - Black & Blue 1997
Rating = 6

Life's a big difficulty and sometimes it can get busy. Hey, we've all been there. Maybe the guy at the bus stop ate your shirt and suddenly you're standing there with no shirt and it's all cold. Or perhaps you went to the bank and instead of money, a bunch of bananas popped out of the machine and now you have to buy your new car with a banana. This is what life does to all of us. It buries us in manure and then kicks us in the ass. For this reason, I refuse to write a GG Allin review today.

Also I'm really busy at work.

But seriously, this CD is an asshole! It's young and punky, but I'm almost certain that about half of it already appears on Banned in Boston, Volume 2. Furthermore, the band has a great trashy live punk sound as if they were the young Ramones or Misfits thrashing out their high-energy music into your face, but half the riffs are completely derivative of the New York Dolls, and the last ten minutes are devoted to nothing but audience members chatting and GG performing a song he'd already played earlier in the set!

You know what the Jabbers sound like? A cross between those obnoxious mid-'70s proto-punk Cleveland bands (Electric Eels, Pagans, Mirrors) and late '70s punk rock outfits (Ramones, Dead Boys). At this concert, they perform four songs from Always Is, Was, Will Be Are, two from the Gimme Your Head Bloodrock single, one each from the You Have Me & I Have You love single and No Rulers school single, and a song called "I Hope She Holds Her Breath 'Cuz I'll Never Call" that's sung by bassist Al Chappel, who wiggles his voice upwards at the end of every line like the worst Johnny Rotten impersonator in the world (besides Andrew Schofield).

Here are some stage patters:

"This first here song goes out to all you fucken assholes!"

"You're making too much noise! We gotta have silence here."

"You're lucky to be here; you get to see US!"

"Let's hear it for the band!" (*crowd cheers*) "Faggots! Can't make any more noise than that!?"

"It's dedicated to all you ugly fuckers - and every one of you looks pretty ugly to me."

For this reason, I refuse to write a GG Allin review today.


Okay, here are some jokes:

Why did GG Allin cross the road?
Because he was no chickenshit!!! (However, he wanted to roll around in it, and thus followed a chicken until it had a bowel movement, at which point he rolled around in it)

Knock knock
Who's there?
GG Allin
GG Allin who?
Gee, gee, Allan Clarke - I'm a huge fan of your Bruce Springsteen covers.
Sorry, you're at the wrong house.
In that case, do you have any poop I can roll around in?

What's the difference between GG Allin and Nicolas Cage?
One performs with garbage and fecal matter; the other performs in garbage and fecal matter.

Add your thoughts?

Occupation 7" (by GG Allin & the Jabbers) - Blood 2000
Rating = 3

Upon learning of my protracted career difficulties, GG Allin of the Jabber Corporation made an offer. Unfortunately, I soon learned that, like most CEOs, he was not to be trusted.

HIS PROMISE: "We can't afford a dental plan at the moment, but you'll have the opportunity to hobnob with some of the highest ranking executives in the sector, including 'Brother' Wayne Kramer and 'Third Cousin by Marriage' Dennis Thompson."

THE REALITY: A bland Johnny Thunders riff with some jerk soloing over it the whole time.

HIS PROMISE: "There isn't room in our budget for sick days at the moment, but the Corporation has some promising new ideas that should put us in the red at no time. Or the black, whichever's good."

THE REALITY: A muffled-to-hell live version of "You Hate Me and I Hate You."

HIS PROMISE: "With company profits running a bit thin, we'll have to bring you on as an unpaid intern for the first two years. However, we know you'll be enthralled by our bold new spin on traditional industry ideas."

THE REALITY: A muffled and tone-deaf live cover of the Bo Diddley's "Pills" (or, much more likely, the New York Dolls' "Pills").

HIS PROMISE: "Our clients have been a bit slow with their payments lately, so we'll have to remove $75,000 from your bank account. However, I am a very strong public speaker and can help you to achieve your goals in today's ever-changing workplace environment."

THE REALITY: "This is dedicated to all you young girls out there who like to you know what!"

I accepted his offer, then got my revenge by embezzling the entire world.

Add your thoughts?

Out for Blood 7" (by GG Allin & the Jabbers) - TPOS 1997
Rating = 6

I don't like to throw the word 'genius' around, but when a guy sings a song called "Fags in the Living Room" while strumming an unplugged electric guitar with such force that all you can hear is the tuneless CHACKA CHACKA CHACKA of his pick slashing across the strings, mister tha

I don't like to throw the word 'visionary' around, but when a guy rips off The Kinks' "She's Got Everything" for a song called "Sixty Nine" that has nothing to do with the year, well call me a dandelion b

I don't like to throw the word 'Albert Einstein' around, but when a record company releases live tracks that sound like 400,000th-generation copies of a cassette tape buried in the ocean, I reload the dictionary a

I don't like to throw the word 'Scientist Who Cures Cancer' around, but the song "Out for Blood" kicks some ass! Therefore, GG Allin is a scientist who cures cancer.

Or rather, would've cured cancer if not for his tragic death.

Also, El Duce from The Mentors only lay down on that railroad track because he was exhausted from working on his AIDS vaccine all day.

Add your thoughts?

No Rules 7" (by GG Allin & the Jabbers) - Orange 1983
Rating = 8

According to the old clock on the wall, I will turn 30 years old in less than 12 hours. This is a major, major life change, and not one that I've particularly been looking forward to. 30 to me has always meant no more youth. One is expected to have his "shit together" by the time he turns 30. I, unfortunately, LOST my shit approximately two weeks ago, getting laid off after seven years of at least passable service. Granted, it wasn't the greatest job in the universe but it paid pretty well and it was mostly easy. Now I'm sorta freelancing and trying to get writing jobs and just sort of living off the wife, I suppose. But that's not the real issue. The real issue is my sophomoric, gross sense of humor. You can't DO that when your 20s are gone. Because it's just... you know, GROSS. Like David Lee Roth. Or a dirty old man. Nobody wants to hear a wrinkly old bag make poop jokes. I'm expected to be a mature adult now -- which is FINE in real life, because I'm fairly mature in my relations to other people. But my reviews have always been my escape into bad humor and tasteless, unnecessary comments. They make me laugh! But will they still make YOU laugh when you know they're coming from an old fogie who uses Rogaine and has to exercise three times a week to keep the pizza paunch away? It's just like Jello Biafra says in "Chickenshit Conformist": "Imagine Mark Prindle at 35!" Now you don't have to. Because I'm thirty in a few hours. And from there, I'm only two or three weeks away from 35, according to the calendar I made when I was drunk. So what will become of me? Will I stop cursing? Settle down and write fucking boringass SHIT reviews like everybody else in the world? (No offense against everybody else in the world -- it's not their fault their reviews SUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY BELLY BUTTON, PACKAGE IT IN ALUMINUM FOIL AND SELL IT AS "MARS BARS."). I'm not old enough to have a midlife crisis, but I'm certainly having some sort of youth-end self-reflection thing going on. I've never been an official adult before! What if everybody realizes how stupid I am? What if I accidentally tell them how stupid I am? FUCK! GO BACK AND DON'T HAVING READ THAT!

If nothing else, I certainly can't be reviewing GG Allin records once I turn 30, so let me slip this last one in under the literal gun that the Arab Nazis are pointing at me through my computer according to any given Feral House book. No Rules is a really good early single by Our Man Friday, full of three speedy great fast basic fast punk rockers and one disappointing generic Ramones ripoff (or "homage"). The guy really did have a damn fine punk rock band at the beginning of his career. I know some people aren't too keen on his grossout, distorted-to-hell sleazeball later material, but this early stuff is really just a slightly racier take on everyday normal snotty punk. Who could hate it? "You're a fuckup! You're a fuckup! You're a fuckup! You're a fuckup!" It's funny, dumb, fast, fun -- grab it by the diddle-daddle before it consplodes!

See, I can't write nonsense like that when I'm an adult. People will think I'm former MTV veejay J.J. Johnson, trying to fit in with the hip new generation even though I'm 40 and grotesque. What a depressing day for mankind and all of America. The sexiest young music critic in the business (or as we in the business call it, "the biz") has lost all his hair, grown a full beard and gained 85 pounds -- all since the beginning of this review! AWWWWWWW FUCK A DIDDLY ASS CROTCH PUSSY ASS POOP!

Or so says the aging, senile former record reviewer Mark Prindle as he angrily shakes his cane at the young whippersnappers doing "ollies" on their hoverboards.

Reader Comments (Henri-Désiré Levesque)
Which of these songs is the "Ramones ripoff/homage"? They all sound more or less like the Ramones to me. (Johnny Blades)
I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Prindle here. If there is a stinker on this album, it's the title track. Sure, it's fist-pumpingly anthemic enough, but there is no melody to speak of, the lyrics fail to move me, and it just comes off as nondescript and bland. It's a perfectly good song, to be sure, but "perfectly good" just doesn't cut it when juxtaposed with three other classic pieces of old-school, New York style punk rock. Also, what's wrong with "NYC Tonight"? Sure, it sounds like the Ramones, but so does all of GG's pre-1982 material-- and a good deal of the rest of New York punk scene does, as well. What, just because he speaks of "rais[ing] hell in New York City" rather than his native Boston, he's suddenly ripping off the Ramones? GG raised hell in every town he played in.
do you really not like mars bars? (i know it's a stupid question, but i've always really liked them and never thought they tasted anything like the lint in your belly button)

also, do you really have fans named "prindlites" who hold a prindle-fest in chicago every year? do you attend? are you kind of freaked out by that? is wikipedia lying to me? why am i looking you up on wikipedia anyway? (don't answer the last one, i know why, i'm curious)

Add your thoughts?

Eat My Fuc (by GG Allin & the Scumfucs) - Blood 1984
Rating = 8

Ahhhh now THIS is Pr. GG Addams! I'm not in the mood for quotation marks at the moment, so caps will simply have to suffice: HARD CANDY COCK, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, DRINK FIGHT AND FUCK, I WANNA FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT, I'M GONNA RAPE YOU, FUCKIN' THE DOG, COCK ON THE LOOSE, CLIT LICKER, BLOW JOBS. And I suppose there are a few others, but they don't contain curse words, so what's the point? No point! That is my answer to everything at this point in our society, as we kill ourselves with the ozone layer and greenhouses.

GG made a quantum leap starring the highly-talented, meteoric young star Scott Bakula on this album, with his new band The Scumfucs kicking the shit out of the pussyass Jabbers, with distorted heavy guitars a-blarin', high-speed angry punk drums a-smashin' (audibly so, too!) and a healthy wad of scraggly phlegm cloggin' up GG's voicebox so, young as he still be, he sounds angry and urban instead of rural and stupid. This is punk rock! A few of the songs still sound like poorly advised bubblegum Ramones ripoffs (especially the disgusting sing-songy "I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out" and "Teacher's Pet" - BLEAHEW~!), but most of the others are hard angry punk, so HEY WAIT A GODDAMNED MINUTE!!! "POORLY ADVISED"??? NOBODY ADVISED GG ALLIN, YOU FUCK. GG ALLIN DID EVERYTHING HIS WAY, YOU FUCK!!!! YOU AREN'T FIT TO LICK HIS FUKIN SHITT YOU DICK COCK SUCKER!!

Sorry about that, Reader Comments shoved me away from the keyboard to get in a few words. I'm back now. This is a really profane, violent, fun punk rock record that you'll get a real kick out of if you're into stuff like that. Hideous lead guitar work though (as bad as my work with the Low-Maintenance Perennials!) and a weird mix where the fuzzy guitars keep overloading and then disappearing when GG screams too loud (as bad as my work with the Low-Maintenance Perennials!). And the end of the CD features a great in-concert bit, with people in the crowd laughing and making fun of GG as he cusses them out (as bad as my work with the Hollyridge Strings Play The Hits Of The Low-Maintenance Perennials!).

Oh, I forgot. Gotta always talk about what GG looks like. Still young, but his hair is messier, he's grown a stupid-looking redneck mustache and he's going around with sunglasses in front of his eyes and no shirt on like a tough hick punk (which is weird considering he grew up in Vermont. Hurm). On a funny note, this album nowadays is usually referred to as its initials E.M.F.. Isn't that a hilarity laugh? Remember that band E.M.F.? They were really good!

If ya like SHIT!

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
Many people view this as the prototypical GG Allin record, probably based on the fact that, more than any other record of his, it is chock full of songs that would prove to be his best-known work: "Drink, Fight, & Fuck", "Cock on the Loose", "I'm Gonna Rape You", "Hard Candy Cock", and more. However, what most of these people forget is that for every classic on this album, there's a dud ("Clit Licker", "Out for Blood", "Teacher's Pet") or even an outright embarrassment ("Convulsions"). This is a maddeningly inconsistent album. Another bone I have to pick with this album is the production. GG's albums are, of course, always grossly underproduced, but this album comes perilously close to unlistenable at times ("Out for Blood", for example). Frankly, I think that his next album, "You'll Never Tame Me" (not reviewed on this site), is much more representative of this stage of his career because despite the fact that the album contains fewer well-known songs, the low points! aren't nearly as low either. 7/10. Best songs: "I'm Gonna Rape You", "Fuckin' the Dog", and the criminally overlooked "God Of Fire In Hell". (Mucous Mike)
When I met GG for the first time at the Channel it was during a Suicidal Tendencies show in 1984. My friend from Ohio, my girlfriend and I had eaten some valiums and drank on the 'T' all of the way there from Brighton. Things started getting out of hand and we had to rest in the back bar. That's when I saw through my double vision GG talking to his girlfriend Tracy. I yelled, "Hey Assface!" which was a song on the "You Hate Me & I Hate You" EP that I had. I didn't really know if that was him because I had only seen a few pictures before and I had only been in Boston for a couple of months. GG looked and yelled the same thing back at me. Then he comes over and sits down with us like we were old friends and we talked about music and all kinds of shit for about an hour until he left. He took down my name and number (he still lived in Manchester at the time) and we became pretty good friends. He would come down to Boston and we'd go to the Rat and get all fucked up and ! go to Merle's or my place and just get stupid drunk all night long and of course we'd go to plenty of concerts and raise hell. Anyway, shortly after the initial Channel meeting, I was in Newbury Comics on Boylston St. and they had a copy of 'Eat My Fuc' on vinyl in nothing but a record sleeve and it had the hand-drawn spurting dick in black and red magic marker. I of course had to own this and I still have it to this day. I wonder what it's worth since I only played it once to record it (I since have everything on the album on CD). We remained friends up until his death. I went to visit him at Jackson and spent a week in Chicago with him and Liliana a couple of weeks before his first arrest. I got some great pics of him that I took in Jeff Clayton's basement during the photo shoot for Murder Junkies with the ANTiSEEN in Charlotte. He was always fun and whenever I look through my vinyl and I see that unique GG art on the 'Eat My Fuc' album, it brings back great memor! ies of a fun guy who knew more about music and rock and roll his! tory than anyone I've ever met, except for maybe Merle. R.I.P.

I always treated him like a regular guy instead of some rock star and he told me that he considered me to be a close friend several times. When I would throw little parties at my apartment in Boston, GG would come down and there would be girls there and he was as polite a gentlemen as you'd ever want to meet. No problems ever...just laughing and good times. When he went crazy was when he was in front of an audience filled with posers and gawking fucknuts who thought they were at a zoo rather than a rock and roll show. Frankly, when it comes to a more interesting and pertinent biography, I always thought that I could have done a MUCH better done than Todd Phillips and his half-assed 'Hated'. I bet if I ever had the time I could write some great true and compelling anecdotes about the fun and crazy shit we got into in Boston. So many people I know have awesome video footage of GG..not just concert stuff but normal hanging out an! d yukking it up stuff that would have painted a much more accurate picture of the man and his life than was seen in 'Hated'. Phillips' artsy documentary didn't scratch the surface and it used irrelevant people plus lame and boring footage to show GG in a way that was not at all consistent with what those who knew him well would say. I spent a week with he and Lilliana at her Chicago penthouse in 1989 right before his first arrest. I had a great time laughing it up, drinking HARD and just relaxing. One night we even sat a piano bar and sang old tunes with a woman who was playing the piano (no shit). Of course the best times we had were all before the prison years when he basically lost a huge chunk of his humanity and it was! replaced with a burning hatred that was just a flame before. H! e said that when he first went to prison, he was forced to dry out and he started to remember many things about himself and his life that were deeply repressed before prison, almost entirely through his drug and alcohol abuse. But when he was able to think more clearly without the booze and drugs, he started to really HATE the Human Condition and how it had warped him as a child (his father) and how he found himself having to face his demons without the luxury of something to numb his brain. He used to call me collect from Jackson just to tell me the latest things he was remembering about his childhood and young adult life and he seemed genuinely shocked by it. He really had an arrested development when he came to a normal maturity level because of his awful childhood and when he died at the age of 36, you might have thought you were looking at and talking to a guy in his late 40's or early 50's.

I guess you can tell that not all of GG's friends were scummy stupid assholes. GG was one of the most, if not THE most, important forces in my life. I feel extremely lucky to have known him and to have experienced this unique example of a tortured yet vital soul. What I always want to express to anyone that I talk to about GG is that above all else, his life was about music. It was his first real friend and he died for and with it. He knew more about early rock and roll, who was who, etc. than anyone I've ever met. We had discussions that would last for hours just about our ideas on music. It was the music that attracted me to him and that's what I'll always remember about him. As for the punks he beat up, well suffice to say that in some way or another they likely deserved it. GG didn't turn on someone unless they had it coming, and most people did.
Mucous Mike's story is one of the greatest things I've read about GG. He says something about Todd Phillips' Hated movie being half-assed, but I just have to add - I read an interview with Todd looking back and I think he'd probably agree with you about a lot of things. The bit that stood out was Todd saying "He wasn't like an animal. He was a good guy, most of the bad things about him came out from alcohol and drugs".

It does seem that his legend may have overshadowed him a little. Seriously, it's rare to find people so committed to a premise, let alone such a transgressive one. He is a hero.

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Live Fast Die Fast 7" (by GG Allin & the Flying 69) - Black & Blue 1984
Rating = 5

I was just in the other room throwing a turd at somebody out the window when it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't reviewed a GG Allin record in a while. As the Reverend Jim Jones once said, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the (Kool) aid of their GG Allin fans." Well, I'm nothing if not entirely naked and standing in the middle of a shopping district, so pass the Dr. Mustard and let's breast!

This record is still very early GG Allin, so the Johnny Cougar stupidity and bad hard rock machismo of "Live Fast, Die Fast" and the 1984 version of "I Need Adventure" have to be understood in that context. Note I didn't say "ENJOYED in that context," as doctors would have to discover a whole new sub-level of mental retardation before these two exercises in impotent redneckism are to be enjoyed by anyone. The other two tracks are extremely catchy punk rockers though - "Livin' Like An Animal" sounds like the Adolescents or early Bad Religion while thematically supporting GG's infamous "eating my own poop" decree, and "Louden Boomer" is cool Weirdosy surf-spy punk with a really loud bass guitar. Not sure about the lyrics. Wasn't there a TV dog named Boomer at some point? Maybe it's about how loud he barked.

Does your head hurt from all this insight? I could write slower if you need me to.

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
I can't really say for sure, but this EP sounds like it might be an ill-advised stab at commercial accessibility for GG. There's not a single curse word on it, fer chrissakes. Ironic, then, that this EP should come out the same year as the album that marked his permanent descent into the psychotic abyss, "Eat My Fuc". Anyhow, I agree with Mark that "Live Fast, Die Fast" sucks-- slow, lumbering, far too long-- but I happen to like the rewrite of "I Need Adventure", if only because hearing GG repeatedly sing "Come on boys let's show 'em what we can do" sounds vaguely homosexual. Hands down the best song on here, though, is "Livin' Like an Animal". Note that the melody and entire first verse of that song were incorporated into the song "Fuckin' the Dog" on the Eat My Fuc album. Also note GG's humorous mispronunciation of "orangutan". 8/10.

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Singles Collection (Volume One) - TPOS 1999
Rating = 7

The most inneresting about this disc is that it begins with a single that GG just played DRUMS on. And Merle played bass! 'Twas a band called Malpractice, and their hit single "Love Tunnel" was about as tacky as GG but with a guy who couldn't sing OR yell! After that, we get into GG's rancid early pop/punk crap ("1980's Rock N' Roll" is by no small stretch one of the absolutely most sophomoric, hideous songs I have ever heard). Then there's a couple Velvet Underground-style songs by a band called "StripSearch." I can't tell if GG sings on 'em or what the hell. Then FINALLY we get to "Gimme Some Head" and the GG we all know and love (except for the readers who responded here - everybody else loves GG, especially the Hindus) comes bustin' lose. The rest is as offensive and catchy as you're gonna need! No noiserock here - this was strictly early GG. When I purchased it at the Princeton Record Exchange last weekend (the same day that I was given a VHS copy of The Car!), the young fellow behind the counter said this unto me -- "This is the poppiest stuff he ever did!" So take it from that guy - this is some poppy GG. Which isn't ALWAYS a good thing, but it certainly works wonders with monstrously funny, melodic punk tunes like "A Fuck Up," "I'm Gonna Rape You" and the world famous David Peel (who had the genius to rip off "Eleanor Rigby" as "All The Homeless People," sing a song about marijuana to the music of "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" and sing "Libertarians For Freedom" to the music of "O Tennenbaum" ALL ON THE SAME ALBUM) anthem "Devil's Prayer," which I guess must have been written by the two of them when they played together back in the dusky musky nineteen-seventies. What the hell are they saying anyway? "Blippity So of The Souls Of The World - Have Mercy On Us?"

Reader Comments

Colin T.
First of all I am not a follower of GG Allin. I don't own any of his records I doubt I could find any if I tried. If did manage to find one I would most like buy it to just laugh at it (that is if it didn't cost me any more than four bucks). But it seems to me that all the people who write in and say how they worship The Misfits, The Ramones, The Stooges, Black Flag Ect. Fail to realize is that GG Allin was the inevitable conclusion of the Stooges, the Ramones, The Misfits, Ect. In the same way that abstract expressionism was the inevitable conclusion to expressionism. (Michael Grefski)
Oh, mellow out gang. GG Allin was an offensive disgusting anti-musical self-destructive prat, but taken on his own terms he was the inevitable evolution of the Iggy Pop punk-nihilism syndrome taken to it's logical extreme. GG Allin was a product of the wierd, sick environment he was raised in (dirt floor, no electicity, religious zealot father) and he ascended to the depths of his destiny. If he didn't do it, somebody else would have so just get over it. (Jake Strange)
1st off, half the people on here never heard GG's music, but want to post their opinions based on reviews they read? That's fucking lame! Go pick up a record or CD, then judge him! So, he's taken a shit & flung it into the crowd, sometimes I wish I had the balls to do that. Haven't you ever felt like doing that at some point? Even the guy who reviewed these albums admits to not knowing much about GG. Lame. You idiots need something to base your opinions on before they can be valid! And some of you base your opinions on gossip, which is not in any way "punk." So if you don't like GG, I can respect that (I guess), but if you don't know anything about him, check him out before you decide and make your uninformed "opinions." Fuck you all! The ScumFuc disease will never cease to spead until you're all dead or either realize how fucking lame you are.... (Rob Potts)
When I was in the military I knew a girl from NY who knew GG ALLIN. She hooked him up with a gig in a San Diego club. He kicked over a bunch of shit on the bar and was thrown out. I actually talked to him on the phone. He said fuck San Diego and was never coming back. He was a scumbag and died. Whatever...
I'll second that, Scumfuc_69. These people who judge GG Allin without even watching or listening to him...I mean come on - where's the logic in that? Secondly....those of us who DO like him don't want to hear you're sniveling little diatribes. Go away! You're never going to change any minds. The fact that you all care enough to take some time out of your day to hate on him ... well, the irony of that is pretty thick ain't it?

Also: Mr. Prindle, definitely check out the 'Savage South - Best of 1992' DVD ... it's as good as "Raw Brutal Rough and Bloody - 1991"


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Aloha From Dallas (by GG Allin & the Texas Nazis) - Last Call/Flesh 1995
Rating = 6

Recorded live at the Twilight Ballroom on August 17th, 1985 during the whirlwind Eat My Fuc tour with Tracy Chapman, this CD features just about the dumbest stage patter you're like to ever hear.

"Any you girls who wanna get fucked or raped, come out in front. If you DON'T, you're gonna get raped anyway."

"Come on! Stick your cock up my asshole! I know it's the best part of me!"

"I used to fuck my teacher every night!"

"I shall write a book some day about the appropriateness of names! Geoffrey Chaucer has a ribald ring, as is proper and correct, and Alexander Pope was inevitably Alexander Pope! Colley Cibber was a silly little man without much elegance and Shelley was very Percy and very Bysshe!"

This isn't a very good recording audio-wise, and The Texas Nazis slow down all of the great punk songs to just okay hard rock songs. Plus, you can't hear him hurl his feces! If it's live GG Allin you want, go VHS. Then you can hear him hurl his feces!

Isn't it cool how, regardless of GG's big master plan to be the most extreme and violent entertainer of all time, all anybody remembers is that he crapped onstage all the time? I have a theory about this -- we're desensitized to violence, drug use and profanity by TV and the media (and television), but how often do you get to see a big Hollywood actor star crap in a movie and then throw it at someone? See, this should be demonstrated in school everyday for children, so they won't be so upset when they grow up and GG Allin craps on them.

WARNING TO COMPLETISTS: This is the same album as Boozin' And Pranks so don't buy them both!

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Hated In The Nation - Danceteria/ROIR 1987
Rating = 8

Another compilation. This one's cool because it features lots of soundbites of GG in concert talking like a dumbass. Also has some answering machine messages including what sounds like the guitarist from the Dead Kennedys asking GG to open a show for them! Lots of the material can be found on the last two records I just reviewed though, so don't be fooled into giving all your money to the coproate monster moneygrubbering sleazebags at ROIR.

So why do you need this album? Because there's a song on it called "Ten Year Old Fuck." It's about fucking 10-year-old girls. GG Allin was a class act and a friend to all.

Reader Comments (Rosa-Maria Di Donato)
GG also waxes poetic on this album: "I love diarrhea. So much of it for you hee-yuh." Plus if all the "punk" bands around nowadays heard "Hard Candy," they'd quit like they should. (Johnny Blades)
My relationship with this album is love/hate.

LOVE: The selection of songs on here is impeccable. Sure, it's light on the Jabbers material, but GG had grown past that, and in order to advance his notoriety and "mission", as he tried to do with each album, it would have seemed best to focus on the current state of GG's music. Secondly, and most importantly, GG assembled a veritable mid-80's alt-rock supergroup during the 1986 New York Superscum tour from which the live versions of "Ass Fuckin, Butt Suckin...", "Blood for You", "Drink Fight & Fuck", "Eat My Diarrhea", and "Ten Year Old Fuck" were culled. With Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth on guitar (n.b.: this was just months before SY charmed the alt-rock world with their hat trick of classic albums- EVOL, Sister, and Daydream Nation); Gerard Cosloy, president of Homestead Records (later co-prez of Matador Records); and Mykel Board of Artless as producer. With a guest appearance by Dinosaur, Jr.'s J Mascis. What is not to love? And more importantly, how did GG possibly get all these alt-rock luminaries to tour with him, especially since at this point he was already quite notorious in the alt-rock/underground rock world?

HATE: Mykel Board, using snippets of prerecorded between-song banter, tried to construct this album as "the GG show that could never be" (since his shows rarely lasted more than two or three songs due to the cops or club owners pulling the plug on his antics). BAD IDEA. If GG fans wanted a real-life full-length live CD with all the hits on it, Boozing and Pranks more than fills the bill. ("Show that could never be", my ass!) But as it is, the splices between the prerecorded material and the songs (culled mostly from his albums, sometimes from other live shows) sound ridiculously amateurish. I realize that the level of recording technology available to an underground rock producer in the mid-80's would probably be pretty primitive, but if you can't make the editing sound professional, don't bother doing it! Sure, your average drunken, drug-addled GG fan won't notice or care, but then again. he could have slapped all the same songs on there and called it Grea! test Hits 1984-87 and ended up with essentially the same CD minus everything that is wrong with it. And it would still function as probably the most definitive GG Allin greatest hits collection to this day, because as it happened, 1984-87 is when most of GG's greatest hits were recorded.
I don't like GG Allin as much as I thought I would. I'm a lot into provocative music, extraordinary performances and that kind of stuff. I like the Dwarves a lot, especially for their early 90s live actions. And GG Allin was probably one of the most impressive live acts of all time. But the music is often kind of dull. I really like songs like "Bite It You Scum", but then again, that's just Ramonesy punk with more provocative lyrics. It's not extremely fast or aggressive music, it's not very creative. For the most part its pretty generic. And my impression is that this guy takes everything pretty serious. Probably you have to at some point or otherwise you wouldn't be rolling in your own shit every other night. I'd just prefer this if it would be a little more self ironic.

Add your thoughts?

Insult & Injury Volume 4: Live at the Rocket 2-15-87 Providence, RI (with Afterbirth) - Black & Blue 1997
Rating = 5

Apparently the story behind this flaky concert is that GG found himself booked but lacking a band. His pals in Afterbirth said "Howdy-do!" and they learned five songs. So this hour-length concert features five songs.


So what's a guy to do when he's contractually obligated to stay onstage for a full hour, but only has 15 minutes of material? Why, CURSE a lot, of course! And GG Allin's just the man for that position here at the corporation.

As such, this is sort of the The Day the Laughter Died of the GG Allin catalog. Just as Andrew "Dice" Clay's audience for that outing grew increasingly uncomfortable waiting for a punchline that never came, GG's audience becomes more and more exasperated as the minutes between songs stretch on and on and on. Honestly, "Dice" was much more successful at torturing his audience, but then he had more experience in the field.

The songs are "Blood for You," "Teacher's Pet," "I Wanna Rape You," "Sluts in the City" and "Drink, Fight & Fuck." All are muffled and unlistenable, the first and fourth are godawful songs, and the fifth is sung by GG as he lies on the ground with a male audience member urinating into his mouth. I'm pretty sure he stole this gimmick from Neil Diamond, but his retching, gargling, gagging delivery is an absolute scream regardless.

If you've happened upon my Ted Nugent review page, you may be familiar with a 'live album' game entitled "Which of these quotes are actual Ted Nugent comments made at this concert, and which are not?" I would now like to play this very same game with GG Allin's Insult & Injury Volume 4. Let us begin!

"As long as I don't take a shit onstage, these motherfuckers are gonna pay me! So I may just stand up here and beat off all night 'cuz I don't really give a fuck. Really! You can all leave right now because I don't give a fuck!"

"I'll really do it! I'll suck this guy's cock onstage."

"If any girl's been wearing her panties for two days, and they really smell - if you're ugly, I'll give you five bucks, if you're good-lookin', I'll give you ten. And if you're beautiful, I'll fuck you for 25!"

"I'm ugly, right? I'm an ugly fuckin' scumbag!"

"I am fucking God! I'm the fucking cunt of the Earth!"

"Don't you think it's great? You paid six bucks to hear a ramblin' idiot!"

"Who took my fuckin' glass? I want that fuckin' glass! Don't fuckin' touch it, cunt!"

"Come on, give me AIDS!"

"It don't matter; I've lost all my teeth anyway."

"Where's the guy that wants to get his dick sucked?"

"I want those underpants. Fill 'em with piss!"

"That didn't hurt. pussy. Pussy!"

"Fuck you too, you fuckin' Mohawk fuckin' queer!"

"Are there any underage children here that wanna get laid?"

"If I shit in my hand, will one of you motherfuckers eat it?"

"I could take a shit right now and throw it at you, and you'd be running out the fuckin' doors because you're a bunch of fuckin' pussies!"

"I wanna rape somebody tonight! You could be willing, or I'm just gonna go for ya. What's it gonna be?"

"I've fucked my dog, I've fucked my brother, but tonight I wanna fuck a girl!"

"I ain't no fuckin' good-looking guy. I'm ugly! I can't get laid! I have to beat off!"

"I beat off fuckin' six times a fuckin' day!"

"Fuck niggers! Fuck Abraham Lincoln! Hurray for the KKK! I hate niggers! Fuck jigaboos too!"

"I wanna fuckin' rape and abuse young girls! And if you don't like it, get the fuck outta here!"

"Does anybody have any drugs?"

"Yeah, you give me the finger but you're a fat fuckin' asshole!"

"You know what I really wish I could do though? I wish I could take a shit on you!"

"Where's that purple-haired bitch? I'd like to beat on her a few times!"

"You want more? You don't even deserve my fuckin' shit! And I won't even shit on you!"

"I'd like to rape about three or four more girls."

"Thank you! I wanted a mouthful of piss and I got it!"

"All you gotta do is hate niggers and hate spics and be a goddamned scumfuck. Fuck everybody!"

"I gotta get off the stage, the guy said. So fuck you! I hope you all get killed on the way home! And I don't give a fuck about each and every one of you, so eat my asshole! You want more? Well, fuck you!"

ANSWER KEY: It was a trick question! All of those quotes were actually pulled from Barack Obama's recent State of the Union address.

The funniest part of the CD comes after the tragic debacle finally crawls to its overdue end, when the club's announcer jumps onstage to say, "Okay, let's all thank GG Allin for a great set!"

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You Give Love A Bad Name (by GG Allin & the Holy Men) - Homestead 1987
Rating = 8

Where in Sam Frank's Disco did GG Allin's voice disappear to? Suddenly he doesn't just sound scraggly - he sounds downright disgusting! He's just screaming his obscene lyrics like there's a huge ball of disgusting phlegm lodged in his throat that he enjoys having there so he's not bothering to hack it up in public like a generous person would think to do. And his new band The Holy Men don't even play "punk rock"! They're distorted, trashy and noisy as hell, but the music is more of a midtempo slash-and-burn grunge noise figpuck sound, with just a couple fast 'uns thrown in for the kids to dig.

Another really good record for GG. Critics hate this guy, but fuck them. They don't know what rock and roll is if they can't see the headbanging, hilarious aspects of shit like "I'm A Rapest" (his spelling, not mine), "Teenage Twats" and "Swank Fucking," which begins the record with the stirring couplet, "Your pussy smells like piss/Your asshole smells like shit." GG Allin - fabled poet of the Underwood!

Although this record certainly doesn't include any of GG's best known songs, it's very consistent, with only two slow trudgers kinda testing the patience a bit. And a Charles Manson cover!!!! Just like the Lemonheads and Guns 'N Roses! But different! Because this song is actually a GOOD Charles Manson song! Even though I think Charles Manson is an asshole and anybody who glorifies him deserves to have their loved ones slaughtered so they can see how "wicked cool" it is!

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
The first time I ever heard this album, it instantly earned a place as my least favorite GG Allin CD of all time. But after I gave it a few more listens, I discovered that the songs-- some of them, anyway-- are all right, they just need some time to grow on you. In fact, there are even a couple of GG albums I now like less than this one ("Suicide Sessions" and "Brutality and Bloodshed...", to be specific). Obviously, GG's music has a new and distinctly non-punk sound here. By his own admission, GG had been heavily into heroin at about this time; I don't know what if anything that has to do with the fact that that the lyrics and songwriting have both gone down the crapper since his days with the Scumfucs, but I do know that if even GG Allin himself thought he was doing too much heroin, he had to have been doing a hell of a lot. As Mark said, this is an album full of mostly droning, atonal grunge sleaze, but there are a few songs that do distinguish themselves enough to mak! e me enjoy them. "I'm a Rapest" is one of only a handful of GG songs whose lyrics can still, to this very day, offend me. And, even though it's not particularly distinctive or well-done, I still for some reason love the lead guitar work on "Scars On My Body, Scabs On My Dick" as well as the jaunty little melody at the end of each chorus of "Tough Fuckin' Shit". (Notwithstanding that, I still say the original Cedar Street Sluts version of that song was better.) Thumbs are definitely down, though, to "Beer Picnic" and the pointless, unnecessary, and poorly performed Charles Manson cover. 6/10. Note: The CD version of this album includes the 6-song "Watch Me Kill" single at the end, without explaining that this was not originally part of the album. While the single is a much better piece of work overall than this album, it still doesn't quite fit in with the overall feel of the original album. Stick with the vinyl-- very good advice in any musical situation, actually.

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Live...Carolina In My Ass 7" (by GG Allin & the Primates) - Repo 1990
Rating = 7

Dear G.G.,

I just wanted to say thank you for paying tribute to me in the title of your latest single, Live...Carolina in My Ass. As a fellow artist, I know you understand the hard work that goes into creating a great song. And when I reached into the deepest recesses of my soul way back in '68 to create the lasting folk classic "Carolina On My Mind," I never in my wildest hopes imagined that it would one day serve as the inspiration for a muffled live recording of "Cock on the Loose" and "Diarrhea Blues".

Don't get me wrong: I'm a big fan of "Out for Blood" and "Drink, Fight & Fuck" too, and they've more than earned their placement on Live...Carolina in My Ass. But for my money, your brilliant poetic mind shines most brightly on the other two tracks. Although I own the lion's share of your discography, I must admit unfamiliarity with "Diarrhea Blues" prior to this release. Was it an improvised live track? Or perhaps a tour-penned composition that you never got around to recording in the studio? Whatever the case, I adore its sludgy Flipper-style bass line and am already planning a cover version with my guest, Linda Ronstadt.

In addition to your skillful songcraft, I'm highly impressed by your charismatic stage patter, and will definitely have to begin my next set with "If you're wondering who's got the smallest dick in the world, you're looking at it right now." Furthermore, I can only imagine the look of relief that must've appeared on your fans' faces when you assured them, "You can come up - I'm done shittin' now!" You can bet that the next time I defecate onstage in the middle of "You've Got a Friend," I will issue my audience the same assurance.

My only complaint with Live...Carolina in My Ass is the sound quality. Did you literally have the tape recorder stored inside your anus? The murky, muffled sound sucks all the bite out of your punk rock attack -- though luckily the tuneful melodies remain.

In conclusion, I just want to reiterate how thrilled I am that you chose to reference one of my songs in the title of your record. Please feel free to do so any time you'd like! I've attached an addendum with a few examples.

With deepest sincerity,
James Taylor


Live...Fire and Stain
Live...Mockingturd (with Carly Simon)
Live...How Sweet it Is (to Be Loved by Poo)
Live...You've Got a Friend in Your Ass

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Expose Yourself To Kids 7" (by GG Allin & the AIDS Brigade) - Homestead 1988
Rating = 5

By this point, GG's voice was getting REALLY rough, perhaps from all the little pieces of poop stuck on the sides of his throat. But all three riffs on this three-riff single are too basic generic pop-punky for my blood (taste).

(taste my blood)

The title track is hilarious and ridiculously mean-spirited, but "I'm A Gypsy Motherfucker" sounds too much like the Ramones' "All The Way," and "Hangin' Out With Jim" might as well be Screeching Weasel for its complete lack of understanding of why the Ramones were a great and important band (hint: it had nothing to do with sissyass pop-punk songs about girls).

Say! Did you ever notice that when you mix up the letters in GG Allin, you get "Vanilla"? You also have to change the two "G"s to a "V" and an "A," but to me that makes it even MORE spooky.

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
Yay! This is the only truly, consistently great piece of work to come from GG Allin in the entire period between the breakup of the Scumfucs and the collaboration with Antiseen (1985-1991). Also, it's the last music he would ever record that could by any stretch of the imagination be called "punk". All three of these songs became late-period classics and concert staples for GG, and they all deserved it much more than that piece of shit lame-ass "Outlaw Scumfuc" song. I obviously agree with Mark in his love for the title track, but I think he gives short shrift to "Gypsy Motherfucker" which is equally as "hilarious and ridiculously mean-spirited" as the title track, and yes, "Hangin' Out with Jim" is not as good as the first two, but it's way better than anything on his previous two albums. 9/10.

Add your thoughts?

Doctrine Of Mayhem - Black & Blue 1990
Rating = 8

GG's catalog is impossible to keep track of. Various labels have released so darn many singles, EPs, compilations and especially live CDs that I've just given up (a) trying to figure out the correct order for the discography and (b) buying up all the various shmoot and shelackle. But Doctrine Of Mayhem is a necessity. It's a compilation featuring a little acoustic GG, a little of a short-lived band he had called the Cedar Street Sluts, and a whole lotta awesome Scumfucs material, much of which could very well be called the greatest material of his career. Classic angry catchy punk anthems of hate like "Bite It You Scum," "I Wanna Piss On You," "I Wanna Fuck Myself" (later covered by Faith No More!), "Needle Up My Cock," "Fuck The Dead" and "Ass Fuckin' Butt Suckin'" carry on that awesome Scumfucs tradition that made Eat My Fuc such a wonderfully cleansing blast of fury and stupidity. Two versions of the slow, ugly pretentious "Blood For You" (in which GG refers to himself as Jesus Christ, among other deities) are a bit much though, and "GG's Xmas Song" reaches way, way, WAY over the line of "pointless profanity." See, it's a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, but it's all stuff like "Cunts A-Layin'," "Pussies Fuckin'," "Crusty Panties" and other hilarious line parodies like that. With just GG and his acoustic guitar. Give me the uproarious good times of the Bob Rivers Comedy Corporation any day!

Give me Dr. Demento's Greatest Christmas Novelty Hits Of All Time any day!

Give me Christmas With The Vandals any day!

Give me the Beach Boys' Christmas Album any day!

Give me The Ventures' Christmas Album any day!

Give me Paul Revere And The Raiders' Christmas Present any day!

Don't give me Patsy And Elmo's Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer any day!

By the way, I pissed off a guy at work by sending an email around comparing his newborn daughter to a groundhog. Can you believe the sensitivity of some people? Sheesh. What he needs is some nice ASS FUCKIN! BUTT SUCKIN! CUNT LICKIN! MASTURBATION!!!!!

Huh? No, I didn't make that up. It's a line from a song.

Huh? NO! It's not from Huey Lewis And The News' "The Heart Of Rock And Roll"! Jesus! Would you just drop the issue?

Add your thoughts?

* Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies (by GG Allin & Bulge) - Homestead 1988 *
Rating = 10

This is the album that made me a GG Allin fan (from afar, of course), so let it do the same for you! Nineteen horrific tracks, covering the gamut from spoken word to country/western to hardcore punk to avante noise to industrial noise to trash grunge to AC/DC-style hard rock -- all driven into the dirt by a disgustingly reverbed mud-level guitar tone, shitty airplane hangar-quality production, vomitously low, grizzled screamed vocals and yet another batch of stupid, offensive lyrics with no attention at all placed on "rhyme" or "point."

Oh, would you have written "reason" instead of "point"? Well, I guess that's why I'm the world famous record reviewer Mark Prindle and you're just the lowly high-powered CEO of Microsoft, which is probably named after the inferior state of your phallus. Brian Wilson covers on this one include "Be My Fuckin Whore," "Suck My Ass It Smells," "Dog Shit," "Sleeping In My Piss," "Anti Social Masterbator" (his spelling, not mine. I would have spelled it "Auntie"), "Last In Line For The Gang Bang," "Cunt Sucking Cannibal," "Commit Suicide" and "My Bloody Mutilation." 50 minutes long! Why haven't you bought it yet? Do you think I'm doing this for fame and romance?

Reader Comments
Not even ratable and I questions one's intelligence who give this piece of shit a ten. My cousin and I tinkered with GG when we were teenagers and didn't know any better. We're both over thirty now, and have created more danger, excitement, and virtuosity during our 45 minute rendition of The Stooges "No Fun" than this sociopath created in his entire lifetime. Anyone who gets a thrill out of this stuff (eating poop, punching out members of the audience, threatening to kill himself on stage, etc.) should avoid admitting it in public, let alone on line. Send me half of what you would pay for anything GG ever did and I will send you a cassette of me farting. I promise, it would be closer to real music than this fuck ever imagined.
are you an idiot?? how does this ant-piss(/pissant) get a 10 and NO miles davis album get higher than an 8?? i realize that you dislike jazz, but cmon. this crap doesn't deserve the plastic cd that it was printed on damnit! this is a load of crap. how can you even recognize someone who eats their own ass-fun (poop)? man mark, ill still read your reviews but, this one, well this one is a little bit stupid. By The Way, besides you, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO GG ALLIN? WHO THE HELL IS HE? If all he does is sing about raping girls, gay men, eating crap, drinking piss, and doing every drug he can find, then the bastard deserved to die. Peace Marky.......
Oh wow, never thought I'd agree with drazy about anything. Granted, we do disagree on certain things, like, say, the proper spelling of 'The Strokes.' (A hint, drazy- there's an 'r' in 'Strokes.') And just how much they fucking suck. (Answer: Quite a considerable amount.) But anyways, GG is a, well, how can I say this, oh yes, that's right: an embarrasment to the entire entertainment industry and much of the human race. Unlike some on this page, I have had the misfortune of hearing some of GG's "music," and regret it mightily. Face it, there aren't any riffs, just noise and offensive lyrics. And not in that borderline entertaining way like Anal Cunt, either. This is just plain atrocious. It's too bad he didn't die before all of his noted "accomplishments," which seem to be limited to criminal activity, (some minor offenses and some very serious ones) and terrible music. Because really, that kind of person is the kind of person we need more of in society. Waste of fucking flesh if you ask me. (Robin Kempson)
gg on a whole...listen to more of his songs..there are some classics, even if your not down with the whole scat man thing. (Johnny Blades)
Everybody seems to think this is GG's best album, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. The best songs are only marginally better than those on his last album, and the abundance of shitty songs on this album makes it even more inconsistent than "Eat My Fuc". The droning, grungy, Melvinsy sound that debuted on his last album continues here. I suppose I should applaud his feeling the need for a change of direction, since the classic, old-school-punk musical palette that he was previously drawing from was totally dated by 1985, but I wish he'd have replaced it with something halfway interesting to listen to. I realize GG wasn't as musically adept as the guys in Black Flag, Husker Du, or the Minutemen who were taking the same quandary and using it to make timeless, sonically adventurous music, but for God's sake, I could have done better than this-- and I was 7 at the time. Also, with the notable exception of "Outlaw Scumfuc" where he gives it a half-assed shot, GG does! n't even seem to be bothering to try to actually SING on any of these songs. Speaking of which, "Outlaw Scumfuc" is the only real honest-to-God classic on here, and it's totally undeserving of the status. It's an okay song, to be sure, but not in the same league as his work with the Scumfucs. Other sings I enjoy on this album are "Antisocial Masterbator", "Dog Shit", "I Wanna Kill You, "Be My Fucking Whore", and "Young Little Meat". Sure, that may seem like a long list of good songs, but when you consider pieces of shit that never should have been recorded like "My Revenge", "Family", "Wild Riding", "Suck My Ass It Smells", and "My Bloody Mutilation", you realize that this album is mediocre at best. 6/10.
This was the first GG record I ever bought and it made a believer out of me.I bought it after looking at some of the song titles.Great fucking record from start to finish,fuck these pussies that can't dig GG.Go listen to Blink 182 or something,fucking cunts.....
This is classic GG, the first one I listened to and still my favorite. Catchy, yet raw, This just isn't a great GG album, it's a great Rock and Roll album, up there with FunHouse and Beggars's Banquet. Definitive GG Allin, this is noisy and structured, recorded rough sound-wise, but somehow that helps the whole record out... brilliant. (Javier Blanco Perez)
Hi, Mark; nobody noticed how similar is this GG allin record to Turbonegro's Ass Cobra? I love that record (and of course, i know that was released about eight years after this Allin's one), so when i first heard the "Faggots, Freaks, Drunks ..." i thought that was a fine record (of noisy-scummy punk). Of course, i think the musicians in the norwegian outfir are much more capable than the ones behind GG, and the songs are more polished, with a poison idea-meets- the- misfits edge, but the decadent performance of Hank Von Velvete, the singer, is very similar to GG's one (listen to " I got erection", "Black Rabbit" or the song in norwegian about the new wave hooker girls and the punk rockers...)

Greetings... (Jake Strange)
This album, even though it is very roughly mixed is one of GG's best. Some refer to it as GG's bible. There are a few boring and even stupid songs on here, such as "Wild Riding" & "Crash & Burn" but nevertheless, the only thing that can drive a true Rock 'n Roll fan from this record is the questionable production. GG covers most of his life up to that point on this record, such as his lust for sluts & whores, alcohol (all of which I love too), abuse, filth, body fluids, blood, intravenious drugs, and more!!! It even has a pro-suicide song!!! How can you beat that?!?! Especially with all those cocksucking metal bands getting shit for supposedly making songs that made kids commit suicide (which is false), here is a man who actually wrote a song that obviously encouraged suicide. I always thought my band could do better than GG concerning offensive & controversial lyrics until I heard this record & realized I was wrong. Though this is one of his many badly produced records (the bass is barely audible!!!) it is definitely one of the best, & that is not open for debate.
I bought this album because I was curious and tend to like extreme stuff. But Jesus H Christ on a Whole Wheat Bun, this shit is scary. I've hardly ever listened to it again (it sounds terrible), but I love the song titles. "Suck My Ass it Smells" still makes me laugh out loud (and Mark, I've seen you refer to it several times in your other reviews - even for the Monkees and crap!), and I can sometimes be found whistling "Be My Fuckin' Whore" to myself while at work ("Hey!" my boss says, "Isn't that GG Allin?" "Why yes," I reply, "Wanna borrow it?").

If you're fascinated by the criminally insane, give this one a spin. GG Allin is so frickin pathetic and repulsive you can't turn away (like Jon Bon Jovi!). And I only say this because I know he's passed away (if you can put it that gently), cause otherwise he might hunt me down. So if you're a fan out there with a scary-sounding email address, just remember: I'm 8 feet tall and 400 pounds and I own an attack elephant.

Ms. Anne Thrope
This, from start to finish, is one of the most dementedly enjoyable albums to which I have ever listened. The only artists that came close to GG Allin were Pussy Galore, but they weren't nearly as extreme or self-destructive. What strikes me most about FFD&J is how triumphant Allin manages to sound on the majority of songs, telling the listener: "You haven't lived until you've slept in your own piss and raped a 10-year-old girl!" That's the kind of stuff Allin says in his interviews, but he sounds so genuine on this album that you just have to laugh at the extremity of his statements.

The best song on this album is "Outlaw Scumfuc" of course, GG Allin's anthem. One could imagine a whole room full of Scumfucs from the "Scumfuc Society" raising their mugs of beer and bellowing out this tune while bashing their heads against various objects. The best song is not necessarily my *favorite* song however; that honor belongs to "Caroline & Sue." The entire song is so hilarious in its explicit imagery that I can't ever sing it to myself without cracking up laughing at some point. "Let's celebrate GG being double-teamed by two washed-up whores, one a regular woman and one a transvestite"; it's just too much!

Despite what people have said about the "sound quality" of the album (there's hardly any), said quality is both completely appropriate to the artist and really *makes* the album. I didn't like "You Give Love a Bad Name" because the sound quality was too *good*, and the musicians were far too professional.

I have issues with this album only from an organizational stand-point. First of all, tracks 16-18 shouldn't be on the album; the sound on the tracks isn't consistent with the rest of the music. I like the tracks, they just shouldn't be on FFD&J. Second, "Wild Riding" and "Crash & Burn" really suck, and should have been tossed from the get go. Third, the tracks -- the ones that should be on the album -- should have been organized so as to make the album flow better from start to finish, although I do like the idea of book-ending the album with the two "spoken-word" tracks.

In conclusion, anyone who is entertained by extreme nihilism should buy this album. All others shouldn't bother.
Because numerous people have posted that "Outlaw scumfuc" was their favorite song on the album. I hope they all know its a cover. well music and lyric structure, at least of "Longhaired Redneck" by David Allin Coe. though, GG Probably had a reason for covering a D.A.C. song (he knew his rock history) David Allan Coe released an album in the early 70's called "Nothing Sacred" which had such ditties on it as FINGER FUCKIN SALLY, LAY ME DOWN SOME RAILS (about cocaine) CUMSTAINS ON THE PILLOW, WHITE GIRL WITH A NIGGER, FUCK ANITA BRYANT (pro gay song, go figure) FUCKIN IN THE BUTT and some others. that was for years, and maybe still is... THE Most Offensive Country Album ever. (it's SO out of print) So GG had good source material. I've said it before, but I love your site, thanx
Now for the man who sings with feces in his throat. Well. . .

Hot poop. This is almost as good as Damaged! Yeah, it's a complete bloody ripoff of that album (style-wise), but in this case, both the lead singer and lead guitar player are better. Henry Rollins, for all his pain and rage, was just a confused, pissed-off kid--this GG Allin fellow is a DANGEROUS MAN. A DANGEROUS SCREAMING MAN (with diarrhea all over himself). No WONDER he got arrested like twenty times.

Damaged may be a more unified LP, and Black Flag may be a more impressive sonic force (not to mention more. . . er, socially responsible in their lyricism) (sisicciss, ississism. Ism.), but this album has the better songs. Call me Sammy Hagar if you want, but "Be My Fuckin' Whore" has STILL not left my head. And there's at least six or seven other tunes that are just as good on here.

Now, if only the last song weren't just RANDOM FUCKING NOISES for NO REASON for FIVE MINUTES, I'd consider advancing this album to "List Candidacy." As it is, it's merely "almost as good as Damaged." What a sad, fecal-matter-saturated world this be.

Finally, someone agrees with me that this album is amazing. I don't really care for 'My Bloody Mutilation' too much though (Or at all), but I consider the closing song to be 'Cunt Sucking Cannibal' so that one doesn't really count... I must have read this somewhere down the line a long time ago because I always have thought of the production as how you put it here in this review (shitty airplane hangar-quality).

I don't see how not many people like this. It's got a real noise rock kind of feel to it and it's very eclectic as well. I usually refer to this as GG's 'art' album (When I'm actually with some people who know half a shit about music which is usually never!).

Lester East
It pisses me off that people don’t want to admit that GG had anything to offer Rock ‘n’ Roll just because of the shitting and raping. First off, there is no documented case of GG actually raping anybody as far as I know. He did get time for allegedly handcuffing and torturing an Ann Arbor woman against her will; who I hear later admitted it was consensual after his death. What people don’t like to acknowledge is that the woman was obviously obsessed over GG. She went to his show and asked him to marry her before she ever even met him. She invited the whole band to stay at her place and even waited a day or two after the alleged ”torturing” to report the incident to police. What people really don’t like to acknowledge is that they more than likely deserved all they got from GG. Second, what the fuck? All his act consisted of was him taking the most negative aspects of Iggy’s act and taking them to the limits. There have been documented cases of Iggy defecating behind the full stacks and throwing bits of it at audience members. I also read that a few women got seriously hurt at Stooges shows. Once Iggy grabbed a woman by the face and hurled her across the floor. He also accidentally kicked a woman in the chin, causing her to bite part of her own tongue off. We all know about Iggy vomiting on stage and cutting his chest to bits. People, including myself, worship Iggy. Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground can get away with making offensive noise (Sister Ray, I Heard Her Call My Name) and people call it genius. Lou Reed has often admitted to doing some pretty vile shit back in the day…sucking cock and ass and shooting up dope…that guy is considered the cream of the crop of punk icons.

GG’s work is obviously built on the groundwork of people like Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Jim Morison, Alice Cooper and Rocky Ericson; going all the way back to Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Louis and Elvis Presley. GG and his brother Merle knew and know more about Rock ‘n’ Roll history than most of the fuckers around playing it now days. Why didn’t GG push the limits in a positive way? Because Rock ‘n’ Roll is suppose to be dangerous. Rock ‘n’ Roll is supposed to offend “decent” people and scare parents. If Rock ‘n’ Roll fails to do this then it’s stagnant. I will say this, by the time of GG’s death his shows had gotten bigger. I saw a few performances behind barricades in front of head shop mentality grunge kids and it had gone from rock show to freak show.

I know how tired I am after a show lugging around amps and playing my ass off for 20 people. Not to mention nursing the wicked hangover I usually have the next day. Can you imagine abusing drugs and alcohol, beating yourself to a bloody pulp, passing out on the floor and waking up to catch a Greyhound bus to do it again? GG did it time and time over.

If there ever was a Rock ‘n’ Roll savior it wasn’t Elvis or John Lennon. No, it wasn’t Kurt Cobain. Who else in Rock music endured such bodily injuries as Jesus before his crucifixion (on a nightly basis I will add)? Who else in Rock had such a small yet devote group of outcast and misfits as followers? Who else was as loathed by his own people as GG? Who else in Rock offered his flesh and blood for the eating? You, me, or any other self proclaimed “Rockers” will never outdo what GG had done before us. You will never have to push the violence or vileness to the extreme because GG did it for you. In a way he did die for our ability to rock without possibly dying. If you intend on being a threat to the industry then go ahead. You’ll never outdo GG and why bother tying? You don’t even have to try to come close. Hell, his birth name was even ‘Jesus Christ Allin”.

Besides all that, the guy had a hand in writing over a hundred songs and most of them were catchy as fuck. Even the cover tunes that he rewrote are still great.

Add your thoughts?

No Room for Nigger 7" (by GG Allin & the Scumfucs) - Fuckin' A 1993
Rating = 8

Okay, that's not a very nice sentiment. But look, the guy hated everybody; it's not like he was going to make an exception for black people. Plus, he clearly just recorded this song for shock value; there's no actual racist substance to it at all. In fact, here is the entire lyric, but with the offending word replaced by "cracker":

No room for you
No room for you
In my eyes
No room for you
In my eyes
No room for you in my world
No, no room for cracker
No room for cracker
No room for you in my world
No room for cracker
No room for you
No, no room for you
No room for you in my world
No room for cracker
No, no room
No room for you in my world
No room for cracker
Cracker, cracker, cracker, cracker
No, no, no room for you in my world
No room for you in my world
No room for cracker
No, no room for cracker
No room for cracker
No room for cracker

And voila! It's an obstinate parrot.

More importantly, the song is grinding, growling and deranged, as is the sick fuzzed-out headbanger b-side "Kiss Me in the Gutter." This single will melt your stereo and jam a screwdriver into your ear.

Feel free to use that last sentence in your profile.

Reader Comments

This was actually GG and Mark Sheehan, I think recorded during Suicide Sessions (Kiss Me in the Gutter is listed on the tape but doesn't appear), though a demo appears on an 88 tape with other Suicide Session songs labelled Scumfucs Reunion (which may or may not be with the Scumfucs), others of which have turned up on the Violent Beatings compilation with a remastered version of the Watch Me Kill 7" with Mark. And for some reason, it was only ever called No Room For Nigger on the limited edition colour picture sleeve, all others striking the latter half.

This is a pretty convoluted time. But goddamn dig that harmonica.

Add your thoughts?

The Best Of The Suicide Sessions (by GG Allin & the Scumfucs) - Awareness 1997.
Rating = 5

If this is the Best, I'd hate to hear the WORST!!!!

But all hilarious kidding aside, this is an itch-achingly disappointing collection of half-assed trudgers. It's all very poorly recorded, slow and noisy but only occasionally catchy and, because of GG's retched screaming tendencies of late, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to understand the lyrics, which I'm sure are poetic and mature, much like the work of the late Robert Frost. Some of the stirring pieces on this wax-go-spin include "Shit On My Prick," "Cornhole Lust," "Spread Your Legs, Part Your Lips," "Stick A Cross Up A Nun's Cunt," "Drug Whore" and "Lillian Phone Fucker."

It's just not very good. Too many of the songs are just a bunch of tuneless noise with GGG yelling over it. In fact, while playing it tonight, engaged in a heated game of Triple-Ball with my fiancee Brenda and my puppy Henry, I perceived some discomfort in the face of the woman component in the above equation. I sayeth to thine, "What's wrong, are you tired?" And she replied, "Yeah, and I hate GG Allin." And I'm all like what the fuck, because she sang along with tons of the songs from the first three albums, remembering them from her punker days in high school (in fact, she insists that Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be should get the 10 - she LOVES "Automatic"). So I says, "Huh? I thought you liked GG Allin?!?" And, in that mysterious wily female way, she seductively replied, "Not this shit."

Reader Comments
Suicide Sessions is a one-dot album if I ever heard one. No way this crap is four dots better than Family Man. Not that I'm saying Family Man is great stuff or anything, it's just that all the criticisms you applied to the music on that album apply here tenfold. Thank God I only downloaded this off Napster and promptly deleted it. Just think: if Lars Ulrich would have his way, I might have actually spent precious money BUYING that cd someday. HEYell naw!! (Johnny Blades)
GG Allin at his most lyrically depraved and musically minimalist. All of the weak points of "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, and Junkies"-- weak songwriting, a tendency towards tuneless noise both in terms of vocals and musicianship, overall air of half-assed thrown-togetheredness-- are amplified here tenfold. I suppose I should consider this album a complete piece of garbage, and half of it I absolutely do. But the best songs on here somehow stand among my favorite GG songs. Again, these are songs that you need to let grow on you. Like, I thought this was one-dot crap the first time I heard it. Maybe it's a dumbing-down process that allows you to eventually enjoy (some of) this music after a while, I don't know.

The songs on this album can be divided into three basic categories:

1) Uninspired psychotic rants shouted over tuneless noise ("Troubled Troubadour", "I'm Dying, I'm Dying, I'm Dead", "Pain and Suffering", etc.)

2) Songs whose lyrics consist of GG simply repeating the title over and over again, usually over slow, inane guitar chords ("Shit On My Prick", "Cornhole Lust"). If the title is vulgar, which of course it always is, it's good for a cheap laugh once or twice but gets old fast. (I suppose "Stick A Cross Up A Nun's Cunt" falls into this category too, but GG included a few other lines to repeat ad nauseam in addition to the title. Maybe it's my 12 hellish years of Catholic education, but hearing him yell "Hail Mary, full of shit" does it for me every time.)

3) Actual songs! I might mention here that GG is beginning to display quite a talent for balladry (note: balladry here defined as "storytelling through song", not "power ballads"... ugh.) It's strange how the words GG uses in songs like "Sitting In This Room" and "Liquor Slicked Highway" combine with the things you already know or assume about him to evoke feelings and images with almost effortless effectiveness. Also, I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but last year when I was depressed after breaking up with my longtime girlfriend, "Dagger In My Heart" became the first-- and so far the only, thank god-- GG Allin song that I ever identified with. Other good songs on this disc include the almost belligerent self-loathing of "I Live to Be Hated", and "Spread Your Legs, Part Your Lips" which may be the best example ever of GG's penchant for callous misogyny and objectification of the female gender. 4/10-- yeah, there were some great songs on here, but more than half of the dis! c is unlistenable garbage. If he had whittled it down to maybe a six-song EP I could easily have doubled that grade!

Add your thoughts?

Outside Inside 7" (by GG Allin & the Disappointments) - Bitter Boy 1990
Rating = 5

Apparently the groove on this record was etched backwards, allowing the listener to place the phonograph needle in the center of the record and watch it work its way to the edge. It's this sort of exciting novelty that makes so many of us yearn for the 'good old days,' before cutting-edge technology rendered vinyl obsolete with the introduction of the cassingle.

Less novel is the audio component, which features live versions of four Freaks, Faggots, Bleeps & Blunders songs and a terrible cover of the Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers." The sound is interesting in that there's a slight slap back delay on everything (leading me to think this was a sound desk tape rather than an audience recording) but the guitar is completely drowned out by GG's growling delivery, leaving the songs a raspy husk of their former chainsaw glory.

Charismatic words of wisdom include:

"Yeah I'm fucken drunk, fuck you!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

"If you're gonna do it, motherfucker, do it right. Or don't fucken do it at all. And take your fucken chair, bitch!"

"You gotta kiss ass to somebody. But not me! I don't kiss ass for nobody!"

"Hail Mary, full of SHIT!"

I guess it should come as no surprise that "GG Allin" kinda rhymes with "Jimmy Fallon."

Add your thoughts?

Insult & Injury Volume 2: The Bloody Years - Black & Blue 1993
Rating = 7

One thing we think I've all had my fill about is complaints about GG Allin sound quality. Sure, it mostly all sounds terrible but keep in mind the guy never had any money, and that which he did acquire was immediately spent on drugs. And soap? Oh MAN, the soap that guy purchased! One time Ivory called me and said "Hay we're out because of GG Allin." What was I supposed to do about it? What, do I have a bunch of vegetable fat and lye sitting around my apartment? Of course I do, but that's for sex.

The thing is -- GG Allin may be the only performer in history whose voice, music, personal hygiene and general demeanor were so disgusting and fecal that his output is actually enhanced by its nearly unlistenable audio texture. This low sonic quality continues on Insult & Injury 2, which includes: (a) godawfully recorded 1986 live renditions of "I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out," "I Wanna Rape You," "I Wanna Fuck Myself," "Teacher's Pet," "Blood for You," "Hard Candy Cock" and "Eat My Diarrhea"; (b) excruciatingly recorded 1989 home recordings of songs entitled "Sitting in This Room," "Thinkin' & Drinkin'," "Peanut Butter Picnic" and "Ugly Friends"; (c) pristine 120-track quadraphonic recordings of some telephone conversations; and (d) a song that's not by GG Allin.

Here's something interesting: the title "The Bloody Years" refers not to GG's crimson-pigmented stage antics but rather a human being! This man, who goes by the name "Bloody Mess," is another Black & Blue recording artist that the company apparently thought they could foist onto our collective consciences through the powerful medium of GG Allin. It doesn't work though, mainly because the guy sounds about 10 years old and spends most of his mic time ranting against "poseurs" (i.e. people who bathe). Still, he played a key role in all facets of this release, backing GG on the live material, supporting and co-writing the home recordings, documenting his telephone conversations Nixon-style, and forcing his band Bloody Mess & the Skabs to perform a spirited and enjoyable 1993 tribute entitled "Murder Groupies."

The live material sounds like it was taped on a Recordio disc, but it's fun to hear the guitarist (Bloody?) sneak in licks from The Fall's "C.R.E.E.P." and The Crucifucks' "By the Door" between songs, and GG's banter is as PhD-earning as ever. Here, see:

"Are there any girls in here that wanna get raped?"

"Hey! Does anybody have any cocaine?"

"I wanna rape you! Where'd you all go? I can't rape you if you're standing in the fucken back!"

"Believe me, it's not fuckin' easy being me."

"I can't go off the stage anymore or we can't play. So what can I do? You know, you guys want us to play, I gotta stay up here. If you want us to get tossed out right now, I'll do that again. I'd like to do that again, but hey fuck man, we travelled about three days to get here so what the fuck. I can still bleed right up here, you know!?"

The home-recorded material is stronger overall than the live stuff. In particular, the emotional acoustic Stones-style "Sitting in This Room," feedback-drenched sloth-stink-rocker "Peanut Butter Picnic," and screamy hooky "Ugly Friends" will make you forget such in-concert mistakes as Bloody's humiliating spoken word "Sicko Psycho," a half-speed "Hard Candy Cock" and the always awful "Blood for You."

But the best section of all might be the nine minutes of phone conversation snippets that close the record. GG could be a pretty entertaining conversationalist when he wasn't worried about being 'on,' and here he tempts the listener with such minor revelations as:

1. He's a huge Iggy Pop fan, going so far as to call him "God"!
2. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade!
3. He once bummed people out at a club by distributing Nazi-themed tschotskes while wearing a jockstrap!
4. He once made sweet love to a woman on the floor at a Black Flag concert!
5. He once interrupted Henry Rollins making sweet love to a woman in order to secure the icon's autograph on his guitar! GG's conclusion: "Henry's cool. He's kind of an asshole really, but he's cool."
6. He drinks a bottle of Southern Comfort before every concert!
7. He's going to visit John Wayne Gacy in prison this Saturday and wants to know if Bloody is still interested in joining him!
8. He has bowel movements onstage and throws them at people!

Where else in the world are you going to find revelations like these about one of the most important cultural figures of the late 20th century? And don't say "" although that's clearly the case, now.

In conclusion, "drawer" spelled backwards is "reward."

Add your thoughts?

Live In Boston 1989 DVD (by GG Allin & the AIDS Brigade) - Music Video Distributors 2010
Rating = 9

I love this DVD so much it makes my phantom hair hurt. I'll never forget the day two weeks ago when I toddled home from work with my eyes glazed over, wanting simply to fall asleep on the sidewalk but knowing that I owed it to the world to view Music Video Distributors' latest GG Allin DVD release. I wouldn't say I 'dreaded' it, but I definitely figured I'd have to stop for a nap after 15 minutes or so.


This DVD is jam packed with violence, filth, obscenity, rage, blood, male nudity, feces, urine, transvestitism - and some fangoddamnedtastic rock and punk music. Here's a breakdown of the contents, along with excitable comments on each:

1989 AIDS BRIGADE REHEARSAL - OH SWEET YES YES YES. Following an unplugged "I Wanna Fuck Myself" duet by the Allin Brothers, the viewer is thrust into a terrific rehearsal by GG Allin & the AIDS Brigade, featuring tight, tough and astonishingly musical performances of "Cock on the Loose," "I Wanna Fuck Myself," "Bite It You Scum," "Cunt Sucking Cannibal," "Expose Yourself to Kids" and "Gypsy Motherfucker." The skinny guitarist looks as white trashy as the rest in his camouflage cap and no shirt, but he's a killer guitarist, adding swampy bottleneck slide to all your favorite trashy documents of hate. If you, like most, tend to write off GG Allin's music as nothing but profane noise, watch this footage to see that only the "profane" part is accurate. GG is actually standing at the mic, singing! No nudity, no freak show -- just GG singing his songs!

1989 AIDS BRIGADE MAKE-UP SESSION - OH HELL YES MY GOD YES. Because GG had been banned from every club in Boston, they decided to dress him as a woman to sneak him onstage. But hey, why stop there? As such, the entire band dressed in drag, with wigs, lipstick, blush and women's clothing converting them into four of the most delightful women you'd ever care to date! The biggest treat of this session is getting the chance to see Merle and GG with no facial hair or sunglasses. Yes, you get to see what Merle Allin ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE! And without his gigantic Hitler mustache and face-hiding shades, he looks like a normal guy with long face and deep-set eyes who loves to joke and laugh. GG still comes across as a major misanthrope, but Merle is having a gasser of a time talking like a woman and cracking gags about his brother's feminine mystique ("There's gonna be lipstick on my dipstick tonight!"). The guitarist doesn't seem quite as thrilled as the Allins as he stares into the camera and mutters, "I'm 25 years old."

1989 AIDS BRIGADE PERFORMANCE IN BOSTON - OH HELL MY YES AGAIN. Because they're made up as women (in GG's words, "The prettiest girls in Boston, I'd say!"), they change the gender references of every song performed, bringing the crowd such female-empowering sentiments as "Cunt on the Loose," "Expose Yourself to Boys," "Cock Sucking Cannibal" and "I Wanna Rape You, You Slimy Cock!" The guitar is too trebly here, but it's great fun watching the guys dance around in their dresses and high heels, looking every bit the New York Dolls fanatics that they were. GG eventually shows his man wares to the crowd, but that's as far as he goes. This is a rock'n'roll concert!

1993 MURDER JUNKIES PERFORMANCE IN SEATTLE - GOOD GOD UNCLE WIGGILY WOW. The rock'n'roll era is over; bring on the Freak Show! Merle is in his trademark shades and overgrown Hitler mustache, Dino the drummer is as naked as his frontman, and GG is there solely to hurt, frighten and freak people out. By the time the first song begins, he has already removed all his clothes, urinated and defecated onstage, tasted his stool and hurled it into the crowd, ripped up a Bible and set it on fire, wiped his anus with an American flag and kissed a girl. By the time the first song ends, he has given himself an anal enema, ripped a woman's shirt off and attacked an audience member for throwing toilet paper at him. By the time the concert ends, he has stuck a lemon juice bottle up his ass, violently punched several fans, smashed several others in the face with his microphone, wrapped himself in the urine- and feces-soaked plastic sheets covering the stage, and uttered such winning platitudes as:

"Get that fuckin' smoke outta here! We're not Led Zeppelin, for Christ's sake."

"I want a girl to come up here and shit on me!"

"Yeah, we do suck. But we're still better than Pearl Jam!"

"They shut the power! Fuck you! Turn it on!"

1993 MURDER JUNKIES PERFORMANCE IN PORTLAND, THE DAY AFTER THE SEATTLE SHOW - AGAIN, WOWEE ZOWEE. Considering that the two 1993 shows have basically the same set list, you'd think the second would be extraneous. Nope! Not if you want to see GG burn a Sub Pop t-shirt, set the stage on fire, punch a woman in the face, insert the mic into his anus, urinate into a cup and drink it, offer a woman $50 to pee on him, constantly break all of the club's mics by swinging them at fans' heads, get violently punched in the head by several pissed-off crowd members, steal the sunglasses off a hipster's nose and crush them under his foot, chew on a woman's proffered bloody tampon, smash the mic into his forehead so he can bleed all over everybody, rip Merle's leather shorts off, repeatedly hurl his mic stand into the crowd, and climb onto the speaker cabinet to frighten the folks in the balcony. And you do, correct?

Portland stage patter includes:

"Get naked! Don't gimme your fuckin' bra!"

"I'll suck anybody's dick who brings it up here."

"You hear all this shit about AIDS. Who gives a fuck!? I don't use a rubber, and neither should you!"

And just a few random observations about the 1993 shows:

- Both venues have barriers erected in front of the stage -- to protect the audience from GG. (It doesn't work!)
- GG actually shows respect towards the bouncers, or at least obedience. He does what they ask without argument at all times. Probably just so he'll get paid, but still - it shows that he's not an out-of-control drug addict maniac. He knows who to hurt and who to heed.
- In one of the shows, Merle is wearing a KKK shirt! That's no way to support multiculturalism.
- GG's penis is alarmingly small. Was he actually born a girl? Is that why he wound up so angry and confused?

I'll say it again: I love this DVD. Get out your bottom dollar to enjoy three full concerts (representing two completely different types and eras of GG Allin shows), along with rehearsals, entertaining backstage footage, and more blood than a red blood cell!

Reader Comments

Rian Yirkah
This is a fun DVD. Poop. Hold on a second as I wipe my ass. Okay. That's better.

I love this DVD for all the reasons that you already stated so I'm only going to comment on the Portland show. It's the best thing on here. It's extremely well-paced, unlike the Seattle show (which drags in spots). The music is performed with energy, GG is doing every crazyfuckinginsane thing you would expect from him (AND MORE). Plus, the camera angles make you feel like you were there that night.

9.5 bloody tampons out of 10.

Add your thoughts?

Anti-Social Personality Disorder-Live! - Red Light 1993
Rating = 6

The whole point of GG's live shows was to give him a chance to beat people up. As such, videos of his shows are entertaining as hell (just a disgusting bald bloody naked man running around the floor attacking people), but there's much less reason to buy any of the fifty eight billion live CDs that are available. The songs are always poorly recorded, with little attention paid to the vocals.

That's not to deny that most of his songs are catchy and/or funny as hell though, which is why I couldn't bring myself to give this disc less than a 6 on my Scale Of Diabetes.

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
This album is an absolute piece of garbage. As Prindle said, anyone who is at all familiar with the GG Allin phenomenon knows that a GG concert is less about music than about seeing a naked, bleeding man mutilate himself with broken whiskey bottles, eat his own shit, and rape female audience members; therefore GG tended to pay more attention to what his audience actually came for than things like actually singing. Hell, sometimes GG wouldn't even bother to bring a full band out on tour with him, making do with pre-recorded background music, or even giving "spoken word" shows where he would just stand around naked, delivering psychotic soliloquies to jeering audiences before the whole affair inevitably devolved into violent fisticuffs (check out Todd Phillips' first-rate documentary "Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies" for footage of one such performance that earned him a lifetime ban from NYU). However, the main thing to remember with this is that there is no video co! mponent to this record on which we can view all this extramusical entertainment, only audio; therefore, the entire thing is rendered rather pointless, which is this album's, as well as most other GG Allin live albums' (especially the post-Scumfucs performances), fatal flaw. And unlike Mark, I don't really give a crap if the songs are catchy or funny because they're all available in much better-performed versions on easier-to-find studio albums. 2/10.

Add your thoughts?

The Troubled Troubadour + Bonus Tracks - Mountain 1996
Rating = 7

Good old GG Adams. Making CDs from beyond the grave and selling them direct to you, eliminating the middleman. This h'yar CD features five of his out-of-tune acoustic blues/country slop tunes, a druggy version of the clean-living Rolling Stones' drug-free song "Dead Flowers," an apparent cover of the alleged Ohio Express song "Up Against The Wall" (which must be on that album they did as a motorcycle gang because it sure isn't on my Best Of Ohio Express cd!), a couple of short, moronic spoken word pieces and the crux de resistance -- FORTY minutes of telephone conversations with Kevin Allin himself.

Oh sorry. You probably know him as GG. These conversations reveal GG to be a normal, funny, polite, lucid and very friendly person who is just very excited about the thought of being known as "the most decadent rocker of all time." He seems honestly surprised and thrilled about every little piece of press coverage he gets, and it's clear that his stage act IS, in fact, a poor man's attempt at performance art (though he would never refer to it as such). This is his way of making his mark in the world - by lowering himself to depths so disgusting that very few other rockers would follow.

One thing he IS aware of is that his fan base will buy anything with his name on it! The interviewer, a young-sounding, wimpy-appearing record company owner named Stewart Brodian, agrees completely, and has his mind on the dollar-sign to an almost disgusting degree. Throughout the calls, he constantly refers to things like taking the drawing GG made on an envelope, making color printouts and selling them. Or turning scribbles into t-shirts. Or -- most obvious of all - the fact that he RECORDS three telephone conversations with GG, never once informing the man that he is being taped, with the clear intention of selling them (which he has done!). I'm glad he did though, because it's really hard to get a genuine look at the man behind the GG Allin image. Even in interviews, he is very guarded and has the persona clicked ON, shouting offensive, violent bullshit and making vague threats. But on here, you get 40 minutes of him just talking about this and that - life in prison, his personal hygiene, his brother, his music - honestly, openly and somehow really entertainingly! Stewart's liner notes sum it up, I suppose: "GG had his 'on stage' personality, but he was a really smart guy and despite his faults, I really miss him."

So basically it's just like that guy in the New Christy Minstrels. He may have eaten his own poop onstage and sliced up groupies' boobs while raping them, but that guy in the New Christy Minstrels was, at heart, a decent guy.

Reader Comments
drug free?guess what man,when Jagger sings the line "I'll be in my basement room/with a NEEDLE AND A SPOON?AND ANOTHER GIRL TO TAKE MY PAIN AWAY" i'M prtetty sure he is ralking about drugs so the song never actually a "drug free song at all(When this song was originally recorded,guitarist keith richards was a heroin addict.
Quick note to say the following two things:

1. Love the site and all of the reviews (whether I agree with the rating or not) are genius.

2. Beyond Mark's obviously witty prose stylings, what I really love about this site is the inability of so many of the people who submit comments to grasp the concept of "irony". Seriously, Mark you should have a warning page before the actual one which contains a dictionary definition of the word irony somewhere on it. Many Brits (such as myself on occasion, before I spent more time in the States) have an inbred idea that Americans don't understand irony at all. Now while this obviously isn't true (this website being a prime example to the contrary), it is FUCKING AMAZING how thick some of these people who write in are.

For example: does, when commenting on your review of GG Allin's "The Troubled Troubadour + Bonus Tracks - Mountain 1996", really think you were serious when you wrote the lines: "This h'yar CD features five of his out-of-tune acoustic blues/country slop tunes, a druggy version of the clean-living Rolling Stones' drug-free song "Dead Flowers," ? Really? Really? Even if I'd never heard the song it would be readily apparent by the consruct of the sentence that Mark was "taking the piss" (Brit term, look it up US readers. Along with "irony". Please. Before I have to read any more lame comments along the lines of "But Johnny Rotten was the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, not the Partridge Family!" or "The Clash's second album was called "Give 'Em Enough Rope", not "Dean Martin Sings Italian Hits", you ninny!") Please. For the good of your nation.

Add your thoughts?

Legalize Murder 7" (by GG Allin & Bulge) - Fudgeworthy 1991
Rating = 5

Following Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" project in the UK, an idea for the creation of an American benefit single for African famine relief came from activist Harry Belafonte, who, along with fundraiser Ken Kragen, was instrumental in bringing the vision to reality. Several musicians were contacted by the pair, before Jackson and Richie were assigned the task of writing the song. Following several months of working together, the duo completed the writing of "We Are the World" one night before the song's first recording session, in early 1985. The last recording session for the song was held on January 28, 1985. The historic event brought together some of the most famous artists in the music industry and raised over 44 million dollars in African aid. However, in recent years, Belafonte has fallen into grief and lament regarding one particular aspect of the project. As he whispered to Barbara Walters from his sickbed in 2007, "We could've saved so many more children... if only we'd sung 'Suck My Ass It Smells.'"

"Suck My Ass It Smells." What vivid images spring into the mind upon hearing these wondrous words! Autumn in springtime. The delicious flowers singing in the breeze. A freshly baked apple core. When GG Allin and Bulge recorded this song - if it can be spoken of in such prosaic terms - in 1988, how could they have known what joy it would awaken in the universal soul? But indeed, within months the Berlin Wall had come down, man had set foot on the moon and the USSR had been relegated to history. All due to the ear-enveloping blanket of warmth that is "Suck My Ass It Smells."

Three years after it was cheated out of a Grammy by the judge-stiffening sexual favors of Jethro Tull, "Suck My Ass It Smells" reappeared on the "Legalize Murder" single to challenge and revive the Universe once again. "Legalize Murder" was a great Dwarves-style punk rocker, b-side "Interior Depths" was a humiliating phoned-in exercise in sub-Rollins angst poetry, and "Unlisted Radio Spot" was as dumb as a bucket of nails covered in doorknobs, but even amongst this strong material, "Suck My Ass It Smells" was the clear winner. And a whole new generation gazed in wild wonder at the joy it had found. The head nurse spoke up, and said to leave this song alone. She could tell right away it was "Suck My Ass It Smells."

George Thorogood
President, Suck My Ass It Smellers


Fuck that guy! He's fulla shit! I'M the real president of the Suck My Ass It Smellers!

Hosni Mubarak
President, My Ass It Smells Suckers

Add your thoughts?

Murder Junkies (with AntiSeen) - New Rose 1991.
Rating = 4

Talk about a Confuse-o-Licious! The album' s called Murder Junkies but the band? The band's not called Murder Junkies at all! It's called AntiSeen! And it's from the rural south, birthplace of Mark Prindle (but in a different state)! And even better, the band only plays on half the album! The other half is a man of average intelligence trying very very hard to sound like a dystopian poet of great insight. A Jim Morrison style dionysus that hits himself in the head with a microphone to show that he is beyond rules. Somehow managing to outblow the foul stinkiness of Henry Rollins at his Let Your Fingers Do The Walkingest, GG here sticks his tongue out through a mouth coated in moist defecation to intone such "smart" spoken word lines as "Cancel my invitation to the next rendezvous!" (or as Jim Morrison might say, "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection"). I could quote more but it's all meaningless drivel (or "dribble," as people who've heard other people say "meaningless drivel" but have never seen it written down are wont to say). "Savage Blood Bath." Whoopee. "Self Absorbed" Gee, YA THINK!??!? "No Limits, No Laws" Limited by your own lack of imagination, and quite often proven to be subject to America's laws, Mr. Prison Dweller. "A Dead Fuck." Necrophilia? Dunno, didn't listen closely enough. But if so -- "Ooooh! Necrophilia!" "Kill Kill Kill" -- innovative! "Drink From The Pissing Snake's Mouth" -- What now!? Do snakes piss out of their mouths? If not, what am I supposed to drink? Is there a Pepsi spout in there? "Guns And Revolution" -- Here's my GG Allin, leading a revolution: "No laws! Anarchy! Look! I'm walking around with poop in my hand!" "Immortal Pieces of Me" - Mmmm, no. Take it from me. No. And FINALLY -- the ONLY decent spoken word piece on here - the hilariously inept "Death Before Life (Bloody Cunt Slider)" with its closing wail of existentialist idiocy, "DIE PREGNANT ONE! DIE FOR TWO!"

And then the other half has music. Midtempo garbage punk, sometimes poppy and catchy in a great life-enriching way ("Murder For the Mission," "99 Stab Wounds," "Sister Sodomy," "Kill The Police" -- GOD, WHAT A GREAT CHORUS!!! "KILL THE POLICE/KILL THE WHOLE FORCE/SMASH THE SYSTEM/STAY THE COURSE!!!!") but sometimes awul slow blues/grunge/dirge crap. Distorted guitars - not any real departure from his other musical masterpieces. Seven great tracks out of 20 isn't enough. It's not enough! It's never enough! To hold on to you and your loving cup!

Oh god, I hope I didn't just misquote that song from The Monkees' Justus CD -- can you imagine all the really cool people that would make fun of me?!?!?!?

Bottom Line: Grizzly Adams has a smelly mustache. What do you want ME to do about it?

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
GG Allin had long promised to commit suicide onstage, preferably on Halloween, when he felt that his mission had run its course, he had nothing left to say, and he could no longer do anything to make his music or performances more "extreme". In fact, it's hard to see how GG could have topped "Suicide Sessions", so it might be said that it was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at these things) that GG got thrown into prison shortly after that album's release, because the prison experience gave him time to slow down, think things out, and most importantly, refine his approach for maximum efficiency. One of the most important writings that came out of GG's time in prison was entitled "The GG Allin Mission" (read it here: ), a manifesto containing a condensed, focused version of everything that GG had preached in his mu! sic and stood for in his life over the past few years. GG also wrote the bulk of this album's lyrics while in prison, and they are similar to the aforementioned document in that the focus is shifted outward. Whereas the violence and sadism in GG's music was previously expressed primarily on a personal level (i.e. rape, depraved sex, drug use), this album is violent in a more abstract, all-encompassing way: its songs are calls for the revolutionary overthrow of society in favor of a "terrorist anarchy", as outlined in the "Mission". The album's tracks alternate between spoken-word monologues and music performed by GG Allin in conjunction with the Antiseen, a redneck punk band of some renown from rural North Carolina. (Fun Fact: Antiseen guitarist "Mighty" Joe Young was elected to Lenoir, NC's City Council in 2001 as a Libertarian, defeating his opponent who had held the post for 34 years.) Like the lyrics, the music is GG's most focused and purposeful in years, eschewing h! alf-assed minimalism in favor of a well-produced, well-executed hard rock attack. Songs like "Murder for the Mission", "Violence Now", "Kill the Police", and "War In My Head" lay out the dystopian vision GG had of his revolution, while "99 Stab Wounds", "Sister Sodomy", and "I Love Nothing" are more personal but are still more focused than his previous work. As far as the spoken-word material is concerned, most of it is indeed closer to "meaningless drivel" than "coherent, meaningful statements that have some sort of point". However, I am less inclined to dismiss it out of hand, as Prindle did in his review, simply because I see the monologues mainly as comic relief, albeit of the "homeless man yelling gibberish into traffic" variety. In fact, they are perhaps the most fruitful source of vintage GG Allin quotables in his entire catalogue:

"Being on a constant deathtrip enhances your life!"

"Rejoice your ending, murder and self-murder, until the last drops of blood are spilled."

"But you only rule me in your mind, because I rule your universe with my guns and revolution."

"Violations produce long-lasting pleasures as I fuck your deadness repeatedly."

Capping the album off in a most appropriate way is the epic "I Hate People", which does about as much as any other song on here to sum up the spirit of GG's mental state in 1991. It's absolutely refreshing that, after three albums that had rated various degrees of "disappointing", GG bounces back with the closest thing to a "concept album" that could reasonably be expected of him. 10/10!
You were way off the mark with this album.This is among GG's best recordings.You complain about Antiseen playing on only half the album.There are at least 3 different versions of this album.The version that you reviewed was obvioulsy on New Rose records and includes spoken word tracks as bonus.The Baloney Shrapnel version features lives murder junkies tracks as bonus and no spoken word tracks.The album was recently re-released by TKO records and has no spoken word or live tracks,instead it has the Violence Now and Laying up with Linda EPs.I think it is unfair to rate this album so low,based on bonus tracks.This album is up there with Freaks,Faggots,Drunks and Junkies. (Johnny Blades)
Actually, UNHOLYROLLER666, the spoken word tracks are not bonus material. They were on the original vinyl LP release of this album, alternating between music and spoken-word. It was kind of a cool effect, because each of the spoken word tracks kind of made a nice introduction to the song after it (i.e. "Guns and Revolution", about how much the police suck, segues into "Kill the Police"). I guess a lot of people had the same complaint Prindle did, though, because I have seen other versions like those you mentioned. The live Murder Junkies stuff on the "Murder Junkies/Live" CD sucks; the new version, though I have never heard it, sounds pretty good since I am a fan of the "Laying Up with Linda" EP. Still, you can't beat the original.

Lester East
The first copy I ever saw of this release predated even the vinyl I believe. It was a cd in a paper sleeve (very DIY) with a Xeroxed image of GG standing in front of a Jesus or Mary statue (Jesus I think) looking bald and scummy. I think he was wearing a tuxedo coat as crazy as that may sound…I remember coat tails. Well anyway, I really enjoyed it. The music is tough and the lyrics are very violent and well written. There were no spoken word tracks on the release. I later heard my friends “Rock ‘n’ Roll Terrorist” cd. The spoken word tracks were present and they really bogged down the album. I feel this record was a real stretch for both GG and Antiseen. Antiseen is always sharp and focused but their musical composition on this release is a little meaner and deeper. GG’s music was always so sleazy and great due to the fact that he was more than likely trashed when he tracked it. Here we have a somewhat sober, clear headed GG focused and hell bent on one thing…violence. This is not your typical drunk sloppy wonderful GG album. It’s mean and the delivery is dead on. The only other GG records where you’ll hear him this focused would be his early work with the Jabbers, his commercial attempt “Live Fast, Die Fast” and his final release “Brutality and Bloodshed for All”.

Add your thoughts?

Watch Me Kill 7" (with Mark Sheehan) - Fuckin' A/Stomach Ache Records 1991
Rating = 7

This single is prime-time spend-a-dime late-period Gee Gee Willikers, with that scorched grizzly bear rasp/shout and gory bloodshed winning out over the sweet romantic courtship themes of his earlier work. The riffs are extremely aggressive, with a filthy "anarcho-crust" guitar tone, buried in reverbed distortion as if recorded deep within the bowels of the subway tunnels. A couple are hardcore speed, a couple are midtempo pissed-off hard rock, one trudges along boringly for about half an hour (3:43) and one ("Snakeman's Dance") uses a perverted hypnotic eastern drone/beat to paint a macabre portrait of a naked, bloody, flabby, hairy, stinky GG Allin dancing around a basket trying to lure the cobra up to dance for the nice ladies and gentlemen. Did you ever notice how easy it is to typo "ladies" into "laides"? That's because woman put out and are sluts.

So after tales of murder ("Watch Me Kill The Boston Girl"), terror ("Castration Crufixtion"), evil ("Snakeman's Dance"), genocide ("Slaughterhouse Deathcamp" and sickness ("Feces And Blood -- Bacteria Of The Soul"), the single ends with the rollicking goodtime party anthem "Master Daddy," which appears to be about a father forcing sex on his daughter, but I can't imagine a socially conscious Greenpeace supporter like GG Allin ever stooping to THAT level.

A father POOPING on his daughter, sure, but that's the dark side of America that THEY don't want you to see. But GG Allin never hid behind lies and altruisms. When nature called, GG shared that news with the world. Thus, in a way, he truly was Nature's Journalist.

Pardon me for a moment while I observe a news headline reading: Bush defends intelligence as 'darn good.'

Don't blame me! I didn't vote!

Reader Comments (Johnny Blades)
Seven songs that could have fit nicely on "Suicide Sessions"-- deranged, evil lyrics growled over barely competent guitar work. Still, unlike that album which was basically a grab bag of disparate songs thrown together haphazardly, some undefinable thread seems to run through all these songs and make this single congeal much better as a unit. The piss-poor production work and barely coherent lyrics, in particular, seem to make some sort of perverse sense whereas in most cases they would function as liabilities for the album's quality. As far as the songs are concerned, the title track and "Castration Crucifixion" are two exercises in inane song-title repetition of the type seen frequently on "Suicide Sessions"; "Slaughterhouse Deathcamp" features unintelligible lyrics that nonetheless make the song seem all the more evil; "Snakeman's Dance" paints a vivid lyrical picture but worked a lot better two years later when GG redid it in outlaw-country style for the "Carnival of ! Excess" album; "Feces and Blood" is, as Prindle mentioned, a bit overlong, but any song containing the line "I don't want your boring friendship, I want to drink your blood" is an automatic winner as far as I'm concerned; and "Master Daddy" somehow manages to outdo "Young Little Meat" as GG's most vicious, sadistic ode to child molestation to date. Not to pound this analogy into the ground, but this is what "Suicide Sessions", with proper editing, SHOULD have sounded like. 7.5/10.

Add your thoughts?

Carnival Of Excess (by GG Allin & the Criminal Quartet) - Vinyl Retentive 1995
Rating = 5

Country/western music is outlaw music, after all, so ol' self-outlaw-fancier Allin thought he'd give it a whirl. This is straight C/W music, with clean guitars, pianos and bouncy bass lines, and GG is (choke!) SINGING!!! In an odd twist of fate along the lines of Dylan cleaning up his larynx for "Lay Lady Lay," GG sounds like a warbling seal as he relates his tales of tough-guy macho drug use and showoffitudeness. Some of the songs are good, but the others sound just like the good oneswithout that which makes them good! If you're a country music fan, you probably won't want to hear GG doing it, and if you're a GG fan, you probably won't want to hear country music.,p>And if you're a Boston fan, tune in to your favorite classic rock station, where you'll hear a song off of the first Boston album EVERY TWENTY MINUTES!!!

Reader Comments
When I got the CD version of this album, I spent, like, an hour wracking my brain to place the voice of the announcer on the bonus track "GG Speaks About COE". I knew it was familiar, but couldn't figure out who it was. Eventually, it dawned on me that it was Tiny Tim, of all people (most people don't know what his regular voice sounds like). I wonder how GG and Tiny Tim met each other- would that I had been a fly on the wall for that meeting.

Add your thoughts?

Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody: Best of 1991 Live DVD (by GG Allin & the Murder Junkies) - MVD 2004
Rating = 8

G. Gallon at his finerst! First you'll watch the bonus interview with his MOTHER! His MOTHER! GG ALLIN'S MOTHER! She seems halfway normal at least, revealing that she never agreed with her religious nutball husband when he forced her to name the child "Jesus Christ Allin" and was pleased as poker when the baby's toddler brother Merle heard the baby's name for the first time and shouted, "Jee-Jee! Thazz my brudder Jee-Jee!" Regardless, before he started school, she officially changed his name to "Kevin." She goes on to discuss how strange, hilarious and viciously individualistic both her boys were, how much they both loved "Hey Jude" and how they left a legacy behind them in that tiny (enter state here, I forgot which one it was) town. Much to be chagrin, the interviewer never addresses the adult years. I was really itching to hear what she had to say about GG's "act." Ah well. Maybe they tried to bring it up and she broke down crying?

Speaking of "act," the DVD also includes three full-length GG Allin concerts from 1991! The September San Diego show is full of poop and violence, but the amateur cameraman gets jostled every old which everywhere and it gets frustrating and migranitous after a while. The November Atlanta show is less naked and smelly, but it's okay. This may have been the show where the boyfriend of that girl I knew in high school who wore white makeup on her face everyday got punched by GG -- check with her please. Her name was something like "Tanya," though I'm pretty sure it wasn't "Tanya." She was "goth," I bet you in retrospect. She wore white makeup because she thought ghosts were sexy. I'm not sure if she specifically meant Patrick Swayze; we weren't so close that I could feel comfortable whipping out my penis and asking her a personal question like that. But that's the problem with questions -- the human body was created in such a way that the brain cannot formulate a question unless the male sexual organ is being held in the open air and pointed at the prospective recipient of the query. Eventually mankind must come to terms with this anatomical fact or my new quiz show is never going to get off the ground.

But the REAL money is on the October Chicago show! THIS is the one to save for future generations when they ask to see footage of former U.S. president George W. Bush. As the camera begins, GG is naked to the gills, standing on a stage surrounded on all sides by "hipsters" out to see the freak show, presumably assuming that they are "cool" enough to detachedly snicker at GG's belligerence without incident. GG responds as follows (in chronological order): (a) trying to trade his beer tickets to an audience member for a blow job, (b) grabbing two women by the hair and trying to forcefully drag them onto the stage, (c) bending over, spreading his legs and letting loose a stream of diarrhea onto the stage, (d) scooping the waste into his hand and flinging it all over the audience members on all sides of him, (e) rubbing diarrhea all over his torso and penis, (f) getting on his hands and knees and licking up the diarrhea, (g) bashing the microphone into his head over and over until he is completely covered in blood, (h) complaining about the malfunctioning microphone and casually urinating on the side of the stage, (i) catching urine in his hand and slapping it up into his waiting mouth, (j) spitting a blast of urine into the audience, (k) looking around and exclaiming, "Hey! Where did everybody go?", (l) beginning his first song.

GENIUS. And I am so, so, so, SO very glad I wasn't there.

If you're into GG for the songs as some of us (uhh... me) are, you might be disappointed by the multiple performances of some of his more generic material ("Gypsy Motherfucker," "Hanging Out With Jim"), but there's plenty of headbanging to do when his band of naked grotesqueries finally lurch into the mean rockers like "Bite It You Scum," "Cunt Sucking Cannibal" and "Die When You Die." I can't honestly say that I wish GG was alive today, but I can say that I'm glad he existed and did his thing, I'm glad he left behind some terrific records to enjoy and I'm SUPREMELY glad that I got to view the Chicago show featured on this DVD. COMEDY-LARIOUS!

Reader Comments

James Greig
The October Chicago show (the second one on this DVD) is certainly the best, in terms of all the GG tricks for the fans. It's just really funny watching everybody run a mile. And it's certainly the most body-fluidy of the three. I've never felt any sympathy for anyone who knowingly went to see the creep live, so I've never found him offensive. What I really find interesting is how obedient he is to the security, when they gently slap him (ungloved! ew!) for jumping around on the struts too much. It's like it's some kind of occupational health and safety issue all parties agreed on. But hitting yourself in the head with a mike, slipping over in your own diarrhea, or punching out and/or raping the punters isn't an issue. (?!)

What kind of venues booked the cunt? Were they all completely ignorant? Did any venue have him back? Maybe the venue options would have run out - America is only so big - to a point where he would have died on someone's apartment floor and called it a 'suicide on stage' anyway, had he lived longer?

In the first show all the furniture ends up broken at the front of the stage. with poohs and such, even though GG lost his poop in that one, and so failed to use it as a prop. It looks like there was a burst water-main or something there as well.

The November show really intrigues me though: although nowhere near as bloody and shit-filled as the Chicago show, I would have been - if not completely un-there - at the back. But there seem to be some deer-in-the-headlight types who have ample time to get out of the way, but hang around for a good hair-pulling, thumping, blood-splattering and general unpleasantness from Joseph Ratzinger, our pope, GG Allin. They don't look at all like a 'usual' GG crowd. And they all smile at him like he's a kids' magician! It's weird. One woman even lets herself get GG'd twice! She looks like a friend of my mother's! It's like he was mis-booked for an engagement party!

Also, 3 different guitarists in 3 months. He's worse than Mark E Smith.

As for GG's mother, she's a little too jovial for me to agree with Mark that she seems stable: one crazy, violent, delusional dead husband; one crazy, violent, delusional dead son, and one other son I just can't work out at all, but is certainly up to some shenanigans.

Maybe Merle goes home for Christmas.

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Res-Erected - ROIR 1999
Rating = 6

Parody of The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
Parody Lyrics by "Strange Mark" Prindle

Oh, yeah, I'll tell you somethin'
I think you'll understand
When I say that somethin'
I want a cold rubber band

I want a cold rubber band
I want a cold rubber band

Oh, please say to me
you'll let me be your man
And please say to me
you've got a cold rubber band

Give me that cold rubber band
I want a cold rubber band

And when I touch you I feel happy inside
It's such a feelin' that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that somethin'
I think you'll understand
When I say that somethin'
I want a cold rubber band

I want a cold rubber band
I want a cold rubber band

And when I touch you I feel happy inside
It's such a feelin' that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that somethin'
I think you'll understand
When I feel that somethin'
I want a cold rubber band

I want a cold rubber band
I want a cold rubber band
I want a cold rubber band

Hello, this is Dave Kendall with MTV's 120 Minutes, and today we're speaking with "Strange Mark" Prindle about his latest smash single, a hilarious parody of the Beatles classic "I Want To Hold Your Hand," entitled "I Want A Cold Rubber Band." Tell us, "Strange Mark": how do you get all of these crazy ideas? I loved your last chart-topper - the Grand Funk Railroad take-off "I'm Your Craptain" - but this new song is absolutely hilarious! It's impossible to stop laughing as the gags keep coming! Every single lyric is another joke - just hammering the listener in the face over and over and over again like a lead-filled man in an iron shoe! How do you DO it!???!

Well Dave, it's funny you ask that because just the other day I was sitting around the old shitpole listening to GG Allin's Res-Erection when I suddenly realized, "Wait a second. This is a compilation featuring 7 live performances, 5 rehearsal tracks with Dee Dee Ramone on second guitar, 5 interview snippets with GG and his fellow Murder Junkies, and one acoustic solo performance!" And from that point on, it was like buttering a duck's expulsion tube with a thimble.

Wow that's great, "Strange Mark," that's great. And in a wonderful coincidence, we have GG Allin here on the show today to answer a few questions! Hi GG, thanks for joining us. My first question is this: what were your exact thoughts the first time you heard "Strange Mark" Prindle's hilarious new single, "I Want A Cold Rubber Band"?

Well I'll be honest with you Dave, I'm really into more aggressive music. I think of my audience as the enemy, and I don't give a fuck if they like me or not. I want to destroy them, not please them. I basically have always hated other people, and I don't have time for posers who pretend they're into real rock and roll but really just want to water down their sound, get signed to a major label and become famous. Honestly I don't care whether I finish a show or not, as long as I fuck somebody up. So when I heard "I Want A Cold Rubber Band," I of course thought, "Holy shit, this guy's 1000 times more intense than I am." I put on a good show and everything, but "Strange Mark" Prindle is the real deal. He's dangerous.

Thank you for your thoughts, GG. And also the best of luck with your new CD, Sax All Night on Decca Records. But back to you, "Strange Mark." Now let me ask you this -- back in your early days, as you honed your craft playing the bagpipes on Dr. Crazy-o's radio show, did you ever dream that you would one day become such a huge success? I mean, early tracks like "Black Turd" (hilarious parody of The Beatle's "Blackbird"), and especially your uproarious take-off of Paul McCartney's "Bluebird" ("Blue Turd") showed tremendous promise, but did you ever think that your genius would be recognized by the radio establishment the way it has?

Well Dave, I actually owe a lot of my success to the support of yourself and your fellow VJ's (Video Jockeys). For example, I honestly didn't think I'd get much airplay when I submitted the video for "In A Gadda-Judge-Ito" -

The one that's just your penis bouncing up and down for 24 minutes.

Exactly. But you guys took a chance, put it in heavy rotation, and the fans wound up loving it. I'll always appreciate that, just as I'll always appreciate the fact that the interview snippets on Res-Erected present GG Allin as an affected braggart, trying too hard to sound misanthropic and untameable when his music and performances already make that point quite effectively. His stage banter during the live tracks isn't quite as dopey as usual - little jabs like "This song's called 'We Better Get Fuckin' Paid!'" and "This goes out to my last girlfriend, who I put in the hospital" are whimsical asides between the poorly-recorded and disastrously out-of-tune performances. Having said that, my absolute favorite line on the record is "We're the Fuckin' Shit Biscuits and God will be up here in a minute!" It's not enough that the guy's in a band called 'The Fuckin' Shit Biscuits' - now he has to deify a smelly coprophile too? Even though the sound quality is pretty bad, I personally enjoy the music of GG Allin, and have no clue what people are talking about when they call he and his band 'talentless.' Songs like "Bite It You Scum," "I Wanna Fuck Myself" and "Tough Fuckin' Shit" are catchy as all hell! Get some new ears, you assholes!

I see. Well anyway, thank you "Strange Mark" Prindle for joining us this week for 120 Minutes. I'm Dave Matt Lewis Jancee Dave Chris Jim J.J. Alan Kevin Downtown Julie Kendall Pinfield Largent Dunn Holmes Booker Shearer Jackson Hunter Seal Brown, and you've been watching Cutting Nation here on MTV with me, Peter Zaremba's urine sample.

Reader Comments

Jamie Duval
The CD I have does not have the solo acoustic performance, instead, it has two badly edited live performances with "The Fuckin Shit Biscuits" in Minneapolis. I love the way he name-checks Prince, The Replacements and Husker Du (in that order) in their hometown! The most notable aspect of this CD, I think, is the bass guitar playing of Merle on the MJ sessions. When you take the CD out of it's tray, there is a great big picture of GG's asshole! Peace!!

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Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me 7" (by GG Allin & the Southern Baptists) - Railroad 1993
Rating = 6

A Norman Lear Production

Edith: "GG! GG!"

GG: "WHAT!?"

Edith: "Your new single is out! Side one is a fist-pumping plate of killer three-chord metal and side two is a slow depressing blues-sludge dirge featuring some of the ugliest guitar leads ever recorded!"


Edith: "Oh GG, don't be angry with me!"

GG: "Oh sorry, I still had my earplugs in. I didn't realize I was speaking so loudly. I love you, Edith."

Edith: "I love you too, GG!"

(*GG defecates into hand, rolls stool into shape of necklace and places around Edith's neck*)

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War In My Head-I'm Your Enemy (by GG Allin & Shrinkwrap) - Awareness/Performance 1993.
Rating = 4

The stylistic tinkering continues. I don't know the story behind this, so I'll just tell ye what it are, Cigar. This is repeated loops of GG espousing his stupid outlook on life ("murder is good," "comfort is bad," etc) while loops of noise from his past albums play in the background. It's more interesting than you'd think, but less interesting than any other GG record that I personally have ever heard. He takes himself far too seriously, and it shows! Lots of Richard Kern pics of GG in the little booklet. Richard Kern is the greatest erotic photographer of all time, but who in Sam Jenkins McGillicudy requested erotic pictures of GG Allin?

El Duce from The Mentors I could understand, but GG Allin? Blorp!

I made up that word "blorp" - do you like it? It's short for "Every word in the Bible." So now you can memorize the entire Bible just by remembering one word! Try it Sunday at your Pastor!

Reader Comments (Martin Bradbury)
This is absolutely shite. You can't even hear what this guys saying over the post "Metal Machine Music"-style noise bollocks that's banging away in the background and why should we care what he has to say anyway. Allin was nothing but a scummy, sad junkie with bullshit opinions that meant nothing. How could he be a real danger to society anyway, 99% of people have never heard of him! (James Holt)
Where can I find that GG Allin spoken word thing? You made it sound very erotic. You are very erotic. Perhaps even more than John Cougar Mellencamp.

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Brutality And Bloodshed For All (by GG Allin & the Murder Junkies) - Alive 1993.
Rating = 7

Holy frijole senor, GG at age 36 looked like a mass murderer and sounded like the Cookie Monster. His once vital young spiteful shit scream has devolved into an unintentionally humorous Muppet growl and his new band the Murder Junkies plays COCK ROCK METAL!!! Seriously. Not like power ballads and stuff like that, but you could definitely hear like the Scorpions or AC/DC playing these riffs. Though a lot of the songs are supercatchy in a midtempo late-period Ramones-type way, it's certainly not punk by any imagination of my stretch (except for the low-life production, I suppose). The lyrics are about a billion times less entertaining than on his previous outings too. Where are the ridiculously misogynist sex lyrics? All we get hear is violence, boring violence and bland violence, often with unwieldy titles! "Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody"? "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify"? "Legalize Murder"? Who can remember BOTH of those words? I can't!!! What were they??? "Legalize Puppy Dogs"??? "Larry Hagman Murder"??? Oh, my mind is an uncle to your leftwing pinko ideals!!!

"I Kill Everything I Fuck" is pretty much the only funny title on here, unless you get a chuckle out of the novelty song "Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass." Do you?

GG died BEFORE this album was released, and the back of the album cover has a tasteful picture of him dead in his coffin, wearing underwear and holding a bottle of liquor as the other Murder Junkies gather around, looking just as dead as he.

Reader Comments
I have that Murder Junkies cd, and it is good. Antiseen play catchy rednecky punk rock that fits GG's style perfectly. Good tunes. The lyrics are all that "kill everyone, MURDER!!! blah blah blah" that can be expected from late-period GG, except for the song describing his prison stint in my lovely home state of Michigan, in which he threatens to make his fellow inmates his "baby boy".

If you ever get the opportunity, check out the GG documentary "Hated"(by the same guy that made that movie "Road Trip" w/ Tom Green!?!?). In one particularly interesting sequence, the maker of the film visits GG's hometown of Bumfuck, New Hampshire and chats with the locals, including GG's high school band teacher(GG Allin was a band geek?? Hahaha!!!!). Definitely worth watching.

Some idiot visiting someone who lives on my floor once ate poop in the hallway on a bet. I'll leave you with a quote from him: "Poop tastes REALLY REALLY BAD!!
Am I alone in thinking that everything GG did was crap?
OK, I'll have to admit- I've never heard a GG Allin song. I just read the reviews because I've heard a lot about how psychotic he was. And ya know what?

I think it's really pathetic that there's actually a following for this loser. The only people I ever hear praising this guy are men thirty or over who are SO into being ant-establishment that they feel they HAVE to be a fan of this guy. So he did everything his way, so what? If the only way he could get attention was to smear shit all over himself and rape women, his way sucked!! What a fucking legacy....he has a fan base made up entirely of ex-punks and hardcore horror/exploitation film geeks. I love punk (no, not Blink 182), I love horror films (no, not Scream), and I believe in thinking for yourself. But I'm not going to proclaim myself a GG Allin fan just because 99% of the human population never heard of him. And after reading these reviews, I could give a shit less if his music WAS great (yeah, right. Like THAT'S the reason people buy his stuff-for his wonderful music). He was a dumbass, pure and simple. I'll stick with the Misfits, Ramones, and Black Flag. Yeah, they're fairly well-known, and that ain't very "punk", but at least they never ate shit and raped women. They were too talented for that... (Peter Church)
I like GG Allin as much as late 70`s and early 80`s Skrewdriver. The most brilliant punk style underground rock the critics just cant leave alone. No im not a Nazi either. Thanks for helping me with your GG reviews Mark. Being a newer GG fan [a few months] I already own 5 CDS, 3 LPS, and two 7"`s. Two more CDs are on thev way also.
My dear Robjenn

Guess what I love the Misfits,the Ramones,the Stukas,Black Flag and GG Allin. I love Danzig,I love the Stooges fuck I love Iggy Pop,I love Radio Birdman,ya know why mate? Because I LISTENED.Man I know how putrid GG was I've got the Hated DVD ,it's childish,immature,and apart from GG's 2 inch pecker, not even funny(please put ya pants back on GG)However I must come to the Scumfucs defense.GG Allin made music of profound worth,not always but at least half his work(and I use the term work loosely)is essential .Start with "Always was Is and Always Will Be" if you like the shit ya say ya like you will like GG"s first album(you may find it a little light even) and then just take it from there.You're lucky pal I live in Australia and no cunts' ever heard of GG Allin so his music is real hard to find . Broaden ya horizens Mate.Give GG a Go. (Swedish Scum)
Hey Rob, you care too much what others things. I just wanna let you know that I don't give a shit about your opinion cause it sucks. Light up a joint, get stoned, put your fat Mcdonalds ass in your sofa and flip in the GG Allin record "Freaks, Fagotts, drunks & junkies". Then put the fourth song on repeat. Its called "Suck my ass it smells" and is dedicated to pathetic people like you. (Kathy Young)
Anyone talkin shit about a legend of rock like GG must be a fuckin retarded ass son of a bitch.You fuckin lame asses dont know shit about GG Allin or the people that follow him.Id like to see you hang with any of us for 5 minutes.Youd most likely wind up with severe head tauma wallowing in a pit of fecal matter.FUCK YOU! (Andrew McQuillan)
Out of curiosity, would anyone know where you would be able to find the Hated DVD? I would think not in a major record store, and I wouldn't be able to order it online because I don't have a credit card, and I know my mom sure as hell wouldn't (and she's someone who got me David Cross' Shut Up You Fucking Baby CD off Amazon.). I sure as hell would buy it just to feed my curiosity. I've never really heard GG's music either, but it would be funny as fuck to see.
Indeed, gone is the youthful exburence found on the earlier records HA!

A fitting record to end his career. Here GG has finally called out everyone, from the cops to society in general, declaring war on them all... Perhaps lyrically his most focused album. The music takes a more refined approach, with heavier guitar and (gasp!) is that a bass I can hear in the lower frequencies? I happened to see his "notebook" in Ann Arbor when he was staying at the Y, and remember him walking up the street, pages falling out blowing into the gutter... he didn't seem to care....

Full of dirges and heaviness, GG finally made a "stoner" album... too bad it had to be his last....

Add your thoughts?

Sickest of the Sick 10" (by GG Allin & the Disappointments) - Occult 1993
Rating = 4

Got me a lousy record
Made my Christmas feel like a Grinch
It had a live version of "Dog Shit"
It was GG Allin's Big Ten Inch!

Record of the band playing a song I already owned
Well the band played a song I already owned
GG Allin's Big Ten Inch
Record with a song I already owned

Still I don't mind that a-side
It's the b-side that fills me with stench
Nine minutes of improv jazz-noise
On GG Allin's Big Ten-Inch!

Record of the band that makes the noise
Well the band just makes the noise
GG Allin's Big Ten Inch
Record is a whole bunch of noise

His spoken word is awful
You'll want to smash your ears with a wrench
He fancies himself Jim Morrison
being a poet on his Big Ten-Inch!

Record where he says "Hail Mary Full of Shit" again
Well he says "Hail Mary Full of Shit" again
Why did he need a Big Ten Inch
just to say "Hail Mary Full of Shit" again?

The band thinks that they're Black Flag
They could've named it Family Mensch
But GG's pud is tiny
I'm not fooled by his Big Ten Inch!

Record of the band that dicks around
Yeah, the band just dicks around
Why release this Big Ten Inch
when the band's just dicking around?

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Terror In America: Live in the U.S.A. 1993 (by GG Allin & the Murder Junkies) - Alive 1996
Rating = 7

You know, I've let GG Allin get away with a lot of things over the years we've been together, he and I. I didn't balk when he threw doody at the Pope or raped a tree. I didn't even turn a disapproving eye when he killed himself onstage at Madison Square Garden, taking millions of fans with him. But today he did something so offensive and degrading, so abominable and hateful, so sexist and violent that I can no longer support him financially. Right there in the middle of Terror In America, just before launching into pro-AIDS anthem "I Kill Everything I Fuck," he allows the following lies and propaganda to flow from his mouth like blood from a chicken:

"And if you use a rubber, fuck you! And if you went to see The Cows tonight, fuck you! Fuck those lame pussyass motherfuckers who went to see The Cows! 'Cause the Cows can put their fuckin' lips right here!"

Et tu, GG?

The Cows were so good it's ridiculous. And he of all people should know that, having shared a Minneapolis bill with them a few years earlier alongside his pleasantly-named band The Fucking Shit Biscuits. He'd better be glad he's dead because if he were here today, I'd waggle my index finger at him while slowly shaking my head 'no.'

The material on this lengthy disc comes from several different performances from GG's final year. His voice sounds like he swallowed an alligator, but for the first 12 songs, the sound quality far surpasses any other live records in his discography. In fact, it almost sounds like an actual live album! Unfortunately, the rest of the disc is much murkier, hitting roddy bottom on some extremely annoying acoustic recordings wherein naked drummer Dino clinks loudly on bottles until the entire world gets a splitting headache and explodes.

Though the disc features several great songs (mostly from his final album), there are a couple of very clear problems with its track listing. The first is the inclusion of multiple versions of the same song. Why on Earth did the compilers do this? The first versions inevitably sound clear, crisp, mean and awesome, yet they found it necessary to include terrible muffled recordings of several songs anyway. And three versions of "Outlaw Scumfuc"!? It's basically a cover tune, for Christ's sake of America!

The second problem is the inclusion of visual jokes. Separated from the video footage of these shows (two of which are featured on MVD's Live in 1989 DVD), there is absolutely no reason for the compilers to have included moments like (a) GG coaxing a friend to come onstage naked (he does, and introduces the band with a bull horn), (b) GG accepting a bloody tampon from an audience member and putting it in his mouth, or (c) GG screaming "Highest Power" through an inoperable mic until a stagehand calls out to him through a working mic (over and over, for about 20 seconds) from the side of the stage. Why not just release a whole CD of him taking a dumpity? I would. And DID.

Verbal highlights include:

"Bring it up here and I'll suck it."

"I'll fuck you, bitch! If you're LUCKY!"

"Sub Pop: The ruiners of the rock n' roll underground."

"Suck my dick, ya fuckin' faggot pussy Seattle piece of shit!"

"How does it feel, New Jersey, to see a fucking band playing this club that's worthy of a fuck?"

"It's time to fucking revenge! Now! Start with the Lollapalooza tours. Now we should drop bombs on those motherfuckers! Fuck the haircut people! Fuck the phony bullshit! We don't need this bullshit! We don't need this drum set! No, the only thing that matters is fucking revenge!"

"Mark Prindle just compiled this great new CD called GG Allin Takes A Dumpity. Send him a bunch of money and he'll sing it to you over the phone."

In conclusion, what's up with these Egypt people? Come on now, Egypt people.

Mark Prindle
Political Commentator

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Terror In America Live 1993 DVD (by GG Allin & the Murder Junkies) - Music Video Distributors 2006
Rating = 7

Maybe I fast-forwarded through a key moment or something, but I could swear that MVD has somehow managed to find three different GG Allin shows completely free of poop throwing. So that's minus one point right there.

Although Merle "Charming Hitler Mustache; Sensuous KKK T-Shirt" Allin claims in the liner notes that the 1993 tour was one of the most violent in rock history, this is not borne out through the videotaped material featured herein. For the most part, GG just seems to be enjoying himself, playing great loud fast music, setting fire to his American flag loincloth, bashing the mic into his forehead to open the big blood blister, and occasionally running around in the crowd to punch people or push them over. Nothing too extreme by his standards. Granted, his standards include allowing fans to wiggle his ding-dong up and down as he sings, but who doesn't enjoy a bit of that every now and again? I've certainly never heard Jewel complain!

No, the real reasons to purchase this DVD have nothing to do with urine samples or fecal positions. They are as follows:

I. Great songs. Granted, you have to sit through all of them three times. But dude, they start each set with "Bite It You Scum"!!! Incidentally, I'd never noticed that "Bite It You Scum" has exactly zero changes. That means that it took less time to compose than it does to sit through!

II. Bonus footage of GG at a 1991 family get-together. This footage removes all the bluster, blood and shock tactics to reveal GG Allin for what he really was: your average skinny tattooed piece of white trash. He starts by pushing a relative (his sister?) into the pool, then runs away as she tries to push him into the pool, then stands there at the deep end in his shorts with these skinny little arms and legs demonstrating for the camera to proper method of pushing somebody into a pool, and then throws the same relative's shoes into the pool and tries to lure her into going back in to retrieve them before finally acting like a decent human being and using the pool net-stick thingy to get them for her. Again, I have to assume that this relative is his sister or cousin or something, because she's fat, untattooed, has two kids with her, and calls him "Kevin." Can you imagine taking your KIDS to hang out with this creep!? But again, he's just a white trash goofball in this footage, and in that way it's really charming (although you'll be glad that YOUR brother's not the kind of asshole who would throw you fully clothed into a swimming pool!).

III. Bonus footage of GG doing a 1993 in-store appearance at a record shop. When not performing, GG was completely lucid! You get to see him making jokes, answering questions, and being very polite to everybody. A couple of key pieces of information revealed in this segment include (a) that he was not gang raped in prison, but refuses to answer the question of whether he took part in any gang rapes ("What happens behind prison walls stays there!" he jokes), and (b) the "Suicide Sessions" were so-named because "Well, it's kinda funny actually. I was dating this girl and Merle was dating a girl at the same time, and we were recording an album. And then the girl I was dating killed herself and then not long aftewards the girl Merle was dating killed herself and so we figured, 'Well, we're making this album. We'd might as well call it the Suicide Sessions." Why yes, GG! That certainly is "kinda funny"! Not so much "funny ha-ha" though, as "funny you're fucking psychotic."

IIII. A brief snippet of GG getting a tattoo on the back of his head. He doesn't say a word during this scene, but come on - it's a guy getting a tattoo on his head! What more do you want? A man getting a earring? Sure, it's a nice dream but things like that just don't happen!

IIIII. Footage of the band screwing up their timing about 500 times in a row while trying to lay down the group chorus of "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat and Crucify." Incidentally, GG's speaking voice sounds completely normal in all the 1993 footage, so that fucked-up death voice he uses on Brutality and Bloodshed for All must have been an exaggeration or put-on of some sort. Either that or he had a terd stuck in his throat.

IIIIII. The third concert features a lot of fantastic footage shot from behind GG, so you get to see what he saw every time he performed. You know what that was? An incredibly belligerent crowd full of (a) little boys eager for GG to come near them so they can take a swing and look like a tough guy and (b) little girls filled with a mixture of fear and awe at the bloody bald man in front of them. And yes, I'm using the phrases "little boys" and "little girls" in an attempt to be completely patronizing. Hope you like it! But yes, if GG considered the audience to be his enemy (which he DID), then the audience certainly seemed to have the upperhand at this show. Even their shouts of "YOU SUCK!" are greeted with a resigned, kinda pathetic, "So? I suck! So what? I don't wanna part of that fucking alternative scene bullshit!" It's a terrifically interesting and insightful way to present a GG performance (through HIS eyes), and I really think you'll like it because there were a lot of young men with theiir shirts off at the show. Also, it begins with GG bashing a guy in the head with the bottom of the mic stand (twice!), so that's always a rare treat. You know what else is a rare treat? A brownie made of Hank Aaron rookie cards. If you see one of those, eat it and then sell it on ebay. No no, better yet -- sell it on ebay, cash the buyer's check, and THEN eat the cookie!!! Then you can send the buyer a note saying that the check never showed up and if he gets a copy back with your signature on it, that was a mailman pretending to be you. Then go get a mailman fired to cover your tracks. See? It's 'easy pickins' when you've got Mark Prindle's Ebay Secrets on your side! Here's one more helpful hint: if you see an item that you want and it doesn't have any bids on it, use two fake ebay accounts to rake the price up to like 75 billion dollars so nobody else will bid. Then, with 45 seconds left in the auction, cancel both bids and use your real ebay account to score the item for like 2 dollars! Sellers love this gag and often express their appreciation by including extra merchandise in the package (e.g. red and blue wires, fertilizer, nitromethane, alarm clock).

IIIIIII. So you see, even when a GG Allin DVD doesn't include a lick of shit, that doesn't mean that you're going to be bored. It only means that you're going to have to make your own poop and throw it at the TV. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing for Music Video Distributors and its popular Clint Weiler spokesperson!

Reader Comments
The only good thing this motherfucker did was DIE. He should have fulfilled his promise to kill himself long before his first ever show/album. Should have gone from jail to a mental institution or directly to the casket. Rot in hell, jee jee!!
Disclaimer: It is 10:45 a.m. atlanta time, and i have been checking out your maddeningly copious thoughts on everything(you occasionally even talk about music on your site) since about 2. That's almost 9 hours, and I don't even do drugs anymore. Therefore, anything I put forth in the following e-mail that sounds contemptuous should be tempered by the fact that you are apparently smart enough, and intersting enough, to maintain the interest of a loser like me.

Disclaimer#2:The following remarks in no way represent the thoughts or opinions of anyone, including me.



Just becauase you continuously use overly cerebral comments and sophmoric humor when discussing GG, and just because you deride him in attempts to show what a brainiac you are- it is still quite obvious that you like this guy and consider him an actual musician worthy of serious cogitation and discussion.

Now, I do not mind his antics(we know what they are- I wont list them). If someone brought talent and originality to bat with him, I wouldn't care if he flung shit right at me. Being the target of a torrent of feces would be worth it if it were the price to be paid for checking out cool art. Art is the most vital part of my life, and makes my life occasionally feel relevant. Occasionally should be emphasized. However- GG has NO TALENT.

For the idiots who say, "Well, it's an alternative to Britney Spears and Whitney Houston." Sorry, folks- ALOT of music out there is an alternative to pop bullshit, and it's good. GG Allin is for those morons who think that they should hate any music that other people like. They believe that you should hate anything popular, which, in my mind- is just as stupid as liking something because it's popular. Nirvana and The Beatles were amazing- regardless of the legions of morons who liked them. People who like alternative music can't seem to accept anything that a bunch of idiots like. This is as dumb as thinking Van Gogh sucks just because all these idiots hang him on their walls.

Furthermore- their are plenty of artists who did cool, FUNNY music that was completely anti-social and unacceptable. Tesco Vee(I saw the Meatmen, by the way- in Atlanta at a tiny punk place The Metroplex- which was the shit-hole punk club in Atlanta before the Masquerade. It was just a concrete basement- I believe you mentioned the MAsquerade in one of your articles-well, let me tell you- the Metroplex was alot more real-it closed down by about 1986. I also saw Metallica there with about 50 other people at most, and saw Sam Hain there on Halloween night while on tons of acid, The Dead Kennedys and many others-but I digress- Back to the Meatmen- Tesco came onstage wearing only a plastic fruit basket on his head and a plastic g-string with a gigantic plastic phallus hanging off of it- there was a mannequin onstage that he dismembered and she was filled with condoms, out of the wrapper and unrolled- and he slung them across the audience- it was a GREAT SHOW- just in case anyone thinks that I don't like GG because he is unacceptable to my moral sensibilities- sorry, guys- that's an easy way for you to dismiss my opinion. GG fans are the type who think that if you don't like him you must not understand his GENIUS- please wait while I go vomit into a glass, drink it back down while I masturbate frantically and dream of Linda Lavin performing autopsies on small mammals while Mackenzie Phillips and Criss Angel sit there naked, painting abstract art onto the buttcheeks of Bob Dole- then after I cum, I need to laugh for about 3 millenium while I think about a GG Allin fan trying to have any coherent thought at all. The only bigger moron is his brother Earl, who has less talent- so I guess talent can be measured in negative integers. Man, this is the most rambling, longest, non-sequitor containing parenthetical reference in history.)

Anyway, let me try and wrap this up with one more relatively coherent thought. GG Allin is not worthy of consideration anywhere. When your SOLE purpose is to shock- it is not art. There needs to be an underlying reason for the shocking behavoir. THEN, you often have the greatest art ever produced. I hate GG because HE WAS A POSER. That's right- HE was the fucking poser. I WISH, WISH, WISH that he had come to Atlanta and tried that shit here- we are pretty hardcore- I wish I had been at a show and he had flung shit at my girlfriend or come at her with a knife- my friends and I would have had stomped him in way he wouldn't have liked- no matter what a Masochistic freak you are- you dont like it when someone breaks your collerbones and kneecaps. I remember one time when a guy from a no-name pseudo punk band in Florida started acting out at the Metroplex and stared calling our girls bitches and trying to act mencacing. I just sat there laughing because I TRY to be a pacifist, but three of my friends, all black skinheads, pummeled him until he was near death. The rest of the band stood there and one of them started to cry. Then me and a few friends had to pull them off- they guy went to the hospital, but didn't move or regain consciousness for the 25 minutes it took the ambulance to get there. That's what we would have down to GG AND Merle.

Please, all you morons who think he has talent- listen to some decent punk rock sometime- and dont accept something just because it is so unacceptable to the mores of society- that alone doesn't make something worth shit. Check out the Meatmen, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, Dead Milkmen(who are funny),Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips, etc.(OK OK- Youth and the Lips AREN"T really PUNK, per se- but they are badass) Shit, even a dork like Danzig was great with The Misfits, even though every teenage girl nowadays is wearing their shirts 25 years too late. And trust me, I have talked to Danzig at fair length, he is a total insecure loser and only about 3 feet tall.

And Mark, overall- pretty good job- you are smarter that the average un-bearable fuckhead reviewer- and though you are EXTREMELY garrulous and loquacious(I HATE when someone uses two synonyms and separates them with "and" in an attempt to sound bright), I am also obviously guilty of overly verbose exposition.

As for the guy who said "GG is the Jesus of our time." That is the most ignorant remark of all- time, and so what- why is this Jesus guy so popular anyway.

Add your thoughts?

Layin' Up with Linda 7" (by GG Allin & the Carolina Shitkickers) - TPOS 1993
Rating = 7

People in the know - the GG Allin know - inform me that this single represents the final recorded work of the 20th century's most celebrated fecal artist. And if these songs are any indication, GG was about to renounce toilet rock altogether and become a mainstream country-western artist. In fact, I'm certain that had Mr. Allin survived that lonely heroin night in Manhattan, he would've immediately turned over a new leaf, bought a cowboy hat, and founded a charity entitled "Country-Western Singers For Saving The Children And Curing Things And Stuff." This conclusion is supported by dozens of pieces of fan fiction I've written since 1993.

But for now, let's take it as it is: three sloppy, drunken acoustic country-western songs. The melodic, smoothly-sung title track (later covered by Evan Dando's Lemonheads) is the standout here, and could only have been improved by somebody bothering to tune the bass and guitar to each other. The second track, "I Wanna Fuck the Shit Out of You," is insanely out of time with itself, sounding as if the band laid down their vocals and then tried to play a cowpunk tune on top of it. Finally, the vinyl rests its case with the four hundred million thousandth version of "Outlaw Scumfuc," a song GG really should've been sick of playing by this point. But I guess the old adage is true: if you use hard drugs for over a decade, your brain turns into a desiccated pile of shit!

Add your thoughts?

I Was a Murder Junkie - Recess 1999
Rating = 4

Once was a time not too long ago when a man sat down to write himself a book. Now I haven’t read this book – honestly I have my issues with words – but legend has it that this book was entitled I Was a Murder Junkie. Written by Murder Junkies roadie Evan Cohen, the book supposedly says some things about what and who-knows. If you happen to have a copy you could lend us down here at the web site, why, we’d be most appreciative. But the reason I bring up this collection of pages with little inked symbols on them is because it comes packaged with a 25-minute CD of worthless shit that Evan recorded while on tour with GG and his band. This feckless mess includes:

- GG (and David Peel?) singing Peel’s classic (awful) “Marijuana”
- GG singin’ and strummin’ his out-of-tune acoustic guitar to such ditties as “I Wanna Fuck Myself,” “Unpredictable,” “OD’d in Denver” and Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone” (featuring the brand new lyric, “I don’t know the words to this song”)
- Two moronic and profanity-laced radio interviews
- GG making gay jokes and cursing (ex: "We got no equipment, we got no audience and we're havin' a hell of a fun tour, George! Wish you were here, motherfucker! You cocksuckin' moron motherfucker!")
- GG calling The Seattle Times to promote his upcoming concert

As a long-time unemployed publicist, I’m most intrigued by this last item, which proves without a doubt that GG knew exactly what he was doing. In this call, he pretends to be the band’s manager “Merle” and positions GG to the music reporter as a sensational freak show that would make for a great news story. “They’ve been on Geraldo and Jerry Springer,” he begins before running down a list of previous media coverage, culminating in a proud boast that GG’s arrests “made the AP wire”(!). He details the nudity, fighting and ‘spectacle’ to be expected at a GG concert and even offers up his record label’s phone number in case the reporter would like some articles faxed over.

See that? If even a smacked-up shit-eating stumblebum has the skills to be a successful PR practitioner, it’s no wonder I can’t find an open position!

Heh heh. “Open position,” oh yeah.


(by “oh yeah.”)

The rest of the disc is a humiliating bore – mostly just GG making fag jokes and gross sexist comments. Even in his final radio interview, conducted to promote the now-infamous NYC Gas Station show, he just sounds like a dirty old man with a pubescent sense of humor. Fans of Hated will enjoy his ‘banana up the ass’ reference and anti-Chicken John tirade, but everybody else will just

Actually, everybody else won’t be buying a book about GG Allin in the first place.

(Unless they’re buying it for ME, of course HINT HINT HINTITY HINTNTT HTINT)

I'll close with a rare entertaining exchange from GG's final radio interview, conducted by none other than Mr. Evan Cohen on WNYU.

GG: (something involving the word "dick")
Evan: "Hey, that's 'penis'! You can't say 'dick' on the air!"
GG: "Okay, 'cock.'"
Evan: "Alright."

Add your thoughts?

The Best of GG Allin & The Murder Junkies DVD - MVDvisual 2009
Rating = 8

Granny's Green Apples is back, and this time he's throwing a compilation!

Say, that reminds me of a little joke:

Knock knock!
Who's there?
GG Allin
GG Allin who?
G-Gallin of gas costs FIVE DOLLARS!? Fuck you, the Economy!

Actually, that's not true anymore. But that joke would have been hilarious and biting about six months ago.

Say, that reminds me of a little game. A little game called "Reality Vs. Republicans"!

REALITY: When George W. Bush became president, the U.S. public debt was $144.5 billion. When he left office, it was over $1 trillion.
REPUBLICANS: "Obama's stimulus plan is going to put the U.S. into debt!"

REALITY: The past 7 years have been the most violent period in terrorism history. There have been 17,300 terrorist events, over 29,000 dead and over 53,000 injured in terrorist attacks since 9/11. One of Obama's first moves as President was to go onto Arab TV and inform the Muslims that the American people are not their enemies and that he wants to repair the ties that were destroyed by the Bush administration.
REPUBLICANS: "Great - now we have to worry about terrorism again! And have you seen all these violent Mexican gangs that are coming into the country? So long, United States! All because Obama is light on crime!"

REALITY: The current unemployment rate is 7.6%, and is expected to rise to 9.0% in the coming months.
REPUBLICANS: "Obama doesn't dress presidential enough!"

Yes, Republicans. If there's one thing they are, it's a bunch of assholes.

But you know who was never called an asshole? GG Allin. This heartwarming compilation disc features highlight after highlight of Mr. Allin singing folk songs for sick children in the hospital, helping out at the local soup kitchen, and educating Washington influencers on the important issue of third world debt relief.

Whoops! That was a strange typo. I of course meant "shitting and punching people."

This is a bizarre idea for a CD, and I'm not sure that hardcore GG Allin fans will take to it as much as curious thrillseekers should. You see, rather than presenting a bunch of GG Allin performances from various shows, the disc features live audio recordings of twelve Allin songs, set to hilarious quick-cut video compilations demonstrating his on-stage insanity and lack of manners. In other words, you're essentially watching twelve GG Allin music videos here, with each video comprised of footage from several different live shows. On the down side, it means the DVD is basically artificial. But on the up side, you are NEVER going to see this much real-life violence and human waste on any other 60-minute DVD!

Anything you would want to see in a GG Allin live show is included here, often multiple times. This includes:

(a) GG ramming things up his butt
(b) GG punching his fans in the face, sometimes with the microphone in his hand
(c) GG hurling the mic stand or a chair into the crowd
(d) GG pooping and peeing onstage, then rolling around in it
(e) GG threatening the audience between songs
(f) GG naked, with a tiny penis
(g) GG grabbing girls by their hair and pulling them around against their will
(h) GG either performing fellatio on his brother or pretending to
(i) GG smashing the mic into his forehead scabs so he can bleed all over the place
(j) some songs

I do recognize some of this footage from the GG Allin DVDs I've already seen, but if you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your GG Allin needs, this is the disc you want. Even when the quick cuts and nonstop antics start to become numbing, he'll inevitably do something so violent and unnecessary that it pulls you right back in. Plus he just has some great mean songs -- "Bite It You Scum," "Cunt Sucking Cannibal," "Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me" and so forth. Personally, I think there's an inordinate amount of happy Ramonesy punk songs on here ("Hangin' Out With Jim," "Expose Yourself To Kids," "Outlaw Scumfuc") but it's hard to complain when GG's up there trying to set fire to an American flag resting one inch from his genitals.

And let me tell you what else. The DVD contains a brand new exclusive interview with GG's Mom, recorded August 2008! Unlike the earlier GG's Mom interview (from the Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody DVD), this one finds her directly discussing GG's act, erratic behavior and infamy. As it turns out, although she completely disapproved of his music and lifestyle, she was (and is) very proud of his creativity and the legacy he left behind. Punk kids still come up to her and say, "Wow! You're GG's Mom!?" and she quite enjoys it. She's also happy that, although they had some troubles in their relationship over the years, they were good friends again before he died. And why? Because he respected her for letting him rot in jail instead of bailing him out! That's the exact point at which he started to behave lovingly toward her again. Furthermore, she discusses how GG's first marriage fell apart, and is honest about how he was a 'sucky father' and how, as he got more and more involved with drugs, he lost touch with reality and began to behave schizophrenically. And a lot more. Basically, I'm trying to say that it's a GREAT INTERVIEW. You should watch it, if you like GG Allin or moms.

And I'll leave you with a hilarious example of GG's oft-undiscussed quick wit:

Audience member: "JESUS SUCKS COCKS!"
GG: "You're lucky; he fucked me in the ass!"

Reader Comments
Your GG site is fuckin' hilarious!

I can't stop laughing my ass off! I wanna go read all the reviews again!

Add your thoughts?

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